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Emmet B and Gamer G

Master Inika

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            Chapter I: The Adventure Begins


            It was all finally over. Lord Business, Rex Dangervest, and every other villain in the universe had been defeated--or, more specifically, been made friends through 100% kid-friendly, corporate-approved verbal confrontation, which is just as good! Now, Emmet Brickowski, two-time savior of the world, walked hand-in-hand down the peaceful streets of Syspocalypstar with his special best friend Lucy.


            “So, how do you know this guy again?” Lucy was asking.


            “Who, Gamer Greg?” Emmet asked. “It was awesome! Remember last week when I was late coming back with the coffee? Well, that’s ‘cuz I got into a conversation with him in line at the coffee shop about SPACE GAME IV: DARK MATTER SUPERNOVA! He’d been playing it for eight weeks straight and was taking a pause break to go to the bathroom and get more coffee. Anyway, he told me all about it, and it sounds AWESOME, and he invited me over to play with him, so of course I said YES! Then Greg said, if we get three players, we can do a triple-threat death match, so I said I’d bring you! Pretty exciting, huh?”


            “Oh… yeah!” Lucy said, trying her best to smile genuinely and look enthusiastic.


            “What’s wrong?” Emmet asked.


            “Well,” Lucy said, “it’s just that, when you said you had a special surprise for me today, I just sort of thought you meant something we could do as just you and me… alone.”


            Emmet’s eyes widened with realization.


            “Oh my goshness, you are totally right!” He fumbled to get his phone out and said, “I am so sorry. I’ll call Greg right now and tell him we can game together another day.”


            “No, you don’t have to do that!” Lucy said. “Go, have fun with Greg, and… Here’s what we’ll do: have your game day, and I will go see what Sweet Mayhem is up today, and later we can reconnect and do something together.”


            “Together, like, just the two of us?” Emmet asked. When Lucy said yes, he said, “Awesome, because between you and me, Sweet Mayhem still really scares me. Like, I know she’s good now, but can’t she change her name to Sweet Uneventful Tranquility or something? I mean--”


            “Emmet,” Lucy said, immediately quieting him, “I don’t want to keep you. See you later, alligator.”


            Emmet smiled. “After a while, crocodile.”


            The two hugged and set off in opposite directions. A few blocks later and Emmet was at Greg’s apartment. Greg lived in a blown-out portion of the Statue of Liberty restored with sparkly pink Systarian bricks. Emmet knocked on the door and was greeted by a green-haired minifig in pajamas who smelled of insomnia and potato chips.


            “Emmet! Glad you could make it, buddy!” he said, pulling him in for a bear hug that took Emmet off the ground.


            “Thanks, Greg!” Emmet said, struggling to breath.


            “So, where’s that girl you were gonna bring?”


            “Oh, Lucy. Yeah, she was, um, busy today. Maybe you guys can meet later,” Emmet answered.


            “Well, her loss!” Greg said. “You ready for some Space Game?”


            “Am I ever!” Emmet said. He sat down in one of Greg’s bean bag hairs as Greg took the game out of the package.


            “You came on a great day. Space Game V released just this morning, and it sounds awesome!” Greg said. “Listen to this description: ‘WARNING: This is not a game description. Space Game V is a cursed game that sucks you into the video game world and the only way out is to beat it.’”


            “That… sounds… AWESOME!” Emmet said with a jubilant jump in his chair. “Best video game description ever! 10/10. Put it in!”


            “Here we go!” Greg said. He stuck it in the console, and before either minifig could react, a portal popped open on the TV monitor and sucked the two into it, then disappeared with a loud shwoop!


            To be continued…


(Here's how Emmet B and Gamer G came to be: I was looking through some of my minifigures today and reflecting on the writing I used to do. I decided on a whim that I would go to the nearest store that sold LEGO, buy a few minifigure blind bags, and write a piece of flash fiction starring whoever I got. That is what led to this story now, and I must say, I'm glad I listened to that particular whim.)

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"You are an absolute in these uncertain times. Your past is forgotten, and your
future is an empty book. You must find your own destiny, my brave adventurer.
-- Turaga Nokama


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            Chapter II: New Recruits


            Emmet and Greg materialized inside the video game world, seemingly unchanged except they now wore advanced-looking spacesuits. They were aboard a shuttle zooming through the stars. As they waited for their heads to stop spinning (not only figuratively but also literally, along the plastic axle that held them to their bodies), a door slide open in a quintessentially science-fictiony way with a sharp pressurizing sound, and a fully armored yet still distinctly feminine form entered the room. For a moment, Emmet was relieved.


