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  1. Sometime, he can be sarcastic. You may have a hard time trusting people like him when he kept on following me and make weird comments on whatever my post for several months. I mean, I don’t want him to make others think like him in a weird way. I’m sorry, but really. At least you reply a little better than him. I am always harassed by mean social media people in Facebook, Instagram, and others who talk like him, even worse. I always try to state my points, which can logically happen, but they bash for no apparent reason.
  2. Both of them fighting each other, like Icarax finding Teridax, so he would fight him. He would have first attack Teridax from behind to start a fight. It would be interesting if Icarax would try to control the Great Spirit Robot, but would have tot fight Teridax for it first.
  3. Hi, guys. It’s been 10 years since Season 1 happened. Ninjago may have been born in 2011, but it had pilot episodes in the year. 2012 was when the real Season 1 happened, and since then, the TV series flourished. I’m a proud Ninjago fan. That was when Ninjago was becoming like Bionicle gradually.
  4. You post too much on my stuff. You really need to stop. I’m trying to help BZPers celebrate, not letting you keeping saying this nonsense to me, please.
  5. Sailor Wah, you need to stop commenting on my posts and topics because they are hurtful. Other people in BZP reply better than you. Anyway, I did not like seeing Carapar or Matoro dying. I feel bad for the Toa Mahri for losing him. I was hoping for Toa Kaita from them. Plus, I would prefer either all Barraki get killed or just let all of them live.
  6. What it says here. Happy anniversary to Hero Factory’s 2012 story arc’s 10th anniversary. It’s called Breakout. I wrote about this here: Anyway, it is about heroes recapturing villains who escaped from their prison in the Hero Factory. Specially, the Alpha 1 Team, all nine Heroes, who got special upgrades that are made to adapt to the villains’ surroundings, go to get their enemies. One of the members named Daniel Rocka stays in the Hero Factory to uncover an evil plot. Meanwhile, a villain called the Black Phantom, who masterminded the breakout, came into the factory and controlled it. Rocka dodges everything that BP threw at him. When four of the team’s members were done capturing their enemies, they came to help. Rocka revealed that he is also a member of the Hero Recon Team, who were introduced in 2011. The five Heroes stopped Black Phantom from destroying the factory. However, Rocka and Nathaniel Zib discovered that BP caused the Breakout, so he can send the schematics for the Hero Factory to an unknown ally, so this other villain will use the plans to make a Villain Factory. During the recapturing mission, there are many villains still on the loose. Core Hunter, Bulk’s villain is nowhere to be seen (I still think he is alive somewhere after the Doom Box ordeal) and it is said that Voltix is still on the loose. There are also the 2010 and 2011 villains still on the loose (not counting Drax or Quatros animals because they were just mind-controlled slaves. In the Brain Attack story arc in 201:, most of the villains are recaptured, and the mission is still ongoing. Though we do not know who is the villain that got the schematics, someone used the schematics to send his creations, the Brains, to attack the Hero Factory. There is no signs of a Villain Factory. The story arc was told through two TV episodes in a special, which aired 10 years and 3 days ago, and the two chapter books called Secret Missions. The books were used to expand on things. Could have made them TV episodes instead because it is what Hero Factory was known for. The story arc is the best one there is because many stuff were done right, like the CCBS being utilized better than in 2011. It was nice to see the villains from 2010 and 2011 story arcs. However, Vapor, Core Hunter, XT4, or Thornraxx were sadly never seen in the episodes. Bulk’s, Breez’s, or Nex’s Breakout forms weren’t in the TV show at all. Also, there is an online game, which is Hero Factory’s own Bionicle: The Legend of Mata Nui in 2001, but not cancelled. It is a good game and it is the best one, but it doesn’t have XT4 or his own level. We got some hits and misses, and talk about some lazy work and low budget. The Villain Factory is still in my head. It was a way to make Hero Factory be more like Bionicle in terms of story, which was good, but hadn’t expanded on that. All we got are Brain Attack in 2013 and Invasion from Below in 2014. Pitiful. So, guys, what are your fond memories of the storyline, what do you like about it, what’s your favorite 2012 set, favorite character(s) in 2012, favorite moment in the storyline, and/or how would you celebrate it? For me, well, my favorite sets are Stormer, Furno, Rocka, Stringer, Bulk, Breez, Voltix, Black Phantom, Speeda Demon, XT4, and Core Hunter, and my favorite characters are Stormer, Furno, Rocka, Voltix, Speeda Demon, Black Phantom, and Core Hunter.
  7. He’s from Transformers. He’s a Decepticon who wants to betray Megatron. That’s how I compare Icarax to Starscream.
  8. Well, here’s what I would do: 1. Remove the fender lock in all types of Matoran. 2. Make Skakdi have full control on their elemental powers. 3. Make 5th and 6th Bionicle movies happen. 4. Remove the Olmak from Vezon. 5. Bring Alternate Teridax (the good guy) back to his universe, and bring Vultraz back to the prime reality. 6. Not destroy Vakama’s Disk Launcher. 7. Have Makuta Teridax be the “final boss” character in the 2008 story arc. 8. Not kill Carapar. 9. Undo the Golden-Skinned Fusion back to his component beings. 10. Not kill Matoro. 11. Have the Barraki and Piraka work together to fight the Toa Mahri in the 2007 story arc. 12. Have the Bohrok-Kal be six swarms rather than six members. 13. Change Tahu back into a Toa Nuva, and not destroy his extra Kanohi Nuva and Noble Kanohi. 14. Put the Elementals and Nobua from Bionicle: The Legend of Mata Nui (it’s a cancelled video game in 2001) in the canon. 15. There are two non-canon names, Papu and Rangi. I would say they are two Great Beings who destined Takua to become a Toa, and they are from the Agori Fire Tribe. 16. Have the Toa Metru, Toa Inika/Toa Mahri, and the Toa Hagah do Toa Kaita. The Toa Mata/Toa Nuva should do that more often, too (Akimai was never seen to be used). The same should go to Matoran, Turaga, Bohrok, Bohrok Va, and Rahkshi by having them form their Kaita. Have the Matoran and Turaga form their Nui fusions, too. 17. Have Icarax act more like Scarscream from Transformers. 18. Change Dekar-Hydraxon back into Dekar. 19. Have Metus recruit Melum, the Sand Tribe, and Iron Tribe into his army in the 2009 story arc. 20. Canonize the names for those five mutated Pit Prisoners that Lego did a Lego contest about.
