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  1. Demon Hunter warglaives. Did something similar a while back. There are a lot of options. For a direct, one piece, no-thrills kind of build. The arm blades of a Bordahk (Set 8615; Part # 4227883) are a way to go. For a more jungle, wild look the pincers of Keelerak (Se 8746; Part # 4252703) Truly any Visorak pincer look cool, but you mentioned this is for a Jungle build. The build the other's mention is a solid choice. It calls for a ball socket connector (Part# 4217829) and two size 2 axles. But one blade choice not mention is the Takanuva blades. Part # 4609613 comes from Takanuva Stars, but can be found in lots of sets. Or Part # 4195028 which comes from his original set, but can also be found in lots of sets. Cap it all with a Bohrok handshield of your choice and you are good to go. I used the Bohrok Kal handshields. The silver goes with a lot of colors and less worry about getting a matching shade. Good luck
  2. Wonderfully built. Would you be willing to share the building technique on the helmet? I'd like to try that out myself.
  3. What is just as interesting is the stuff not mentioned. Activision made no mention of Skylanders. They brought up Crash and Spyro but Skylanders looks to be joining Infinity and Dimensions.
  4. History This project sat on the back burner for years ever since Hero Factory: Savage Planet. When I got the heads of Chi Panthar and Chi Fangar in my first Bricklink order, I puttered around with a white sabertooth and a black panther. It didn’t really go anywhere until this year. ‘Black Panther’ really inspired me. The black/purple in the movie was really striking and made me want to try out. I played with it and this is the result. https://www.flickr.com/photos/141514055@N03/41194227054/in/album-72157668634330148/ The Build The second generation Bionicle sets really essential. Uniter Onua, Master Onua and the Protector and Creature of Earth supplied the trans-purple parts. Two Hero Factory Stringer sets provided the torso armor used for the shoulders and another torso piece for the rear haunches. The biggest challenge was connecting the front half with the back. I wish I could say I had some instant flash of master builder brilliance, but the truth is with only so many ways to connect them I merely went through most of them. Trial and error is the secret to my success. https://www.flickr.com/photos/141514055@N03/41194223414/in/album-72157668634330148/ The Story Inspired by ‘Black Panther’, this is Bast the Panther god. (Not to be confused with Bast the Egyptian cat goddess) Bast spends his days sleeping and his nights stalking prey in the spirit realm. Occasionally, the past kings join him in the hunt taking the form of panthers. Full Album
  5. Lego should have a fun mash up video between Emily and the Elves and the Friends. Like a friendly game of football.
  6. Thanks Aanchir. I've checked out both builds. You're right about the Obsidian Panther. It is hard to make out the structure of the build. I did take a look at skeletal forms of felines from house cats to tigers, it looks like it comes down to the back bone. Thanks for the tips. Let me know if anything else comes to mind.
  7. Hello, I apologize if this is the wrong forum to post this. I'll come right to it, I could use some help on a build. The movie Black Panther inspired me to make a panther out of CCBS. The legs I managed, the tail I managed. I'm even happy with the head since I was able to get a CHI Panthar head. But the body looks terrible. Basically, I connected two torso with a beam. I could use some advice. Do any of you builders have tips or trick on how to construct a feline/canine/quadraped body? Thanks in advance.
  8. Well there's that. I've already said my 'so long and thanks for all the minifigs' in a previous thread. I appreciate that WB Games and TT said so flat out instead of leaving it dangling. Closure is good. One group does deserve a special recognition. Whoever in the Intellectual Properties dvision who managed to wrangle 31 different properties for this game. While LotR and DC are in house, getting Universal to let you play with Back to the Future and ET or Valve to make a Portal game or Sega a Sonic game out of their properties. Which ever company employed that person(s) give them a raise and keep them on for as long as you can.
