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The Hero Tahu

TAOT MetaStriker Tahu comedy NAW

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#1 Offline MetaStriker

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Posted Dec 19 2017 - 07:35 PM

Prologue: Meta Land


TG: (hits cowbell)


Helryx: Ta-ha-ha-hu Ta-ha-ha-ha-hu, Ta-ha-ha-hu Ta-ha-ha-ha-hu, Ta-ha-ha-hu Ta-ha-ha-ha-hu, Ta-ha-ha-hu Ta-ha-ha-ha!

I think about that day

I left him in my golden throne room,  

West of the left arm.

We were fighting hard, and he was about to kill me.

I did what I had to do.

'Cause I just knew.


When he served me right,

He listened to me all the time,

Especially when I lied.

A Orderly Empire made of hate and tyranny!

It called me to be their proud Queen…

Except, Her Orderly Empress.


Helryx and Axonn: With the Toa Code to my name,

I dropped it, here I came,

Could be evil or just insane!


Teridax: Um, well, maybe...


Helryx: Cause maybe in Mata Nui,

They’ll all give up,

We’ll have to see.

They’ll see my face and think of how they---


Orderly Faction: Tried to kill us.


Climb these hills,

I'm reaching for the heights, and chasing all the lights that shine.

And when they beat you down,

you'll get up off the ground,

'cause fate just rolls around,

and the battle’s just begun.


Axonn: I hate 'em ev'ry day,

the fighters in the canyons that stomped my poor foot away.

The bodies in the battles left by rebels fought before.

They say "you suck at leading us." So Axxie shuts them up!


Roodaka: And always when the answer's "no",

Or when their work is going slow, their heart stones need not need to glow.

They’re all hypocrites.


Karzahni: And some days as I walk along, a snotty being will come along...


Roodaka and Karzahni: That'll be the reason to obliterate them.


Orderly Faction: Climb these hills,

I'm reaching for the heights, and chasing all the lights that shine.

And when they beat you down, you'll get up off the ground,

'Cause fate just rolls around, and the battle’s just begun.






Helryx: And when they let you down, the morning rolls around...


Orderly Faction: ‘Cause the battle's just begun, see the battle's just begun,

This song’s not making fun, of “Another Day of Sun,”

Just when we will have won, The Resistance will be done,

And, it's the battle's just begun…

You’ll see the Empire won!


Tahu's Antics: Orderly Turmoil - The Hero Tahu Banner

It's finally here! Here's the Prologue to The Hero Tahu​, the third season of the remake series of The Adventures of Tahu​--which is now officially titled ​Tahu's Antics: Orderly Turmoil​.


Expect new releases, including chapters and specials, every Friday. That means that Chapter 1 is coming in only three days! I seriously hope you guys enjoy this comedy---it's been long in the making to be the best thing it can possibly be.


Let's get it on.


~|MetaStriker Productions|~

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The long awaited third season of TA:OT is finally here!!



#2 Offline MetaStriker

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Posted Dec 22 2017 - 11:57 AM



Chapter 1: It’s Not As Morbid As It Looks!


Six months have passed since everything blew up.

Well, I should probably be more specific. Six months have passed since the epilogue of Tahu’s Consequence, where CENSORED was reunited with CENSORED, CENSORED revealed himself, CENSORED, CENSORED, and CENSORED went missing---you know what, if you didn’t even read Tahu’s Consequence, why are you even here? Granted, Meta’s such a better author than Striker was, but I’ll admit that you probably need some plot details before diving into this beauty of a comedy. Here’s the link. Right here.

What, did you expect I’d make a Legend of Zelda joke? That’s not how we roll at NAME AND ADDRESS WITHHELD now. Wow. You need some catching up.


Anyway, I could talk for hours, but we should probably get to the whole meat of this thing now. See you around.


Oh, I was supposed to introduce something? Oh geez. You’re right. Sorry, Transition Guy. Six months have passed since Tahu’s Consequence, and both the Matoran Universe and Bara Magna are in shambles. Since the execution of Order 44, the city of Metru Nui has been reclaimed by the Orderly Faction, with Karzahni ruling with an iron fist over the region. Other members of the Orderly Faction, save Teridax and Helryx, control other regions of the Matoran Universe. In Bara Magna, the Mega-Village has been rebuilt completely, but Teridax has overthrown the Agori Council, seizing control of the beings and constructing his own empire. The rebels of both worlds have been strewn apart as a result, but their hopes have remained high…


In Daxia Fortress…


    “Hold still.”


