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Toa Hagah Team

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So after years of wanting to do this, I was able to create my own interpretation of the full Toa Hagah team back in July. The masks were made by 00dude00, who was kind of like the one who inspired me to finally do this now that the masks were made. That was probably the main thing that always stopped me. I tried to make them look as official as possible, but some paint like the gold are not an exact match no matter how I tried.


I'm still getting used to this new format, so let's see how the pictures in the post come out. Full gallery link above for individual shots.











Group Shot



Defending Roodaka, but not liking it.


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Beautiful. I love looking at fan interpretations of the rest of the Hagah, and these might hit on everything I've wanted to see in them.

It's difficult, in a way. I've never gotten why BIONICLE fans wanted LEGO to officially release the other four--they'd be predictable as sets, just beefed-up Toa Metru. In that way, it's always more interesting to me how fans fill in the blanks. Personally I am a purist when it comes to custom parts, even though those recolors and masks do look official. If I were going to recolor, I always imagined Pouks and Bomonga with gunmetal gray for their armor color.

I love how well the Earthshock Drills work as shoulder pads, especially for the stronger Toa. Glorious models, overall.

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-- Turaga Nokama


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