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~For the King~

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#1 Offline Ghidora131

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Posted Mar 19 2015 - 10:31 AM

Meh. Once again, read ~Crowns of Stone~ to understand this, and stay tuned.










The small, remote port in Ga-Wahi had little chance against the amassing Dark Hunters. T'was why they struck it. On naming day, too, so many Matoran in the streets mowed down like nothing. Among them was Mimic.


His heart sank to see so many pointless deaths, so much innocent bloodshed - but this was his order, and he must obey orders or die himself. As he blasted through the streets, killing anything that moved, a cry went out from the distance, one of attack, not distress. Every single eye and ear turned to that sound, sharpening their blades, cocking their firearms, for up the street through all the corpses strode a lone figure who, if any recognized him, struck terror into their veins - Izzun, the monster Toa.



He was the one who had felled several Dark Hunters in the past. One of the most ridiculously strong Toa - well, he wasn't a Toa, technically. He was a mutated Matoran. But he called himself Toa, so Toa he was. And living nightmare he became. With a literal roar, he flung himself at a burly, armored Dark Hunter and tore him apart in an instant. Growling, he locked eyes with the other Hunters... Who immediately attacked.


Except for Mimic.


Having seen martial artists, archers, fighters of every sort, to the point that he was the perfect combat warrior. He couldn't auto-learn elemental powers, though, but he was so formidable an opponent that he could even take down Ancient. Izzun, on the other hand, was a completely unique opponent. His lightning-fast speed, knowledge of pressure points and nerve ending, combined with his over-the-top ice powers made him something different. And that difference was all it took to completely demolished a Dark Hunter battalion, right before Mimic's eyes.


Now, only he was left. As Izzun wiped some of the blood from his hands, he gave a grin to Mimic. "What are you waiting for? finish your mission."


Mimic and Izzun attacked each other at the same exact time, and in only a minute, Mimic had Izzun on the ground. "Why do you fight me, Toa? I am more powerful than you will ever be, more of an adversary... Yet you slaughter yourself to destroy us. We will never be beat. So why?"


It took a moment for Izzun to speak. When he did, it was a hidden distraction. "Because you attempt to-"


With a flash, an icicle embedded itself in Mimic's foot joint and exploded, tearing his foot clean off. With a cry, he fell to the ground, rolling to avoid more spikes digging into the dirt. Jumping up again, Mimic swung out his staff at Izzun, forgetting he wasn't dealing with an ordinary Toa here. Pulling it quickly out of his grasp, Izzun swung it on its handle and embedded it into Mimic's side. Aching, Mimic reached for the staff to pull it out when Izzun smashed into him, shoving him out into the open sea. Splashing into the water helped loosen the blade of the staff and he pulled it out. Looking up he saw Izzun, holding a large metal drum in one hand. Knowing what he would do, Mimic dove.



The water was nice and warm. Fish swam about, cloaking with the coral on the ocean floor. Then a grinding of metal was heard. Surfacing slightly, Mimic never had time to dodge the freighter being flung at his face. With a crack, his head split in two.


But in that desperation moment, right before he met his demise, he questioned his actions. So violent, killing everything and everyone for the ursurper king, the Shadowed one? Yes. For he was saving the life of his friend, one day he intended to find her. Death would stop him, unfortunately.


He would never surrender. Not for anything. Continuing on for her.


For the Hunters.


For the King.

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