    “It’s not...going to work. It’s never going to work again.”


    “You have to trust us, Brutaka. You’re stronger than this.”


    “Yes, Tahu. So strong that we’ve been hiding in this very room for six months while the entire universe has collapsed around us.”


    Tahu glared at the titan, but he knew he had a point. Unable to stop Order 44 from happening, he, Gali, Mata Nui, Ackar, and Brutaka remained in Daxia Fortress, unable to help or communicate with the Resistance...or what remained of it. As time passed, they grew wary of Daxia and the Empire’s presence on the island, and trapped themselves in Helryx’s throne room.


    “Tahu, all systems are ready,” Ackar called out. “I double-checked all the wiring and the power sources. It’s now...or...well, we’re probably in no rush here.”


    “Please, Brutaka.” Gali reached towards Brutaka’s temporary mask, but he stepped aside. The Olmak rested on a stand, connected by wires to salvaged Empire power sources and crystals. Tahu had helmed the project, from the raw construction to the inner technology--he suspected old Nuju would have been proud of him.


    He sighed, shuffling towards the stand. As he took off his temporary mask, he felt the world shake around him. Picking up the Olmak, he heard a voice, seemingly in his head.


Control...focus. You remember. Always...remember.


As he placed the mask over his face, Brutaka could swear he saw a blue light fade out of the corner of his eye. He swooned back, but Gali quickly steadied him.


“We’ve got you. We’ve always got you. Stay calm, you can do this.”


Brutaka closed his eyes. As a circle of blue light formed in front of him, he envisioned Helryx. Her battle-scarred armor. Her cold eyes. Her unyielding malevolence.

She was in a city, hustling through a dark alleyway. She entered a black-and-red tower to her left and disappeared from his view.  


    “Where is she??”


    “Tahu, you need to calm down. He’s trying to focus,” said Gali.


    Tahu looked away from Gali. He felt a twinge of jealousy.


    The portal followed Helryx’s path, curving upwards to look at the tower. Its shape resembled that of a shark fin, but it paled in comparison to a much larger, finished tower, colored white-and-blue. A logo with an H adorned the side of the tower.


    “H...what could that stand for?” Gali mused.


    “Hapori Tohu?” Ackar suggested.


    Tahu snickered, but quickly regained his composure as Gali rolled her eyes. “H...huh...I got nothing.”


    Mata Nui gasped. “I KNOW!! I KNOW!!”


    “That doesn’t start with H,” Tahu muttered.


    “I’ve been to this system before!” Mata Nui exclaimed, completely ignoring Tahu’s sarcasm. “This is Makuhero City.”


    “Still doesn’t start with--okay fine I’m sorry!” Tahu stepped back, away from Gali as she raised her Axe.


    “You’ve been here before? How??” Gali asked Mata Nui, who squirmed around in his throne.


    Oh, Great Beings. I never told them that they’ve been living in a giant robot this whole time, did I? Well...we’re way past 2008, they should still know this by now. “I, uh, studied abroad. Anyway, that symbol’s for HERO FACTORY. Which means that this tower must be---”


    The portal panned down, and Helryx faced a spiked robot, whose red eyes pierced through the darkness of the tower. He clutched his Black Hole Staff, and Gali shuddered.


    “No...he’s the being that teleported into Metru Nui, six years ago. Tahu, you remember him.”


    Tahu rushed to the portal and froze. “Von Nebula.”


    A flood of memories flashed through Brutaka’s head.  He tried to stop them...he tried…


YEAR: 2012


    “What do you mean, you teleported into the bars?!”


    “I mean, I’m twisted in the bars and I’m stuck, Vezon. I can’t get out.”


    “You’re not twisted, Brutaka. That bar is literally running through half of your leg.”


    “You know what? You’re right. And it really freaking hurts.”


Hundreds of feet below street level, the two titans were trapped in the jail facility of Makuhero City, underneath its infamous Assembly Tower. Of course, they didn’t know that, because they didn’t have any windows, maps, or GPS functionality, but at least you know that now.