  9. Happy Trails Lego Dimensions. I feel compelled to defend the game from the other pointed and negative responses. I enjoyed Year 1. I wasn't there as much for Year 2, but this was probably the best toys to life system. Things I liked: 1) The interactions. It was worth getting some sets just to see what snippet of dialogue they would exchange with the figures you have. Like Green Arrow casting a suspicious eye at Capt. Jack Harkness in Dr. Who's adventure world. Or DC Batman and Lego Batman having a brood-off. Dr. Who and Doc Brown smack talking the others time machine. It's the one thing Dimensions has over Amiibo, Infinity and Skylanders. The toys interacted with each other gave the game a richer feel. 2) The actors: The overwhelming majority of the characters were voiced by their original actors. Christopher Lloyd played Doc Brown, Emma Watson played Hermione, Allison Brie played Unikitty. Obviously you couldn't get the cast of Wizard of Oz and the Simpson was noticably silent outside of Castellenta's Homer, but original GLaDOS and Missy were wonderful. 3) Clever details: The thing that kept me playing Year 1 was all the clever details they packed into the game. Like in Dr. Who's world you had to sync the various section to present day London. Or in Hill Valley, you could travel back and forth between 1885, 1985 and 2015, with action in the past effecting the present and future. Or the final level of Midway's expansion is playing out Paperboy. And its great to play those 80's arcade games like Joust and Spyhunter. Or hear Wonder Woman's theme when she takes off. Or using the Tardis in the Simpson levels to go to Bedrock in Story Mode and the Jetson's Orbit City in the Level Pack. 4) The marketing: I loved the chain story of launch campaign. Someone received a box, put the portal together and next commercial they delivered to the next guy. I also liked the 'Meet the Hero' bits they used in Year 2. Things I didn't like: 1) Year 1 sheer volume: There was just so many franchises. I would have pared them down to a dozen or so and brought the rest in on Year 2 and Year 3. Some clearly had no where to go like Jurassic World, Chima and Wizard of Oz. 2) Sound bites: Dimensions used voice actors for most, but for others they used clips from their movies and the change in quality made it stick out. Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and the Ghostbusters especially sounded stiff compared to the the others. I wouldn't have minded stand in voices for them like Marty McFly for Michael Knight. Conclusion: I think Lego Dimensions succumb to the 'Gourmet Cupcake' scenario. They created a high-end product for a market that couldn't support it. The sets themselves are equal to Lego's high standards. But developing the game and all those details must have been a grueling labor of love. But I don't consider it a failure. I'd easily take Lego Sonic who cracks wise about the Doctor naming a screwdriver after him over the Amiibo version any day.
  10. Well done! All of these look beautiful. A thought for a future project: crafting an Autobot and a Decepticon mask (the symbols in mask form). You can attract the Transformer fans as well.
  11. The Great Hunt Introduction: My entry re-imagines the second year of G2. In this iteration, there are 3 Great Masks: the Mask of Duty, the Mask of Unity, and the Mask of Destiny. At the start of the series, Makuta used the Mask of Destiny to rewrite the cosmic order. The first year focuses on the Mask of Duty. Matorans use it to awaken the Toa to Makuta's plot. This year centers on the Mask of Unity. More on that below. The third year concludes with the Mask of Destiny and which fate Okoto and its inhabitants choose for themselves. Cast: Elemental Creatures: Like the 2016 sets, there are six animals linked to the elements. Creature of Stone - Nui Jaga, the scorpion Creature of Water – Takea, hammerhead shark Creature of Fire – Kaa, the lava hawk Creature of Earth – Gravlok, the cave bear Creature of Air – Gukko, the jungle bird Creature of Ice – Kane-Ra, the snow ox Wardens: Matoran chosen by the Spirit of the Wild to defend her creatures; an updated version of the Rahaga. Kiva the Stonewarden – A cowboy; preferring the open range. Nixie the Seawarden – A priest; she listens for the movement of the Great Spirits Agni the Flamewarden – A warrior; if she can't solve a problem by hitting it, she isn't hitting it hard enough. Tehutti the Earthwarden – An inventor in a society that values physical strength. Mistral the Skywarden – A hunter; this is a source of internal conflict. Ehyre the Snowwarden – A hermit who must now work with others. Hunters: The hunters follow Umarak, the Huntmaster. Arid – A Skull Hunter; serves Umarak but may have another agenda. Tempest – A pirate; who doesn't mind hunting if the pay is good. Skorch – A bounty hunter with a high