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Okonicle: The Okay Chronicle

Master Inika

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Prologue: Coming of the Toa?


An old canister washes ashore on a beach, surrounded by tall, intimidating mountains covered in snow. A horde of Ussal crabs scuttle up to the canister, inspecting its various divots and mysterious markings. They completely miss the small fine print at the base of the canister that reads, “DISCLAIMER: These Toa are okay knockoffs of the actual Toa of legend. If you accidentally summoned these canisters to your location… no refunds!” It’s probably because Ussal crabs can’t read.


The canister begins to steam. The Ussal crabs quickly rush back, expecting the mechanism to fire the top off and explode into their horde. The steam quickly dissipates, though, and any built up energy inside goes silent. A small puff of smoke emerges, only slightly pushing the top of the canister forward.


A collective groan rushes from the horde. They scamper atop the canister and push against the top, prying it off and into the sand. A pile of parts falls out, and instantly starts constructing itself.


“I have slept for so long. Can’t I just sleep a little longer?” The pile of parts instantly stops constructing itself as the voice ceases. A small snore can be heard amongst the sand.


The Ussal crabs swarm the pile of parts, forming the Toa in seconds. They notice his white torso, hands, weapons, and mask are slightly off-white; looking more yellowish. Curious, they put the Toa’s mask on, expecting a rush of power to energize him and kinda make things happen the way they’re supposed to.


(They don’t.)


The Ussal circle around the Toa as he stands up, awakened. He squints.


“Fine. I am awakened. Now the scattered elements of my being are rejoined. Now I am whole. And the darkness cannot stand before me, Kopaku, Toa of Snowcones,” the Toa says, raising his sword up into the air, which is literally a snowcone. He squints. “Even though I might be a little farsighted.”


Such is the way… of the OKONICLE.


To Be Continued

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"You are an absolute in these uncertain times. Your past is forgotten, and your
future is an empty book. You must find your own destiny, my brave adventurer.
-- Turaga Nokama


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Part I of V: Arrival of the RET


Far from Ko-Wahi, where Turaga Nuju and his villagers were forced to rescue Toa Kopaku from a ravenous horde of Sleet Butterflies and the dreaded colder-than-average touch of their legs, Turaga Vakama and Takua happened upon another mysterious canister, and a new Rejected Element Toa who stood before the sun on the horizon.


“For too long, this island has been shrouded in darkness…” the armored stranger declared as Vakama and Takua watched in reverence. “The time has come for I, Toa Tahi, to return light and warmth to this place!” the newcomer said mightily as he raised his Wax Sword, tipped with a small candle lighting an area roughly one bio in diameter.


“Takua,” Vakama asked in a whisper, leaned over to his villager, “are you sure you used the right stones?”




In Ga-Wahi, another Toa desperately dragged herself onto the shore, gasping for air.


“I didn’t know the seas could be so rough!” Galo, Toa of Dew, cried, looking back at the ocean that gently lapped the coastline in utter terror.




“You can’t be the Toa of Cardboard!” Turaga Onewa raged at Toa Pohati. “See that stone over there? Run and kick it as hard as you can!”


Pohati obeyed, charging to the stone and kicking it with all of his might.


“Yeowza!” he shouted in pain as his foot and the stone—which was really more of a pebble—connected. “You’re crazy, telling me to kick that!”


Onewa sighed deeply. “I didn’t. I meant that one next to it,” he said, pointing to the much larger stone beside it.




Kongu slammed into the swampy ground of Le-Wahi with a hard thud. He looked up to Toa Lewu on a branch between him and the village of Le-Koro and said to him, “Why didn’t you summon-tell the sky-winds to stop my fall? I thought you were the Toa-hero of Air!”


Lewu replied, “Well, you name-called me that, not me. I’m really more of a Toa-hero of Light Breezes. Did you not feel a pleasant-nice upward draft as you plummeted down?” Then, with a gulp, he added, “And, can I climb groundward now? I don’t do well-good with heights.”




In Onu-Koro, one of the Rejected Element Toa had finally encountered a probably they could actually fix. Summoning his powers, Toa Onuu fired a blast of energy at the center of the village of Onu-Koro. When the smoke settled, there now existed where nothing was before a brand-new compost pile.


“Gee, thanks,” Whenua said disinterestedly, leaning on his drill. “Well, our days of worrying about renewable energy are over.”