“Well, how do you expect me to get it out? Use a chainsaw?”


“What else are you going to do, leave me here?”


Vezon hesitated, touching his own mask. He could. “No. I would never abandon you.”


“Then listen to me…” A voice emanated behind the two. “Turn…”


Vezon turned around. Brutaka couldn’t, but thankfully he was already facing it...the Black Hole Staff, abandoned in a pedestal in the center of the hall.


“Pick up this staff...and unleash its power. You will set us free.”


Vezon winced. “Us?”


“Uh...I haven’t been used in a long time.”


Vezon walked up to the staff, inspecting it. The blue-and-black vortex raging inside of it clearly had the power to free Brutaka, but its aura was sinister. He looked back at Brutaka.


Sighing, he picked up the staff, and alarms immediately started to blare. He quickly aimed the staff at the bars and fired, teleporting them away and freeing Brutaka.


Beside him, the staff fell to the ground and shattered. Dozens of evil robots erupted from the explosion of the black hole vortex, but one voice in particular rose above the rest…


“Thank you…”


But Vezon and Brutaka were long gone, as they hustled through the halls of the jail facility. Reaching the warden’s office, they caught their breath.


“Shall we…?” Brutaka pointed to his Olmak, but Vezon shook his head.


“First of all, you’re welcome. Don’t ever ask me for anything ever again. And second of all, I’m so sick of dimension-hopping.” He motioned to an emergency escape pod, and Brutaka nodded, quickly jumping in. The two were off the asteroid ten seconds later.


YEAR: 2017


    “Brutaka...you’re okay, you’re okay…”


    “I’m fine. Please. I’m sorry.” Brutaka inched away from Gali, holding his head in his hands. The Olmak was gold again.


    “Well, now we know where she is,” Mata Nui said. “You can go to her. You can end this.”


    “No, I can’t.” Tahu hastily walked over to Brutaka. “You need to do it again. Please.”


    Gali shook her head. “Tahu, he’s had enough. He’s hurt.”


    “I know…” Ackar trailed off, looking down.


    “I need to know. You don’t know her like I do.”


    “And she doesn’t know you like I do. So---”


    The Olmak flashed blue as the circular portal reappeared. Brutaka focused, his energy nearly drained…


    The portal came into focus behind Helryx as she crossed the flight of stairs, emerging onto the fourth floor of the tower. The floor remained largely unfinished, largely empty, until Helryx turned to face the window. There she looked down upon Kiina as she lay on the floor, looking up at the skyline and the stars of the night sky.


    Without warning, Helryx kicked Kiina’s back, and the Glatorian reeled in pain. Again, she kicked, and again, and she bent down, punching the warrior’s face into the ground.


    The beings in Daxia watched, horrified. As Helryx punched Kiina once more, she rolled to the side, and for a second, Tahu could see her eyes, staring right into the portal. They softened.


    Tahu lunged forward, his swords ready, but the portal snapped shut. Tahu crashed through the stand and to the ground. He did not get back up, and Gali could only look on as he shook in fear and in sadness.


To Be Continued…




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The long awaited third season of TA:OT is finally here!!



#3 Offline MetaStriker

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Posted Dec 28 2017 - 11:51 PM

After that totally not morbid first chapter, I think we can all use a break from doom and gloom.


So here's the first Special of the season!!!







Special 1: The Unlikely Expedition


Narrator: You know, I don’t really like that we’ve been stuck here for six months in freeze-frame. No one probably remembers that we’re about to encounter some giant beast.


TSO: Yeah, but at least everyone remembers I’m blind.


Narrator: ...literally AND figuratively to the problem we’re about to face. You ready for this?


TSO: Not really. I’m probably going to need a refresher too.


Narrator: You...you were...nope, I’ve had it. Can there be anyone else who’s dead that could possibly be worse than you?




Berix: Hey...uh...hi, Mr. Narrator? Mind if I scavenge some...silver from your mask? Or your entire body? Whatever you’re least comfortable with.


Narrator: This can’t be the Berix that TNTS actually had in the comedy.


Striker: That’s because it’s not.


Narrator: Uh...TNTS. What are you doing here?


Striker: I’m not TNTS anymore. They split us up and now Meta has control of the comedy again. He transformed Berix’s personality into his character from The Legend Reborn to add (makes quote signals with hands) humor.


