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    Train tracks. *crunch*
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    Here are my interests:<br /><br />1. Bionicles.... which isn't surprising since I'm on this website. I love the sets better than the storyline when it comes to bad guys but I like the storyline better than sets when it comes to good guys. Which means I favor the bad guys. <br /><br />2. Horses. I love 'em. I don't have one, but I really want one, or a summer job with them. I mean, I could ramble on for hours about what I know or what I want to do with them or how beautiful they are, but I'll save it for the horse websites.<br /><br />3. My keyboard. I recently got it for my birthday and it is SOOOO nice... there's like 350 sounds to it, plus I'll be able to learn how to read music with it, which will be good for my musical future.<br /><br />4. Music. While we're on the topic of the last one. ;) Here is a list of my favorite groups:<br /><br />Evanescence<br />Cryoshell<br />Evanescence<br />Linkin Park<br />Evanescence<br />Skillet<br />Evanescence<br /><br />Get the picture? Well anyway, I love rock in particular and play only Evanescence on piano as of yet. -UPDATE. I've been composing original compositions and have about 7 now. So fun. :)<br /><br />5. Writing. I love to write books, skits, comedies and short stories. Check out my comedies on here by clicking on the link in my sig. (it's cool) but anyway, I am currently working on several big projects that have gone everywhere but somewhere. So I'm gonna try again on 'em.<br /><br />6. Bleach, the anime. Recently got into it, since it's so awesome. I love the story, and I'm only on episode 140 or so. *epic sigh of relief* It takes forever. Anyway, I love (now) drawing actual comics about it, so I can draw the characters (good to a certain point) without reference! <br /><br />Also, I'm a Christian, and I'd love to be friends with anyone else on here who is! :)<br /><br />Hope ya enjoy my comedies and topics!<br /><br />Oh and P.S.<br /><br />I love to be funny and crazy in my writing, so my comedy will most likely shock those who don't. Just to let you know.

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    We all float down here...

  2. Ahaha, thanks. :D

    And that's cool.

    Too bad I have my exams on 25th April until... whatever. I probably won't get much online time until then. =(

  3. Hey... Grimdark? (nice new name)

    Check my personal statement. :D

  4. (Psst, check my personal statment!)

  5. Hey TTL! Or, TDW. Do you object to trading email addresses? I've come on here one last time to collect friends' info. :P

  6. Hey Staxx!

    I've been wanting to contact you for a while now. Do you object to trading email addresses? ;) I'm only on here to get contact info.

  7. The sandworms are restless.

  8. All friends look at my personal statement!

  9. I'm actually online! I hope to be here for a bit, I'm sorry I haven't been on in so long. :( The server decided it doesn't like our internet anymore

  10. Owait, or course you are.

    Last Seen: 8th November 2010 - 05:47 PM

    Unless you lost your password again. D:

  11. I miss seeing you. ;.;

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