“Think nothing of it, fair chieftain!” Onuu bellowed. “Now, what is my mission, Turaga? Am I to search the island for my brother and sister Toa and unite with them?”


“Huh?” Whenua asked, having zoned out for a moment. “Oh, um… Yeah, leave the village and go look for the others! Yeah, sure, do that.”


Such is the way… of the OKONICLE.


To Be Continued…

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"You are an absolute in these uncertain times. Your past is forgotten, and your
future is an empty book. You must find your own destiny, my brave adventurer.
-- Turaga Nokama


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Part II of V: Meeting of the RET




Kopaku stumbled to the ground as a cardboard box struck him from above. The box covered his head, confusing Kopaku as he jerked his head around, shrieking. “Oh, snow!! My mask must’ve downgraded more than usual! I think I’ve gone blind!”


Pohati ran slightly fast to Kopaku, who was still hyperventilating, rocking back in forth in a fetal position on the ground. He swiftly took the cardboard box off Kopaku’s head and crushed it into nothing. “Sorry about that. I was practicing. Or, really, just trying to get your attention. Are you okay?”




“I am Pohati, Toa of Cardboard. Here, let me help you up. But only if I get a snowcone afterwards.”


“You’re not getting a snowcone, even if I am Kopaku, the Toa of Snowcones! And I don’t need your help. I’m going to go get the Great Mask of Shielding.”


“Well then, why don’t I help you?” Pohati looked around. “Where is it?”


“Up there.” Kopaku pointed up to the mountain in front of them, rising high in the sky.


Pohati gulped.


“Well, somewhere up there. I can’t exactly see where. I’m a little nearsighted.”




...Narrator. We’re not even in this comedy. Please.


Slightly Up the Mountain…


“I thought you said you had the Mask of Speed!!”


“Kopaku, you didn’t hear me right. I have the Mask of Negligibly Faster Speed. Which means I can go slightly faster.”


“I guess that isn’t fast enough to climb up this mountain without your strength giving out and having us slide down.”


“Hey, Toa of Snowcones. The least you could do is, I don’t know, create ice for us to use as shivs.”


“I can’t do that! I can make slush. But you’re still not getting a snowcone.”




In Ko-Koro…


“Matoro, I don’t think this is going to work out.”


“Neither do I, Turaga Nuju. This is not what we expected AT ALL.”


The two watched from Nuju’s hut as Kopaku and Pohati tried to scale the mountain. Each time, Pohati would sprint up, but quickly fall down. Kopaku hit the mountain, trying to stick his Snowcone Sword in the rock, but the cone only crumpled. After shrugging, Pohati would groan and sprint up again.


After the fifth time, Nuju grabbed his Ice Pick and headed for his door. “Yeah. I’m going to fix this.”


Matoro accompanied Nuju out of Ko-Koro, approaching the mountain that the Toa had been working to scale. “You know, Turaga Nuju, when I mentioned masks and Mata Nui to him, he seemed really lost. Like he had absolutely no idea what we were talking about.”


“I had the same feeling when we rescued him from those harmless butterflies. You’re telling me we waited one thousand years for this?” Turaga Nuju rolled his eyes. “Hey, Kopaku!! Get down here with your friend!”


“Thank goodness,” Pohati muttered, stopping mid-run. Of course, the momentum he had built up reversed as Kopaku and Pohati slipped and slid down the mountain quickly, hitting the ground with a loud KRAMMMMM.


“...so, to make this short, thank you both for your dedicated efforts,” Turaga Nuju paused, sneaking in a wink-wink to Matoro before continuing. “That was… a really, really hard test and you sure did perform. No, your real test is to find the Okay Masks… and unlock your true potential. Hopefully.”


“The Okay Masks?!” Pohati exclaimed. “Well, thank the Okay Beings!! Where are they?”


Matoro facepalmed as Nuju turned the two Rejected Element Toa to the right.


“There...just on the top of that hill. Can you see it, Kopaku?”


After hitting his mask a few times, Kopaku eyed the top of the hill, where he could barely see an off-white Okay Mask of Inconsequentially Increased Endurance. “Wait… I can! I’m going to go get it!”