resistance to fire and heat. Onyx the Claw – A grappler constantly looking to test his strength. Mistral – She hunts anything that flies. Snowstalker & Klyma – Snowstalker comes from a cat-like race called the Muaka. Klyma, a female matoran, who is Snowstalker's translator and valet. Titans: Umarak, Master of the Hunt – He want to hunt the ultimate game, a Great Spirit. Rahaga, Great Spirit of the Wild – A celestial being who watches over the wilds of Okoto. The Story A quick prologue shows Umarak and Arid, the Skull Hunter, exploring the ruins of a jungle temple. They discover a wall carving showing six animals. This grabs Umarak's attention, but the real prize is found by Arid. It is the Golden Mask of Unity. Umarak retrieves it and promises to put it to good use. He uses the Mask to merge shadow with the plants overgrowing in the temple, creating these wicked looking shadowthorns. Arid finally speaks saying the Toa won't know what hit them. Act 1: The Call of the Wild The story proper begins in the jungles of Okoto. The creature of Air, Gukko, lands for a drink. The jungle grows quiet. Gukko picks up on this, but before she can flee is his with a shadowthorn arrow. Gukko bellows in pain but flies off. In the underbrush, Mistral watches where the bird flies and sink back into the shadows. Elsewhere in the jungle, Lewa is flying high on patrol. Without warning, his air power gives out and he tumbles out of the sky. Lewa doesn't know what happened, but knows someone who might: Elder Matau. He starts walking toward the Leaf village of Le-Koro as the sky grows ominously darker. Mistral returns to camp; a dark, thorny hollow in the middle of the Temple ruins. A group of unsavory types glare at her return. She ignore them reporting directly to Umarak. She describes her hunt of the Gukko bird and the effect of the shadowthorns. Umarak looks pleased and snaps off more thorns to hand out to the other hunters. Each hunter is assigned a bounty. Arid will hunt the nimble Nui Jaga in the deserts. Tempest will hunt the swift Takea in the seas surrounding Okoto. Onyx will hunt the mighty Graalok in the caverns. Skorch must retrieve the fiery Kaa from the lava fields. And Snowstalker must capture the formidable Kane Ra in the snowy drifts of the mountains. Each creature must be captured alive. Umarak pointedly stares at Skorch. Skorch smirks but agrees to the terms. Umarak has one more mission for Mistral. She must finish her hunt and bring in Gukko. She obeys and heads out like all the hunters. In the jungle, Gukko crashes to the ground. Her wing is black and completely useless. She bellows a long, pitiable cry. A cry heard by Rahaga, the Spirit of the Wild. Rahaga responds with a call of her own, the Call of the Wild. The call is only heard by a chosen few. In Ga-Koro, Nixie hears the call and jumps into the sea. On the sand-swept plains of Po-wahi, Kiva hears the call, but shakes it off continuing to tend his herd. On the slopes of Mount Ihu, Ehyre hears the call and changes direction in his solitary trek. In the caverns of Onu-koro, Tehutti hears the call and starts building. And in the village of Ta-Koro, Agni hears the call and runs to Elder Vakama. Vakama doesn't know about the Call, but knows a matoran who might. Vakama takes her and Toa Tahu to see Norik. Norik is the village's vet. He can treat matorans in a pinch, but specializes in wildlife. When he hears Agni's account, Norik recognizes the Call of the Wild. He explains just as Mata Nui watches over the people of Okoto, Rahaga looks after its creatures. If she is calling, it means the Wilds are in danger. Norik suggests Agni find the Creature of Fire, Kaa. Together, they might locate the trouble. Tahu offers to help and together, they begin the search. Back in the jungle, Mistral shakes off the Call of the Wild to focus on her hunt. She's tracked Gukko and closes in. When Mistral spots her prey, she is shocked by how much the corruption has spread. She looks at the shadowthorns with disgust and throws them to the ground. She nets the bird and hauls it away. Above, the darkening skies breaking into a furious storm. Act 2: The Thrill of the Hunt The storm blows Lewa off course. He is thrown into Mistral and Gukko. There is a brief exchange and Lewa quickly puts together, Mistral is a hunter and the bird needs help. They fight over Gukko. From the outset, Mistral's heart isn't in it. After a brief skirmish, she surrenders the creature of Air. She extracts a promise from Lewa to make sure the bird gets treated. Mistral retreats and Lewa sees to the Gukko bird. Immediately, the howling storm abates. Lewa is so focused on the bird he doesn't make the connection. He takes the bird back to Le-koro. In the lava fields, Agni and Tahu search for Kaa. Tahu is confused about the Spirit of the Wild. Why ask a bunch of animals for help when there are heroes