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  1. This is literally the best Bonkle 2015 art I have ever seen. 11/10.
  2. *drools uncontrollably* New screenshots, places, masks and- IT'S MNOG ALL OVER AGAIN!!!!
  3. Hey guys. Something's wrong on the BIONICLE website....
  4. While you guys get 'em for Christmas, i'm getting a $200 LEGO Gift card for Christmas.
  5. Lego has failed o release the new sets for Christmas.

  6. https://www.facebook.com/LEGO/posts/10152481161083403?comment_id=10152481642008403&offset=0&total_comments=1&notif_t=feed_comment LEGO.........what have you done?
  7. Bonkles. Bonkles. BONKLES.

  8. "We've created a -load of sketches..." Oh, LEGO. I'm gonna like this new story team. That aside, lots of awesome info at the panel. Looking forward to it. Also reboot !
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