“You both go get it!” Nuju yelled, pretending to be enthusiastic. The two RET quickly ran to the hill, and Pohati sped up the hill with relative ease. “Wow. And they all said the Turaga were the worst.”


On the Top of the Hill…


“I’ve got it!! Yes!!” Kopaku put the Okay Mask over his Mask of Reading Signs Farther Away Than You Can Usually Read. He immediately felt a short burst of endurance. “Hit me, Pohati.”


Pohati kicked Kopaku, and immediately felt a burst of pain. “YEOWCH!!” he squealed as he tried to grab his foot. Of course, Toa before 2004 couldn’t bend that way, so he just fell to the ground, starting to roll down the other side of the hill.


“No!! Pohati!!” Pointing his Snowcone Sword, Kopaku shot a flurry of slush in front of Pohati, slowing him down. “Wait… it actually works!”


“I can help!!” A pile of compost shot at Pohati, who slowed down even more. He spit out a nearly-decomposed banana peel.


“Me too!” A light breeze pushed Pohati the opposite way, and he finally halted, a few feet from the bottom of the hill. Getting up and wiping slush and compost off of him, Pohati was surrounded by Kopaku, a black Toa, and a green Toa. The two newcomers extended their hands.


“Hello, I am Onuu, Toa of Compost.”


“And I am Lewu, Toa of Light Breezes. What a decent-nice pleasure to meet you.”


Such is the way… of the OKONICLE.


To Be Continued…

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"You are an absolute in these uncertain times. Your past is forgotten, and your
future is an empty book. You must find your own destiny, my brave adventurer.
-- Turaga Nokama


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Part III of V: RET vs. Rahi


The butterflies of Ko-Wahi had returned with a vengeance. Now, they were not only fluttering menacingly around Toa Kopaku’s face, but even trying to land on him! He waved his sword back and forth, trying to fend them back, and suddenly, the butterflies scattered away! Finally, Kopaku seemed to be doing something right.


Or so he thought. Behind him, a Muaka was low to the snowy ground, getting ready to pounce. Just as the great cat attacked the Toa of Snowcones, the Toa looked down by his feet.


“Ooh! A penny!” he said as he bent down to pick it up. The Muaka sailed over him and landed snout-first in the snow, knocking off its Infected Masks.




The Hikaki Dragon Lizards were unfazed by Toa Tahi waving his Wax Sword from side to side. If anything, they were rather intrigued by it, making them less likely the leave him alone.


“Brother!” the voice of Toa Pohati came from above. The Toa of Cardboard jumped from the blackened stone ledge above to land by Tahi’s side. “Alone, our powers are useless, but together, they became almost capable of solving incredibly simple tasks! Watch, summon a stream of Wax!”


Tahi obligated, and as he did Pohati kicked a beaten-down cardboard box into the wax stream, creating a weird Wax-Cardboard mix. The mostly-solid substance failed to hit any of the Hikaki, instead landing a short distance away. Intrigued, the Hikaki left the two Toa to investigate.


“Good thinking, Pohati!” Tahi praised. “Together, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish!”




In Ga-Wahi, Toa Galo and Toa Lewu were about to make the same discovery as a Tarakava neared the village of Ga-Koro.


“We’re under attack!” Turaga Nokama cried as the beast approach. “Every Matoran for herself!”


A flash of blue and a flash of green went by, and the two Toa stood between the village and the monster.


“Worry-fear not, fair water-maidens!” Lewu cried. “We are here to save you!”


“Oh, thank you, my heroes!” Nokama said in an artificial voice with a fake smile. She turned to the Ga-Matoran behind her and said, “We’re doomed.”


Lewu raised his small hatchet while Galo waved her weird one-finger hands around, each summoning their powers. The forces of Dew and Light Breezes came together to influence the weather of the entire area, creating a pleasant atmosphere of a tranquil early morning.


“Mind if I lend a hand?” Toa Onuu’s high-pitched voice squeaked from behind. He raised his dirty fingernails and, as the Tarakava neared the village, blasted a few pieces of trash its way. The Tarakava growled angrily, having before been only slightly agitated.


Turaga Nokama made sure no one was looking, and sent a well-aimed blast of water from between Onuu and Galo. The blast hit the Tarakava’s Infected Mask head-on, knocking it into the water. Confused and frightened, the creature returned below the waves and vanished.