like the Toa? Agni has no answers, but wonders aloud maybe animals see or do things Toa can not. They find a netted lava hawk with the hunter Skorch closing in with a shadowthorn dagger. Toa and Warden jump into action. Tahu takes on Skorch while Agni slips around and free the lava hawk. Skorch holds his ground against Tahu. He sees Agni about to free his quarry and he throws his dagger at her. Tahu tackles Agni saving her, but the dagger hits its true mark, Kaa. The lava field erupts as the fire bird succumbs to the poison. Tahu tries using his elemental powers to tamp down the inferno to no effect. The growing inferno threatens the village of Ta-koro. Tahu is split; save the village or save the Creature of Fire. Tahu chooses the village. He rushes to warn everyone leaving Skorch to slip away with his prize. A powerless Tahu manages to evacuate the village. By the time he returns to the lava fields, Skorch is gone. Kaa is gone, but curiously Agni is also gone. This scenario is repeated across Okoto. Toa and Warden search for their elemental creature only for the hunter to be a step or two ahead of them. When the creature is captured, the elements are thrown out of balance. The Toa's elemental powers are gone. This allows the hunter to escape with their quarry. Mistral returns to camp. She sees her fellow hunters have been successful. Three elemental creatures have already been caught and caged. Umarak is furious she returned empty-handed. Mistral tries to ask about the shadowthorns, but Umarak cuts her off. He orders her back out to retrieve her bounty. She leaves but doesn't go far. Her hunting skills easily pick up a trail. She follows it and finds Agni. There is a brief fight, but it is soon made clear they aren't enemies. Mistral has decided to break with Umarak. Agni shows her why that's a smart call. Another hunter brings in his catch. Umarak is pleased and then breaks out the Mask of Unity and fuses hunters and creature together. Agni surmises something similar happened to the other hunters. The two are found out and the alarm is raised. Umarak sicks his hybrids on the intruders. Agni and Mistral run for their lives, but Agni realizes they will be overtaken. She tells Mistral to find the Toa, then turns around and jumps into the pack of hybrids. Doesn't look back, as Agni is taken down and dragged off to Umarak. Mistral escapes. Act 3: The Great Hunt By now, Okoto is getting battered by the elemental storm. Toa and Wardens brave the treacherous climate to reach Le-Koro. Air is the only element that hasn't turned on them. In Le-Koro, Gukko's condition has stabilized thanks to the matoran animal tender, Iruini. The heroes ponder their next move when Mistral enters their midst. She found them through her connection with Gukko. This is an experience the other wardens recognize. The Toa are doubtful, but when Gukko accepts her, the wardens give her the benefit of the doubt. She gives the heroes the lowdown on Umarak, Agni, and what he has done with the other creatures using the Mask of Unity. They don't have to imagine what these hybrids look like as they attack Le-Koro. The Toa rush to defend the town, but their loss of powers, the elements going wild and the hybrids ferocity put them on the defensive. The Toa get beat down, but Wardens Tehutti and Kiva join in. Unfortunately, it is all a ruse. Two hybrids break in the hut and kidnap Mistral and Gukko. The hybrids return to the temple with their captives. Umarak is pleased. He doesn't reveal his plan, but a captured Agni does. She pieced it together from the reliefs surrounding the temple and her link with Kaa. Umarak wants to summon Rahaga and needs the creatures to do it. Umarak uses the Mask of Unity on Agni and Gukko, but the fusion doesn't take. Umarak moves on to Mistral and fuses here with the bird. This time the fusion works. Mistral and Gukko are connected so the blending works. The elemental storm intensifies as Air loses its balance. But Umarak doesn't care. He wants the hybrids to summon Rahaga. At first they balk, but Umarak threatens to destroy the mask and they'll be permanently fused as hybrids. This convinces most of the hybrids. Mistral still balks. Umarak causally threatens Agni. Mistral, feeling indebted to Agni, complies. Kiva and Ehyre, both trackers, find the hybrid's trail and follow it back to Umarak. They reach the temple just as the summoning ritual is complete. Rahaga appears and Umarak begins the greatest hunt. Not wanting interruptions, he sicks the hybrids on the heroes. Round two begins much like the first one with the Toa getting knocked around. The Toa use their mask powers but it slows down the hybrids not stop them. Tahu busts Agni out of captivity. She grabs the Mask of Unity and orders the Toa and Wardens deeper into the temple. The Toa are puzzled, but obey. The lure the hybrids into the central