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A Forgotten Bohrok-Kal's Ramblings Chapter That Explains Stuff

Comedy Expo

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#1 Offline Phovos

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Posted Oct 17 2012 - 04:28 AM

Vhat ze he...Hey, no swearin', doc! Ya forgot, we're on BZPower. We ain't in Texas any more. Or Teufort. Or...Or in zhat stuuuupid story zhat Phovos ze Raptor is writing?Well, er, heck yeah! Ain't that a good thin', partner?Nein. I liked being in zhat story.Wha' happened then? One minute, we're in the story, the next, we ain't!Hahaha! I have NO IDEA!That's... That's slightly creepy, doc.I am surprized zhat you are not used to it by now...Well, maybe I can explain a few things?Sure, why not, ya dumb, crazy Raptor!That is NOT very nice!Who ze flip are you?The name's Elkay. And I'm a master of creating portals between universes so we have dumb crossovers like this. I'm the one who created the portal that dumped you into the Bohrok-Kal's Ramblings Universe. Again vith ze acronyms! Vhat is it vith you and ze acronyms? Acronyms everyvhere!Phovos just likes acronyms. Anyway, I kinda messed up with that bunch of portal making. I accidentally brought two lots of Bohrok-Kal together. The almost-canon Bohrok-Kal from the Bionicle universe and the not-canon-and-actually-rather-organic Bohrok-Kal from the Phoviverse!It's not really called the Phoviverse... And I swear this green is different from the one above...Are you going to let me finish?Nope. It's my comedy.But you ASKED me to explain these things!No, I didn't! If you look up there, it clearly says "Well, maybe I can explain a few things?" in my green text! I said it, not you! You just burst in and interrupted me.Ah think that darn ol'Raptor is right, son. She did say tha' first!See, Mister Conagher agrees with me!Call me Dell, Phovos. Mr Conagher's mai father's name!Oh, okay. Dell agrees with me then.You know vhat? I don't really care...Aw, what's wrong, doc? Gettin' bored?Ja. It's been too long since I stuck needles into someone...That really isn't nice...Well, since you butted in, Elkay, you stupid, fat, squeaky-voices, short, plump, crunchy little creature, why don't you finish?Why does everyone want to insult me?You're talking to a Raptor and two mercenaries. What did you expect? Roses and chocolate?Erm... Yes, actually...Tough luck.FINE! YOU FINISH THEN!I was waiting for you to say that.I'm gonna go cry in this corner...Boo hoo, cry baby threan. Anyway, as the stupid Threavok (because that's what he is... Google it if you don't know) was saying, basically, I brought two sets of Bohrok-Kal together. Everything was fine and dandy, but after a while, I started to lose track of who was who. Worse, the two sets of Bohrok-Kal started arguing with one another. Just little arguments at first, but suddenly it turned into a full scale war.Ain't no surprise there...Well, I had to do something, so I sent the non-canon Bohrok-Kal back home before they killed one another. I hired Elkay to create a bunch of portals and send everyone home.Aw, you should have left ze dummkopfe. It vould have made for great entertainment...But I didn't want to. So... Let me get this straight, gal. This's just some big excuse t'streamline your stupid comedy?Aw.Erm, yeah.Y'know, this really sucks as a forgotten chapter.I know, but I wasn't sure what to write...You should be asssshaaaaaamed of yourself, Phovos...*sniff* I am... *sniff*

Edited by Phovos the Raptor, Oct 17 2012 - 04:29 AM.

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