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The Chronicles

Bionicle Epics

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#1 Offline sonyaxe

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Posted Nov 25 2012 - 11:24 PM

Okay this is[color=#0000FF;][font="georgia, serif;"]The Chronicles[/color][/font](No, not the Chronicles of Narnia)It is a story of me and friends who... you will have to see for yourselves, actually. I’m not giving the story away in the title page.Oh well, here is the review topic link.[font="georgia, serif;"][color=#000000;]http://www.bzpower.c...?showtopic=7733[/color][/font][font="georgia, serif;"][color=#000000;]_________________________________________________________________________________________________________[/color][/font][font="georgia, serif;"][color=#000000;]Chapter One. [/color][color=#000000;]I was running, surrounded by flames and destruction. Shouted voices washed over me, but none of them made sense. There were explosions, rubble, and flashes of steel. Then, something happened that almost drove me to despair. A building fell in front of me. I yelled with primal rage, and dove, trying to slide under the building that had fallen in front of me. I slowly turned to see what had been chasing me. It was Makuta. He grinned evily, then his mask glowed. I was suddenly confronted by my worst fear... a horde of zombies! I was backed against a wall, so when they shambled toward me, there was no where to run. Grasping hands reached out to rip off hunks of flesh...[/color][color=#000000;]I sat bolt upright in bed, smacking my head on the low ceiling. I shook my head to clear it, and tried to make sense of that strange, yet amazing, nightmare/dream. It had been inredibly detailed, vivid, and utterly terrifying.[/color][/font]It had been a year since I had last looked at anything related to Bionicles at all. It didn't make sense that Makuta had been in my dream. I had'nt even touched a bionicle for years.[font="georgia, serif;"][color=#000000;]Later that day, everyone at school was buzzing with excitement. Summer vacation was only a week away. Then my friend, Jason came up to me. He looked haggard, as if he hadn’t slept well. I knew I looked just like that too.[/color][color=#000000;]“Bad night?” I asked politely. With Jason, the wrong question could get you knocked over. Jason was big, about 200 pounds, and it was all muscle. Strangely enough though, he was something of a computer nerd, but played baseball. Don’t ask me where he found the time for both.[/color][color=#000000;]“Yeah.” He answered. “I’ve been having strange dreams.” He shuddered. “ I don’t want to talk about them.”[/color][color=#000000;]“Okay…” I said, bewildered. Jason NEVER[/color] walked away from a potential conversation.[/font][color=#000000;]At lunch though, things really got strange.[/color]All of my friends were tired and scared looking. They had obviously been having bad dreams too.[font="georgia, serif;"]"Okay, seriously, what is wrong with you guys?" Usually none of them could shut up, but today all was as quiet as the grave.[/font][font="georgia, serif;"]"I've been having... dreams. About Bionicles. The dreams are horrible, vivid, and they always end with me against a wall, with Makuta about to kill me. But then, his mask glows and I am confronted with my worst fears." Jake had said this. He had been more of a Bionicle fan than me. My other friends- Jason, Frank, Chris, and Andy- all nodded their heads in agreement.[/font][font="georgia, serif;"]"My dreams have been exactly the same," said Frank. "But how could this be? We all have the same dream, the same night, and all of us used to love Bionicles. I think it is a sign." With that, Jake's eyes widened. He said, "meet me at four after school, I just had the craziest idea." He grinned, the first real smile I had seen in days, and went to his next class.[/font][font="georgia, serif;"]"Wierd." Andy said.[/font][font="georgia, serif;"]After school, me and my friends all went to Jake's house. He had all of his old Bionicle's out, and they looked like they were glowing. I gasped. He was making a huge oval out of old parts on the wall, big enough for me to walk through. Whenever he added another piece, the parts glowed brighter.[/font][font="georgia, serif;"]"What are you doing?" asked Chris incredulously. "And why are the pieces glowing?[/font][font="georgia, serif;"]"I am making a portal. Our dreams can't be a coincidence, and when I came up here there was a glow under the bed. When I looked, it was my old bionicle box."[/font][font="georgia, serif;"]"This will never work," I grumbled, but knelt down and started snapping pieces into place.[/font][font="georgia, serif;"]"Look on the bright side, Kai. Everyone is having fun."[/font][font="georgia, serif;"]I looked around. Everyone was making complex figures, then snapping them onto the portal. "This still will never..." I started, but then stopped in amazement. Jason had snapped the final piece into place, and the portal was now a swirling vortex.[/font][font="georgia, serif;"]"So. Who's first?" I asked.[/font][font="georgia, serif;"][color=#000000;]Okay, please review, yay, first story[/color][color=#000000;]http://www.bzpower.c...?showtopic=7733[/color][/font]