“Well done, heroes!” Nokama praised. “Now, continue the search for the Okay Masks! Last I heard, um, there were a whole bunch of them in Le-Wahi!”


“But Turaga, that’s all the way down south!” Galo protested.


“Exactly!” Nokama cried. “I-I mean, um, that’s just where they are! Down at the southernmost point of the island. Hurry!”


Such is the way… of the OKONICLE.


To Be Continued…

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"You are an absolute in these uncertain times. Your past is forgotten, and your
future is an empty book. You must find your own destiny, my brave adventurer.
-- Turaga Nokama


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Part IV of V: The RET Search Party


In Mangaia…


The evil Makuta ascended the tunnels quickly. He had heard tremors above the passages leading down to his main chamber, and feared that the coming of the Toa had finally occurred. As he emerged outside Kini-Nui, he expected for the Toa to be marching towards the Mangai Volcano, determined to bring an end to his reign.


Makuta looked around and saw no threat at all. The volcano seemed just as desolate as it had for years. He breathed a sigh of relief, turning back to the entrance to Mangaia.


Makuta breathed in and choked as he noticed a foul smell, not unlike rotting Madu fruit and Kane-Ra manure, emanating from the air. Glancing quickly, he darted around to the other side of Kini-Nui, making sure to stay stealthy as he peeked out from behind a pillar.


Hundreds of feet below him, he saw a ground littered with mounds of Compost, which were being blown by Light Breezes to create a pathway heading into the dense forest of Le-Wahi. A Toa covered in matte black armor trudged through the Compost into the forest, while a neon green Toa jumped a few inches more than normal above the ground to avoid getting his feet dirty. A baby blue Toa sprinkled Dew onto the Compost, letting it moisten and sink into the ground, following the Toa shortly after.


Makuta couldn’t contain his laughter, and fell out behind the pillar rolling on the floor, howling. He hadn’t seen anything so lackluster since the designs for the Toa Hordika during the Visorak invasion of Metru Nui.


It was then he realized—there was no way he could ever bring himself to defeat those Toa.




“Welp. That’s a lot of water.” Galo gazed down into the lake, where she saw a baby blue mask sitting at the bottom.


“So? Just attempt-try to dive down and get it.” Lewu chuckled. “You’re a Toa of Dew. Water shouldn’t be a dilemma-problem for you. Just dew it.”


Galo rolled her eyes. “Fine,” she muttered. “I’ll do it.” She dove into the water, attempting to curl her body into a ball so she could sink to the bottom. Panicking, she rose to the top and started screaming. “HELP ME!! I CAN’T SWIM!!”


Lewu snickered, pointing his hatchet at Galo, who was struggling to stay afloat. She levitated a few inches above, allowing Onuu to shoot a few rotting pieces of wood into the lake before Galo tipped into the water again.


“Wow, who taught you how to swim?” As Galo found her way to the shore, a new Toa had joined them, this one donning a reddish-salmon colored mask and armor. He had five Okay Masks in his possession, with a limping Toa behind him carrying four. Tahi extended his hand. “I’m Tahi, Toa of Wax.”


Galo stood up, completely ignoring his salutation. “Look, guys, the Mask of Holding Your Breath For 10 Seconds Longer Than Normal isn’t really suited for deep dives. Onuu, I think you should get the mask for me.”


“Woah, woah, woah!!” Onuu stepped back, crossing his freakishly long nails in disagreement. “I do not accept. I’m the trashman!! You can’t just throw out the trashman!”


“Now, maybe if you’ll listen to me. I think I have a better solution.” Raising his Wax Sword over Galo, Tahi coated the Toa of Dew in hot wax, and she shrieked as the wax scorched her, and quickly began to solidify.


“What do you think I am, a talking candle?!”


“Pohati. Get me a cardboard box.”


“On it.” Spreading his hands outward, Pohati produced a blank brown cardboard box out of nowhere, and Tahi promptly grabbed the box and tossed it onto Galo.


“Brace yourself.” Motioning for the other Toa to help him, Galo was slowly guided into the lake, where she sunk to retrieve the mask at the bottom. Because the cardboard box still held air, Galo did not lose her breath and was protected from the harmlessly dangerous Rahi algae in the water, where the wax served as protection. As she rose up, she took off the cardboard box, wiped off the wax, and took Tahi’s hand, shaking it as he helped her up.