  9. It’s nice that we are getting a set with a buildable Bionicle figure, even though that Tahu is tiny. Lol. Anyway, it is not Lego Ideas’ 90th anniversary project. I hope the project will be based on Bionicle rather than Castle because Bionicle has been absent for too long.
  10. I honest hope the he will come back or we need a replacement because the G1 story and Hero Factory’s story have to be finished. Well, good thing that I am working my story in Lego World Builder, so that should convince Lego to help us. No matter what it is, I hope we will still stay being fans, no matter how trashy do some people say to you.
  11. Hi, guys. This year is Bionicle’s 2007 story arc’s 15th anniversary. It takes place between the 2006 and 2008 story arcs. It is basically underwater-themed, and it takes place in an underwater city called Mahri Nui, which had Matoran from Voya Nui. The story arc is where the 2006 story arc left off, where the Mask of Life sunk into the ocean. The main villains of the 2007 story arc, the Barraki, who are mutated warlords who are based on various sea creatures and Mahri Nui’s own Piraka, wanted to get the mask to undo their mutations, so they can take over the Matoran Universe. The Toa Inika came to Mahri Nui to find the mask. It transformed them into underwater versions of themselves called the Toa Mahri. They are the main protagonists. They fought the Barraki, their armies, and many other monsters. They also fought clone of a jailer named Hydraxon, who is actually a Matoran named Dekar being accidentally turned into that guy by the mask, and Makuta Teridax, who possessed a Maxilos robot. After the Toa got the mask, they destroyed the Cord between Mahri Nui and Voya Nui, so Voya Nui sunk down, destroying Mahri Nui along the way. Matoro was destined to use the Mask of Life to save Mata Nui’s life. After Voya Nui sunk, Mata Nui died. Matoro did not give up, as he wanted to revive Mata Nui, so he followed Voya Nui to its rightful place. That led him to a place called Karda Nui, where the mask wanted to be used. During the time, Matoro’s fellow Toa were fighting the Barraki to buy Matoro time, but the Barraki are overwhelming the Toa. Matoro wore the mask, and he used to to save his friends by teleporting them back to Metru Nui and making them breathe air again. Matoro did not come back with them, so he had to sacrifice himself to use the mask to revive Mata Nui. When he did it, the Matoran Universe is saved. Matoro is honored. Meanwhile, there had been some stuff happening. Lesovikk fogught Karzahni to save his friends. Makuta wanted to get the Nui Stone, but could not do it. Hydraxon captured all of the Barraki and Nocturn ans put them back to their prison, which was the Pit. The Toa Nuva were preparing for Mata Nui’s reawakening. When the Toa Nuva were done, they got special armor from Artakha and then got to Karda Nui to start their battle against the Brotherhood of Makuta, setting up the events of the 2008 story arc. In 2007, we got some interesting set canisters, guns, and 6 Titan sets. It was the last year to have play sets. It was kind of used to celebrate the 2002’s 5th anniversary when it featured the Bohrok. It was revealed that the Barraki inspired Makuta to make his plan to take over the Matoran Universe long ago. It is where we first met Makuta Icarax and we learned about the Red Star having people in there. It is also where online story serials first happened. We got three in the summer of 2007. It was where the Bionicle website drastically changed, as it introduced the Archived section, which contained the 2001-2006 online content. The Piraka, Axonn, and Brutaka showed up in the 2007 story arc a little. The Piraka were mutated into sea snakes. Axonn came to help the Toa Mahri a little. Brutaka got slightly mutated teamed up with the Barraki at first, but they betrayed him right away. He then reformed when he was fighting Makuta to protect Matoro. There is also a guidebook about some parts of the Matoran Universe, as it was narrated by four members of the Order of Mata Nui. In 2012, when Hero Factory’s 2012 story arc called Breakout happened, it has some elements similar to the 2007 story arc, basically the fact that villains break out and there is an underwater between a robotic hero and an escaped shark-like villain with two blades. Ninjago also seemed to have copied Bionicle’s 2007 story arc when it comes to breakouts and that underwater story arc in 2021. In the 2006 story arc’s Bionicle Legends chapter book called Inferno, the Mask fell into the ocean, a Matoran from Mahri Nui died after warning the Toa Mahri about his city being in danger, and Axonn leading the Toa into the Cord to get the mask. In Bionicle Heroes in 2006, there is a whirlpool near Voya Nui. In Voya Nui Online Game in 2006, the Mask of Life sunk into the ocean. All of those foreshadowed the 2007 story arc. I wrote this before: 10th anniversary. I experienced the 2007 story arc. It was good, but I wish Matoro could have lived, Dekar-Hydraxon could have changed back, and there could have been a 3-Titan-combiner set (like Kardas in 2006. I would imagine a giant Rahi monster with Gadunka’s head if that set had happened). They were sad. It is also sad that there was no console video game in 2007, not enough a sequel from Bionicle Heroes (if that happened, I would have loved to play as the Toa Mahri and fight the Barraki and their armies with Toa Nuva and Toa Hordika weapons). You think Gamora’s, Black Widow’s, and Iron Man’s deaths in Avengers: Infinity War in 2018 and Avengers: Endgame in 2019 were sad when it comes to sacrificing one to get the Soul Stone and sacrificing oneself to save the universe? Well, this is another. I also wish the fights between the Toa Mahri and Barraki could have been better. I also wish Lesovikk and his two Matoran friends could have helped the Toa with their fights. It would have been cool if the Piraka and Barraki had decided to join forces to fight the Toa Mahri. The 2007 story arc was notoriously known for the lime green joints, which can break easily. That is very annoying. Also, we got a few combo models. Two for all six Barraki, and one for two of the Barraki and two of the Toa Mahri. Wished there could have been more. I also wish there was a set for Brutaka’s mutated form, maybe also the Piraka’s mutated forms. So, guys, what are your fond memories of the storyline, what do you like about it, what’s your favorite 2007 set, favorite character(s) in 2007, favorite moment in the storyline, and/or how would you celebrate it? For me, well, my favorite sets are Kalmah, Ehlek, Nocturn, Jaller, Hahli, Kongu, Gadunka, Hydraxon, Maxilos and Spinax, and Karzahni, and my favorite characters are Jaller, Hahli, Matoro, Kalmah, Takadox, Pridak, Makuta, and Hydraxon.
