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Guide To Trading At Bzpower

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Posted Jun 09 2011 - 02:21 PM

Thanks to ccso35 for writing this!

The system here at BZP works on a barter basis with a lot of trust thrown in.*Note* Before making any offers or posting a trade topic make sure you have what ever permission you need from parents etc. Also understand that there is a cost involved in the form of shipping and be able to make the necessary arrangements to be able to ship your side of the trade.A typical trade would involve the following sequence:1. Posting a trade topic. You should start a trade topic stating what you are looking for and what items you have to trade. Make this a detailed list so that other members know exactly what you have and what you are looking for. This helps to get traders who have what you want and are looking for what you have rather than the random "making you an offer that works for them" type of trader.2. Browse other trade topics and wait for replies to yours. You may find what your looking for on other member's trade topics so make sure you check them often and I suggest looking at the first few pages as this portion of the board can have topics bumped rather rapidly and some current trade topics that might have what you want might actually be 2 - 4 pages back.3. Making offers. If you find something you want to trade for in another member's topic, read their original post to find out how they wish to be contacted. If it says contact by PM then contact by PM if it says to post in the topic then post in the topic. If it doesn't say then I suggest posting in the topic and PM the member as that way they are sure to get it and not miss your offer. 4. Receiving offers. If another member has contacted you about a trade then you need to review their offer and either accept it as is, make a counter offer or advise them you are not interested in the trade. This is your decision as the topic starter and you have the final say and can make any determination you want about who to trade with and what you are willing to trade for.5. Exchange of information and shipping details. Once you have worked out a trade you need to decide on how items will be shipped. Will you use regular mail, Priority mail, insured or uninsured, or if they are from another country are you even willing to trade with them (this should be one of the first things you check on when considering a trade) You will then need to figure out how the shipping will work. Are you both going to ship at the same time or will one of you ship and when they receive the package they then ship their portion of the trade. This again is up to you. You will also need to get the other person's name and address and give them yours so that you can complete the trade. If you are uncomfortable giving that information out over the internet then trading may not be the best route for you since with out a name and address mail can't be delivered. (On a related note, if you are a minor be sure to check with your parents before giving this information out!)6. Shipping. Once the trade has been finalized and you have the other person's name, address and how you are going to ship you need to actually ship the items. Do not wait long periods of time before shipping the trade. Treat it as if you were the other person sending the trade and get it out fast just like you hope they are doing.7. Receiving the item. Once you receive the item check to make sure it is what was agreed upon in the trade. Sometimes mistakes are made unintentionally and some times people aren't honest. 8. Contact the other person to let them know you received the trade. Once you receive it let the other person know you got it. If there is a problem let them know what it is and attempt to work it out. If it was an honest mistake they should be willing to make it right for both of you. If the trade was as described and everything turned out OK then let them know that as well.9. (Only needed if there is a problem that can't be resolved in any other way) Report to the moderators. If you have tried to contact the other person in the trade but they won't respond for some time (like a couple of weeks not a couple of days) then contact one of the moderators and let them know whats going on. Be prepared to explain the details of the trade and what you have done to attempt to contact the other person so that they will know what is going on.10. Enjoy your new what ever. Hopefully the trade went as planned and you received the item you wanted and can now move on to another trade.I hope this helps explain the trading process to you. As you can see it can be a bit complex at times but it is really a fairly simple thing in most cases.As for knowing who to trust, refer to the pinned topic at the top of B/S/T forum called done any trading or sales here. It has a list of people who others have traded with and their results. Also, look at a member’s Proto level as members with low proto might not be the best people to trade with since they have obviously had problems at this site. I'm not saying don't trade with them but make sure you feel comfortable before finalizing the trade.If this sounds like to much work or if you have a major problem with it (or your parents do) then you might want to try an online store that specializes in Lego, a quick search should help you find it, which has many stores listing almost all of the Kanohi, Kanohi Nuva, Krana and Krana Kal and where you can simply buy what ever item you need and have it sent to you rather than try to arrange the trade.I hope this helps you understand the process and good luck trading!

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