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  1. I'd waste a whole week looking for it. What would you do if rain tasted like orange juice?
  2. Aye, I've rode actual horses at least twice, in camps. Does staring at the horizon make you feel uneasy?
  3. Nope. There's movies you just gotta watch on a TV, in the darkness, with some good food perhaps, to get that sweet bit of extra aesthetic. Is the appearance of food as important as its taste?
  4. OH NOES! The Ninja of Lightning has been bitten, not by a snake, but by a ZOMBIE SNAKE!
  5. IC: Vrokdann - New Atero > the Aquarium "Well, Karz if I don't!" Vrokdann found herself in a strangely good mood. Waveahk didn't eat her excuse, but also didn't ask any further. -All in all, I'd say we did a good job, don't ya think?- "I'll be completely honest girl, I don't remember half of what we did! But yes, I'd say it went well enough." -Now all that's left is... oh right, we're not getting paid.- "Drendakk" knew that well already. What the two of them didn't know, however, was the Stolara's status. Not that they cared much, but since they were back at the base, why not check on it? "Uh, chief, you need me for the grand reveal or can I go check on my ship real quick?"
  6. IC: Vrokdann - Aqua Magna shoreline > the Aquarium "..." Vrokdann was truly at a loss for words. Why did I shoot lasers at his stand? The truth, there's a voice in my head I keep fighting with, wouldn't cut it. -Say something dumb, girl, but answer soon...!- "Okay, but why don't you give me an idea, since it was your fault to begin with?" Vrokdann hoped to be speaking low enough not to cause terrible misunderstandings with her boss. -Uhh, rivalries! Rivalries always cut it!- "Well you see," Vrokdann spoke aloud now. " I saw this... person I'm not exactly on good terms with, We'd agreed that, should we see each other again we'd settle it then and there, once and for all. So I saw them around your stand and my instinct was just, zap that hopeless scrub! I don't even know if I got them, tough luck." -Huh, could've been worse.- She had excused herself now, but she hadn't apologised...
  7. It was filmed at Gotham City. (it's really cheap to film there, since it's not particularly safe...)
  8. IC: Vrokdann - Aqua Magna shoreline "Ah, well..." Vrokdann considered for a second whether carrying the diving bell to the ship instead would be better, but she quickly dropped that suggestion as foolish. Even if she'd chosen otherwise, Waveahk was already far enough to not listen (and disgruntled enough to not care). -So uh... you like the job so far? I ask cuz, let's be honest, he never will.- "It's not near as explosive as I'd have wanted, that's a a fact. And I'm not even getting paid. But overall, I'd say I like it. Keeps us entertained, doesn't it?" -Entertained indeed... look at this junk we're in. it's in terrible shape... I like it!- "Drendakk" seemed to fixate on new things by the hour, usually with destructive intent. "You know if we blew it up he'd just drop us into the water, right? We'd probably make some excellent creature bait." -Yeah, some slow-beam creature bait... Think we'll see that thing ever again? It seemed cool.- "I'd rather not, that was... boring." Vrokdann sensed something approaching. Most likely just the Aquarium, but she'd have her weapon in hand just in case...
  9. ...this is mind-blowing. All these years we thought it was just the one in the ads, but as it turns out, it was incomplete... and the truth is so much better. I don't think I'll ever listen to the old one again. Well it's a party, that's for sure!
  10. I absolutely adore that notebook and now I want one to use as a journal. The nightlights are pretty cool also. Overall, TLG chose a good licensor here.
  11. A MASK HAS FALLEN INTO THE RIVER IN LEGO CITY! QUICK! START THE NEW RESCUE HELICOPTER! Unfortunately for the brave people at Emergency Services that ad is very old, and the rescue helicopter is retired. While they go check what rescue helicopters are currently available, I dive into the river... AND MAKE THE RESCUE. NEW UNCREATIVE REPLY from LIP McK! [mask: mine]
  12. Out comes the Untitled Goose Game LEGO Ideas project, but now it's built on top of Speedorz. In goes a flash drive containing a PowerPoint presentation on the history of flax.
  13. IC: Vrokdann - Aqua Magna shoreline Vrokdann thought she'd bumped into something and got in defence mode. "WHOA! STOP RIGHT... uh." It was, however, just a shovel, handed by her boss. "Uh, what do I use this for?" -For slamming it into an amphibious skull?- "Actually, that sounds like a fine idea..." -Please don't.- She saw the fishfolk in command digging the sand away from a scarred device, scars that seemed strangely appealing... -That's it girl, dig there. See, he's doing it.- So she went and started digging as well, trying not to clang the shovel against the device.
  14. They're... interesting. Exactly that: interesting. I'd never seen Gru without a nose though, I didn't expect it, and now I'm sad because I saw it.
  15. I watched the whole season already, they're not lying when they say it's the best Star Wars in a while. This set's cool but not really on my list. The Child's decent for the format but it definitely misses a good bunch of its charm (plus I still think Rotta's cuter, fight me >:P)... The BrickHeads though, those are just good!
  16. KARDAS DRAGON is idle, and everyone else is asleep. I wake up. It's a mess. It's like the video for Feel Good inc. except rated TV-Y7 and of course made of LEGO elements. What do we do now? ... ... ...I grab a muffin and toss it at KARDAS DRAGON's eyes. Let's get this back on track, dangit.
  17. IC: Vrokdann - Coast of Aqua Magna [the Aquarium] As soon as Vrokdann had finished her aimless angsting, the quarters' door slammed open. It was Waveahk, slightly more upset than usual, with orders to leave. "Huh? Leaving?" surprisingly, she did what an intelligent being would do and started following her 'boss'. "Had he said anything about leaving?" -Don't ask me, you're the one in charge...- "Oh, now I am, aren't I?" -What if we just shut up and follow for a change?! It might be wisest.- "And wise is good for me because...?" -Because otherwise you'll end up imprisoned, if not dead?- Vrokdann was walking as she had this meaningless dialogue. How she didn't bump into anything or anyone speaks lenghts about 'Drendakk''s ability to command her subconsciously...
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