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    in a dark box eating ur birthday cake
  1. Don't you have a YT account? I saw many frankenmons on "skralloid"'s channel. :P

  2. i know lol and thank you :)

  3. lol i only sent u a pm now as i noticed u r online

  4. woohoo it finallay let me change username to my runescape username

  5. yyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyzzzzzzzzzzzaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzz 1 year vahi wooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooooo

  6. have a look at my blog tyler toa of awesome

  7. skralloid

    First Entry

    well this is my first blog first blog entrey well it's open and u must post it's in the contract look lol
  8. oh yeah idk I just felt like it....... do you know who Varrak is?

  9. What? Pikachu is evolving!

  10. I finally got the next chapter of Those Crazy Sets done! Hope you enjoy reading it because it's a long chapter!

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