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Happy 1st anniversary, The Lego Ninjago Movie! :)

Lego Ninjago Movie

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Posted Sep 30 2018 - 02:26 PM

Hi, guys!:) A year and eight days ago, on September 22, 2017, a movie based on the Ninjago theme and TV show called The Lego Ninjago Movie happened. It happened because the theme and TV show were successful. It is set on a different universe, which is the The Lego Movie Cinematic Universe, specifically on the land of Ninjago. It is also an alternate universe to the TV show, like how you look at DC Comics, Marvel, and Transformers movies when they are not sharing the same universes as the TV shows.

You see, in the movie, everything made of Lego bricks, people can be disassembled, and the reality is stop-motion, like The Lego Movie in 2014 and The Lego Batman Movie in 2017. Plus, there are some realistic things, like the TV show. This film is mainly about comedy, more than what the TV show has, while the TV show is a little more serious.

Let me tell you the summary. It is about the six Ninja, Lloyd Garmadon the Green Ninja, who is their leader and a Master Builder from The Lego Movie, where he had a cameo in, Kai the Fire Ninja, Cole the Earth Ninja, Zane the Ice Ninja, who is a robot, Jay the Lightning Ninja, and Nya the Water Ninja, who is Kai’s younger sister and Jay’s girlfriend, who go to high school and are trained by their Sensei and Lloyd’s uncle named Sensei Wu, protecting Ninjago from Lloyd’s evil four-armed and monstrous father named Lord Garmadon, who is Wu’s older brother and plans to take over Ninjago, and his army who are based on sea creatures. Lloyd also has bad father-son relationship issues with his dad. Plus, a giant realistic cat called Meowthra attacks the Ninjago’s home city called Ninjago City. Along the way, the Ninja use mechs to fight Lord Garmadon’s forces.

Anyway, the movie has many Lego sets that went from Summer 2017 to Summer 2018.

I watched and liked the movie. It was very good, but it could’ve been better in some ways. I mean, the movie got mixed reviews, and it is the only Lego Movie to have such a thing. The others before it got positive reviews. I don’t know what happened. I thought the movie was very good, very cool, and emotional (kind of reminds me of my friends from my old schools), and I noticed people in the commercials wrote positive things about it.

You may ask yourself this: why did the movie have such mixed reviews rather than positive reviews like the movies before it? Well, yes, that was surprising. When I checked Wikipedia, it was said about “something is not clicking”. What does that mean? I think I could explain what was going on here.
The characters who are reused from the TV show into the movie look very different from their looks in the show. What’s up with that? Why not reuse the old looks? I mean, the Ninja look like cavemen. Lol. Misako, who is nicknamed as Koko in the movie, is young or have orange hair while in the TV show she is old and have gray hair. Why?
The story is pretty fine. I like the action, humor, mechs, the Ninja using elemental powers, Lord Garmadon’s silly sense of humor, and Wu’s cunning. It’s also interesting that Lloyd never acted like a villain at first while in the TV show that he did and he never used Tomorrow’s Tea in the show (or did he?). I also like how Lloyd and his dad are trying to have a good bonding time and get along better. Plus, it’s cool that Koko was once a hero called Lady Iron Dragon. Jay is also a funny guy, too. My favorite parts of the film are Lloyd being bad at throwing, Wu saying “Green” to Lloyd in a funny way, Garmadon messing up Lloyd’s name, Garmadon during his generals by blasting them to the sky, the Ninja being bad at stealth, Wu and Garmadon’s fight, Lloyd and Garmadon bonding, the Ninja learning to use their elemental powers, and the Ninja using them to fight Garmadon’s army. My favorite characters are Lloyd, Garmadon, Cole, Jay, and Wu. I felt bad that Lloyd was having problems when people in his school are scolding him because of his evil father.:( Anyway, I like the actors who played the characters in the movie. I mean, there’s Jackie Chan, Olivia Munn, and Michael Pena, and James Franco and Justin Theroux did an awesome job over there.
However, things in there are a bit weird. The characters’ personalities are sort of different. Why call Misako Koko and have her have a sort of different life? Why does Water act like one of the prime elements in Ninjago? Green being an element, and it is related to life? Really? Lloyd’s Power in the TV show is Energy. Why not use that? Wu never made Lloyd blast things, only indirectly taught a life lesson and persuasion. Lloyd having anger issues with his dad? Harsh. I get that Garmadon is a terrible father, but Lloyd doesn’t have to be rash and indirectly that giant cat to attack the city. I don’t know how did Garmadon turn evil. That is unresolved. Is it because of the magical spider and snake that bit him (I would think so because of the Great Devourer biting him in the TV show)? It’s silly that Lloyd didn’t know how to throw and then catch. Plus, why the giant cat? It is basically th main part of the story, where the Ninja have to find this “Ultimate Ultimate Weapon” to stop him. I think this film used too much realistic stuff here and there. Why not having Lord Garmadon summon a brick-made Great Devourer? Why not have the Ninja use Spinjitzu and Airjitzu in the movie? Plus, how does Wu do complicated planning with the UUW (which is just a chest with six useless Lego pieces that fit together, which I find neat, though, and teaches the Ninja on how to use their elemental powers, and teaching Lloyd a life lesson? That is very hard to understand. Plus, the Ultimate Weapon being a red light thing that summoned the cat, and why did Wu keep it? That doesn’t make sense. The ending is sort of weird. I felt that like the movie is just there to teach the audience a valuable life lesson about making peace with enemies, rather than doing action more. I mean, it’s a martial arts movie. The TV show is sort of different from the movie for how balanced it is with the action and life lessons. In fact, the TV show is better than the movie.
The movie’s theme is a bit repetitve as it is very similar to the Lego Movies before it. There is a hero who learns a valuable life lesson, screws up big time, and makes peace with his archenemy at the end. Why not lock Garmadon up in jail for his crimes or have the Ninja use his powers to cure Garmadon back to being a good-hearted person, like in the TV show? Plus, how come the movie doesn’t reference to the Lego Movies? I mean, it’s a part of a Cinematic Universe, so it should have done that. What’s up with that human kid and Jackie-Chan-like guy in the beginning and end of the film? Why not use Finn from The Lego Movie. He’s the controller of the Cinematic Universe’s story. Maybe that new kid could be Finn’s friend that told him about that Jackie Chan told him about the movie’s story? Plus, there are some deleted scenes that are exclusive in the commercials and trailers. Why not use them? That would’ve been interesting.

