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If things go as original planned or continued...

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Hi, guys. You know, Bionicle has a lot of cancelled ideas about some stuff, like the cancelled The Legend of Mata Nui video game and the cancelled fifth and sixth Bionicle movies, and the G1 story is not finished. Would you imagine if they never got cancelled, would things be better than it is now? Here are my thoughts: 

1. If The Legend of Mata Nui wasn't cancelled or incomplete, it would be a well-functioning game, and it would have a sequel that is based on the 2002 storyline 

2. If the fifth and sixth movies weren't cancelled and the G1 story continued along with them, we would see more of Bara Magna and Both Magna 

3. If the G1 story would be continued and have a continued, we would be very satisfied rather than suffering depression 

4. If the sequel to Bionicle: The Game in 2003 wasn't happened, that would be interesting. 

5. If Bionicle: The Game would have all the Toa be even with each (like having 13 levels rather than 8 in the console versions), it would have been more fun being than being limited and cheap. 

6. If Toa Nidhiki and Toa Dume come out as sets, that would be interesting. 

7. If G2 continued, the defeat of Makuta wouldn't happen too soon, and we would have gotten a Makuta set and the Mask of Ultimate Power piece (maybe two if you think about gold and black colors. 

8. If Bionicle sets would have sold well in the 2010s, Hero Factory could be welcomed to be a part of Bionicle's universe 


So, yeah. It's depressing when you think about them, but go ahead and talk about them.

I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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