Narrator: By torturing and humiliating me?! You’ve got to be joking.


Ranox: Well, as long as he doesn’t make Nintendo characters part of the story again, he might just do a fine job.


Striker: ...Ranox. It’s been a while.


Narrator: Really?! You couldn’t wait until the remake of The Fire Chronicles to show up?


Striker: Uh, I’m not remaking that.


Narrator: What? This is real-not-fake news to me.


Striker: Although if Meta does, then I’d actually rather stay down here.


Ranox: Stop whining, Striker. To be honest, I didn’t really like ruling the comedy that much. I really couldn’t keep control over a lot of things.


Striker: Funnily enough, that’s exactly how I feel especially when SOMEONE backtalks me.


Narrator: Huh. Wonder who that could be.


Ranox: You two didn’t really learn a lot after what happened last time, did you? Some would think you’d have settled your differences and not allowed this to happen again. I will say though, it’s rather amusing to see you’re all in my clutches again.


Striker: Hey, you created us as failsafes to the Toa Mata. We were bound to be a little wild.


TSO: This guy created failsafes to the failsafes in case Mata Nui malfunctioned? That’s sad.


Narrator: Not as sad as his prototypes to the Toa Mata.


Ranox: They weren’t sad!!! They were...okay. Well, anyway. This conversation has dragged on for far too long. I’m supposed to be blocking you from moving forward.


Narrator: That was a bad-treacherous transition. That would’ve never happened under the old days.


Striker: ...wait. Did you just say that the comedy was better when I was leading it?


Narrator: Not when you were. When you and Meta were. Together. As one.


Stronius: I ‘ave no idea what’s goin’ on.


Berix: I mean, at least no one’s screaming WOOHOO!!!!


TSO: Ouch. You really want me to go deaf too?


Berix: If it means I get to salvage your eardrums, then sure.


Stronius: Now I undastan’ why da special’s focusin’ on dem dree. You guys’re weird.


Berix: And you have your weird speech impediment from the original. So you’re no different.


Narrator: Shush, everyone. Striker has something he wants to say.


Striker: ...I’m sorry.


Narrator: What was that? Couldn’t hear you.


Striker: ...I’m sorry, okay?


Narrator: For?


Striker: Being a complete jerk. Especially to Narrator.


Narrator: Why, I’m pleasantly surprised. Thanks for the shoutout. That was terrifically out of character.


Striker: Exactly. That’s why I’m going to work with you.


Narrator: Huh? Say that again. I don’t think we understand.


Striker: (glares at Narrator, then clears throat) I’m going to go with you guys to get us out of here. To get things back to the way they used to be.


Ranox: WOW!!! CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT!! Well, that’s all I needed to hear. You can pass now.


Narrator: What?? Really? That’s great-fantastic! Never thought it’d be that easy. (glares at Striker, then parades forward)


Ranox: HA! (pulls cable, letting cage fall to the ground and trapping Narrator) You really thought I’d just let you pass? After years of being imprisoned, then murdered, then imprisoned again, it’s so nice to see the turntables on you. (turns to Striker and the rest) Well, you can pass on. You know the way, after all.


Striker: (glances at the road ahead, longingly) True...but I think I can spare a few minutes. It’s the least I can do for my friend. (unsheathes swords)


End of Special 1



What do you guys think? I'm planning to release specials between every chapter...they'll definitely be more light-hearted in tone, while still playing a role in the story of the comedy. I hope you enjoy them.


Until then...Chapter 2 coming next Friday.



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The long awaited third season of TA:OT is finally here!!



#4 Offline MetaStriker

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Posted Jan 05 2018 - 04:01 PM

Happy New Year, to celebrate I've brought you all a new chapter!! Enjoy!





Chapter 2: Happy Travels


In Daxia Fortress…


    Nuhrii raced down the empty, desolate halls.


    It had been six months since his expedition to Daxia Fortress fell apart. After becoming the first Toa of the Uha team, he had set out with Taka, Gali, Pohatu, Onua and several Matoran to stop Helryx from executing Order 44. They arrived at the coast of Daxia one chapter late.




...Nex. What are you doing?!


Uh, I broke the fourth wall.


By punching a hole in it with your fist? Come on. We’re gonna need to spackle that now. And we don’t have any spackle!