chamber and Agni uses the Mask of Unity to separate the hybrids into creature and hunter. One by one, the hybrids are split the last being Mistral. Mistral asks to hold off. They need to save Rahaga and she can move faster in this form. With the creatures free, the elemental regain their balance. The Toa start regaining their powers. The Hunter know when they've been beat and sensible surrender. While the Toa take care of them, the Wardens mount their creatures and ride to the rescue of Rahaga. In the jungle, Umarak enjoys the hunt. Rahaga is powerful, but Umarak has hunted big game before. The shadowthorns put Rahaga on the defensive. Umarak prepares for the killing blow. He notches a shadowthorn arrow and fires. The show is blocked by Mistral. Mistral attacks distracting Umarak for only a moment. He tries again, but this time stopped by Agni and Kaa. Soon the other Wardens and creatures arrive to protect the Spirit of the Wild and Umarak realizes he's down to his last arrow. Umarak flees, but the Wardens don't let him off that easily. They hunt him now. He finds himself trapped with Takea in the water, Kaa and Gukko in the skies Kane Ra, Nui Jaga and Gravlok covering every escape. Rahaga wants to tear out his throat, but the Wardens argue mercy. Rahaga instead marks him. Now every creature great and small knows to attack him. It starts with a swarm of flies but soon larger animals join in the hunt. Umarak flees into the jungle as the jungle screams and howls at the ex-hunter. The Toa arrive as Rahaga thanks the wardens and her creatures. Before she departs, Rahaga has some encouraging words for the Toa. She advises them to learn from the Wardens. They won't defeat Makuta without Unity. Rahaga vanishes after that. With the threat managed, Agni separates Mistral and Gukko. She hands the Mask over to the Toa, but they decide it is in better hands with the Wardens. Finally, they come to the Hunter only to find Arid, the Skull Hunter, has vanished. The other captives say he melted into the shadows and disappeared. The wardens pass judgment on the remaining hunters. The more honorable ones like Snowstalker and Onyx are exiled. Tempest and Skorch will face trial. Mistral is ready to face trial alongside her fellow hunters. But the Toa have a different punishment in mind. She is going to restore this Temple, making it up to the Wilds she imperiled. The wardens agree to help her. Another team of heroes has begun. An epilogue has the Toa discussing the Wardens and their latest adventure. The others are excited to have fellow heroes in the fight, but Gali is worried. Arid was clearly a minion of Makuta and it isn't a stretch to think Makuta orchestrated the peril. He chose an indirect route and failed. Next time it will be more direct. The Toa agree they must prepare for Makuta's next attack. The End
  12. A clever campaign from Lego. I would have released 1 video a day across the week or had a mirror site on the Lego home page where you could choose your own adventure. But those minor quibbles don't dampen a cute way to remind kids Christmas is around the corner. Thoughts and star rating for each short. (3 stars possible) Brickbeard: 2 stars Toy Story 2 3/4 - Toys come to life the moment your back is turned. It is a pretty worn out concept by now, but the familiarity works in their favor. One point, when the pirates invade it takes place on islands and the high seas. The first video had me thinking this would be the kid's room. Jestro: 2 stars You're a wizard, Jestro. I'm glad to see Jestro use magic competently. In the TV series he often forgets he has these powers. Not much to say about this one. I liked the ending. It was really funny. City: 3 stars "Lord Business Thruway? Does anyone have some studs?" If you are going to 'borrow' take from the best. This was a scene straight out of 'Blazing Saddles' City could use some character development. I know Lego wants to make it as big as Ninjago or Lego Batman, but I honestly couldn't tell a cop from a rookie on this set. This is something to work on in the future. Friends: 3 stars "Meep! Meep!" This was my favorite. After an initial freak out, the girls come up with a plan to outsmart those pesky pirates. Get in your girl power punches now, I suspect DC Super Hero Girls will be stealing a lot of that thunder next year. Bionicle: 3 stars "Gathered friends welcome once again to the tale of the... oh its over" Yeah, so its clear these shorts were made back in the summer before Bionicle was discontinued. Could have used an appearance by Ikir. It was funny having these minifigs go up against a Toa-sized Tahu. Slow your roll little pirates. Overall: 3 stars I think a video for Lego Dimensions or Elves would have fit nicely as well as a concluding chapter. Something like the pirates get invited to a party with all the other sets to show no hard feelings.
