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Unoriginality In The Comedy Forum

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#1 Offline Lord Frezon

Lord Frezon
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  • 05-November 07
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Posted Oct 31 2011 - 09:03 PM

Back again. I figure if i spam enough somedies, someoen will read them eventually. Okay, this comedy deserves an intro, because the idea is kinda strange. You have probably seen all the topics bashing the comedy forum for being unoriginal, only having pie, ask comedies, and Bionicles doing human things, and all the other complaints. So, I figured that would be an interesting idea for a comedy - have one of these topics as a comedy! Meanwhile, I was working on another idea about Bionicles running their own version of BZP called HZP (Human zone power). I had an idea- combine these 2 comedies into one! So there's the basic premise, Bionicles running a forum that has the same comedy problems we do. Each Bionicle has a username that refers to something human. See if you can guess which Bionicle is which username! Now on to the story... Brightwallmaker: I've been noticing a lack of originality in the comedy forum. Everything is either ask president Blank or ask King/Queen blank, or Humans try to run a Metru or something of the like. This really annoys me. Does anyone else have the same feelings? MatchKing: NO! Comedies are amazing. How dare you insult the best forum ever. Robocop: Yeah, they are really noobish right now. And they always have too much madu fruit! Seriously, people, can't you try to put in something better? MatchKing: Shut up RC. Seriously, I hate you all. Lightbulb: quiet, MK. Stop flaming in this topic. And yes, I believe that comedies are unoriginal. In fact, I made a petition to delete the comedy forum. Comedy writers can make their presidents more serious and less random. Swimmergirl#1: Although I believe there are some good comedies (like the original "ask the president") there is way too much spam and other garbage in that forum. However, I don't believe that the forum should be deleted. MatchKing: Shut up, all of you. You keep insulting the best stuff ever. I love madu fruit, ask comedies, and especially I love "a day in the life of president bush", by blackbat. blackbat: Thanks, MK. I love my comedy too. And I love your comedies, like "the humans buy a doom viper." Everyone loves doom vipers! Silentstalker: really, guys, this is obscene. Comedies are horrible and you all know it. Shadowyleader: SS, you're dead.*punch* Silentstalker: *oof* *kick* Shadowyleader: *zap* Aquachick: Guy's, stop RPGing in this forum. Do that in the RPG forum. And MatchKing, your silver level has been reduced by 1 for flaming and trolling. MatchKing: fine, AC. I'm not dating you anymore. Aquachick: MK, stop this! This forum is for discussing the short points of the comedy forum, which are many. Greengrowingmachine: the comedy forum iz awsm! Go comedies! Darkworker1: Quiet you noob. Leet isn’t allowed. Returningking: neither is flaming. Please stay on topic. I Will Return… Shadowyleader: You’re back?!?!? I thought you resigned as staff a while ago! Well, that’s the 1st installment of my comedy. Hope you like it.
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Bionicle news #2 Click it, you know you want to. It's a comedy. With awesome humor. And contests. And a shadow leech. Who's evil.

Snail Hydra

#2 Offline Lewa0111 Nuva

Lewa0111 Nuva
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  • 07-February 06
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Posted Oct 31 2011 - 09:05 PM

Interesting idea, though I think I remember seeing this comedy somewhere on the old forums...or maybe you did one with a similar concept? Either way, it's good, if a little short (it's barely over the 300-word mark.) It also reminds me a bit of my old comedy 2009 Theories on the old forum, though spoofing S&T instead of Comedies. Will you be posting a key for which character has which username, or are we supposed to figure them out ourselves? Either way, this is a good comedy and I'll be watching this! :mirunu: Lewa0111 Nuva :mirunu:
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#3 Offline Phovos

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  • 07-September 07
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Posted Nov 01 2011 - 09:54 AM

Random and short though it was, it was fairly amusing. You do need to flesh out the characters a bit more as they are completely unknown to us. We don't have a basic character knowledge with non-canon characters like we do with canon ones, so it's hard to distinguish and work out who the bahrag these people are.
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