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The Lego Wars

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Posted Feb 22 2012 - 09:09 PM

Hey everyone! This is a story that has evolved over the years into a story I think is much better than my original version, and the one from the old forums. This is a lego story, though it may seem a little more-so not at the moment. The chapters will be updated from time to time, but do remember I have school and many other things on my plate, so please don't get mad if I don't update extremely often.Here is the prologue to the story, so enjoy!

The Lego Wars

10 years before current time:

Daniel Leonard Stratton stared hard at the white tiled floor of the waiting room. Waiting wasn't a favorite of his already, but being here for several hours was torture. Finally willing to look up at the clock, he found only 10 or so minutes had passed.For the first time in his life, he wished he was at a desk, so he could slam his face into it in frustration. Even mere hours ago, he would have given anything to be out of his school, even here, in this hospital waiting room. Now, even his geography class would prove more stimulating.Not that he was ungrateful to be here, it was indeed rather important. The call he received had said there was an accident, and his parents were involved. Nothing, even the sheer boredom of being here, was enough to keep away from his parents in need.And that's how he ended up here. Even for a teenager, Daniel, or Lenny, as he preferred, was completely out of place here. His arrangement of black and grey clothing made him stand out a mile in the bleached white room. His black, mop-top hair made him seem more like a hooligan than a smart, young man, waiting desperately for news from the operating rooms. The nurse attending to him had said to wait for a moment, as she would be back, but for all he cared, that was several year ago. Why was she making him wait so long?The wait was making fear seep slowly into his heart. Fear of all the bad that could happen. Life was just a whole plain of variables, waiting to make his life harder. His sullen mind wondered around on that thought until a voice piecered the silence:"Daniel?" a soft, female voice called from the corner.He immediately looked up. A girl, well, a woman, he decided, brown haired and white-uniformed - definitely a nurse, maybe an intern, awaited his response. Even in his anxious mood, he didn't fail to notice she was a very fine looking girl of his own age. She made a small notion for him to follow, so he left his seat, a bundle of flowers clutched in his gloved hands.The nurse led him around a corner, and into an office. The fear he had been trying to cap flowed instantly into his heart. Something must have gone wrong if they weren't leading him to the room where his parents should be waiting, injured, bandaged, but most certainly alive.The nurse took her seat behind a desk, and Lenny took the one facing her. She took out her clipboard, and began."Daniel... Danny, Dan... what do people usually call you?" she asked tentivally, trying to be friendly."Lenny" he responded, not really caring for the formalities. When she gave him a questionative look, he continued. "It's my middle name; I always liked it better than Daniel."She smiled at him "Okay then, Lenny, we've got some... bad news..." she trailed off, the smile vanishing from her face.His heart sunk at the words. His worst fear alive, realizing he was alone in this world, he uttered only one sentence."They... they didn't make it then, did they?"The nurses gaze became rather much one of sadness, watching him piece it all together. If watching Lenny was depressing, she tried not to think of the rush of emotions he must have been feeling at the moment. Trying to think of some sort of explanation, she began again,"Lenny, hun, the chances of surviving multiple shots to the body isn't the best, but that with shots to the head makes the chances..." she stopped, realizing she had done nothing but make it worse. She had never been the best at explaining things, she thought.If this made Lenny even worse, he didn't show it. She had expected tears from him, at the least, but instead, she was met with the seemingly calm reaction of a teenage boy - bottled up emotions. Breaking the silence and changing the subject, he asked her a question:"What's your name?'Taking her completely by surprise, she replied rather shyly "J-Janet... why?"Again, and almost completely out of character, Lenny gave her a smile he usually reserved for girls, which she actually giggled at a bit. After a moment of rather awkwardly looking at each other, she continued."Your parents did leave a will behind" This got his attention, and with him listening in mild interest, she brought out the copy she was given and began reading."It seems they've left you with quite a sum of money, as well as the house and car... a silver lining, huh?" she told him, and he nodded in agreement."What about my sister?" Lenny asked. Janet looked surprised, not really knowing the answer to his question."How old is she?" she asked, trying to be helpful. Her fears were confirmed when he answered she was at the young age of six. Again, she quieted, and the conversation stopped.Finally bringing out the last paper, she began again."We'll have people check on you in the morning, make sure you go to school, keep you out of trouble, okay?"Lenny gave a sigh at the mention of school, but Janet dismissed it. Seeing this as the end of the conversation, Lenny got up to leave, which prompted her to speak once more,"and Lenny?" she askedLenny, half-way to the door, stopped and looked back at her."Stay out of trouble, okay?" she asked, her voice sounding a bit less official, to which Lenny shot back another smile. The smile quickly faded though, as he returned to the desk and placed the bouquet he had been carrying the entire time."These were for them." he said solemnly.So, hopefully not too bad, if you enjoyed it, please respond in the review topic! Thanks!

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