No need to worry! I’m sure the wall can survive a few more punches!!


...just get back to the chapter.


A clan of Dark Hunters ambushed the team, quickly overwhelming them in number as well as power. Nuhrii didn’t remember much besides seeing Gali escape into the fortress, and feeling the pain of a sword against his head. Then, nothing.


However much time passed, Nuhrii never knew. He awoke in a prison cell in Odina Fortress, where he saw Taka staring across at him from the other side. His shadow seemed to have claimed more of his being, further draining his light. His body looked frail, but his eyes were impassioned with fire.


Days passed. Days turned to months. Pohatu was taken from his jail cell, and never returned. The Matoran grew scared. Nuhrii became worried.


Taka became impatient, and soon could no longer stand imprisonment. He would not settle for what Roodaka, new leader of the Dark Hunters, and the Orderly Empire, thought his destiny to be.


Ten days later, Nuhrii passed Helryx’s office. The golden doors of her throne room were bolted shut, but Nuhrii wouldn’t let those get in the way of his destiny. Especially after breaking out of Odina Fortress and being completely separated from the Matoran, who sailed away with Taka. Especially after fending off two Dark Hunters who attacked his boat, destroying it as they fell into the sea, defeated.


He went into Helryx’s office, where he saw MNLOG HD’s Game Over screen still lit up on Helryx’s computer. The door to her closet was wide open. Inside, seven empty stasis chambers lay open to the left of him, with shattered glass and patches of ice strewn throughout the room. Another door to the right was also bolted shut.


“I’m not letting you get in my way,” Nuhrii muttered, talking to the door as he bashed himself against the door with all of his might.


In Helryx’s Throne Room…




    Brutaka jumped. “What...what was that?”


    “I don’t know,” said Tahu, backing up to the center of the room. “Would be nice if I had access to my Suva right now.”


    “You’re lucky I do.” Gali activated her Akaku Nuva, and the room instantly turned into a retro polygonal mess, not unlike the Virtual Boy. Behind a door in the center of the room, she saw a being pushing against the door on the other side. The door clearly was not moving an inch. “Wait. It’s Nuhrii.”


    “Nuhrii?” asked Mata Nui. “You mean the Matoran who was supposed to be a Toa and then Vakama stole the spotlight?”


    “I still have no idea what you people are talking about,” groaned Ackar.


    The door opened, and Nuhrii crashed to the ground. Behind the door, Tahu slightly peeked out, winking at the camera.


...what camera?! This isn’t The Office!


What would you rather me say? The fourth wall?


    “Wait...I did it! And you guys are really here! Thank goodness finally I have so much to tell you guys---”


    “You can tell us on the way,” Tahu said, handing him a duffel bag. “We’re heading off to Makuhero City.”


    Nuhrii looked confused. “Macku-what? I’ve never heard of that place before.”


    “Wait wait, let’s back this up…” Gali turned to Tahu. “You barely even let him speak. You’re just going to take him?”


    “You know, I can hear you guys loud and clear. There was no mention of whispering there.”






    “I trust him,” Tahu said, awkwardly patting Nuhrii’s shoulder. “We need all the help we can get to find Helryx and stop her.”


    “Wait…” Nuhrii trailed off. “She’s not here?”


    “Well, if she was here we’d probably all be dead,” Ackar yelled, helping Brutaka stand.


    “...oh no. I hear them. I don’t understand how…”


    Tahu unsheathed his swords, and Gali and Ackar soon followed suit. “I feared this day would come. Unfortunately, it seems you...wherever you came from, lead them right into our hands.”


    Inspecting Nuhrii’s weapon holster, Ackar pulled out a blinking red tracking device. “Property of Odina Fortress.”


    “You broke out of prison?!”


    “Gali, I highly suggest now isn’t the time to ask questions. The escape pod should be in the room to my right. It’s sealed, so I highly doubt there’s any hunters in there,” Mata Nui rose from the throne. “I think it’s time I return to Metru Nui.”


    “You don’t want to go back there,” Nuhrii warned. “I hear it’s overrun by Visorak and ruled by Karzahni.”


    “A twisted Web of Shadows reality. Fine, I’ll survive. Brutaka, are you going with them or with me?”


