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The Humbled Predator

Master Inika

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The Takea Shark swam purposefully through the Endless Ocean, staring intently at the schools of fish that passed by. He was hungry, but not so much that he would forego the excitement of a thrilling chase. All of the fish he was seeing were too slow and stupid to offer a hunt exhilarating enough.


The fish, for their part, dispersed and went off in all directions as the shark’s shadow passed over them. Duly so, for the shark’s razor-like teeth had the power to tear the tiny fish to pieces. The Takea was indeed the master of the seas as the Makuta was the master of shadows. No fish would dare challenge him!


Then, in the distance, he finally saw a sight that looked both tasty and fun to catch: a serpentine glowfish traveling through the sands of the ocean floor. The Takea could already taste the fish’s juicy flesh!


Deciding the fish deserved a fighting chance, the shark slowly drifted over him and allowed his massive shadow to cover the glowfish. The glowfish simply continued unhurriedly snaking through the sand, taking no notice of the Takea’s presence. How dare that lowly glowfish not try desperately to escape, or at least cower pathetically in fear of the shark’s power? The shark was considering going after more respectful prey – this glowfish obviously did not deserve the honor of quelling the Takea’s hunger – when the glowfish flinched, looked upward, and then darted away. This was more like it. Glowfish are just slow, the shark thought. After all, what swam through the seas that didn’t tense up in utter fear at the very mention of the Takea Shark’s name? He was the king of sharks, nightmare to all gilled and finned things, master of the seas!


The shark was so beside himself with pride that he never considered that the glowfish actually flinched and hastily departed in fear of the new, much larger shadow that fell over the sea floor. The Takea Shark was just about to begin an inevitably thrilling pursuit of the glowfish when a spear lanced out from the new shadow and sliced through the water, piercing the shark’s hide and coming to a stop only as it came out of his stomach.




Kai smiled and hummed a cheerful tune as she pulled the rope out of the water and back onto her boat. When the spear at the end finally came to the surface, she called over her fishing mates as she chucked it to the boat’s floor.


“Check it out, girls! I speared me a Takea!” she exclaimed proudly.


“Nice job!” her friend Amaya said, giving Kai a congratulatory pat on the back.


“I bet he’ll taste great!” Okoth added.

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Okay, I did not expect that ending. I thought the glowfish suddenly turned out to be poisonous or something, so that took a surprising turn. I like reading short stuff like this, which is why I mostly hang around Short Stories quite often. Nice, I thought it was good ^^


And wow, this short story was from 2013 like that was a cool year

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I love Ga-Wahi as anybody else, and the focus on its wildlife was very interesting. The humanising narration gives the story some sort of moral atmosphere, much like a fable, while at the same time foreshadowing the Takea's bitter end. And the Ga-Matoran's enthusiasm is on point with their usual attitude, as if the story had suddenly jolted back into BIONICLE's original narrative style.

Great story.

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