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    Aside from Bionicle, I'm a Terminator fan. I love the various machines and their styles, however I mostly like the H-Ks variations from Salvation, including the Harvester and Moto-Terminator.

    Since I'm talkaing about movies, my favorite director is Alfred Hitchcock. If you've seen any of his movies or any episodes from his TV show, "Alfred Hitchcock Presents," you know what his stuff is like. He isn't called the "Master of Suspence" for nothing.

    I'm also a big fan of The Legend of Zelda series; I have the first game, Link's Adventure, Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, and Twilight Princess. I kind of want to buy Wind Waker, but I don't like the cell shading that much. I play a lot of Super Smash Brothers, too; my sisters and I have played more than five thousand matches. I may play it too much, but I like staying sharp. My favorite character is Link, and despite his place on the 'tier list', which I don't support, he's a really great character.

    I am now getting into Starcraft and its expansion Brood War, and while I'm nowhere near good enough to play online yet, I'm getting there. I also play Starcraft II, but I'm pretty bad. :P I also play Battle for Middle-Earth 2; my favorite faction is Mordor, however I'm not really good at the game.

    When I'm not MoCing, I'm either on the internet, reading, working on (or listening to) music, or thinking up ideas for my epic, Shades of Grey, which I have posted. Please go check it out and review if you have the time. :)

    As I mentioned above, I listen to music. My favorite genre is Classical (Romantic and Baroque included), mostly from the 17th and 18th centuries. Aside from Bach and others like him, I listen to Nine Inch Nails for various reasons, mostly because quite a few of their (Trent Reznor's :P) tracks are good, unlike almost all of the music by Christian bands, which I find a bit annoying and sad. I say that because it's sad that since I am a Christian that which I listen to is very secular (and depressing, most of the time) but I love Nine Inch Nails' style. The only Christian band I listen to is Red, and even then I only listen to three to four of their songs. I also listen to Steven Curtis Chapman, who is my favorite Christian musician. I own only one physical album, and that is Speechless by Steven Curtis Chapman; I got it for my Birthday many years ago. I hope that I will be able to compose in the style of both Nine Inch Nails and of the composers of old because that is the music that I enjoy listening to and it doesn't all sound the same, unlike most of the music of today.

    Lastly but certainly not least, I am very fond of traditional-style art; pretty much anything traditional, actually. However my favorite artists (or painters, if you wish) are Thomas Kinkade, who makes beautiful pieces with cottages and fields and trees that show the beauty of landscape. I just recently discovered the work of Albert Bierstadt, who has opened up my eyes and taken my breath away. How wonderful it is to see great sights in America that are not so well known painted in such a life-like way. Type his name up on Google and take a look; you will not be disapointed.

    If they aren't dead, please look at and review my MoCs; I would greatly appreciate any critique I receive so I can improve my skill as a MoCist. Thanks for tolerating my interests. :P