  12. The Golden Kanohi turned into the Toa’s primary Kanohi Nuva when they defeated the Bahrag. The non-golden normal Great Kanohi were teleported to Artakha in exchange for the Golden Kanohi.
  13. What if some of you guys are casual fans who never look at BioSector01. I’m trying to help them and to show that I know a lot about Bionicle just in case there are this kind of people. We don’t know everyone how much knowledge do they have. That’s something a true fan would say. I understand what you are saying. It’s just that I’m trying to help you guys understand my point. Sometimes, some of you joke around without knowing what something is. We can make theory, but let’s be mature in this Lorentz has no idea what he’s talking about. Some people from a Facebook group that I’m in believe you guys are saying genuine stuff, but that’s not true all of the time for some of you. No offense. True, we have opinions, but we have to use them wisely rather than crushing or disheartening people’s ideas and theories. Some people like Lorentz should not have done that to me. Anyway, seriously, please let’s talk about the Rahkshi, guys.
  14. Alright, y’all. If you remember reading the chapter about the Red Star heroes finding the Masks of Control and Mask of Ultimate Power, I want to say that that I split the chapter into two chapters. One for the Mask of Control, and one for the Mask of Ultimate Power. That’s because that chapter is lengthy. So, my story has 18 chapters. Read the summaries below. Prologue: The reminder of the events in Bionicle 2001-2010 and Hero Factory. The main antagonist of the story is the Great Being who pretended to be Nynrah. I name this guy Nynrah. Chapter 1: Tahu and his friends fight against the Baterra. Chapter 2: Kopaka and Pohatu discover revived people in the Red Star. They fight evil revived people and the Kestora. They accidentally crash-land the ship near G1’s Okoto, which is in Aqua Magna and near Bara Magna. Ekimu comes to see them. Chapter 3: Lewa saves himself from the Jungle Agori. He then saves Gelu and his Toa group from Bota Magna’s Sand Tribe members. They also save everyone in that cursed Great Being that I named Destral’s fortress from Nynrah’s explosive. Destral gets away, but the heroes and Miserix stop them. Then, the Earth Tribe appears. Chapter 4: A secret agent of Nynrah named Zakaz uses the plans for the entire Hero Factory that Black Phantom stole in Hero Factroy’s 2012 story arc to make an evil version called the Anti-Hero Factory. The Anti-Heroes attack many places. The Alpha 1 Team, who are done defeating a Jumper in their Drop Ship and have Jimi Stringer and Julius Nex with them again this time, fight against their evil counterparts. Core Hunter and Von Nebula are revealed to be alive. Chapter 5: The Shadowed One gathers many villains and has some of them attack Tahu’s village. Chapter 6: The Red Star people learn about G1’s Okoto from Ekimu. Ekimu also had visions about the events of Bionicle 2001-2010 and Hero Factroy, as well as the Red Star crash-landing near the island and a big new battle in Spherus Magna will happen. That’s foreshadowing. The chapter is actually a reenactment of Bionicle’s 2015 story arc, where the heroes fight against the Skull Creatures, but in a different and faster way (the 2015 online animations were kind of slow in the beginning and middle. I also lengthened the fight with Skull Basher. I also included G1 variants of the Skull Raiders). In my story, G1’s Skull Creatures are sent by Nynrah’s secret agent named Odina to fight the heroes. Chapter 7: Lewa’s group fight against the Earth Tribe. Chapter 8: The Anti-Heroes are attacking Makuhero City. Along the way, they, with the help of some Bota Magna Vorox and Skrall, cause the second Breakout in the Hero Factory’s Villain Storage, as they free many villains, including Von Nebula’s gang, the Fire Villains, Witch Doctor, the Legion of Darkness, and the Brains. Zakaz wants them to come to the Anti-Hero Factory in Black Phantom’s home planet. Chapter 9: Lesovikk is trying to clear his name when he noticed the murder of Karzahni. He teams up with Surel, and then they fight the Elemental Lord of Sand. However, Nynrah recruits the Element Lords. Chapter 10: G1’s Umarak the Hunter, sent by Odina, is after the Elemental Creatures and then the Mask of Control. The heroes find and save the creatures from Umarak. They try to get the mask from the Labyrinth of Control, which is on the southeast of Okoto, but Umarak gets the mask and then uses it to become the Destroyer (this is basically a reenactment of Bionicle: The Journey to One’s first two episodes, but a little different and a little faster pace. I originally wanted that chapter to be a reenactment of all four episodes of the Netflix show, but it’s lengthy, so this chapter is divided in half). Chapter 11: Nynrah and many of his secret agents find the Great Beings in Bota Magna, who are hiding and created new Matoran species people with opposite genders (for examples, female Ta-Matoran and male Toa of Water), more Av-Matoran, more Toa of Light, and Turaga of Light, for fun. The bad guys harass these people. Lewa’s group and many other heroes saved the people form the bad guys. Everyone comes back to Bara Magna. Chapter 12: Umarak the Destroyer created Elemental Beasts (six types this time rather than three) to distract the heroes and their Allie’s in Okoto, so he can find the Mask of Ultiamte Power, which is contained in Okoto’s Capital City. When the heroes discover this trick, they head to the city (this is a reenactment of The Journey to One’s final two episodes. However, I do not include Makuta because G1 has Makuta Teridax, who died in Bionicle’s 2010 story arc.). They fight Umarak and his minions there. Umarak finds and wears the Mask of Ultimate Power to get stronger (the mask also has the same elemental powers as all kinds of Toa rather than just six. Please, Shadow, and many other powers). The heroes ultimately defeat Umarak and secure both the Masks of Control and Ultimate Power. The Red Star and Okoto heroes go to Bara Magna. On their way, they notice three Great Beings. These guys let Makuro’s two Great Being friends, Stelt and Xia, know through their special communication devices about the restoration of Spherus Magna, as they learn this from Kopaka and Pohatu, so Makuro and his friends can come home in Spherus Magna. The three Great Beings