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  1. Kyro Everyone has that one character. Maybe they are a little OP. Maybe they are a little silly. But they are yours. Ever since I first created him back in 2008, he has continually evolved over the years. He is the character I have rebuilt and refined the most over they years. Shall we take a trip down memory lane? Kyro of days gone by The oldest version of Kyro I could find, this is a video from 2009, back when he was still named Kirop and had a bizarre cat-in-the-hat posse of smaller minions. I was apparently color-blind back then. Oh god, don't click this one Did you know I made sprite comics back in the day? Yeah, he was in those. Kyro, circa 2014 My skills are certainly improving, but the color scheme is still a mess. At least I dropped the lime green. This Newest Kyro (Album) While there are plenty of other iterations I could share, I am exceptionally proud of this newest version. This version has many of his techniques inspired by the style I've been developing in my digital MOCs.
  2. Flickr Album While not as intelligent as other social Rahi, the Nui-Jaga come in a variety of colors, using their abilities to help each other survive and find food. Generally, each colony of Nui-Jaga is led by a Yellow, with 1-3 of each of the other colors. What timing huh? I was planning to start on my re-imagined Nui-Jaga right when the challenge was announced. I was originally planning to make Blue, Purple, and Yellow variants, but I figured, why not do the whole rainbow?
  3. Yeah, I probably should have clarified. The incident report is part of the Re-Imagining of the story-line I'm working on. Glad to hear you like it though!
  4. The Kanohi Dragon Incident Report
  5. Disregard previous status.

  6. My entry for the Makuta Contest. Rebrick when public Flickr
  7. Not my cup of tea, but the sets certainly look pretty good if you are a fan. The minifigs seem really ugly though. The characters were a heck of a lot cuter without limbs.
  8. Wow! These are awesome! Don't have time to put in depth thoughts right now, but I did notice something odd. If any of you are technic fans, correct me, but in 2016, are they changing the color of 3 length axles to yellow??? Red and blue pins can be annoying enough, but yellow 3 axles???
  9. Actually, we did. The Kanohi Nuva/Krana-kal packs could also contain silver versions of the nuva masks, representing the power drained version. I have a silver kanohi miru.
  10. We unfortunately won't be getting animations again. Instead we are getting a netflix series, which, as far as we know, will be 3D animated.
  11. You are very subtle. Considering that Tahu got a pheonix, I' kinda dissapointed that the other toa won't be getting similerly mythical creatures, like a yeti for Kopaka, or a sea serpent for Gali, or a treant for Lewa.
  12. I offer to trade nescent one of my protectors of stone for a protector of earth. I search for skull grinder, Ekimu, and Loss
  13. I almost feel like this is symbolic of how Lego has been treating Bionicle this year. Too mean?
  14. I accept Rylinth's offer and search for LOSS, Skull slicer, and Skull basher
  15. I personally loved it. It was a great cliffhanger. Although, there is a plot point that seems to have been forgotten, or dropped. Back when Imber and Mieli were fighting Anguis, something odd happened that allowed them to amplify and unite their powers to create a massive whirlpool able to break the borer's arm. It seemed to be a Novus exclusive ability. Was is forgotten, or is it going to play a role later?
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