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The Origin Of Kirop


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Posted Jan 30 2012 - 09:38 PM

The Origin of Kirop: Chapter 1: Disaster of Destiny

by chuck the toa of crazyness

It is said that when a decision is made, an action done, or even something as simple as turning left or right, then an alternate dimension is born, where the opposite came to pass. The consequences of this can be devastating to this new universe, as Takanuva found out when he saw the results of Tuyet’s plan succeeding, and when Matoro failed to save the universe. But what would change in this place was so simple; no one would have thought it would change anything. Vamprah looked up. Vamprah had just finished hunting matoran, his favorite hobby, when he went over to join the other Makuta. He decided to take a shortcut though the waterfall. While he was flying, he pondered how amazing it was that after nearly 1000 years, karda nui had not flooded from this fall. He looked up at the gap, when he noticed it was no longer there. Then, he noticed a white figure falling rapidly, growing brighter every second. Vamprah immediately power dived for the other Makuta while shielding his eyes. Chirox and Antroz noticed this quickly, it is not every day you see a Makuta fleeing, and quickly shielded their eyes from what would happen next. Later, as Antroz sat in his lair, he contemplated the event. If it had not been for Vamprah’s warning, he and Chirox would probably have been blinded. Teridax had said that the mask would arrive and bring mata-nui back, but had not said how much power would be unleashed in the process. Teridax had said that the toa would need the mask to awaken the universe, with himself in control, but at the same time put his fellow Makuta in karda-nui to eliminate the toa afterwards. Antroz suddenly realized something. That blast would have blinded them if not for pure luck. What else had Teridax not told them? And this mask, what power! It was able to bring the great spirit back to life for starters. Antroz made up his mind. If the plan was to continue, Teridax would gain ultimate power, but why would any Makuta give the fruits of victory to their “allies”. No, Antroz thought as he rose from his throne, he would not let this plan succeed. He would rule the universe, and no one, not even Teridax, could stop him. Antroz slowly flew down into the swamp, all senses on alert. He could not let any of the other Makuta know what he was about to do, especially Gorast. She had quite a nasty temper about traitors. He hovered over a lake, the spot the waterfall had been, puzzling a way to get it, without touching the nasty water. Bitil had told him about its danger. Antroz slowly moved the water away with his mind, and then carefully picked the mask up using two sticks. He gently set it on a small inlet. He knew about the mask, it would curse any who touched it, but the mask was sentient, and would decide the curses, and quickly an idea occurred to Antroz. He hurled a mental blast at the mask, and then plunged his mind into the mask. The mask was in agony. The mental blast had hurt it far more than any physical blow had, and Antroz took advantage. He hurled blast after blast, until finally rendering the mask’s mind to pieces. He picked the mask up. Nothing happened. Eyes filled with triumph, Antroz took off his mask of corruption, and put on the mask of life… Chirox paused. All around him, the core of the universe had dimmed. He quickly calculated the possible reasons and realized there was only one explanation. They had been betrayed. He exited his base, and headed for the swamp. Antroz reveled in his new found power. He could control the plants of the swamp, use the mask’s energy to supplement his own, and suck the life out of anything he looked at. He was toying with the idea of bringing a stalactite to life, when he noticed Chirox’s approach. “Ah, Chirox, my old friend,” sighed Antroz. He flicked his hand in Chirox’s direction, and suddenly, light vines sprouted from midair, and entwined themselves around him. Chirox struggled to free himself, but the light had sapped his strength. “You will never get away with this! You are a traitor to the brotherhood of Makuta, and have defied the plan!” Chirox yelled. Antroz laughed. “We have a great deal to discuss about that. Now come with me while I find our silent friend.” Chirox observed the situation. He and Vamprah were bound to the wall by light vines, while Antroz stood in front of them, with Kirop and Gavla behind him. He had been in many difficult situations before, but he could not figure a way out of this one. “Now then,” Antroz said, is a matter of fact voice, “you two have been working under the plan of Makuta Teridax for thousands of years, but only now have I realized what a grand mistake this is.” “If you had just stuck to the plan,” protested Chirox, “eternal power would be ours!” “Or would it be? Who would control of the universe? Teridax. And you actually believe he would give us a share of the power? Chirox thought about this carefully. All Makuta were power hungry, it was true, but Teridax had followed his plan perfectly so far, who was to say he would break his promise the other Makuta? “So,” Antroz explained, “you have two choices. Join me, and together we shall conquer the universe by power alone, or you can be my enemy. Your choice.” “Never. I will never help a traitor to the brotherhood.” Antroz smiled. “I knew you would never join me, but I have two assistants who will.” Gavla and Kirop came forward. “These two have sworn their allegiance to me. But the problem is that they are willing, but weak. You two are unrelenting, but have the power I need.” Antroz’s eyes began to glow. “You have the power. They have the mind.” Chirox and Vamprah were bathed in red light. Chirox faded into unconsciousness. When Chirox awoke, he thought he had gone mad. Why else would he be looking at himself, hanging on the wall? He watched Antroz step forward, and banish the light vine. The two beings dropped to the floor. Chirox looked down and saw his feet. Those were not his feet. He quickly looked at his arms. He had become a matoran. Somehow, he realized, Antroz had swapped Kirop’s mind with Chirox’s! He decided to try and sneak away before Antroz noticed, but Antroz turned around just then. Chirox quickly tried to teleport away, but found his powers had left him too. “So, now what will we do with those two?” asked Kirop. Antroz thought for a moment. “Amuse yourselves,” he casually said as he left. “Do what you will. I don’t fear you,” Said a resolved Chirox. Kirop smiled, than advanced on Chirox.

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