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The Omega Chronicles

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#1 Offline ToaJaller77

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  • 26-December 12
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Posted Dec 24 2013 - 03:15 PM

Chapter one.


     Millions of centuries ago, Omega Nui was created. He was a strong lord of space. A lord who despised something.





     So his greatest mistake was creating Mata-Nui. Mata created the Matoran universe with the metal sword.. Omega was angred and attempted to kill MN. Mata-Nui sealed him away on a 4 piece conteinent. Sealed between two parts it formed- The dark realm. A few Toa -Darkslash,  Fireburst, and Vinona went there. They never returned. Why? They were destined to become "Omega Toa". They were secretly Omega matoran. These matoran were marked to become Omega by the dark magic he held.They agreed to their destiny. They served the omega sprit. Their goal was to find the sword. Evil lurks.



The other half of the island was the Legend Island. A matoran named Redslash Found a large, silver, and above all, transformative sword. upon pulling it out of the ground, he became a Toa. He found power in the sword and Alpha, a samurai like warrior, trained him. She was a great mentor. He later befriended two toa: Sarron, brave and as uncontrollable as earthquake, and Ziorin, who had the skills of a samurai. She decided to become a blacksmith, and the other two Toa joined as well. One other female samurai: Siori, a wind Toa and Sister to Ziorin, declined. And to this day, Redslash has a secret that even he does not know.



He is the son of ***** ***.







4th Wall: A story based on my MOCS. enjoy. ^_^

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#2 Offline ToaJaller77

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  • 26-December 12
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Posted Dec 25 2013 - 06:59 PM

Chapter two.


I sit here. in the corner holding my large, silver sword. I just made a spear. My sword can do that. I get up and noone visits the shop. We are three toa. My friends Sarron and Ziorin are making Sais. Sarron Looks at me awkward.

"Where did you come From?"

"I've been busy."

Then he yelled out something I thought i would never hear again.


I looked up and saw a Green and Red Toa. She had a very odd sword on her back. She stared at my Sword. Just then, Ziorin chimed in.

"Can we help you?"

She talked very cold. Ziorin was a Samurai Toa. Her sister, Siori, Was very friendly and always happy. Ziorin was the exact opposite. She acted as if Mata-Nui gave her no soul. She stands tall, and almost never speaks. I have never seen Ziorin smile.


The Toa spoke.

"I need a new shield, Please?"

She was very kind.

Sarron walked up to her, and kindly advertised a very large, H Shaped sword. It looked like it would belong to a warrior going underwater ( ;) ). She kept looking. Later, she walked up to me and said:

"I like your sword."

" Thank you. mind if I ask you for your name?"

" I am Vinona."

I knew that name from something. Just then, I heard Alpha,my mentor, calling me. Siori was with her.

"Allow me to hold that sword of yours." She said quickly.

I gave it to her. Little did I know, that moment would change it all for me. Alpha said to me: "I do not trust this new Toa. I sense darkness in her."

Vinona heard it. I turned around and she struck Sarron and Ziorin. Both. Siori ran to her and the two fought. I struck her and got my sword back with ease. At least-I thought i did. It was a green sword. I turned away for two seconds and I heard Alpha Scream. She had been attacked in the chest. Vinona ran. I struck her with my Fire power, and she ran away with the sword. Sarron ran up to me.

"A-Alpha? Redslash what happened to her? Siori?"

Siori was getting her sister up.

"Ziorin? Are you ok?"


Alpha was Dying.


She spoke weakly.

"R-Redslash.........you- your sword.......it is stronger th-than y-yo-you think. it is the metal sword........it has powers....power to create. it is your destiny to protect the sword of O-Om-......"


"..............Omega Nui is awakening........ The Creator of Mata-nui.........who despises all life ts coming. you m-"

Her voice was fading. she breathed her last words.

"go to the dark half..."

She died seconds later. I felt anger. Unexplanably burning anger.


We all stopped. Siori started to talk.

"The DARK HALF? We won't survive. Three toa went there and never showed up again." She clung on to Sarron.

"We're going. As Mata-Nui as my witness."

Ziorin said: "Toa Vinona was in the story. We gave the sword to a dark Toa........."





"I have the sword."


"Now let's go awaken him."


To Be Continued.......

Edited by ToaJaller77, Dec 25 2013 - 08:28 PM.

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