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Greetings, traveler! Welcome to Master Inika's Library. I'm Master Inika, dedicated BIONICLE fan and fanfiction writer of over a decade. This is the only place on BZPower you'll find all of my BIONICLE comedies, epics, and short stories in one place! (Not counting the horrible ones I wrote back before the Great Dataclysm and am horribly ashamed of, that is.) Just click on a story to start reading!

Short Stories

Hunting for the Truth - A story featuring a trusting Toa of Magnetism working to steal incriminating secrets from the sinister Makuta of Stelt, all for a mysterious, alluring benefactor.

The Humbled Predator - My entry in the Ambage "Fish!" flash fiction contest.

Return to the Underworld: The Protectors' Mission - My entry the Generation 2 writing contest "The Legend Continues."

Now and Always - My contribution to the 2017 BZPower Fanfic Exchange, based on parameters from AZBlue.


Unseen Light - My collaboration with Toa Of Virtues, telling the story of the first Toa of Radiation, fighting to liberate his fellow Nu-Matoran from oppression. Deals with bias, hypocrisy, revenge, and reverse racism. (21 chapters, concluded)

BIONICLE: The Last Chronicle - My attempt at creating a satisfying conclusion to many of the unresolved plot threads left at the end of BIONICLE Generation 1. (9 chapters, concluded)

BIONICLE: Legends of the Red Star - The sequel to BIONICLE: The Last Chronicle, focusing on the conflict in the Red Star between the revived beings and Kestora. (5 chapters, concluded)

Memories of a Forbidden Future - It begins when a Ko-Matoran on the island of Mata Nui experiences strange, increasingly realistic dreams of an island called Metru Nui. (1 chapter, cancelled)

Devil Before the Devil - Berix, Chronicler of New Atero, embarks on a journey to meet Miserix, to gain his insight into the history of the Matoran Universe. (9 chapters, concluded)



The LEGO Movie: Dangerous Detour (Standalone) - My entry in the Caveat Scriptor contest, the prompt being to write a scene that would fit in The LEGO Movie, which had yet to be released at the time.

Maku's Diary (Serialized) - My most popular story on BZP to date, this is a 12-part series of Maku's daily life and interactions during the Dark Time. Inspired largely by Japanese anime. (12 chapters, concluded)

The Preparations of Mantax (Standalone) - Barraki Mantax is expecting his fellow Barraki to arrive and hear his terms to relinquish the Mask of Life, but first he must get the Razor Whale's Teeth presentable! Parody of a scene in BIONICLE Legend #8: Downfall.

Ask Tahu! (Serialized) - In 2007, Master Inika was just one more amateur comedy writer churning out formulaic script comedies. When one of his ideas gets pushed back all the way to 2014, how will the Flanderization and pie jokes fare in a BZPower very different from 2007? (9 chapters, concluded)

The (Other) Journey of Takanuva (Standalone) - Takanuva's voyage to Karda Nui takes an unexpected turn...

Kongu's Bad Day (Standalone) - Kongu's day at work goes from bad to worse during the events of BIONICLE 2: Legends of Metru Nui.

A Naming Day Noel (Standalone) - My Secret Santa gift for fellow BZPower member Xaeraz, and a parody of Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol.

Okoto High (Serialized) - Loosely based on one of my first BZPower comedies, Matoran Go to School, reimagined with Generation 2 characters, and hopefully better writing. (15 chapters, concluded)

Tuwhera Hopuoro Po (Standalone) - A Matoran comedian delivers a standup routine to the denizens of Mata Nui.

Makuta Maledrin and the Motley Monster He Made (Standalone) - A creative Makuta presents his latest Rahi beast, hoping to impress Miserix with his many deviations from the norms of Rahi creation.
All We Want is Peace (Standalone) - The Earth Tribe's "peace conference" during the early days of the Core War proves to cause the opposite of its declared intentions. Written in response to the revelation of the Earth Tribe's involvement in the Core War.
A Brief Word from Tahu (Standalone) - Tahu gives a quick speech on the state of BIONICLE after the second cancellation.

Out of Their Element (Serialized) - A modern American family finds themselves living in Metru Nui. Hijinks ensue. (10 chapters, concluded)
Okonicle: The Okay Chronicle (Serialized) - A collaboration with Tahu's Transport and Tahu's Consequence author MetaStriker parodying the 2001 BIONICLE storyline with a group of Rejected Element Toa in place of the actual heroes. (7 chapters, hiatus)

Kra-Matoran Kra-nicle (Serialized) - The Shadow Matoran of Karda Nui attempt to host a comedy show during the Makuta invasion. (1 chapter, cancelled)
Turaga Lewa's Totally True Tales (Serialized) - On Spherus Magna, Turaga Lewa regales the crowd with stories of his time as a Toa... the way he remembers them, at least. (1 chapter, cancelled)

Mutran's Discovery (Standalone) - Mutran reveals the truth of the BIONICLE universe.

Emmet B and Gamer G (Serialized) - After the events of TLM2, Emmet goes on an adventure with his new friend Gamer Greg. (2 chapters, cancelled)

Jerbraz and the Mask of Charisma (Serialized) - Jerbraz urgently needs to borrow his friend Trinuma's mask. Without it, he may never find true happiness. (3 chapters, concluded)

The Toa Nuva's Hotel (Serialized) - What more can I say, the Toa Nuva open a hotel! What could possibly go wrong? (2 chapters, ongoing)


"Excellent portrayals of everyone, once again! Very funny, and I am looking forward to the next update!" - Pohatu: Uniter of Stone on Maku's Diary (2014)

"Honestly, it has everything - detail, exposition, action, drama, humor, even romance. In fact, it's quite amazing how much you managed to pack into such a short story, and how well. Beautiful, just beautiful. Sir, I applaud." - Nuile the Paracosmic Tulpa on Hunting for the Truth (2014)

"WOW. Just wow. I am in awe of the quality of your writing. Normally I would give a full, In-depth review, but I cannot find the words. [...] Seriously, this is very well written and has me hooked. I honestly cannot wait to read the next chapter!" - TinkerTech on Ask Tahu! (2014)

"I haven't laughed this hard in ages. Thank you for this! A+ work! xD" - Space: Ocean of Awe on Tuwhera Hopuoro Po (2016)

"This was so cute." - ToaTImeLord on Okoto High Episode 12 (2016)

"I'm definitely enjoying this plotline! It's rather exciting following this unlikely duo through the destroyed MU. How many more chapters are there left out of curiosity?" - TERIDAX941 on Devil Before the Devil (2023)

Edited by Master Inika
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"You are an absolute in these uncertain times. Your past is forgotten, and your
future is an empty book. You must find your own destiny, my brave adventurer.
-- Turaga Nokama


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