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Front View

Action Pose

Pic's a bit blurry, but his back construct is the same as the Protector of Fire.

Size comparison with Tahu and Sardrox!

"What is thy bidding, my master?'

Bricklink gallery (when public)


When Sardrox landed on Okoto centuries ago and began working out his master plan to reawaken his master, Makuta, he realized that there were certain things a being of his size and importance could not risk doing. He needed a smaller being to do things he could not. Sardrox kidnapped the chief elder of the Region of Fire at the time and forced him under his will. He's been serving his master diligently ever since. Now that the Toa are on the island, Lazzix may see a very large role in his master's plan...


Primary Color: Black (Red prior to kidnapping)

Element:  None (Fire prior to kidnapping)

Favorite Environment: Ancient City (Region of Fire's Volcanoes prior to kidnapping)

Mask: Corrupted Mask of Fire

Powers: Fire Resistance and Wisdom

Primary Weapons: Dual Fire Scythes

Signature Moves: Double Slash and Shotgun

Key Traits: Wise, Noble, Loyal


I hope you enjoy (and I hope this isn't completely engulfed in BBC #69 entries like Kairyn). C&C is greatly appreciated! Only 10 days until Sardrox returns, but you can first see him here, so tell me what you think about him too! 

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Lazzix's design is a bit too similar to the protector of fire, but since he seems to be a corrupted one, that makes sense. And I do like his weapons.


As for Sardrox, I like him a lot better, though his torso is a bit small, and more lime green in his color scheme would make him look a lot more balanced. Other than that, I like him quite a bit, and will look foreword to his return!



Chuck Norik is no match for Bruce Lhikan!



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Thanks for your feedback! I liked the look of his weapons too, they're from Chi Razar is you were unaware. And I wholeheartedly about his proportions being off, I changed his leg design to be longer and I guess I forgot to change the torso. And I practically used all the lime pieces in my collection. :P


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