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The Sands of Fate

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Gathered friends, listen, once more, to a legend of the ancient epic we call BIONICLE...


One day, during the celebration of victory against Makuta, while the heroes, villagers, and Rahi feasted to the honor of Mata Nui and his last great sacrifice, the old enemies of the Toa and all that they stood for slithered off into the cold beauty of the world of Spherus Magna. Many of these beasts had been destroyed already, but some still remained to strike fear into the hearts of all who dwelt on the surface of the planet.


One of these horrible convicts was Takadox, one of the last Barraki, and one of few who stood testimony to the fact that Toa always won. He slinked through the still remaining deserts of Spherus Magna, not used to the heat and lack of prey that abounded in this wastleland. Rahi that had once been denizens of the Matoran Universe now escaped to mingle with the Scarabax, confused by these others who now claimed their homes. Takadox spotted a herd of Mukau stampeding through the sands, obviously spooked by something. The fearsome warlord, once a leader of an unspeakable army, remembered when he was the one who attacked these peaceful creatures. He then registered that something... or someone... must have been the source of this discomfort. His face contorted into a smirk when he realized that this fearmonger would have a new master.


His agile, mantis-like posture, allowed him to traipse through the dunes with relative ease, though he still was accustomed to the water. Eventually, he reached his target, nothing more than a filthy Vorox. The Barraki groaned, but realized he needed the practice. He made quick work of the beast, almost not even paying attention. He had killed countless Matoran in his day, how was this any different?


He wondered if there were more of these predators, who would strike fear into the hearts of anyone who saw them. He smirked again, and croaked, "Let's go find the queen."



What do you guys think? Post comments, questions, concerns, and cookies in the review forum!

"Remember when the comics forum had a lot of good stuff? Let's make that a thing again." -Kazi the Matoran

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Chapter One: Rahi Control

After the celebrations of the victory of good vs. evil, the Toa Nuva (and Tahu) once again went their separate ways. No one knew where Lewa, Pohatu, or Kopaka were, and they were assumed dead or worse. The Toa Mahri had just returned to the site of Ateros Nuva, or New Atero, and were training new Toa who had either come or were born from Matoran. The Turaga were collaborating with Bara Magna's old village elders to decide a ruling system, Takanuva and the remaining members of the Chronicler's Company had been traveling Spherus Magna looking for stragglers and serving as missionaries, teaching the Agori and Glatorian about the Three Virtues and the Great Beings. Most Glatorian had been defending or helping build.

Gali and Onua were in charge of making the whole operation run smoothly. One day, the Rahi population came under concern. Many species had not been seen since the time in the Matoran Universe, and no one knew what to do. As Gali and Onua talked between themselves about who to send to check on the Rahi, an Agori name Crotesius entered their circle. "Excuse me, Toa, but I think I can help with these beasts... Rahi, as you say. I have a fast vehicle and a keen eye." Gali and Onua took one look at each other, and that one look was all they needed to have a discussion, with their brotherly passion and time spent together. Onua finally cleared his throat, and announced, "You may go check on the Rahi, but a Matoran or other Mata Nui native must accompany you to discern which Rahi is which." Gali chimed in, "On your own, you wouldn't know a Muaka from a Mukau!" Suddenly, Solek, who had been listening in, burst into the room. "I can help! I'll go!" After stopping for a while to breathe, the Av-Matoran continued, "I know my Rahi better than anyone else you can find, mighty Toa!
I've studied the book of Rahi Beasts for years, and I know a Nui-Jaga from a Nui-Rama better than even you!" Gali, without even stopping to commune with Onua, said, "I've seen you in battle, young Matoran. I know you can serve as a guide and guard to Crotesius. Now go, before Onua changes my mind!" She almost giggled. The two villagers saluted the Toa, and ran out.

Eventually, they had mounted the Cendox V-1, and were zooming through the deserts and jungles of Spherus Magna. Solek was giving Crotesius a crash-course on Rahi identification, and so far, most Rahi were accounted for. "That right there is a Dikapi. It's a flightless bird that likes the plains regions." "Ooh, a Sand Tarakava! Those are a very rare species, known for it's stealth and deadliness. Steer away from it!" "Oh look, a herd of Kikanalo!"

Eventually, though, Solek spotted a species he had never seen before. A group of Zesk were walking around the desert floor. Solek whispered, “Wow, can we go check those out? They look awesome!” But instead of approaching them, Crotesius steered away from the beasts as fast as he could, knowing that where there’s Zesk… there’s Vorox.

"Remember when the comics forum had a lot of good stuff? Let's make that a thing again." -Kazi the Matoran

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