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Mafia games?

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First, this probably would have been better posted in the mafia discussion topic.


As to your actual question, while technically anyone could start a new mafia game at anytime, at the end of the day I just don't think the interest is there anymore for anyone to put in the time and effort to actually do it.  The last mafia game was posted in August and it barely got half of the necessary players; the simple fact is that traffic to this sub-forum (and the website in general, come to think of it) has all, but dried up.  Again, someone could host a 10ish player game at any time I just don't see it happening.  Sure,  it's a bit of a shame considering that once upon a time Mafia games were reserved 20-30 games in advance and there were always two games going on at one time, but hey all good things must come to end. 

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