  13. I'm ok without a Dragon theme. Ninjago, Elves and I'm sure Nexo Knight one day have plenty of variety of builds. I don't think I need one exclusive theme. What I would like is a variety of dragon parts leaving it up to the builder to fill in the body. Like a number of heads and wings and you use the parts to build a dragon out of that. It may be infeasible, but a guy can dream. I don't think you have to worry about How to Train Your Dragon. They tried a theme set in Mega Blocks and it didn't do well. They also had an original dragon theme and it also failed to catch on. That one had eggs and dragon parts you assembled.
  14. To Aanchir Re: Yang Yang's involvement comes out a bit a head, probably not as much as yours. I did like that he was introduced a while ago, so its not like the Power Rangers were next season's big bad is worst than the worst but only now decided to stroll in. His motivations aren't much different from Morro's or Garmadon's. I think would work if we saw more of their past and see how this lack pushed them down the dark side. When we see this with Garmadon it added to his character.
  15. Mini-Review Mild Spoilers Incoming Day of the Departed is one of those story ideas that looks good on paper, but the execution seems lacking. I'm not giving away anything that isn't in the promos and commercials. For one night only, enemies from seasons' past get one more chance to do in the ninja. A Villain All-stars edition of Ninjago. It seems good on paper. But it fails to work because none of these enemies were ever direct challenges to the Ninja. They wanted something the Ninja had or the Ninja prevented them from getting something they wanted, but none ever proved a personal obstacle. For an example, in the CW series 'The Flash', Barry has a real challenge in the Reverse Flash in Season 1. This guy is not only a fast as Flash, but also challenges Barry on who to trust, on how to get faster and what can be done with his speed. In short, the villain is a real challenge to the hero. Back to Ninjago, most of the villains are comedic distractions. Plus the Ninja have grown in power and abilities with each season. Season 1 bad guy should have to work a lot harder to keep up with a Season 8 ninja with Airjitsu and everything.. The biggest complaint is once again Cole gets short-sheeted. Jay, Kai and Nya get a full season to be the focus of the story. Cole gets a two-part episode. Black Ninja deserves a little more in the character department.
  16. I can safely say I have about 2 dozen Lego dragons. I have molded Lego minifig dragon from the earlier Castle sets like the Dragon Knights. The Dragon pod from x-pod, Ofnir, Nidhogg and the Wyvern from Vikings; the Ice Dragon from Ninjago's first year and the Earth dragon from Ninjago's latest. I had a couple of the Lego Elves dragons, but my daughter took them and I'm not going to fight a kid playing with Lego. My favorites: Nidhogg from the Viking series. The little red dragon endured a lot. Only his lower jaw ever became a problem. Ice Dragon from Ninjago: I loved the wings and the head. I remember wanting to MOC dragons for the other Ninjas using this design. Earth Dragon from Ninjago Skybound: It was a short build, but a fun one. Water Dragon from Lego Elves: Another fun one to build especially with the Mixel/Brick like constraction pieces. Ones I wish I had: The ghost dragons from Ninjago: Possession - I liked the scremers and the ghost warriors, but loved the dragons and wyverns that came with the larger sets. Dragon Bolt: Money was tight so I never got a Dragon Bolt or Lloyd's golden dragon. A year or two back someone made an ice dragon from just Kopaka and Protector of Ice parts. I would have paid money for a set like that. Ones that never appealed to me: The Titanium Dragon and the Mechanized Dragon from Ninjago: Rebooted. I liked the way their heads were put together, but the bodies looked unappealing, wide and boxy.
