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  1. i can't believe it

  2. beyond impressed that this place still exists

  4. IC: (Kyoshi) The Dasaka pursued immediately, aiming to knock Higashi off balance with a roundhouse kick mid-flip.
  5. IC: (Viera) "How the should I know?" she shot back Noxas as she released the hold of gravity she'd had on him. "Now take a seat and get yourself a drink." Edit: Please do not bypass the word filter. -Wind-
  6. OOC: Just gonna let my presence be known here. IC: (Sucogu) The warrior, having set up camp at a smaller inn down a block, had traded his larger swords and axes for six tranquilizing throwing knives, a dagger coated with the same chemical, a grappling hook & cord, and a compact crossbow slung across his back. Before leaving his room, he covered his armor in black cloth. Now properly armed for subterfuge, Sucogu climbed to the rooftops and readied himself for the hunt.
  7. IC: (Viera) "Oh, control yourself. If it wasn't me pushing you around, it'd be someone much, much worse." She sighed, shifting his gravity so that he'd slide back to her. "Get me something strong. It's been a long day," she said to Tarkahn.
  8. IC: (Viera) With an outstretched arm, Viera multiplied the pull of gravity around Noxas five times. As was expected, he tumbled to the ground, unable to support such weight. "Not just yet, little one," she said with a sigh, "I'm not finished with you."
  9. IC: (Sucogu) With a nod, Sucogu abruptly got up and disappeared.
  10. IC: (Viera) Viera rubbed her forehead, then made a disinterested gesture with her hand. "Yeah, whatever. Just let me supervise, I wouldn't want you to vegitate him. If I needed another mindless follower I'd convert to Ak'rei'an."
  11. IC: (Viera) "The same people who brought sexy back and claim to be the real slim sha-" Viera's attention was caught by a particularly wicked-looking device. She silently wondered if the shopkeepers took payment in smiles. If so, they were clearly doing splendidly on the financial plane.
  12. IC: (Kyoshi) The kick landed, but Kyoshi went into the fall with purpose, absorbing the impact in her arms and swinging both her legs into get opponent's knees, aiming to sweep Higashi's own balance off and cause her to land face first on Kyoshi's waiting fist.
  13. IC: (Viera) "..." A blank look came to Viera's face. "I'm wearing a Tryna. Mask of reanimation. I'm not a member of the Brotherhood of Ak'rei'an." She sighed, gesturing for Noxas to follow along as she continued after the two. "Are you not, then, willing to talk business?"
  14. IC: (Viera) Viera sighed. "Difference is I'm not a friggin' cultist psycho." "Don't worry, I plan to pay for him," she shot at Lantz with an eye roll, "tell you what, shopkeep, me and little man will accompany you both to the TOYS store, first round of drinks are on me." She stepped further towards them, arms crossed, a grin rising to her face. "I know a guy with connections all the way in Ta-Koro. What say we strike up a business deal?" She raised an eyebrow. "The slave trade happens to be very profitable from what I hear."
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