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#2 Offline sonyaxe

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Posted Nov 28 2012 - 08:38 PM

Chapter 2.Jason solved the problem easily. He ran at the portal, shouting “LEROOYYYYY JENKINS!” There was a flash, and Jason was gone. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The portal actually worked! “I’m going next!” I shouted. I sprinted at the portal, and right before I hit it there was a flash, and it felt like I was falling. I saw Jason below me, in a tailspin. I turned over and saw Chris, Jake, and Andy, with Frank right behind them. Then I realized that we didn’t think this through. We weren’t wearing sturdy clothes, and we didn’t have food, water… My worries were cut short when I slammed into the ground. I groaned in pain. My ribs hadn’t cracked from the impact, but I would have a nasty bruise. Then the ground moved. It felt as if I were on a pillar. I was flung into the air, and around me I saw my friends also getting tossed around. Then, I looked beyond my friends. I saw bleachers, hoops, and Matoran flying on Kanoka disks. Wait. Matoran? I rubbed my eyes, and saw I was in the middle of a game of what I assumed to be Aklini, based on what I knew about the Colliseum. “Kai! Where are we?” shouted Chris. “Metru-Nui!” I called back, not believing what I had just said. Suddenly, the pillars stopped, the disks stopped flying, and there was a deathly silence. Me and my friends all slowly got to our feet, only to be surrounded by Vahki. I raised my hands and said, “We come in peace.” An amplified voice shouted something, and the Vahki stunned us. As I fell to the ground, I wondered if this was all a fantastic dream.All right, you know the drill, review time! (Yes, I know it was short, but I'm not feeling well and have a writer's block) http://www.bzpower.c...?showtopic=7733

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#3 Offline sonyaxe

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Posted Jan 31 2013 - 09:26 PM

                I woke up later in captivity. I HATED being confined, but there wasn’t much I could do about it. I was shackled to the walls by my wrists, and it hurt. A lot. Looking around, I saw all of my friends chained in a similar fashion. We were in a circular room, and the air was hard to breath. At first I panicked, thinking we were being gassed, but then I calmed down. We were actually really high in the air, and I suddenly realized that I needed to pop my ears. It took a while, but I finally popped them. After that, I contemplated the problem of getting out of here. Coming up with some ludicrous plans filled the time, but I sighed and thought back on everything that had led us here. The dreams, the time tunnel, the hopelessness of having nothing with us. Frank had flip-flops on for God’s sake!


                These thoughts were banished from my mind when I heard Jake groan. He didn’t look good. He had landed on his feet, but looked like he had twisted or broken an ankle. Everyone else had sustained similar injuries, but they were fine, including me.


                “Where are we?” Groaned Chris as he slowly came out of his stun-staff induced stupor.


                “We’re in the Coliseum, and pretty high up if I’m not mistaken. Someone should be in shortly, if my memories of Bionicle politics are correct.” I said.


                The doors whooshed open directly across from me, and in stepped Turaga Dume himself, flanked by two Nuurahk. His mask looked different, though I couldn’t quite place what it was. He said something in a strange language, probably Matoran, but it was not like English at all. It sounded more primitive, but also more concise. Kind of like German.


                When he tried again, his mask started glowing softly. I mentally facepalmed. He had a Kanohi Rau, mask of translation.