“Eyyy! We’re a team now! Snowcones?” Kopaku held a tray of snowcones out as he ran out of the surrounding fauna. Unsurprisingly, the tray was emptied in seconds.




“Okay, so I, Tahi, have five of my Okay Masks.” Tahi arranged them on the ground, taking his mask off. Seconds later, his head sunk into his chest, and the Toa fell unconscious, snoring.


“...should we wake him up?” Onuu suggested.


“Nah, we should let him suffer,” said Galo, shifting away from Tahi in the circle the Toa were sitting in. “He did cover me in wax, after all.”


“Well, shouldn’t you know how to swim?” Pohati jested.


“Shouldn’t you be able to run?” Kopaku retorted.


“This went way too long distance-far,” Lewu muttered. He stood up, and quickly departed the circle, avoiding the building argument.




Lewu emerged a few minutes later in a clearing, where a bright ray of sun shone through. Laying on the ground were all of the remaining Okay Masks the Toa needed. He jumped a few feet higher than normal in excitement. “Guys!! It’s a coincidence-miracle! Come here!”


A few moments later, Galo, Kopaku, Pohati, and Onuu could be seen in the distance. Lewu glared at Galo, who groaned and turned back to awaken Tahi and bring him. Soon, all six Toa had made it, and swiftly collected all of their masks, celebrating with each other once again.


“You mind-think they’ll notice?” Turaga Matau whispered, dozens of feet up, perched on a branch of a tall tree.


“No, they’re too clueless to figure out,” Turaga Onewa answered, perched on the branch of a neighboring tree.


“Let’s just let them enjoy their moment while they have it.” Turaga Vakama, carefully balanced on another branch.


Such is the way...of the OKONICLE.


To Be Continued…

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"You are an absolute in these uncertain times. Your past is forgotten, and your
future is an empty book. You must find your own destiny, my brave adventurer.
-- Turaga Nokama


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Part V of V: Battle Against the Makutu


The six Rejected Element Toa braced themselves for an epic confrontation as they walked through the dark tunnel. The clash of power between them and Makuta would be awe-inspiring, they knew, even more so than their glorious victory over the fearsome sloths of Le-Wahi or the dangerously tight hug of the baby Brakas.


A sound reverberated in the distance. The Toa all stopped walking and lifted up their weapons. Out of the shadows walked… themselves!


Six more Toa stood opposite our heroes, exactly mirroring their masks, armor, and weapons. The only difference was the marginally yet unmistakably darker hue they wore.


“We are the Slightly Darker Toa!” the new team’s Tahi declared. “Your journey ends here, Rejected Element Toa!”


All twelve Toa prepared themselves for the fight. Slightly Darker Galo struck first, unleashing a few droplets of Dew at her normally-colored self. Galo barely dodged in time, and one drop still touched her arm.


“No! Get it off!” she cried in fear.


Slightly Darker Pohati moved against his counterpart next, trapping Pohati in a cardboard box. Slightly Darker Kopaku surrounded Kopaku in a perilous circle of yellow snowcones. Lewu found himself knocked to the ground by one of Slightly Darker Lewu’s Light Breezes. And Onuu was pinned under a few pieces of Compost.


Only Tahi stood to face the six evil Toa now. He raised his Wax Sword, aimed it carefully against his evil counterpart, and fired a blast of Wax… that hit Slightly Darker Pohati!


“Ah! It’s so sticky and unpleasant! I hate the feeling of wax!” the evil Pohati cried out.


“Brilliant, Tahi!” Galo praised. “We can defeat these enemies if we fight each other’s counterparts!”


“Huh?” Tahi replied, wondering why his aim was so improbably off. “Oh, right! Since that was my plan all along!”


The other five Rejected Element Toa gathered every bit of their strength and broke free of their prisons. Pohati trapped Slightly Darker Tahi in a Cardboard jail, Galo created a torrent of Dew over Slightly Darker Kopaku, melting his Slightly Darker Snowcones, Onuu brought down a few bits of Compost upon Slightly Darker Lewu, Kopaku made Slightly Darker Galo shiver with a few well-placed Snowcones, and Lewu’s Light Breezes were the end of Slightly Darker Onuu (well, since Onuu is already slightly dark, it suffices to call his counterpart Considerably Darker Onuu).