    Brutaka looked between Mata Nui and the group, rushing to access the escape pod. He touched his mask, feeling the crack run across the bottom and sides. He wanted to aid Tahu. But he couldn’t.


Adrift in Space…


    “You know, Tahu. Why didn’t you just steal one of these things instead of building an illegal teleporter in Nuju’s apartment?”


    Tahu smirked. “These escape pods belong only to Helryx. I don’t think she ever used them, which is probably why they look like they were furnished in the 2000’s.”


    Gali relaxed on a couch in awe. “Wow. Look at all that cashmere. Such elegance. Much rich.”


    “I don’t even know what cashmere is,” Ackar said. “On Bara Magna there’s literally just sand. That’s it.” He gazed out the window. “Thank goodness there’s no sand on this city.”


    The crew rushed over to the window, and saw an asteroid with a white-and-blue tower coming up dead ahead. The pod started to descend.


    “Wow, that was fast.” The asteroid was approaching a landing pad on the tower, and Tahu grabbed his weapons. “Not even the whole chapter.”


*BOOM* Hey, you put that dialogue in there. You were asking for it.


    The door of the pod opened, and a white-and-blue robot stood at the bottom of the landing pad. “What do you think you’re doing?! This is authorized territory! We have a shipment of donuts coming in four minutes and if you don’t get off this landing pad I will---”


    “Hello, my name is Gali.” The Toa promptly extended her hand, and the robot quickly shook it. Opening his mouth once more, Gali quickly interrupted him. “Don’t fight me. We have something in common. We both want to defeat Von Nebula.”


The robot chuckled. “Von Nebula was defeated years ago. In fact, this city has been crime-free for three years, thanks to I, Preston Stormer, and my Alpha 1 team.”


“That’s what you want to think. But--”


“Now listen there. I don’t want to cut your fantasy short, but I think we’ll be fine. As long as you get off this landing pad and let me get my donuts.”


Above Them, in the Donut Hover-Truck…


    “So you want me to sell him the Preston Kreme donuts, and those are the ones with the toxins in them?”


    “Yes,” Von Nebula’s voice crackled from the headset. “He’ll never suspect it. And he’ll never know…”


    But Helryx wasn’t paying attention. As her truck neared the landing pad, it was already occupied by an escape pod that looked like it was ten years old. And the blue warrior getting back on board…


    “Got it?” asked Von Nebula.


“Oh, I’m so ready,” said Helryx, grinning.


To Be Continued…





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The long awaited third season of TA:OT is finally here!!



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Posted Jan 12 2018 - 10:22 PM

Another week has gone by (though it feels like it's been a lot longer since I last posted) and here we are. Today marks the release of the first interview for The Hero Tahu​, where we're all about to figure out how the heck Meta separated from TNTS (Striker) and got to be the new author of the comedy.


I hope you enjoy, and let me know what you think in the comments!!




Interview 1: Meta


EG: AND...WELCOME TO ANOTHER INTERVIEW!!! I am your host, Extra Guy and today we’ll be meeting the newest star of NAME AND ADDRESS WITHHELD, Meta!!!


Meta: (walks into studio, does a short bow as the audience applauds. Sits.) Honestly, it’s such an honor to have you back. This comedy was missing a bunch of its spunk when my dimwit counterpart threw you in jail.


EG: (blushes) Oh, I’m flattered. But we all knew we couldn’t keep away the humor for long. Laughter is contagious. Anyway, first question. Can you explain to the audience what happened in The Fire Chronicles?


Meta: A lot happened in TFC. Frankly, it’s a non-canon story with the release of this remake.


EG: What, seriously?! You mean all the Nintendo characters never actually appear?!


Meta: Well, considering I’m the result of Meta Knight falling into Energized Protodermis, Nintendo characters do actually appear. But just me.


Censorer: (whispering in audience) TG, wait. If TFC never happened, then how does Meta exist? This could be a major plot hole.


TG: (whispering) ...I’m just going to transition swiftly back to the Interview.


Censorer: But…


EG: So the end of TFC. Or, the summarized ending. You and TTP, who is effectively Striker in that story, re-merge and become Metahu. How do we get to where we are now?


Meta: See, this is one of the reasons TFC is no longer canon. Metahu was just an awful name.


Censorer: (whispering) Does Extra Guy understand Meta said TFC is non-canon?