                “Who in Mata Nui’s name are you?”

Hmm. Mata Nui doesn’t translate into creator in English. Strange. Remembering my manners, I responded with a classic answer. “I’m me, and can’t be anything but me.” I said with a slight smirk. In the background, I think Jake snickered. I had been waiting to say that for AGES.


The Turaga, though taken aback by my answer, simply asked again, “Who are you?” More forcefully this time.


                “I’m Kai, that one with the crazy grin is Jason, the one who’s probably halfway out of his shackles is Andy, and the rest are Chris,

Frank, and Jake. We are not from anywhere near here, and if you would just let us go, we could probably find a way back.”


                “No.” A simple answer, and one that I wasn’t hoping for. I switched to pig Latin, and shouted to Jason: “(translation) Make this place go boom!” He cackled maniacally, and the wall behind him exploded, (where does he get those dang military grade explosives?) propelling him forward amid a cloud of debris. He actually brought a pocket knife, and wasted no time in picking the locks while the Vakhi and Dume were blinded. We sprinted for the elevator, when a red and gold figure landed in front of us, twin greatswords with fire licking down the lengths of them shining as brightly as his armor. He was easily three feet taller than us, with flames in his hand to boot, so we all froze.


                “Lhikan?” I asked timidly. Until this, being here had been a dream, but now…


“RUN!” shouted Frank. Jett threw his pocket knife at the Toa's forehead, but it just ricocheted off his armored face. Meanwhile, the Vakhi were firing again. Jason fell under a hail of the stun bolts first, just before he finished priming two more explosives. They didn’t go off, and we were systematically taken down, one by one. I was the last left standing. I picked up a long chunk of rock, about the size of a sword, and stood facing insurmountable odds. The Vakhi staffs hummed, charging up, and I knew that when I woke up, if I woke up, I would be in the archives. The Vakhi opened fire, and once again I felt blackness overwhelm me. The last thing I saw was Toa Lhikan’s face, staring at mine as if he recognized me.


Okay, comment for more, I have put this chapter off for a while, so enjoy!


http://www.bzpower.c...?showtopic=7733 (review)



The Chronicles Chapter 4



I really have to stop getting stunned by those staffs, it feels like I have a migraine. I thought as I lay on what appeared to be an operating table. Metal implements lay on a table beside me, glinting harshly in the bright, surgical room light. I would have grabbed one of those wickedly sharp knifes I saw just laying there, but I was completely strapped down and not thinking clearly. I remembered this place from a book, though. It was where they took Rahi to dissect them. I shuddered at the thought. Around me, I saw my friends similarly bound, all with scared looks on their faces. Their fear was warranted, but right now, I needed out of here. I heard a door open, and voices drifted my way from the other room. I realized I could understand them, and I saw some disks of translation scattered throughout the room


                 “No! It took forever to get them here, and now you want us to move them again?”


                 “Sorry, the head archivist ordered it. We got a bunch of krana, and this room is where we need to dissect them, while they are alive.”


                “Fine, but you’re team is moving them, and you owe me a drink later.”


                “Done, I know a shortcut past a pile of relics that are waiting to be cataloged.”


                Wonderful, I’ve always wanted to see the Archives. I remembered. All the Rahi, just waiting to be seen. Sadly, I feared that I would be the newest exhibit. Once again, I passed out.


                A moving sensation… falling... My head slammed into the ground, startling me back into the waking world. The stretcher bearer had stubbed his toe, and dropped the stretcher, with me still attached. The Matoran behind me accidentally backed into my stretcher, and it tipped off a small incline, dumping me into a pile of junk. Luckily, there appeared to be some weapons in here, so I rubbed against a sharp edge until my bonds broke. I was rooting around for a sword when one of the Matoran noticed me.


“Hey! Get out of there, those are ancient relics. They are extremely valuable!”


