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    Bionicle. Of course.
    Star Wars. Best thing on Earth (although things have been getting worse and worse during the last few months, with the cancelation of Clone Wars and LucasArts). I am also a great fan of Mandalorians.
    Favorite movie -> Star Wars Ep. 3: Revenge of the Sith
    Favorite TV Show -> Star Wars: The Clone Wars
    Favorite book series -> "Star Wars: Republic Commando" series
    OK, so you get the point, I am a Star Wars nut. So, let's add the following three categories:
    Favorite non - Star Wars movie -> Cloud Atlas
    Favorite non - Star Wars TV show -> The Simpsons
    Favorite non - Star Wars book series -> "Percy Jackson & the Olympians" series
    Favorite band -> Sabaton
    Favorite game -> Star Wars: Republic Commando
    I guess that's it for now, then.

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  1. My theory on the reason as to why they will be wearing red armour is because some of them will follow Maul & Savage (red), while others remain loyal to Vizsla (blue). I guess Kenobi will help the blue guys fight against Maul. PS, while watching the trailer I noticed someone that looked a lot like Ahsoka at 1:49 being pursued by Anakin. So I guess she does turn against the Jedi.
  2. That ending of the 100th episode celebration was indeed very intriguing. I think that it's Ahsoka turned against the other Jedi, though.
  3. What?! Where did you hear this, Wookiepedia doesn't mention anything regarding this?
  4. Oh that sucks... Ive only got the Battlefront 1 &2. I havnt played online for a while though, as my PS2 is not hooked up. ha. I seen someone on there maned "Toaguy" if Im not mistaken. Kinda wonderend if they was on here anywhere. It's not me, that's for sure, I never had that name anywhere. My nick on Republic Commando is "ARC_TROOPER" ,by the way.
  5. I often play Republic Commando online (TDM mostly). Battlefront II crashed on me a while back and doesn't work on my computer anymore.
  6. Most of these sets look great (I especially love the Z-95, BARC Speeder and AT-RT), although I'll probably get the ones I want in a shop or on another website, like Amazon, where prices will probably be cheaper.
  7. Beautiful MOC. The almost all-black colour scheme wonderfully contrasts with that lightning around the head (which, along with the staff, gives the MOC a kind of god-like appearence to me). The body and legs are aloso both nicely built. Overall, awesome fellow. (Oh, and a really, really good description.).
  8. This guy really looks great, sort of like a nasty little creature that would gladly hurt you. I guess it's largely because of his eyes. The MOC is very original, I love those white plates stacked on each other and the alien-looking base. The body is interesting, too, having no legs. All in all, great MOC.
  9. I'd say the Barraki, although both 2008 waves were also very good.
  10. Yes, they appeared in the Season 5 trailer .
  11. Very, very nice. The section around the cockpit is extremely well done, that 2010 leg armour works perfectly, as do those red shield pieces near the back. I like the gold tubes, especially near the front where they merge with the guns (great use of those feet, btw).
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