            “Lucy?” he beamed.


            “Negative, soldier,” the female barked back in a computerized voice.


            “Oh, no…” Emmet said, recoiling. “Sweet Mayhem?”


            “That’s enough from you, underling!” she snapped. “I ask the questions around here, got it?”


            “Ma’am, yes, ma’am!” both male minifigs responded, standing at attention.


            “That’s more like it!” she said, giving them a nod conveying an emotion almost nearing approval. “Now I’m only gonna say this once, unless of course I’m going too fast, in which case feel free to ask me to repeat something. But I’m only gonna do it three or four times before I get impatient, so you two best pay attention!”


            The armored woman tapped a button on her forearm, and a hologram of a planet appeared in the middle of the room, with spaceships moving around it and text in a script Emmet didn’t recognize scrolling by as the holograms moved.


            “We’re on a top-secret mission to get this intel to the resistance on the planet below, but to do that we’ve got to make it past that blockade. Now their forces are concentrated around the equator, so our best chance is to slip by the lighter defenses around the polar region… which I’m sure is exactly what the enemy expects us to do, which is why we’re going straight past the heavily-armed command ship right smack in the middle of the blockade! They should’ve thought twice when they tried pulling a fast one on Sergeant Major General First-Class Bellatrix von Blastrix!”


            Sirens began ringing as an automated voice kept repeating “Code Delta Sigma! Proximity Alert!” The armored woman swiftly ordered Emmet and Greg to their stations while she womanned the bridge, barking orders as laser blasts whizzed by less than a stud’s length away from their ship.


            “Private Brickowski, evasive action, and be sure to keep us steady!” she said.


            “Yes, Private, I mean, Sergeant Major First-Class, um…”


            Without losing her gruff disposition, she interrupted his stammering with: “My friends just call me BVB!”


            “Yes, BVB!” Fortunately for Emmet, the ship’s controls looked exactly like the game controller in Greg’s apartment, so he was a natural at flying the ship. With Greg handling the laser cannons, Emmet flew close enough for his friend to take out the command ship’s forward guns, and then it was just a matter of avoiding being hit by shrapnel until they reached the planet’s atmosphere.




            Greg and Emmet both looked around, unsure of what had just happened. “What was that noise?” Emmet asked.


            “What noise?” BVB asked.


            “That strange congratulatory message, and the thing about points…” Greg answered. Emmet was thankful he wasn’t the only one who had heard it.


            “I didn’t hear anything,” BVB said with a shrug. “Anyway, nice work, you two! And it looks like our tractor beam has picked up 2,095 credits’ worth of enemy tech among the wreckage. Come on, I’ll show you two the Armory where you can exchange it for better weapons, stronger armor, and extra lives.”


            “Extra what?” Emmet and Greg both asked.


            “Extra fries,” BVB repeated, holding up a hitherto-unseen container of French fries she had been snacking on. “In case you’re hungry.”


            In the Armory, Greg upgraded his small handgun for a massive shoulder-mounted blaster with sight, and Emmet maxed out his armor. They used their remaining credits to buy a delicious-looking order of chili cheese fries, which they split between themselves and BVB.


            “So, what system you boys from?” BVB asked as they watched the planet get closer and closer.


            “Syspocalypstar, in the Systar system,” Emmet replied.


            “Ah, fine system, couple clicks past the LEGO system, just before the Character and Creature Building System,” BVB said.


            “That’s the one!” Greg said.


            “You boys are awful far from home. What brings you all the way out here?”


            That seemed like as good a time as any to tell her about the video game, but they were interrupted by another proximity alert, this one accompanied by:




            “Thanks, um, ominous but kind of helpful sky voice!” Emmet said as he resumed his place.


            “Emmet, who are you talking to?” BVB asked exasperatedly.


            “Oh, no one!” he said as he steered the ship toward a squadron of planetary defense fighters. “Greg, we’ve got company approaching starboard. Show ‘em what we’re made of!”


            Greg unleashed round after round, slowly chipping away at the cloud of enemy fighters, shouting as he did, “ABC plastic!”

"You are an absolute in these uncertain times. Your past is forgotten, and your
future is an empty book. You must find your own destiny, my brave adventurer.
-- Turaga Nokama


Click here to visit my library!

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