                “Whatever, I’m getting me and my friends out of here, so just leave me be.” just then, my hand brushed against a sword hilt. When I drew it, the gleaming protosteel caught the light, with the stylized flames appearing to be real. Then, the whole pile collapsed, revealing what had been at the bottom of the stack. Six dull, but multicolored lightstones. Wait, these aren't lightsones… all had the symbol of the Three Virtues on it, and when I kicked one, it lit up! Toa Stones, but why are they lit up? There are only two explanations. My thinking was cut short by the tramping of heavy boots down the corridor.


                The Matoran gasped in awe as the stone I kicked rolled up a hill toward me. Then the other Toa Stones were rolling, each towards one of my friends. All were glowing now, but I saw a quartet of Rhorzak sprinting towards us, followed by Toa Lhikan. I gulped, knowing that if Lhikan caught us, we would never escape. So I pocketed the Toa Stone and raised my blade, ready for a one-sided fight.


                Steel clashed on steel as he made a slash at my chest with his greatsword. I barely deflected it, but it hit my sword out of my hand and slammed me into the wall. I fell to one knee, and reached behind my head. I felt blood. With my vision tinted red with rage, I staggered up and faced Lhikan, fists raised


                Just then, all the Toa Stones flared, blinding everyone in the tunnel. Toa Lhikan gasped, and lowered his swords.


                Lhikan simply said “Come with me.”


Please review and stuff, yay.


http://www.bzpower.c...?showtopic=7733 (review)

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#4 Offline sonyaxe

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Posted Feb 20 2013 - 08:11 PM

Chapter 5


“What is going on? We’ve been walking for hours.” Frank said in a whining voice.


“I don’t know and he can’t tell us,” I gestured towards Lhikan. “Those disks of translation wore off a while ago.” I sighed heavily and continued walking. The Vakhi weren’t attacking yet, but they were looming over my friends like a flock of vultures. But the worst part was how short I was compared to the Vakhi. It made me feel weak and vulnerable. I had managed to grab the sword I had obtained earlier, but it was weighing me down and I would probably drop it if this hike went on any longer.


“Seriously, they take one step for every five of ours, and I’m wearing flip-flops. Jake did not say that this would work.” Frank shot a poisonous glare at Jake.


“Shut up! All you’ve done is complain this whole time about how not everything is going perfect the way you usually have it, but life isn’t about perfection, it’s about trying new things. And if it makes you feel better, you can hand me the Toa Stone you’re carrying.” I took the Stone from Frank, and almost dropped it. It seemed a lot heavier and colder than mine, but I slipped it into my other pocket.


We continued our trek through the Archives, occasionally encountering working Matoran. Usually they were too busy cataloging or sorting stuff, but a few took notice and gawked at us. One of them held a familiar disk, and promptly slammed it on the ground.


“Who and what in Mata Nui’s name are you?” He poked Chris, who jumped back, startled. “You have no mechanical parts. Intriguing… he trailed off and walked away, muttering calculations under his breath.


Lhikan took advantage of the temporary translation capabilities provided by the Matoran’s disk and said, “The Turaga will want to see what you’ve found.”



Now that he wasn’t trying to kill me, I detected a note of sadness or bitterness in his voice, or maybe anger. I remembered the Toa Metru, and thought about the complexities of the space time continuum. Take people at point A, rip a hole to point B, deposit people. The more I thought about it, the more I suspected that our arrival here had somehow created an alternate Bionicle Universe. One where Lhikan had failed in his duty along the way, or maybe one where Makuta had already been defeated. Just then, we emerged into a vast cavern with an elevator in the middle. When I looked at the wall opposite the lift, I did a double take. There was a statue of Toa Vakama, and although different from the LEGO set I had built years ago, the key elements were the same. Behind us was the biggest surprise of all, though. There was a statue of Toa Whenua, but at the base of the statue were Matoran numbers. Luckily, I remembered the Bionicle time system, so I checked the dates against the date on the Coliseum’s scoreboard when we got to this world. My eyes widened, my breath went short, and I froze in place. I rechecked the dates, but I got the same result. Toa Whenua had died, if I translated the short carving underneath correctly, two months ago, while destroying the Makuta. After doing some quick deductive reasoning, I figured that the majority of pieces we had used in the portal were from Metru Nui sets, but there were some Toa Mata pieces there too. We didn’t just punch through from point A to point B, we ripped a huge gash through the Bionicle timeline leading up to Metru Nui!