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  1. I actually submitted an entry, although it's essentially something I've had built for a while now, but I never uploaded it anywhere till now. I guess all I needed was the right motivation.
  2. I've got something I've had mostly built for almost a year now: I think it's about time and finish it, since this is a good motivator.
  3. Please tell me you'll be bringing your plushies. As the Bionicle/Hero Factory theme coordinator for the convention for the past four years, I can tell you we've been having a good turnout over the years and I'd love to have an even greater showing by having an even better display by having more people over the weekend. We've got five trophies up for grabs, and it's certainly something to see the awe on the kids' (and some adults') faces. and it's great to always meet up and discuss our beloved theme with other people face to face. There's plenty of roundtable discussions and games, plus you'll have the chance to buy lots of parts (I do every year; it's where I get the majority of my pieces and it's always exciting to see what's new and it helps to get those creative juices flowing). Of course, the other themes, like Town and Train, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi have great turnouts especially and there's some really nice stuff to see. I'd encourage you to come, if not for the full FOUR day weekend, then at least the Sunday public expo if you're in the area, and even that day is always a fun time. I'd love to have you join us!
  4. Entry Name Melee Unit Prototype: Evo-02: Black Lightening Entry Picture: Link Entry Topic: TBA
  5. So the entry can have a pilot, then? And can we build accessories for the machine and the pilot, like different weapons and gear? Also, does the machine have to be humanoid, or can it be creature-based (like, for example, a centaur either with four legs or insectoid ones)? EDIT: Oh, I just checked the date for Brickfair, and Bricks by the Bay is the next weekend, so is there a way to do expedited shipping to get it returned quickly just in case? EDIT 2: And one last thing: can the machine transform, as long forms can hold the pilot?
  6. While I don't know if this is the place for this discussion (it might be a better idea to start a separate topic), Hero Factory can be allowed for a couple of reasons. The first is that, like Bionicle, Hero Factory is a sort of sub-theme of Technic, just like Slizers/Throwbots and Roboriders. If we were to follow as you suggest, then those two themes couldn't be used either, which, from what I've witnessed from you, you would probably be against. Therefore, Hero Factory, as a sub-theme of Technic, can be allowed. Also, Hero Factory, like many Bionicle sets, are ball-joint based, albeit more so than Bionicle, but that is still no reason to reject Hero Factory.
  7. Just including a Krana or Kraata wouldn't count - you could take any MOC and tack one on. If it was something already brain-related, like a zombie, that happened to be eating a Kraata or if you use a Krana as a face on another brain-related creation, that's okay. Also, if you built a scaled up Krana or Kraata out of parts that would be cool.If you use Krana and Kraata to make Krang and put it in his exo-suit, you win my stamp of approval (note that has nothing to do with winning the contest). Oh, sorry, I should have specified, I did mean a scaled-up version.
  8. Do Kraata and Krana count as brains, since that's how they've been described as in Bionicle and the community (oh, as well as taking over the brains of Matoran/Toa/Turaga/etc.)?
  9. Thank Ballom. I'm actually surprised no one has used the Stormer feet yet either. I first thought that they would be great for a big bird. For the eyes, I was going to do orange, but I think that the ice blue ones really help with making it look robotic, and I think it works out a little better. As for the turbines, yeah, he does have them. Here's an image from Dark of the Moon and the game. Oh, and I was trying to work in that alt mode, but I just couldn't get the transformation down. Thanks Phantom Terror. I wanted to originally do a full-sized Laserbeak, but I didn't have the time or parts for that.
  10. Entry Name: Laserbeak Fledgeling Entry Picture: Link Entry Topic: Link EDIT: Real Entry Picture (Sorry, I hope that this is allowed. Thanks Chro. )
  11. So here's my entry. I don't know if it'll get me very far, but at least I got it done. Entry Picture Front Side Side with Turbine Unfolded Back Underside Head Close-up Too Close! Thanks for looking.
  12. I've got a few questions. First, is it alright if the entry model has a lizard-like tail/elongated tail instead of a feathery one? Of course, it would still look like a bird, with the beak and long ankles and shins and feathery wings. Second, can it have jet engines instead of wings or a combination of jet engines and wings? Third, is there a way to send in extra money for shipping to get it back in two-day shipping? There's another Lego convention the next weekend that I'm the coordinator for (Bricks by the Bay), and I want to bring as much stuff as I can. Thanks.
  13. Thanks for the replies. DARKSIDERZ: Thanks. I looked up some images and yeah, it does look like him. That's really weird. The spikes are actually a way to add thickness; I didn't want something solid, and I thought the white would look good to contrast the black. Dralcax: Thanks. Yeah, the shoulders didn't turn out exactly the way I wanted. I still wanted to have that "Hero Factory skeleton" look and I didn't want to limit articulation. AdaptingChaos: Thanks. I'm glad you like the hat. I actually was looking at adding another gear to the top, but then it looked more like Abraham Lincoln. I like the limbs, too, and I think the Hero Factory parts work out well for this especially (there's a line of Hero Factory pieces in the limbs, as I'm sure you noticed). I'm still getting used to incorporating them into my models, but I think I'm getting the hang of it.
  14. Howdy y'all - This is just a little something I made a few months that I've finally gotten around to taking pictures. Click on each thumbnail to see the full picture. ---------------------------------------- My original idea was to create a skeleton out of Hero Factory pieces, since the set designers of this (then) new building system said that's what they wanted to do. I knew I wanted to use the Witch Doctor's head as a skull, but at some point while I was building I heard one of my sisters listening to a certain song from The Princess and the Frog (you know the one, admit it ), and then it hit me: why not create a Louisiana-style Witch Doctor? I then started working on a cane and top hat, and I think they both turned out pretty well. Here's some inspiration that came to mind before I started and while I was building (again, please click on the thumbnails to see the [pun]bigger picture[/pun]: Dr. Facilier from The Princess and the Frog (Duh) Gigabyte from Reboot (Just for the one hand. I picture it as an energy-sucking hand, like Gigabyte had) Jack Skellington from Nightmare before Christmas (I think this one's little obvious) Sachiel the Third Angel from Neon Genesis Evangellion (Oh gosh, I absolutely regret watching as much of this series as I did, I completely wasted my time on it, but I couldn't help but think of this) Spider-man's Symbiote Suit Thanks for looking and don't hesitate to post your thoughts.
  15. I've been waiting for something like this for a while. I do have two questiosn. First, since Lego Stores need a group to assign to MOCs put on display, does BioniLUG count as a group for that? Second, I am a Bionicle Theme Coordinator for a Lego Convention (Bricks by the Bay), so is there a way for members to contact Lego about getting prizes for awards and things for something like that?
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