“We have succeeded!” Tahi roared.


“Not yet, feeble Toa!” a dark voice came from all around them, followed by the sound of someone wheezing on an inhaler.


“This must be the Makuta,” Onuu said.


“No, I’m not Makuta! Why does everybody always assume I’m him?” the voice rumbled in a whiny voice as their true enemy entered into view. He was the worst MOC any of them had ever seen, with a hunched-over body shape and wearing a mishmash of dark red, blue, and green. There was even a Mata red Bohrok arm used in his neck design! The only sign he was actually supposed to be related to Makuta was the use of the Infected Hau. “I am Makutu, the Master of Shade!”


“The Turaga told us no tales of any Master of Shade!” Galo cried.


Taking another wheeze from his inhaler, Makutu said, “I will admit, I am not as awesomely powerful as my two older brothers, so the Great Beings didn’t mention me as often. But all that will change when I slay six Rejected Element Toa! Will that be good enough for you, Mom? WILL IT?!”


“Toa, use the Okay Masks!” Tahi reminded, himself summoning the power of his Okay Miru. As he rose up, a hand of Shade came down on Tahi, slamming him hard against the floor. Kopaku tried to use the Okay Kakama, but was quickly overtaken by the Shade hand and smacked around similarly. Onuu tried to protect himself with an Okay Hau, but the Shade hand easily penetrated it and sent him flying across the room.


“New plan!” Tahi cried out desperately. “These Okay Masks are just… okay! We must combine our Okay Elemental Powers to truly defeat this pathetic menace!”


The Okay Toa took their places around Makutu and each summoned his or her power. Wax and Dew, Cardboard and Snowcones, Light Breezes and Compost, all six met one another on the Makutu.


“You cannot defeat me…” the Makutu said ominously, “for you are Nothing.”


Makutu vanished in a puff of purple smoke.


“He’s gone!” Kopaku cried. “Oh, there he is,” Kopaku added, pointed to Makutu running down the corridor, looking fearfully over his shoulder.


The Rejected Element Toa were engulfed in light and somehow brought back up to Kini-Nui. They congratulated themselves on such a stunning victory. But all of them intuitively knew their mediocre beginning was not over. No, it had just begun.


Such is the way...of the OKONICLE.


To Be Concluded in the Epilogue…

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"You are an absolute in these uncertain times. Your past is forgotten, and your
future is an empty book. You must find your own destiny, my brave adventurer.
-- Turaga Nokama


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Epilogue: A New Beginning


In Kini-Nui…




“Turaga Vakama?” Takua hurried up to the Suva, where Vakama stood, hunched over the Kini-Nui. “Is everything okay? Did you throw out your back again?”


Vakama snuffed, rolling his eyes as he turned around. “Just because I’m a Turaga doesn’t mean I’m old. In fact, you’re probably older than me.”


“How could that be possible? I’m small!”


Vakama looked up at Takua. “And I’m small too. No, it’s because you’re an Av--I mean, abnormal specimen.”


“Well, I can’t particularly argue that.”


“Not to mention you summoned the wrong Toa. With rocks.”


“Wait, what?” Takua walked up to the Kini-Nui, where he had placed the stones up to summon the Toa. Six oval-shaped stones with special markings sat upon their pedestals. “They’re the Toa Stones. Of course they’re rocks.”


“No, Takua. They’re literal rocks.” Vakama removed Tahi’s stone from its place, and, reaching into his bag, pulled out another stone, which radiated with heat and shone scarlet. “Look. The one you picked was literally painted red.”


Takua took the stone, scraping it against the ground. As the red paint flaked off, Takua noticed the gray color underneath start to show. Frustrated, Takua hurled the stone to the ground, where it shattered.


“Frankly. I’m not entirely mad,” Vakama said, handing off the real Toa Stone to Takua. “It was a humorous experience, at the very least.”


Takua didn’t answer as he put the real Toa Stone upon the Fire Pedestal. The stone flashed red as it shot a laser beam directly outwards and towards the ocean. “It was okay.”


Vakama set the bag down carefully, took his staff, and motioned for Takua to finish the rest. As he departed from the Kini-Nui, he muttered under his breath, “What a fool. I hope he forgets this ever happened.”


In the Tunnels of Mangaia…


“So, is that it?” asked Kopaku. “What do we do now that we’ve defeated Makutu?”