Everyone started walking again, so I hurried to catch up. After running my reasoning through Chris, the smartest person in the group, he confirmed that, given the magical properties of the portal, it could be possible. “But if that’s so, what is the purpose of us getting Toa Stones? I mean, Unity, Duty, Destiny, right?” he put emphasis on Destiny. “Nothing in the Bionicle Universe ever happens without some big reason, and if we just got Toa Stones, I shudder to think what will happen later.”


He was right, of course, just as annoyingly correct as he always was. Needless to say, my spirits weren’t lifted one bit.


We had reached the lift without my noticing, and now we were descending into the Colliseum again. I gazed in wonder at the beautiful panorama of the City of Legends, drinking in the wonder and sheer power of merely the sight of the great city. Just as soon as I saw it though, it ended, and the lift was in a stone chute the rest of the way up.


“I sincerely hope that this meeting goes better this time.” We all looked at Jason, looked at each other, and started laughing uncontrollably.


http://www.bzpower.c...?showtopic=7733 (review)

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Posted Mar 30 2013 - 03:50 AM

Chapter 6


When the lift slowed, we all were nervous. Needless to say, our last meeting with Dume had been… well, disastrous to put it delicately. My hand twitched toward my recently acquired sword, but I dropped it. Diplomacy would be required for this meeting, so Frank would probably do most of the talking, as he was president of the debate club at school. However, I could see my friend’s confidence. They all knew that if the Toa Stones chose them, not even Dume could argue. Mata Nui had spoken, and for good or ill, I felt we would be staying in this universe for a while.


The doors of the lift slid open, and we filed out, Jason glancing guiltily at the wreckage of what used to be the left wall. He usually only blew up things we needed gone, but he looked ashamed that he blew up someone’s home.


“Welcome back”, Dume said in a chilly voice. Understandable, as we had left a gaping hole in his wall the last time we were here. “I trust you have a good reason for bringing them back here, Lhikan.” I glanced at the Toa of Fire as the Turaga said this, and saw a slight wince. Apparently, Lihkan was not supposed to bring us here again.


“Turaga, we have come to apologize for the… er… hole in your wall. However, there was no disrespect intended, and we would like to know what the heck is going on here.” Frank, who was speaking to Dume in his most diplomatic logical tone, said what had been on all our minds in that simple sentence. As he did so, he let his glowing, icy- blue Toa Stone slip ever so slightly out of his pocket.


The response was exactly what I hoped Frank had intended, because when Dume caught sight of the stone, his façade of calm flickered for a moment, and I saw what could have been anger there. I tried to remember what Dume was like in the original story, but couldn’t quite remember. I could tell it was troubling Andy, the one who knew the lore best. His face pinched together in a frown, but I could tell he remembered something about the Turaga. I reminded myself to ask him about it later.


I was startled out of my thoughts by a question from the Turaga. “I’m sorry, what was that?” I asked politely.


“I said, where did you find the Toa Stones?”


“At the bottom of a stack of supplies. What do we do with them?” I wanted to get to the point as quickly as possible. I wondered what would happen, as we were most certainly not Bionicles, and therefore shouldn’t be able to use them.

Dume sighed. “As strange as this is, and due to the nature of yourselves, I will let you become Toa if you agree to pass three trials after your transformation.”






My friends and I gazed up at the Great Temple of Ga-Metru in awe, and let me tell you, it is a sight to behold. The way it’s shaped reminded me of the San’Onofre power plant, but I knew it held vast knowledge within its many vaults.

“Follow”, a Matoran with a disk of Translation said, clearly nervous from the way his voice was shaking.