For the sets, I like them. They are a bit chucky, but they are awesome. I love Cole’s mech, Kai’s mech, Garmadon’s mechs, Lloyd’s mech, the Destiny’s Bounty, Garmadon’s place with the Ultimate Ultimate Weapon, and the Ninjago City sets (one in summer 2017 and summer 2018) the most. I love Garmadon’s design. Plus, I like that Lloyd has green eyes, which represent his element. Lego should really bring colored eyes to its minifigures like this.

The movie is promoted through shorts and a video game that has characters from the show. I find the video game very neat. I love doing martial arts on the enemies.:D

The movie’s heroes are featured in The Lego Movie 2’s shorts. I find that cool.

The movie’s legacy has passed on to the TV show’s Season 8 in 2018 onwards, where the Ninja and Garmadon are redesigns to look like themselves in the movie. Even Harumi in the show looks like Koko and Lady Iron Dragon because of the hairdos. Plus, Seasons 8 and 9 in 2018 are sort of similar to the movie itself.

Anyway, let’s celebrate the first anniversary of the movie!:D What do you think of the movie, guys? What are your favorite characters and parts? What things remind you of the movie? For me, well, there are some things that remind me:
1. The Avengers movie in 2012
2. The Justice League Movie in 2017
3. The Transformers movies in 2007-2017
4. Clay’s relationship with his mom from Nexo Knights’s TV Season 4 a little bit. Lloyd and Clay should make good friends when it comes to evil parents. Lol.
5. Star Wars with Luke and and his father called Darth Vader’s relationship. The movie also had one scene where Koko said that Lloyd didn’t go to the dark side. Lol.
6. Marvel Cinematic Universe movies in 2017 - Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 involves Peter Quill having a bad relationship with his dad named Ego, who is evil and plans to take over the universe. Spider-Man: Homecoming is where there is this teenager, Spider-Man, going to high school and his girlfriend’s father is the evil Vulture. Thor: Ragnarok shows an evil lady named Hela, who wears a black and green outfit, disliking her good-hearted father named Odin for not liking her evil ideas.
7. Ninjago Seasons 1, 2, 8, and 9 - primarily Lloyd’s and his evil dad’s feud with each other.
8. Bionicle - six heroes with elemental powers fighting against an evil dark lord and his army. Plus, the sea creature army reminds me of the Barraki. Also, there is this brother rivalry between the good brother and the bad brother.
9. The end of Samurai Jack’s Season 5 in 2017 - Ashi having a bad relationship with her father, who is Aku.
10. The Lego Movie and The Lego Batman Movie - very similar theme in the story, as I said before. In The Lego Batman Movie, Batman is sort of a terrible father when he abandons his loved ones, and his son, Robin, disliked his actions.
11. Hero Factory - the mechs kind of remind me of Hero Factory’s mechs in 2014 (mostly Furno’s mech) at least.

Anyway, I had hoped that the movie would serve as a template for successful Lego themes, like Bionicle, to have their own movies, but this is not happening anytime soon, sadly, even though that the movie is called good by some people.:(

Happy 1st anniversary, movie!:D

Edited by Lenny7092, Sep 30 2018 - 06:40 PM.

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I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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