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Runescape Topic #6 (OSRS + RS3)

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Hey all - looks like the last Runescape topic we had has been long gone, so I have initiated a new one. 


This is for all discussion related to OSRS and RS3. We do have a BZP chat group for in-game discussion. My Runescape name is "Takka" (formerly known as Tic Takk). Feel free to message me in game or join the official chat. 



So, without further ado, Menaphos is the newest and biggest update in a long time - I haven't quite made it there yet, busy doing other things (consistent quest for quest cape and 99 slayer). 


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"RuneScape!  Now that is a name I have not heard in a long, long time..."


I used to play, that was about... six?  Seven?  years back.  I think the highest I got was lvl.40 magic?  Gosh it's been a long time.  I made a new account, just for old time's sake, though I haven't even gone through the new tutorial yet.  E_Jaga_G if anyone wants to add me as a friend or whatever.


It looks like they changed a lot in my absence though.  Anybody care to explain things to a not-quite-newbie?

Avatar by Nicholas Anderson (NickonAquaMagna)

My blog: The Jaga's Nest

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