TG: (whispering) Yes, but that doesn’t mean WE didn’t write it. It happened for us.


Censorer: (whispering) So it happened for us, but not for everyone else. That’s really confusing.


TG: (whispering) Only because you’re overthinking it.


Meta: Essentially, our combined form, as MetaStriker, decided to remake The Adventures of Tahu. So we did, and for the most part, my other personality took the helm. I thought it’d only be fair, as he was the one who initially released the comedy...as Tahu Nuva: Toa of Silver. TNTS.


EG: Why is he associated with the name “Striker” in the combined form?


Meta: Basically because my name was already taken. He got the scraps. After all, Silver and Striker sort of rhyme.


Guardius: (under his breath) Barely.


Meta: His ideas seemed promising. But as you all know, the comedy got serious from time to time. Too serious. As it was before, like an “epicomedy.” We all started having our doubts. Even internally.


EG: The plot thickened. We all started to realize things they never thought would happen again. Keep going.


Meta: So Narrator was sent to the Wig Salon. Frankly, I hoped this wouldn’t happen, but it happened almost an entire season before it did in the original. You were jailed. I could see it was not working. Tensions were high. NAW was in danger of crumbling.


EG: So, explain this for me. How the heck were you able to split off from your combined form, and assume control of NAW?


Meta: Assuming control was the easy part. I basically needed someone to remember our past, and remember what we’d become. And state it.


EG: That’s still awfully complex.


Meta: We needed someone to say our name. MetaStriker. The forces of that action were so powerful they split us apart into two, once more. TNTS is no more. MetaStriker is no more.


EG: ...say your name. That simple. Like saying the Horned King’s real name to kill him, or Lord Voldemort to trigger bad luck and Death Eaters? Huh.


Meta: I solemnly suspect that you’ll be finding no good tonight.


Censorer: (whispering) He messed up a Harry Potter quote. Are you kidding me?


TG: Censorer, SERIOUSLY?!


EG: I’m sorry, what was that from the crowd?


TG: ...oh. My bad.


Meta: Let him off easy. Unlike Striker, I treasure my subordinates.


Nex: Even me?!

EG: That said. Do you have any plans for The Hero Tahu that you can share with us? What can we expect?


Meta: Well, I can’t spoil all the fun for you! Even though the story has hit some dark points, there’s a lot of humor planned to lift the spirits up.


Censorer: (under her breath) Yeah, I don’t know what type of humor you think will “lift the spirits up” after Kiina’s torture scene in Chapter 1.


Meta: To further focus the comedy, we’re also not going to switch story arcs during chapters. Save for a few special cases, there will be few transitions this season.


TG: (quietly) Wait...my job?! That’s my job! You mean I’m barely going to do my job?!


Meta: You know, you aren’t freaking out as quietly as you think you are. You might want to tone that down a bit. It’s a little disrespectful.


TG: Not as disrespectful as decimating my position at NAW.


Censorer: ...oh, so NOW you’re “overthinking.”


Meta: Well, I’m not going to let anyone go. I’m going to work everything out and not spark any sort of fighting in this organization, so, barring extreme circumstances, Guardius’s duties are limited as well.


Guardius: (turns to audience. Meaning you, dear reader.) Do you think this is an extreme circumstance yet?


Meta: Ideally, this will allow Nex to have a lot more freedom to narrate as he chooses. Within my scope.


Nex: What does that mean?


Meta: Well, you can’t narrate and then go off on your own tangent. And then sing “Firework” by Katy Perry.


Nex: That was in the dress rehearsal! I’m sorry, I won’t do it next time.


Meta: Which we’re never doing again. I’m still a little mad about that. And your puns. Gosh. Stop.


Formata: What about me?


Meta: What? Who even are you?


Formata: You SERIOUSLY don’t know who I am?


EG: Careful. This one has a feisty attitude.


Meta: Oh, so Striker created you. That makes sense. I don’t need you.


Formata: ...whAT?!


EG: AND...WOW! WHAT A LONG INTERVIEW! Sadly, that’s all the time we have for today, folks. See you all soon!!



Meta: ...where is he?!


TG: You don’t want a transition? Fine. It’ll end right here.


Meta: I want a transition, but--




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The long awaited third season of TA:OT is finally here!!



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