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  1. Sadly, I recently got disqualified from this current Pitch Fest just because I haven't reached the age of 18 yet... They said I can re-submit once I turn 18, but by that time that happens, I fear it might be too late for my project to go anywhere...
  2. I have finally submitted my project to LEGO World Builder, after working on it for more than six months. May I present to you... Pirates of Arvodia! https://worldbuilder.tongal.com/world/8ff100ad-3233-4c1d-ab0f-fd77224ee424
  3. I love the LEGO Scala line. So many strange unique pieces with so much MOCing potential!
  4. I have finally submitted my project to LEGO World Builder, after working on it for more than six months. May I present to you... Pirates of Arvodia! https://worldbuilder.tongal.com/world/8ff100ad-3233-4c1d-ab0f-fd77224ee424
  5. I am not so sure the set will be a "massive success" because keep in mind, it might end up not being what most people hope for (it will most likely be made out of system). The Bionicle fandom is tricky one to make a set for.
  6. So apparently, LEGO has just launched a new website called LEGO World Builder, where people can submit their ideas for potential new original LEGO Themes. The press release was kind of vague so we don’t know how exactly this is gonna work yet, but I’d say it’s definitely worth looking more into. For all those people out there looking to pitch a Bionicle G3 Idea to LEGO, this might be the place to do so. Here is a link to this newly launched website: https://worldbuilder.tongal.com/discover?page=1&q= 16 Any thoughts on this new platform? Will you guys try to pitch any ideas to it? Me and a couple of my friends are already working on a new LEGO theme idea to submit to this platform.
  7. Same here. I think a brand new Constraction theme that isn't tied to anything that came before it would be the best way to go. That's why I believe we should take full advantage of the new LEGO World Builder platform that just got released a few months ago, and pitch our own ideas for new Constraction themes to LEGO. If there is a future for LEGO Constraction, I think it lies within the LEGO World Builder platform.
  8. Bionicle's rich lore was it's biggest strength, but also it's biggest weakness, at the same time. As the line went on, the story became way too complex for kids to follow, which ended up hurting the line in the long run. Instead of being just a straightforward narrative, it was a convoluted mess of movies, comics, books, and web serials that often contradicted each other. On top of that, not having a consistent medium to tell the story through made the story incredibly hard to follow even for those who were interested in following it. Bionicle had a great story, but the story being way to ambitions (especially for a LEGO theme) ended up being the cause of the line's end.
  9. It's rather simple, actually: just make Hero Factory be one of the many planets within the Bionicle Universe. I don't see what can't work about that.
  10. I wonder what they are going to do with Cole in the show now that his voice actor is gone... I think there are three possible things they could do: - Kill off Cole in the show. - Use pre-recorded lines that they haven't used before (like it was done with Princess Leia in Star Wars). - Or just get a new voice actor to play Cole. I am pretty sure the will just do the third option since it's the easiest, however Cole without Kirby Morrow's performance just won't be the same. It's gonna be hard to find a good replacement for him, but we shall see what happens.
  11. A hand drawn character, with what looks to resemble a Protector's Mask.
  12. I don't hate Ninjago, and frankly I don't think anyone around here legitimately hates it either. But it has a lot of problems, thus why it tends to be often criticized. Here are some of my personal gripes with it: - It introduced the "Big Bang" theme formula, which LEGO has continued to use ever since it's success. This formula has greatly limited LEGO's creativity potential with their original themes. - It has greatly overstayed it's welcome, and has gotten very stale, both set-wise and story-wise. - The sets are just repetitive vehicles: only Bikes, Jets, Cars, and Mechs. They were alright when the theme first started, but now they are just boring and uninspired. - The story has been going downhill ever since The LEGO Ninjago Movie. As much as I loved the theme when it first came out, and it has stuck with me for quite a while, It has eventually lost me, because of the reasons I stated above. Don't get me wrong though... as much as I wouldn't consider myself a Ninjago fan anymore, I still do want it to get a proper conclusion... It has done a lot of good, and I think it deserves it. But the more the series keeps going, the less likely it gets for it to get a proper ending.
  13. It's hard to say what LEGO currently thinks about Constraction, but there is still hope. On one hand, LEGO did acknowledge the popularity of Bionicle and Hero Factory, as both themes are listed on LEGO's customer service as "Popular lines that are currently discontinued" on LEGO.com. There is also the new LEGO World Builder platform that was launched recently, on witch fans can pitch their own ideas to LEGO for potential new themes. You can pitch ideas for new themes of your own, or you can also do a creative new spin on a already existing theme, as they specifically allowed that as well. Hope is frail, but I believe that future of Constraction (if there is one) lies in this platform. It's up to the fans to give the best ideas they've got to LEGO through this platform, and maybe, just maybe, LEGO would take note of it. Here is a link the the LEGO World Builder site, in case you wanna check it out: https://worldbuilder.tongal.com/
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