come with Kopaka’s group to Tahu’s village. Chapter 13: Makuro and his friends learn about Spherus Magna’s restoration, so they get read to go home. Meanwhile, the Alpha 1 Team fights against the Anti-Hero and learns about the shocking truth about Zakaz being responsible for the events of Hero Factory’s story arcs and Makuro being made in Spherus Magna. The villains head to Spherus Magna. When the Alpha 1 Team comes back to Makuhero City, the city is in ruins. Makuro and his friend take the team to Spherus Magna to go after the villains. Chapter 14: Tahu and his allies fight against Marendar and many more Baterra. They get help from their friends. It is an intense battle. Chapter 15: Mata Nui reawakens to see the Great Beings. Their allies tell Mata Nui what he missed and about Nynrah and his associates’ evil intentions. Mata Nui help people out with their things and then has everyone get ready for a war against Nynrah. Miserix, Tuyet, and Vezon, who Mata Nui used the Mask of Life to remove the Olmak from, are not interested in helping the heroes, so they go on their own to think about getting something good out of Spherus Magna. Chapter 16: The Alpha 1 Team and their allies come to Spherus Magna. In there, the team fight against the Toa Nuva, Takanuva, Gresh, and Jaller because they are confused about each other being enemies (that’s inspired by Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Captain America: Civil War in 2016). However, their allies stop them and clarify with them about what’s really going on. Both groups form the Fellowship of Mechanical Heroes because they have Nynrah as their common enemy. Chapter 17: Nynrah gathers more villains to get ready for war. He wants to take over Spherus Magna and then the outer space universe. Chapter 18: Nynrah has many villains cause a breakout in Spherus Magna’s new Pit to get the rest of the villains for his army. The Spherus Magnan and HF heroes are trying to stop them, but they are tough. When the villains get away, the heroes feel sad, but they press on. Nynrah has all of the villains form the Empire of Mechanical Villains. I did a lot of edits. Put a lot of nostalgia. For future chapters, I can think about going up to 26 chapters, like a TV show with 22-minute episodes. Here’s what I plan the other chapters to have. These chapter will show all of the good guys fighting against the bad guys. It will be lengthy, but I am brainstorming. It would be very epic. Plus, there will be usages of Kaita and flashbacks for nostalgia.
  15. Guys, let’s please talk about the Rahkshi types. Seriously. That’s all I can ask. Let’s not get picky with how we talk things. We are just talking about the similarities between Rahkshi for how they are designed in both story and sets.
  16. Two things: 1. You’re going off topic. I could say the same to Master Inika, but he is better than you. 2. There are many new people who come to this website after 2010, 2014, or 2016, when Bionicle and Hero Factory ended. These guys may not have heard of these things. You don’t know how many of us do not know what is Bionicle or Hero Factory, so that’s why I say this. I’m a veteran fan of the themes who has been through the whole history of the themes, so I know how to teach people about the themes.
  17. Chapter 18: Preparing for War At nighttime, Nynrah and his forces find the new Pit, as they are guided by Atakus and Perditus. The Shadowed One wants to test Vezon’s worthiness of being a Dark Hunter by having do something productive in Nynrah’s mission in rescuing the prisoners in the new Pit. He gives Vezon a new Protosteel spear that looks sort of like the Spear of Fusion and a Protosteel shield that looks like the bladed part of Axonn’s axe to get him ready for the mission. Nynrah sends some villains, including a Dark Hunter named Silence, Vezon, and Core Hunter, which Black Phantom leading the group, to do stealth in order to get to the new Pit and free everything from there. Vezon comments that he is doing some undercover work again because he remembers doing that with Trinuma. He and his new comrades sneak attack some guards, knocking them unconscious, along the way, so they can get inside the new Pit. They see the prisoners. They find a switch that opens the prison cells. They activate the switch, opening the prison cells, freeing the prisoners. The prisoners are happy to free! Every guard is alarmed! They call some heroes for help! The heroes arrive, and they and the guards are trying to stop the villains, both the liberators and the prisoners, from escaping. The heroes are trying to stop the villains, but the villains attack them and push them out of the way. Tahu and Stormer try to catch Nektann. Breez, Toa Nokama, Gaaki, and Gali try to get Roodaka. Pohatu, Hewkii, Toa Onewa, Onua, Nuparu, Toa Whenua, and Bulk try to get five prisoners of the original Pit, Drewdika, Tinnurron, Xyron, Zakron, and Zarnak. Kopaka, Furno, Rocka, and Takanuva take on Kulta. Onepu, Midak, and the Ussalry take on the Skull Spiders and their Lord. Ackar, Vastus, Tarix, Toa Nuju, Chiara, Nex, Evo, Gelu, Lewa, and Toa Matau take on some Skull Creatures. The Toa Mahri, Surel, Toa Lhikan, Toa Dume, and Toa Jovan fight some Skrall and Skakdi. Axonn and Brutaka take on Umarak. Hydraxon takes on Guardian and Nocturn. Zaria, Varian, Orde, and the Toa Hagah take on some Dark Hunters. Lewa, Trinuma, and many other Order of Mata Nui members take on Marendar and some Dark Hunters. Many Toa and Glatorian take on the Kestora and some Dark Hunters. Some good Matoran, including Mavrah and Ihu, and Agori, including Berix and Tarduk are trying to stop evil ones, including Ahkmou. Mazeka takes on Vultraz. More fights happen. Every villain push their heroic foes away. Gresh and Kiina take on Silence. However, Silence knocks Kiina on the ground, and then tries to do a blow at her, but Gresh uses his air powers to blow Silence away, saving Kiina. Mata Nui takes on Black Phantom. Black Phantom sees that Mata Nui has Click, who is a bug, as a weapon, as he says to his new Arachnix Drone, “Well, looks like we got some competition”. Both warriors fight, and they are evenly matched, as they clash their bladed weapons, shoot their blasters to make explosions, ans Mata Nui using the Scarab Shield to deflect blows from Black Phantom. It is tougher than fighting Tuma long ago. Then, a Vorox uses a Thornax Launcher to hit Mata Nui. Black