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Inhabitants of Okoto

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Kalija From Indian Lakes
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Posted Jul 12 2015 - 11:52 PM

Chapter 1:

Today was different on the tropical island of Okoto. All across the villages, dark clouds spread from the ancient city that lie in the middle of the island. Untouched for many centuries, it held many secrets about the villager's forgotten past.

The weather was no different in Le-koro, a jungle village located in the treetops resting on the southern tip of the island.
The villagers, called by race Tohunga, therefore the inhabitants are rightfully named Le-Tohunga.

There are six villages in total:
1. Ta-Koro, village of fire
2. Ga-Koro, village of water
3. Ko-Koro, village of ice
4. Po-Koro, village of stone
5. Onu-Koro, village of earth
6. And of course Le-Koro, village of jungle

Each village has a decision maker, in which they title the Protectors. They have a deep rooted knowledge of historic events; whereas the average Tohunga remembers nothing since The Fall of the Mask Makers.

Since that fateful day, a dangerously powerful mask was removed from the Mask Maker named Makuta. His humble and honest brother, Ekimu, managed to knock the mask from his head. The result ended with a massive vibrational explosion that shook the island and created barriers from the center of the island and each village. The Tohunga were knocked into a coma, along with the two brothers.
Something in the universe didn't want it to end like this for the inhabitants of Okoto.

Six villagers survived, but what a perfect coincidence; one survivor from each village.

However, due to the mountain barriers and lurking monsters beyond them, there was no traveling done for nearly a thousand years.
Only the six remaining Tohunga remembered the times and history of Okoto.

Traveling back in time to the village of Ga-Koro, minutes before the vibrational energy explosion.
Hahli was sitting in her hut beside her closest friend, Maku, discussing the star formations.

Maku: Huki has been distant lately. He said he needed to 'get it together', but I don't understand what he means. I'm worried.

Hahli: I've seen the fortune within the ocean... We are all feeling a bit disconnected, these past few weeks have been off balance.

Maku: Even the singers of Le-Koro have returned home!

Hahli: Yes... and the Ice villagers of Ko-Koro seemingly lost interest in the study of the stars. Have you seen the formation around the Red Star?

Maku: No. I just want to be at home with Huki more than anything right now... sorry Hahli.

Hahli: I understand Maku, I just...

A sudden wave of strange energy occurred to her within a matter of seconds. A light blue aura encircled her mask and her eyes began to flow slightly brighter.

Hahli: I'll be back. I should study the stars and see them one last time.

Maku: I love you, Hahli. I can't thank you enough for being my friend.

She walked to the ancient telescope, which was set on a small pillar decorated with ancient runes. The carvings on the telescope foretold of prophecies fulfilled long ago; however, the stars had never aligned this way according to its history.
As she peered through the telescope, the stars appeared to move and flash. The stars rearranged and flashed that revealed a mask of power that Hahli, and perhaps all Tohunga, had never seen before. Hahli was awestruck at this; since when do lights in the sky move at such a rapid pace?

Simultaneously, a voice in her head sent what seemed an extremely urgent message: You will have to help the Tohunga. Keep the secrets safe.

Suddenly a bright flash of multiple colors covered the island, the earth shook for many moments, and Tohunga across the land fell unconscious. The ground was shifting and creating a multitude of mountain ranges.
Crumbling stones and buildings from the quake destroyed many homes and claimed the lives of hundreds.

Hahli was lying on the ground flat on her back. She was pushed over by the immense energy.
She stood up and hurriedly walked out of the temple, which remained intact. The rest of the village however, was in ruins. Smoke bellowed from crushed bamboo huts, many of the Ga-Koronans were strewn across the ground in the midst of a now broken town.

She turned back to the temple, and discovered a mask... it was the mask most all Tohunga bore in respect for Ekimu, the Mask Maker. This mask glimmered at the top with a light blue energy atop, and somehow Halhli felt right about bearing the mask herself.

A surge of elemental energy flowed through her body. A vision appeared immediately;
Hahli saw herself using her new elemental energy to awaken and heal the remaining Tohunga. She also saw the five others doing the same. Their names began to come to mind.
Jala - from the Regal Volcanic Castle of Ta-Koro
Akmou - desert bazaars of Po-Koro
Matoro - cold mountains of Ko-Koro
Onepu - underground town Onu-Koro
Tamaru, treetops of Le-Koro

Those names sounded familiar... Faces began to appear. She remembered adventures long ago with these same survivors.
They were friends.
And though there was work to be done, Hahli smiled at the thought of unity even in a time of sorrow and confusion.

The vision became a reality. The surviving Tohunga were titled "Protectors" as whispered to them by their charged masks. They healed the living Tohunga, buried the dead, and began their Koro's reparations.

The Ancient City in the center of the island, called Kini-Nui, was in a state that seemed to strike a balance. Half of the city was in ruins, whereas the Temple of Time, a sacred communication temple, and the Kanohi Keep, where the Mask Makers forged masks for the inhabitants, held strong.
A mysterious energy lurked within Kini-Nui.

Okoto's landscape was changed forever; the earthquake managed to pull the island tighter to itself, creating six mountain ranges and an encircling ring of huge jagged rocks around Kini-Nui. The ranges almost perfectly separated each villages unique landscapes, cutting off access and communication between other tribes.

The Protectors knew of an impending separation of culture, but remained patient and aware they couldn't reveal anything of the shockwave or whatever happened prior.

Their masks were somehow intimately connected, so the ability to speak telepathically was accessible.
Meetings were held and called frequently at first, especially by Hahli, but eventually the meetings ceased after many years passed.
Though the land was in a state of peace, it became separated, physically and emotionally.

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