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Bast, The Panther God

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This project sat on the back burner for years ever since Hero Factory: Savage Planet. When I got the heads of Chi Panthar and Chi Fangar in my first Bricklink order, I puttered around with a white sabertooth and a black panther. It didn’t really go anywhere until this year. ‘Black Panther’ really inspired me. The black/purple in the movie was really striking and made me want to try out. I played with it and this is the result.




The Build

The second generation Bionicle sets really essential. Uniter Onua, Master Onua and the Protector and Creature of Earth supplied the trans-purple parts. Two Hero Factory Stringer sets provided the torso armor used for the shoulders and another torso piece for the rear haunches.


The biggest challenge was connecting the front half with the back. I wish I could say I had some instant flash of master builder brilliance, but the truth is with only so many ways to connect them I merely went through most of them. Trial and error is the secret to my success.




The Story

Inspired by ‘Black Panther’, this is Bast the Panther god. (Not to be confused with Bast the Egyptian cat goddess) Bast spends his days sleeping and his nights stalking prey in the spirit realm. Occasionally, the past kings join him in the hunt taking the form of panthers.


Full Album

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"Honor those the dragons heed, in thought and favor, word and deed"

"Worlds are lost and worlds are saved, from those dangers dragons brave"



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