Phantom gets the upper hand by trying to use his mace of smash Mata Nui, but Jaller has his Hahnah Crab use his Cordak Blaster to hit and repel Black Phantom, saving Mata Nui. Black Phantom runs away, with Mata Nui calling him a coward. Surge and Stringer take on Core Hunter, but he gets the upper hand and tries to use the Hero Core Remover Tool to take Surge’s Hero Core. However, Lewa comes in and uses a gust of wind to attack and repel Core Hunter, saving Surge. Core Hunter mocks them for caring, making Surge feel bad, as he runs away. During the fight, Lagma’s and Firace’s Toa groups join the fight. Lagma’s group are United with their Elemental Creatures. They fight some villains. However, when they see the Toa Nuva getting overwhelmed by many villains, Lagma’s group decides to throw the Golden Masks of Unity to the Toa Nuva to help them save themselves. The group and Kopaka and Pohatu urge the Toa Nuva to wear the masks. When all six Toa Nuva do, they combine with the Elemental Creatures, much to their amazement! They feel stronger, and can read the Creatures’ minds! Tahu combines with Ikir, Gali with Akida, Kopaka with Melum, Onua with Terak, Pohatu with Ketar, and Lewa with Uxar. The first five Toa’s elemental powers are increased! Lewa is not used to using Uxar’s jungle powers, but he is getting the hang of it. The Toa use the creatures’ powers to fight and defeat the villains that were overwhelming them. They fight and defeat more villains. The villains are surprised! They run away, regardless. Sadly, all of the villains in the new Pit in general escape. Some of them, including Vezon, find the stasis pod facility and a storage for weapons. These villains collect the weapons. Vezon sees Kardas’ stasis pod. He and his comrades free every imprisoned, dangerous, and hostile Rahi from there, including Kardas! Kardas roars. He and Vezon are happy to see each other again. Vezon rides on Kardas again and then Kardas is flying. They are heading to Vezon’s comrades’ direction while he is laughing maniacally. During that, some of the heroes are restraining the other escaping Rahi. They are surprised to see the villains in general getting away! All of the heroes sadly see the villains escaping, despite putting the dangerous Rahi back in stasis. Surge feels bad about what Core Hunter said, but Stringer, Lewa, and Pohatu cheer him up. Mata Nui has a bad feeling about the escaping because it could mean making the war worse, and his allies agree. Meanwhile, after the Anti-Heroes are upgraded, Zakaz uses the Black Hole staff to summon some Bota Magna Vorox and Skrall to help them. He also comes with them. The villains use the Anti-Hero Drop Ships to get from Cereblak to Makuhero City again. They fight the Heroes in the city again, but this time, they use their combined might to destroy some of the Heroes! The Anti-Heroes also are destroying more of the city! They and their Spherus Magnan allies, which Zakaz leading them all, find the Hero Factory’s emergency prison and then free every villain from there, both the Anti-Heroes and others, including Monshark, Scorpigun, and Shock Smash. Zakaz tells these villains that Zakaz and Nynrah want them. All of the villains leave the prison, and they hurt many Hero Factory employees, including Quadal, along the way! Zib is shocked to see this and then goes to Quadal to see if he is okay. He is badly damaged, and then shuts down. Zib feels great sadness. The rest of the Heroes, including some members of the Hero Recon Team, including Fortis, the Delta 9 Team, Commando, Arsenal, Bravery, and Thresher, survive the attack, and they notice the villains, both the invaders and prisoners, are heading to the Drop Ships! The Heroes try to stop the villains, but Anti-Heroes that look like the Heroes stop them. This gives the other villains time to get tot the ships. When they go inside, Zakaz uses the Black Hole staff to open a large portal, and when the ships start flying, most of them, including ones that contain Zakaz, Monshark, Scorpigun, and Shock Smash, fly toward there while the others, including all escaped Anti-Heroes, are heading back to the Anti-Hero Factory! They are laughing evilly along the way. The Heroes could not stop them. It was too late. Daniela Capricorn and Mak Megahertz saw everything on live, and they show their sadness in their media. Zib reports to Makuro and Alpha 1 Team about what happened in their home city. The heroes and Makuro are shocked! They become very sad. This is becoming worse for them. Their Spherus Magnan friends, including the Toa Nuva, Takanuva, Gresh, and Mata Nui, feel bad for them. Stormer, Furno, and Rocka get so angry that they want to avenge their city and fallen comrades. The other Alpha 1 Team members and their Spherus Magnan friends cheer them up. Everyone knows that they have to stop Nynrah and his army once and for all. Makuro tells Zib to bring most of the surviving Heroes from the Makuhero City to Spherus Magna while the rest have to find the other villains in the Anti-Hero Factory. Luckily, the heroes have Brutaka use the Olmak to transport the first group of heroes, including members of the Hero Recon Team, including Fortis, the Delta 9 Team, Commando, Arsenal, Bravery, and Thresher, to their location in Spherus Magna while the other Hero Factory Heroes use their Drop Ships to go find their villains in the Anti-Hero Factory, with the help of the Heroes who have been there when the Factory was destroyed, so they can guide their comrades there. When the Hero Factory Heroes have arrived in Spherus Magna, the Spherus Magnan heroes are amazed to see them! The Alpha 1 Team, Makuro, Stelt, and Xia smile. They introduce heroes from the Hero Factory and Spherus Magna to each other, as many shake hands. The Spherus Magnan heroes are happy that they are getting more help. The heroes from both Spherus Magna and the Hero Factory in general are getting ready for war. They use various materials and equipment. The Heroes of the Hero Factory bring their Quatros and Planet Makuhero animal allies to Spherus Magna. They also bring the Jumper, which Breez plans to use for the battle. Nynrah’s minions bring their fellow villains from the new Pit to their headquarters. Zakaz’s batch of minions and their fellow villains from the Hero Factory’s emergency prison come out of a Black Hole Staff portal and land their Drop Ships near the headquarters. After they land, they