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Happy 5th anniversary to the Stone Army Season (2012)! :)

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Hi, guys!:) If anyone likes Ninjago's second TV season in 2012, which is about the Ninja fighting against Lord Garmadon with the Mega-Weapon and the Stone Army and Overlord in The Final Battle, let's celebrate the 5th anniversary of the season. So, yeah, happy 5th anniversary to the season!:)


First, let’s talk about the plot of the season:

The second season begins with the Ninja find a new home since their past home was destroyed while training Lloyd. Their powers are decreased because they are linked to the Golden Weapons. Since Lord Garmadon has them and is far away from the Ninja, this causes the Ninja's powers to decrease and become useless much. Meanwhile, Garmadon starts leading the Serpentine, which upsets Skales because he wants to lead them. Garmadon combines the Weapons into a new one called the Mega-Weapon, which can create and revive things. He uses it to cause some problems, but the Ninja stops him. Along the way, a group of thieving pirates, led by their captain named Soto, are revived from their deaths 200 years ago. Also, an incident causes Lloyd to magically rapidly grow up into a teenager, causing him to get closer to the prophecy about him being the Green Ninja. When Garmadon notices this, he time-travels to try to undo the forming of the Ninja, so he can stop Lloyd from becoming the Green Ninja, but they destroy the Mega-Weapon to save the world from Garmadon. Later, the Ninja, Wu, and Lloyd discovers Lloyd's mother, Misako, who tells them history of the land of Ninjago and the full contents of the prophecy. Meanwhile, Garmadon goes to find an island called the Island of Darkness after Skales overthrew him to lead the Serpentine. After finding the island, Garmadon encounters an ancient evil being called the Overlord, who tells him to help the Overlord with something bad, and Garmadon starts by rising the island from the ocean. Meanwhile, the Devourer's venom touches an army of stone statues called the Stone Army and brings them back to life. The Ninja try to defeat them, but the army is made of an indestructible material, so they can't be defeated. Later on, the Ninja and their allies meet Zane's long-lost creator and "father", who helps them out on their journey to the Island of Darkness. The Stone Army is operating there and serves Garmadon, as he wears a magical helmet called the Helmet of Shadow, which can control the army. When the Ninja arrived in the island, they find a magical temple called the Temple of Light, which they use to give Lloyd their elemental powers to make him stronger, themselves magical blades called the Elemental Blades that can use their powers, and new suits. The Ninja are able to defeat the Stone Army. However, the Overlord plans to create a tank called Garmatron, which can shoot an evil magical substance called Dark Matter that can turn people evil. Garmadon cares about Misako. Lloyd doesn't want to fight his father, so he hesitates. Plus, the bad guys have a clock that counts down to an event called the Final Battle, which involves prophecy. The Ninja try to stop the countdown to prevent the event from happening, but they are too late, as the Battle begins. The Army kidnaps Nya and uses the Dark Matter to turn her into their evil servant. The bad guys use Garmatron to turn some people in Ninjago into their evil servants. Lloyd is ready to fight Garmadon, but the Overlord takes over and turns Garmadon's body into a reptile-like monster when he can get out of the Island of Darkness, as it is revealed that the prophecy means that Lloyd has to fight actually the Overlord rather than his father. The bad guys go from the Island of Darkness to Ninjago while leaving the good guys behind. The good guys are trapped, but they found Lloyd's grandfather, the First Spinjitzu Master's golden mech, and the Ultra-Dragon found the good guys, so they all can go back to Ninjago. When they arrived, they are fighting the bad guys while the Overlord is transforming into his original form, which is a powerful dragon that can breathe dark energy that turns people evil. Luckily, the bad guys accidentally leave the Helmet of Shadows behind, so an ally of the Ninja, Dareth, wears and uses it to control the Stone Army to help the Ninja get to the Overlord. However, Nya and the Overlord are stopping the Ninja, but Lloyd gets to the Overlord while the other Ninja buy him some time by taking care of the Overlord's servants. When Lloyd started fighting the villain, he unlocks his true potential, which turns his green Ninja suit gold to become the Golden Ninja, making him the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master. He can use a new elemental power called power, powerful golden energy called Golden Power, and can summon a dragon made of his energy that he can ride on. Lloyd defeats the Overlord, restoring peace to Ninjago, making the Stone Army disappear (that is weird), curing everyone who turned evil by the Overlord and Dark Matter, and destroying the Devourer's venom within Garmadon to cure him to make him a good guy again while turning him back to his original and normal human form. The season ends.