  17. I'll be disappointed if the Goblin King isn't an homage to David Bowie. "Forget about the baby, Emily" To Mate.397: I don't think Lego was rooting for it to fail. More like there was no pitchers left in the bullpen. In Gen 1, Lego had 1 or 2 IP that had active storylines. (A story with characters, conflicts and resolution.) This year, there are 10 (Star Wars, Ninjago, Nexo Knights, DC, Marvel, Elves, Friends, Mixels, Lego Dimensions and of course Bionicle) All of those (save Dimensions) have produced at least 30 min of content for broadcast. The result, it that someone was going to get a short piece. Bionicle and Mixel got unlucky.
  18. Thank you ToaDraconixMahvi. It was fun to build. I just got a Pohatu Uniter set so I might be able to raise the head a little more. I want to keep the trans-yellow pieces to hold on to the illusion of felfire. Sadly, I won't be returning to WoW anytime soon. Maybe I'll get back to Warcraft by Christmas. I hope all the fun hasn't been squeezed out by then. Arcane blase Gul'dan in the face for me.
  19. A lot of unpack in this response. 1) This is Lego we are talking about. They recycle themes and toylines all the time. It's never a safe bet to count something gone forever. 2) As a system, I think Lego prefers bricks to the CCBS. Mixels might be ending, but Lego gained a lot of experience with ball and sockets with that line. If the brick builds of mecha, robots, dragons and giants found in Ninjago, Nexo Knights and the DC and Marvel lines are anything to go by. CCBS will face tight competition with brick based systems. 3) If Lego does bring it back, I suggest keeping the sets under the $20 price point. I didn't buy the Star Wars sets because $25 for a buildable action figure with not gear function is too much. $20 is about where I feel the pain. In Gen 1, a $8 -$10 set was easy to absorbed. A set like the Inika or the Mahri I could shrugged off. A good set like the Rahkshi, I'd buy two maybe a third if it was in the clearance shelf. But at these prices, I really felt buyer's remorse over Skull Scorpio.
  20. @Wiriamu: Thanks for the good vibes. I remember the Warcraft mega bloks sets during Cataclysm, but prefer working in Lego/Technic pieces. @The Invisible Noob: Thanks for the encouragement. I hadn't thought of going bigger. Maybe in a 2.0 version. It looks good matched up against the minifig wizards and my daughter's minidolls from Elves. I'll see about adding a picture later this week see how it looks.
  21. Howdy, I wanted to share a fun build I made. WoW's latest expansion, Legion, came out and its plastered everywhere, buses, billboards, and my Facebook feed. Drawing inspiration from that and using parts from my Storm Beast, Skull Scorpio and some Creature heads, I came up with this: an Infernal Lord. I think I'll keep it for a while. I hated the Skull Scorpio and an Infernal is more of what I thought we'd be getting with the Skull warriors, skeletons powered by dark magic. Enjoy, https://www.flickr.com/photos/141514055@N03/albums/72157673899595276 Here's a screencap of an actual Infernal for comparison. https://www.flickr.com/photos/141514055@N03/29640153452/in/album-72157673899595276/ Suggestions and comments are always welcomed.
  22. Mega evolution Tahu! Good build all around. Next time if you have a gray mat or posterboard, I think it my tone down the brightness, but allow Tahu to pop. The bright white background makes it too light.
  23. Interesting topic. I think Lego will try it. They have been trying to include the CCBS in other themes so it isn't a Bionicle only zone. Chima, Marvel, DC and Star Wars. I think what we might get are mecha with CCBS elements like Exo-Force and Ninjago. I don't think we'll get Chi-Axl or Chi-Lance like in the Chima line. But I hope we get the shields from all the previous Castle sub themes.
  24. Not bad, He just needs some bro luv. Malum meet Melum.
  25. I'm loving the trident. I may try and build my own. If I may make one suggestion. The feet look too floppy. I know you are going for scuba diving fins, but maybe the webbed feet of Inika Hahli or Kiina. As a suggestion.
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