go to the headquarters. All of these villains meet Nynrah and others. Nynrah is happy that he gets more recruits, as he smilies evilly and laughs evilly a little. He recruits the former prisoners into his army. He has the Shadowed One have Roodaka be the One’s servant again since the Brotherhood of Makuta. Roodaka gets a Rhotuka Launcher, so she can use her Rhutoka power again. The One also has her be the queen of the Visorak Horde again, as the One and Roodaka collect all seven types of Visorak, and their allies, the Colony Drones, Gate Guardians, and Venom Flyers. They also recruit the Ice Vermin, Chute Lurkers, and Parakrekks to be the Horde’s allies because they have great potential. The One, Roodaka, and Nynrah also recruit Protocairns, Frostelus, and Zyglak into their army because they have great potential, and they have a thing against good people of the Matoran Universe. The Parakrekks join because Protocairns always destroy things, and the Parakrekks eat the wreckage. Of course, one of the Visorak types, the Kahgarak, can summon the Zivon from the Field of Shadows when time needs that monster because the Zivon loves to eat the Visorak. Roodaka also commands the Kanohi Dragon. The One is impressed that Vezon brought the Kardas Dragon with him, so he has Vezon be an official member of the Dark Hunters this time. Vezon says hi to Roodaka because he last saw her before Trinuma sent him on his mission long ago. When Vezon hears about how Repgole was made, he is impressed and jokingly comments that the Piraka are happy to be with more people. He remembers the Spear of Fusion and using it to combine Vezok and Rediak into a monster. Vezon sees Repgole as something more dangerous than the other fusion because he is made of nine people rather than two. Makuta Miserix’s armor is modified by the Nynrah Ghost with a fixed arm, so the armor can accommodate his gaseous form. Nynrah has Miserix recruit Rahkshi, Kraata, and the Caravan Crawler. The Crawler is hard to control, but Miserix uses his Rahi Control power to control the creature. Since the Kraata and Rahkshi are wild when they have no Makuta master to obey, Miserix becomes their new and only master. Kraata-Kal is good friends with Miserix, so he has Kraata-Kal as his lieutenant. Since the Brotherhood of Makuta is no more, Miserix is fine being one of Nynrah’s lieutenants. The Iron Tribe and Sand Tribe members from Bara Magna and Bota Magna are reunited. Nynrah and the Shadowed One reassemble the Iron Tribe, and have Sahmad as his tribe’s new leader while Repgole still has Sahmad as his lieutenant. The Element Lords of Rock and Sand become the Rock and Sand Tribes’ leaders again. The Element Lord of Sand and the Bota Magna Sand Tribe members are surprised and sad to see their Bara Magna brethren being animalistic. The Element Lord of Fire has Malum and Perditus as his lieutenants while the Element Lord of Ice has Strakk and Metus as his lieutenants. Zakaz has all non-upgraded Anti-Heroes in general get upgraded at the Anti-Hero Factory while Zakaz summons most of the Galactic Conspiracy to Spherus Magna for back up, as these villains are armed with weapons. The other villains in the Anti-Hero Factory serve as guards, and Zakaz uses the staff to put a small number of evil Spherus Magnan soldiers to help these villains, and the Spherus Magnan soldiers bring some materials from their planet to the Anti-Hero Factory’s villains for Nynrah’s mech. Heroes who are chasing their villains to the Anti-Hero Factory find the villains over there, but the villains in there in general destroy them. Zakaz is happy that this is taken care of. He brings most of the Anti-Heroes to Spherus Magna while the other villains in the Anti-Hero Factory continue building the mech. The villains find and use many resources and equipment, like Xian weapons, to get ready for the war. The Shadowed One uses a pool of Energized Protodermis to make some things. He even talks to the entity from the substance about what should be made, and the entity loves his ideas. The Brotherhood of Makuta is no more, so the entity is interested in the One’s intentions and is willing to help him with them. The villains find and use Elemental Crystals to make weapons with elemental powers. Other weapons use metallic Protodermis, like Protosteel, and Exsidian. Nynrah unleashes all of the remaining Baterra, which are hundreds, and he and his comrades control them to make them attack the army’s enemies. Nynrah and his comrades introduce themselves and their comrades to each other because some of them did not know each other. Nynrah is satisfied that he has collected all villains to be in his army, which has gotten extremely huge. Odina is worried about the heroes in general since more Hero Factory Heroes arrive on Spherus Magna, but Nynrah and Zakaz tell him not to worry because their army is big enough to handle that many heroes. Odina is a shy person while Zakaz is a cheerful one. Nynrah is the leader of his newly-grown army, and he has Odina, Zakaz, all seven Element Lords, Miserix, the Shadowed One, Repgole, Nektann, Marendar, Kulta, Umarak, and Tuyet as his lieutenants. The Barraki still serve the Shadowed One, and have five former prisoners of the original Pit, Drewdika, Tinnurron, Xyron, Zakron, and Zarnak, as their lieutenants. Ehlek and Nocturn are happy to see each other, and Ehlek has him as one of his lieutenants again. Tuyet has Turaga Robkel, Ahkmou, Vultraz, and the leaders of the Matoran Civil War as her lieutenants, and leads many Matoran, including evil Nynrah Ghosts. Zakaz has Von Nebula, the Fire Lord, the Witch Doctor, the Black Phantom, the Black Maker, and Cletus Oappoas as his lieutenants while they lead all of the Hero Factory’s evil enemies. Nynrah makes a speech on his podium to his fellow villains about the reason why all of them are here, the Great Beings, the history of Spherus Magna, the Core War, what he has been doing since the Core War, the villains’ defeats in the hands of their heroic enemies, and his grand plan to rule Spherus Magna and then the universe. He calls his new group the Empire of Mechanical Villains, and he says that it is time for revenge! All of the villains cheer! Nynrah smiles and laughs evilly. Nynrah is very proud of himself so far. He is very confident that he and his army will defeat the heroes once and for all. The battle has began. To be continued in Chapter 19.