That’s the plot. Now, here’s my opinion about it:

I like the season. It was great and epic. It’s a bummer that the Ninja can’t use their powers much because their Golden Weapons are gone. Garmadon is funny when he struggled working with the Serpentine and learning how to use the Mega-Weapon. Speaking of the Mega-Weapon, it is very cool that it can create things. It’s like a weapon equivalent to the Ninja’s Tornado of Creation. I feel bad that the Ninja lost their home because of the Great Devourer and were struggling to find a new home. However, good thing that they got their old home back. It’s awesome that the Ninja and Lloyd got some neat stuff, like the Ultra Sonic Raider’s function to split up into two vehicles (could’ve happened in the Serpentine Season, which was earlier in 2012, because its set can do that), Lloyd learning to use a new elemental power called Power, to do Spinjitzu, having the same abilities as the Golden Weapons, having a golden suit, summon a dragon that is made of his power, and the Ninja getting the Elemental Blades, which made up their weakened powers. It’s neat that Lloyd is being trained to become the Green Ninja as he learned to ride the Ultra Dragon, using Spinjitzu and elemental powers, and unlock his true potential (it’s very different from the other Ninja’s). Captain Soto and his crew and Dareth are funny characters, as well as the Serpentine and some Stone Warriors. It’s interesting that Soto was looking for the Island of Darkness, which was where the Overlord was located. Dareth may be a powerless guy, but he is useful when he had the Helmet of Shadows. It’s great that we get to see Lloyd mother named Misako, and Garmadon cares about her as well as Lloyd. She is a great ally to the Ninja. The Stone Army are very cool because they’re made of indestructible material and can’t be harmed by Lloyd’s own elemental power or the Serpentine’s powers. I felt bad that the Serpentine are imprisoned in the Stone Army’s underground tomb. It’s quite interesting that the Great Devourer’s venom can re-awaken the Stone Army and bring inanimate objects to life. I feel bad that Lloyd got accidentally enchanted by a magic tea to become a teenager. I hope he could somehow change back, though. It’s very cool that Dark Matter can turn people evil, and the same goes to the Overlord’s dragon form’s ability to breathe energy that can turn people evil. It’s very interesting to learn about the land of Ninjago’s history that involved the First Spinjitzu Master fighting the Overlord and the Stone Army and splitting the island into two pieces. It’s cool that the Island of Darkness was almost hidden under the water unless Garmadon can use his four arms to activate a switch that rose up the island from the water. It’s also cool and interesting that the Overlord possessed Garmadon like a ghost and turned him into a powerful reptilian monster, and then the Overlord turned it into his powerful original dragon-like form. It’s also interesting that we learn about some sea creatures, including the Starteeth and the Leviathan. It’s super-sweet that Zane’s creator, Dr. Julien, is revived and reunited with Zane. It’s interesting that the skeletons from the 2011 storyline are the ones responsible for some stuff that involved Dr. Julien. It’s great and cool that Dr. Julien was helping the Ninja and their allies with their journey in the Island of Darkness.

Now, for the character development. Lloyd is quite concerned about his family. He saw his mom for the first time after a long time of not seeing her (I blame her for putting Lloyd in that evil school he was in). Lloyd was struggling on how he can fight his own father because his father was evil. I get that this was how he understood the prophecy, but I felt kind of bad for Lloyd. Good thing that the prophecy actually meant that he had to fight the Overlord. It’s also a good thing that Lloyd cured his dad into a good guy again. As for Jay, he was quite upset that Nya was kidnapped by the Stone Army because he loves her. I felt bad for both Jay and Nya.:(


The season has 13 22-minute episodes.


Anyway, what’s your favorite part in the season, and what things remind you of the season? For me, I like the battle between Lloyd and the Overlord at the end, the Ninja having new abilities to kick some Stone Army butt in the Temple of Light, and Zane and Dr. Julien reuniting the most.:) The things that remind me are:

1. Takauva vs. Makuta from Bionicle 2001-2010

2. The Stone Monster Army from Nexo Knights

3. Ekimu’s Temple of Light from Bionicle 2015-2016

4. Luke Skywalker vs. Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.

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I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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