“Well, technically we didn’t defeat Makutu. He just conceded and sprinted away in horror,” Galo retorted.


“He still gave up. We were too strong for him.” Tahi brandished his Wax Sword, molding the warm wax into a sharp point. “Now we bask in victory.”


“Do you think we’ll get a victory tour?” Onuu asked, digging his dirty fingernails into the door leading out from Mangaia. After a few huffs and wheezes, he was able to open the door a crack, just enough so the RET could slide through.


Lewu scoffed. “What do you really comprehend-think? Of course we will!” Sliding through the door, he emerged in front of the Suva. “Look! They even bedazzled-decorated our Toa Stones for us! Such glow. Much Adobe-flash.”


Kopaku looked skeptical, as he focused his Okay Akaku at the stones. He couldn’t exactly identify what the stones were, but they didn’t really look the same as the ones they had seen before entering Mangaia. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a small blue-masked being escape towards Ta-Wahi. “...Interesting.”


“What, you don’t believe we deserve this? My feet went through a lot of pain the past few days!” Pohati grumbled, limping to the Suva.


“No, I totally think we do! But only if we can all actually walk there.”


“Enough bickering.” Tahi motioned for all of the RET to get into a circle. They promptly formed an oval, and Tahi stood in the middle as the other RET put their arms over their shoulders, swaying back and forth. “We have just won our first battle. And let Makutu tremble this day. We stand together, and we will not rest until…”


“Until what?”


“Galo, give me a minute. I don’t exactly remember if the Turaga told us what our destinies were. But whatever they are, we will not rest until we fulfill them!!!” Tahi pumped his hand up in excitement as the other RET followed suit, and a mini-celebration ensued. If you weren’t with them, you would’ve probably thought it was the lamest thing ever, second only to a chemistry lab where the teacher demonstrated different types of mixtures by playing with Barbie dolls.


After a few minutes, the RET settled down, and an awkward moment of silence followed. A minute later, Tahi shrugged. “I mean, considering we don’t know what our destinies are yet, we can probably just rest. Let’s go home.”


On Ko-Wahi Beach...


A canister washes ashore a beach, surrounded by tall, intimidating mountains covered in snow. A horde of Ussal crabs scuttle up to the canister, inspecting its various divots and mysterious markings. Suddenly, the canister begins to steam. The Ussal crabs disregard the steam, not expecting the mechanism to fire the top off and explode into their horde, because the last one didn’t. The steam quickly explodes, though, and any built up energy inside expels the top of the canister into the mainland. A large puff of smoke emerges, along with an arrangement of parts that automatically starts constructing itself.


Kopaku screeches as the lid of the canister ricochets off the sand and into him, knocking him to the sand as he enters the beach. He had planned to meditate here, since it was low and he did not have to worry about climbing any slippery mountains.


Well, he was right in that sense.   


The Ussal crabs, meaning, the ones that weren’t brutally massacred by the Toa Canister, quickly scuttle away from the auto-constructing being in fear. They notice his white torso, hands, weapons and mask are as white as the snowcaps of the region. As the Toa’s mask is put on, a rush of power energizes him and things happen the way they’re supposed to.


The Ussal circle around the Toa as he stands up, awakened. His eyes are wide open.


“I am awakened. Now the scattered elements of my being are rejoined. Now I am whole. And the darkness cannot stand before me, Kopaka, Toa of Ice,” the Toa says, raising his sword up into the air.


Kopaku squints. “Wait...he looks just like me. This is not okay.”


As Kopaka walks towards the mainland, Kopaku eyes his canister, which is a little ways down the shore. Standing up, he hurries towards it as Matoro meets Kopaka on the beach, giving him a really long hug.


In Aqua Magna…

“Look guys, there’s no need to be discouraged. We’re better than whoever they are,” Onuu assured the RET. The entire team was all floating some distance away from Mata Nui in their Toa Canisters, after the coming of the Toa...the real Toa.


Tahi nodded. “I agree. This is only the beginning.”


Galo watched as a large tidal wave approached the RET. “No, actually, this is the end.”


The End.

"You are an absolute in these uncertain times. Your past is forgotten, and your
future is an empty book. You must find your own destiny, my brave adventurer.
-- Turaga Nokama


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