  18. Hi, guys. As you guys know, we have canonization contests happening since 2020. In 2020, we got Helryx and then Artakha. In 2021, we have the other four Toa Hagah. We still have contests for Zaria, Chiara, Orde, Toa Nidhiki, Tuyet, Lariska, the Golden-Skinned Being, and Marendar. In this month, it seems that we will start with either Tuyet or Zaria, Chiara, and Orde because Greg Farshtey said in TTV Messageboards that Tuyet has the Barded Broadsword and the Gelu’s Toa partners have certain weapons. Zaria has a staff, Chiara has a spear, and Orde has a mace. We know that Chiara has a Mask of Stealth, but we don’t know the other two Toa’s masks. Now, I am concerned about the contests because of how often they happen. 2021 was slower than 2020. Better speed things up. Besides, I got these extra things people should also try: Oh, and is using that computer program called Stud.io, where you can make 3D graphic Bionicle MOCs, allows for the contests? My friends asked me.
  19. Well, if the canon says that there are 42 types of Rahkshi, then so be it if something needs to be complete. Besides, we have the other 36 types’ Kraata, but no 2003-style Rahkshi figures for them.
  20. How about two big special edition boxes to contain all 36 2003-style other Rahkshi (18 types in each box), like a Lego Star Wars Battle Pack? One for 2003 and one for 2004. I would imagine each of the two boxes to be as big and has much pieces as the Skopio XV-1 set in 2009. Each 2003-style Rahkshi is 45 pieces, right? If that happened, then it would go like this: 1. Turahk - a canister set in 2003 with 45 pieces. 2. Guurahk - a canister set in 2003 with 45 pieces. 3. Lerahk - a canister set in 2003 with 45 pieces. 4. Kurahk - a canister set in 2003 with 45 pieces. 5. Panrahk - a canister set in 2003 with 45 pieces. 6. Vorahk - a canister set in 2003 with 45 pieces. 7. Special box 1 in 2003 - contains 810 pieces to build types 7-24. 8. Special box 1 in early 2004 - contains 810 pieces to build types 25-42.
  21. I don’t know why you brought up Plasma, but the colors that you mentioned are sure to be true colors, even if there is no set or media depicting a Toa of Plasma.
  22. Hi, guys. I read this link, in the Incomplete Stories section: https://biosector01.com/wiki/Fan_Community#Fan-made_Storyline_Additions These stories are supposed to expand the Bionicle G1 story. It is sad to see these stories unfinished or not canonized. There are have been some stuff that aren’t canonized, like the whole Toa Mangai (the masks and tools). I get that you shouldn’t put too many things in the story, but still. When will this stuff be canonized? I don’t know. Greg Farshtey seems to be so busy in stuff. I wish these stories will be canon someday. Well, I found a dude who is working on this story. It’s called Bionicle: Hiatus. It’s about Lesovikk’s journey to find his lost friends. Even though there are these stories for the story contests in BZPower, this one, this one, and this one, the first one is good, too. Speaking of making one’s own stories, here are my side plans for Lego World Builder: The Toa Mata collecting their extra Kanohi and defeating the Elementals to get the Makoki Stones, Toa Mata and Matoran fighting the Bohrok (including the Bohrok’s Kaita), Toa Nuva finding the Great Kanohi, and Toa Inika journeying into the Cord. Untold tales of the Matoran Universe: The Toa Mata fighting Mana Ko, Tahu Nuva’s fusion fighting Tahnok-Kal’s fusion, Toa Nuva’s fight with the Dark Hunters. The Toa Metru forming their fusions to fight some enemies (They would have flashback about Ihu and Mavrah), Toa Inika forming their Toa Kaita, Toa Mahri forming their Toa Kaita, Lhikan and his team, Jovan and his team, The Order of Mata Nui, Hydraxon’s hunt for the Barraki, Dark Hunters’ war with the Brotherhood (It would involve Karzahni), The Brotherhood of Makuta - Spiriah, Roodaka, Artakha vs. Karzahni, and Nektann. Untold tales of the Glatorian: Glatorian and a vehicle fight. These stories are inspired by BZPower’s stories in their contests because I find these stories very interesting. Also these. Of course, we do have character canonization contests that gave some people, like Helryx and Artakha, their looks, these stories are too good to ignore. I would suggest people who wrote these stories to be place in Lego World Builder just in case. If you could write a story, what would it be?
  23. Hi, guys. Last year, Lego Ideas did a two-part vote for Lego’s 90th anniversary project. Lego Ideas asked fans which of over 20 themes in the first vote do they want the project to be based on. Bionicle was one of the choices. After the first vote ended, the second vote happened, and it got Bionicle, Castle, Pirates, and Space as the choices. Lego Ideas asked fans which one of them do they want the project to be based on. After the second vote ended, we have to wait for the winning choice in this year. We did not know the date, but I have found this. It says that the date is August 10, 2022. August 10 was where Lego was formed in 1932 and is where Bionicle fan celebrate Bionicle Day. During the vote, it seems that most people voted for Bionicle, and Christian Faber greatly support that. However, there are some people who said rude anti-Bionicle stuff like “Anything but Bionicle”. Some of these Bionicle haters say that “Bionicle isn’t Lego”. Bionicle fans and Faber are disgusted by these awful comments, so we told them to knock it off, and we showed them proof that Bionicle (and Hero Factory) has some Lego system parts, so we are able to debunk the haters’ comments. So, which of the four themes do you think will win this year? For me, it’s Bionicle because: 1. It needs to come back. Every fan begs for it. 2. It‘s also the one that saved Lego from bankruptcy in 2001. 3. It’s one of the most popular and successful themes in history. 4. It got the most votes in the first vote, so I believe the same should go to the second vote. 5. The other themes have too much variations (Pirates is used a lot. Space has a lot of variations, like Mars Mission and Galaxy Conquest. Castle has a lot of variations, like Knights Kingdom and Nexo Knights). BZPower is a place for Bionicle fans, so I hope you guys understand that.