I will spare you the details of our walk down into the heart of the Temple, but needless to say there were many strange looks from other Matoran, and many strange relics to look at.


“I thought the Toa Suva would be bigger”, Jake commented dryly.


I chose to ignore his comment. “Everyone have their stones?” I asked with a sense of awe. The Toa Suva, admittedly smaller than I had thought it would be, stood in the center of the room. Still, it embodied the Bionicle way, and I think it was also a power node connected directly to Mata Nui.


Everyone assembled in a circle around the Suva, each with their Toa stone in hand. Jason held his deep red one with an air of reverence, Jake’s purple one held loosely, Chris’s electric-blue stone in his hand at his side, Frank’s held in both hands, my orange-ish one, and… with a double take, I realized that Andy’s stone was pure, flawless black. No time for second thoughts now though, so we approached the open niches in the Suva slowly, and as one slotted the stones in.

There was a flash of light, and a bolt of lightning seemed to shoot from the Suva into the ceiling. It hung there, mesmerizing us, until it split into six multi colored beams that lanced towards each of us. One hit me square in the chest, knocking the wind out of me and giving the feeling of a heated brand burning its way into my chest. After a few seconds of this, I passed into the black pool of oblivion.




I woke up in fits and starts, coughs racking my body as I drifted back into awareness. It felt like copper had coated the back of my mouth, leaving a metallic taste. Absentmindedly, I smoothed my hair, only to have my hand hit my head with a scraping sound.


“What the…” I jumped up, then immediately stumbled as my too-long legs over compensated for my new height. I rose again, more slowly this time, and seeing that no one else had woken up, tottered over to the Suva. As I neared it, I realized that I still had my sword, though it felt more like a knife now. No matter, there was a Suva full of weapons in front of me. I picked out a shield, finding the weight and balance to my liking, and glanced in again. My mouth dropped open, and I saw what could be nothing other than a Cordak Blaster. I snatched it up from the pile, before remembering the most important part of a Toa’s arsenal. The Great Masks of Power. I couldn’t figure out which one to choose, so I closed my eyes and selected one at random. It was a design I had never seen before, so I put it on. Instantly, I felt stronger and faster. I decided to examine my appearance. I looked down, and saw a white armored torso, with occasional orange highlights. I appeared to be of the same style of Toa as the Metru were.


“Hey, a battleaxe!” That exclamation was enough to turn towards the Suva. Everyone was there, selecting one weapon or other. I examined their new bodies. Frank was obviously a Toa of Ice, being white with grey highlights. He had pulled a longbow from the pile, and was practicing drawing it. Jake and Jason were purple and red respectively, and Jason had been the one to grab the battle axe, while Jake grabbed a strange, bladed staff. I could tell Jason was a Toa of Fire, and if I had to guess Jake was a Toa of Gravity or Psionics. Chris was a light blue, and had grabbed, of all things, a rapier, and was swishing it around to get a feel for it. Andy was pure black, and had grabbed throwing knives. I shuddered. Andy was a Toa of Shadow.




“Well, that was strange. It isn’t every day you get hit by a bolt of lightning and live.” We all chuckled at Frank’s joke.


“Hail Toa, saviors of Metru Nui!” We stepped outside, and that was the first thing we heard. I was stunned. It looked like all of Metru Nui had shown up outside the Great Temple!


“It looks like our transformation granted us the Matoran language. That could be useful”, I remarked to Chris. Suddenly, like water flowing the crowd parted to let Turaga Dume past. He looked surprised that our transformation had actually worked.

He cleared his throat, and loudly said, “To prove your worth as a Toa, you must do three tasks. If all three are completed, you will be recognized as protectors of the city, alongside Toa Lhikan. So your first task shall be to beat the Po-Metru team in a game of Aklini tomorrow, without elemental powers.” He gave me a stuck-up smile, and I realized he wanted us to fail. Anger flared in me, bright and hot, but I tempered it and forced myself to turn to my friends.


“Let’s go to Po-Metru.”

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