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Two Kinds Of People

Please Dont Hate For My Lack Of Skill

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#1 Offline Al the Chicken Man

Al the Chicken Man
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Posted Oct 23 2011 - 11:28 PM

        Two Kinds of People                  Chapter IThe Shattering.It had destroyed everything. And what it hadn't taken out, it had corrupted. Physically, mentally, in the present, and in the future. Nothing would ever be the same. Nothing.But that was years off. Right now? There was war. There was energized protodermis. And that darned Jungle Tribe had formed a truce with those fire-spitting bunch, taking the Ice Tribe's entire store of it.For every action, there was an equal and opposite reaction. As he looked out into the mass of white and blue, sharpening their weapons and loading their Thornaxes, Certavus knew... This was the reaction. He was to lead them, at least some of them. His partner Trifter had the rest in his control. Well, if you could call it that. Most of the Ice Tribe fighters were quite bummed out about having their protodermis stolen, and were itching to raid the stores of the Jungle and Fire Tribes. Trifter was... Different. He considered brute force to be superior to intelligent strikes and ambushes. He preferred to rush in and kill everything in firing range. Not to say he didn't get the job done. He was going for the Fire Tribe, feeling it more challenging and satisfying to attack the opposite element.Certavus fired a blank from his Thornax Launcher, gathering the assembled attention of the military."Trifter's troops, you will report to the Ribos Outpost just outside our camp, where you will be briefed and deployed. My troops, the Sutehk Outpost." Certavus ordered from his cliff perch.Leaping down, the Spherus Magnan joined the ranks of his soldiers heading for the Sutehk Outpost. All of them were Glatorian of course, all of the Agori had been located in small healing camps that strategically dotted the map. Occasionally, they would guard low-security prisoners of war, who weren't treated badly, considering the seriousness of the war.Stepping inside, Certavus slid between Toa to get to the center, where the ground was higher than the rest, resembling a stage."Now, I want each of you to find a corner. Once there, you will be assigned a strike team depending on which corner you chose. Each team will attack from a unique angle, forcing the enemy to second-guess themselves and give other teams a chance to make it through and take back the protodermis." Sixteen corners meant, roughly, twenty members to each team. Granting each corner a number and map showing where they would come from, Certavus ushered them all out of the Outpost.He spun his blade over his finger. It was time for combat.
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#2 Offline Al the Chicken Man

Al the Chicken Man
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Posted Oct 29 2011 - 12:43 AM

Review: http://www.bzpower.c...?showtopic=1276Two Kinds of PeopleChapter IICertavus was crouched behind a bush, clad in armor shaded in various greens. Signaling to other troops who were disguised similarly, he raised an thornax-rifle. The rifle was rather primitive, and fired only one, bulky shot. It was great for opening doors.Specifically doors that weren't designed to be broken into.Of course, he wasn't going to enter from the front door, that was asking for trouble. He was going to blast in from the roof. The door was going to draw guards out into the open, where other soldiers could take care of them.The door was blasted open, and sure enough, jungle warriors rushed out to the attackers. Meanwhile, Certavus had fired a cable up the side of the fortress, climbing up. He was halfway when he spotted guards at the top, looking down. Axes slammed against the ropes, and his soldiers fell. About four of them dug their blades into the side of the fort, dragging along and stopping. Soon they were being fired at. Apparently, these guys didn't like being stormed. One of his soldiers fell to his death. ____________Even as this happened, Trifter was breaking into a different fortress. His men were arguably doing better, having slaughtered more enemies. He chuckled."Keep charging! Kill everything that gets in your way!"Trifter was quite enjoying this. He had broken in, his troops flooding in. They were winning. This was too easy. The Proto would be his soon.____________Arrows were fired, Certavus used one to propel himself up, hanging on to the ledge, even as an arrow lodged itself in the back of his thy. He was losing, or so it seemed...
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