  24. Oh, I thought you meant chicken being cooked as food. Lol. Sorry about that. Anyway, I had a fan theory where the Bahrag can create Bohrok, which is like chickens laying their eggs, lol, but it is actually Av-Matoran who become Bohrok.
  25. Hi, guys. As you know, in the 2001, 2002, and early 2003, we see the Toa Mata/Toa Nuva collect Kanohi, Makoki Stones, Krana, and Kanohi Nuva. They never bothered collecting Krana-Kal or even Kraata. Anyway, here’s what we know about the Toa’s search for the Kanohi before they got the Golden Kanohi: 1. Tahu has the Hau. He got his Akaku after defeating the Kofo-Jaga. Tahu worked with five other Toa to get his Miru. They also got Tahu’s Kakama. Tahu’s last mask is a Kaukau, which is the last Great Kanohi to get in general. What is missing is the Pakari and the Noble Kanohi. 2. Kopaka has his Akaku. He and Pohatu get Kopaka’s first mask, the Hau, which is the first Great Kanohi to be collected in general. He got his Pakari. He got at least the Huna and Matau’s mask before saving Matoro from a Muaka. Kopaka has his Kaukau when he worked with Onua and Gali to get Tahu’s. Kopaka, Pohatu, and Lewa had an argument about getting a Kanohi from a trench. What about the rest of his Noble and Great Kanohi? 3. Gali wears the Kaukau. She got her Miru when she was with Lewa. What about her Noble Kanohi and and the rest of her Great Kanohi? 4. Lewa wears a Miru. He got his Kakama. He at least got his Komau before wearing an Infected Kanohi. What about the rest of his Noble and Great Kanohi? 5. Pohatu wears a Kakama. He got a Kanohi from a Nui-Rama when he and his friends defeated a swarm of Nui-Rama. His Kaukau was collected by Lewa. What about his Noble Kanohi and the rest of his Great Kanohi? 6. Onua wears a Pakari. He got at least a Hau and Nuju’s mask when he fought Lewa, who wore the infected mask. Onua has his own Kaukau when he, Kopaka, and Gali worked to get Tahu’s. What about the rest of his Noble and Great Kanohi? Also, where did they get the Makoki Stones? Well, in that cancelled video game called Bionicle; The Legend of Mata Nui, they had to fight monsters called Elementals to get the stones. However, the game is cancelled, so this is non-canon. If that part is canon, like the Fikou-Nui, well, I would say Makuta Teridax used that island-controlling machine in that comic to create these monsters to steal the stones. I also wonder if the Toa Mata had borrowed the Turaga of Mata Nui’s Noble masks during their quest? If that’s the case, I wonder if the Turaga had worn powerless replacement masks until the Toa had finished their quest to fight the infected Rahi? Now, for the Krana, well, we don’t have to be specific because the Toa had to take Krana from the Bohrok, like Thanos removing the Mind Stone from Vision in Avengers: Infinity War in 2018. Some of the Toa worked together to remove Krana from a swarm of Bohrok, like fishing boats. Now, for the Kanohi Nuva, it is like collecting the Great Kanohi. Here’s what we know: 1. Tahu Nuva has a Hau Nuva. He went to Le-Wahi to get two Kanohi Nuva, with the help of Lewa. Tahu worked with Gali and Kopaka to get three more masks before they were trapped. Tahu got a Kakama Nuva and Pakari Nuva, which are possibly the ones from the Le-Wahi, when he was fighting the Rahi Nui. I don’t know about his Kaukau Nuva, Akaku Nuva, or Miru Nuva before the fight with the Rahi Nui, right? 2. Kopaka Nuva has a Akaku Nuva. I don’t know about how did he get his extra masks. Kopaka got a Kakama Nuva and a Pakari Nuva, which are probably two of the three ones that he worked with Tahu and Gali in collecting before being trapped, when he fought the Rahi Nui. I don’t know about his Hau Nuva, Kaukau Nuva, or Miru Nuva before the fight with the Rahi Nui, right? 3. Gali Nuva has a Kaukau Nuva. She got a Kakama Nuva from a tunnel. She also got a Pakari Nuva, which is probably the third one of the three masks that she worked with Tahu and Kopaka in collecting before being trapped, when she fought the Rahi Nui. I don’t know about her Hau Nuva, Miru Nuva, or Akaku Nuva before the fight with the Rahi Nui, right? 4. Lewa Nuva has a Miru Nuva. He found a Kanohi Nuva after his fight and Le-Matoran’s fight with the Nuhvok-Kal. I believe that was his Kakama Nuva when he tried to use it against the Rahi Nui alone, but failed. He also got the Pakari Nuva when he and his friends fought the Rahi Nui. I don’t know about his Hau Nuva, Kaukau Nuva, or Akaku Nuva before the fight with the Rahi Nui, right? 5. Pohatu Nuva has a Kakama Nuva. He got a Hau Nuva when he worked with Kopaka Nuva to get the mask. He also got a Pakari Nuva before fighting the Rahi Nui, right? I don’t know about his Hau Nuva, Kaukau Nuva, Miru Nuva, or his Akaku Nuva before the fight with the Rahi Nuva, right? 6. Onua Nuva had a Pakari Nuva. He got a Kaukau Nuva when he was fighting Kofo-Jaga and Manas. He got a Kakama Nuva when he fought the Rahi Nui, right? I don’t know about his Hau Nuva, Miru Nuva, or Akaku Nuva before he fought the Rahi Nui, right? That’s what I know of. Do you guys have any theories about where did the Toa get the other Kanohi with unknown locations and the stones? I’m planning to make a Lego World Builder story or two about these searches.
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