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  1. Wow! This is incredible. I really felt like I was watching something the original animators made, thats how awesome it is! If you do end up making these into a Voya Nui movie, I would love to help out with voice acting. Keep up the good work!
  2. IC: Jake "That couldn't be... a person, could it?" Jake asked. The speech was garbled to the vigilante's tired ears, and he couldn't really focus on translating. "What's it saying?"
  3. IC: Rex (Taris, Lower City) 'Whaaa... Dealing? How- what- oh just great.' Rex inwardly groaned. Outwardly though, he just gave a heavy sigh. "Okay, for starters, we aren't dealing anything, so if you followed us for that, you're out of luck. Next, that's your question to answer, and finally, go back the way you came and wander around, you'll make your way back up eventually... I think." Then he narrowed his eyes. He was getting some strange vibes from this person, nothing dangerous, but still... strange. "But while you're here, why did you follow us?" There was an edge to Rex's voice which hadn't been there previously, hinting at trouble if he didn't like the answer.
  4. IC: Jake "Well, that makes two of us." Jake responded, though felt like shouting at the unfairness of it all. The thing was still alive?!? He managed to lift his head just enough to see a shadowy form, definitely NOT the thing they'd been fighting, and struggled into a crouching position. But when he heard that whimper... "What is it?" the vigilante asked, still puzzled over that strangely human noise he thought originated from the shadow being.
  5. IC: Rex (Taris) Rex checked around the next corner before answering. "We are extremely close, we've actually crossed into the Lower City by this point. It should be... there!" the human quietly exclaimed. On a corner stood an old, yet still intact, building with chipped paint and an unintelligible sign above it. The entrance was boarded shut, along with the windows, but they were the same boards that he remembered, so nothing seemed like it had come in. "There's a secret entrance on the other side, though it may be a bit of a squeeze." As it turned out, the hole was just big enough for them to fit through, and as they stood up on the other side, Rex glanced around the dim interior appreciatively. "No one's been here. Good." There was a thick layer of dust coating every surface of the area once filled with games and simulators, sparking memories of Rex's time here. This had been where he'd done his first simulator ride, but the arcade had soon closed due to a lack of funds. Fortunately, the place was in excellent repair, and he could see a door which he knew led to the hopefully less dusty managerial rooms, and possibly a power switch. "Follow me, I think the power switch is this way. By the way, did we lose whoever was following us?"
  6. IC: Rex Toliman (Taris Alleyway) Rex raised an eyebrow. "Well then, just follow me. Very few people know how to navigate this area." He whispered. "I only know because this was where I hung out when I was little." With that, Rex proceeded to lead Enaltai through random twists and turns, down side streets, between cracked walls, and through maze-like intersections. Many of the turns were quick and close together, which would make it difficult for someone to follow them. Hopefully, it would throw off whoever was pursuing them
  7. IC: Rex Toliman (Taris Alleyway) "Sounds interesting. Although, if you don't know what you're looking for, how will you find it?" Rex grinned. "The Force? And turn here, this is a shortcut." This 'shortcut', as Rex called it, was a winding maze of buildings which had been built too close together and concealed a relatively unknown entryway to the Lower City.
  8. IC: Rex Toliman (Taris Alleyway) "Alright then, follow me." Rex decided the alley route to his destination would be fastest, and began to walk down an alley that would lead them to it. "So, what brings you to Taris? I get the feeling you aren't here for sightseeing."
  9. IC: Rex Toliman A location instantly popped into Rex's mind. "I assume a bar wouldn't work, so here's an idea. It's an old arcade, been abandoned for years, but it isn't part of any gang's territory and has all its walls." He thought for a moment before continuing. "Everything else around there is pretty dilapidated though, and it's in the Lower City. However, I'm pretty sure it still has power."
  10. IC: Jake Jake watched in disbelief as his plan actually worked. The monster was dead! 'I'm alive!' He mentally exclaimed. Then, his Persona faded away, and exhaustion hit him like a ton of bricks. The vigilante toppled forward, barely managing to catch himself on his hands and knees. "Are you guys ok?" He gasped out, fighting off unconsciousness, not noticing the shadowy form at the end of the alley.
  11. IC: Rex Toliman Rex thought for a moment, reflecting back on his past. There weren't really any times he could remember when he'd done anything strange... "So... you're saying I have this Force. And that it's caused by strong emotion?" That didn't seem wholly right to him. "If I would have used the Force every time I've gotten angry, there would be a lot of people in hospitals for death by Force Choke." He dug deeper through his memories, frowning a little as nothing came up. Wait. "But then again, there was this one time in a bar not to far from here. I'll spare you the details, but there was an argument, and I found myself facing a few ticked off gang members. Someone pulled a blaster behind me, but I dodged the shot without even seeing it. Only thing was, I was completely calm at the time. Like, unnaturally calm, even as I took down those thugs. I've never lifted anyone off the ground or choked them though..." Rex trailed off, trying to rationalize that memory. He'd just put it down to luck and some skill at the time, but now... Rex suddenly realized he hadn't introduced himself. "By the way, my name's Rex. Nice to meet you," he said, holding out his hand to shake.
  12. IC: Rex Toliman Rex slowly rose to his feet, glancing occasionally at the blade. This was certainly not going as planned (not that he'd really had one to begin with), though at least the Arkanian believed that he wasn't an agent of some sort and/or trying to kill him. He brushed off his jacket before replying. "Probably not in the way you mean it, if that's what let you do the choke-thing. The only way I've heard it used is in physics class.. Why do you ask?" Rex said warily. Internally though, his thoughts were racing at light speed. 'Why would this guy ask me such a random question? I still have no idea what's going on!' He thought frantically, while still keeping his outward expression reasonably calm.
  13. IC: Rex Toliman Whatever Rex expected when he walked into the alleyway, it was definitely NOT to be choked by nothing, lifted into the air, and be confronted by an obviously angry, sword wielding, and paranoid Arkanian. However, he found himself in that situation now. And considering his windpipe was still recovering, he could barely get a few words out. He pushed himself into a sitting position, deciding standing suddenly might result in an acute case of decapitation, and managed to wheeze out a few words. “Not Imperial- *cough* -or Inquisitor.” Rex rubbed a hand over his throat, feeling oddly calm about the entire situation now that he wasn’t being strangled. “I had a… funny feeling. Like something was telling me to follow you, but… within my own mind.” Rex ducked his head swiftly in slight embarrassment. That had sounded a lot better in his head. Saying it aloud made him just sound a little crazy or something. The human coughed again, then fixed the Arkanian with a glare, his calm suddenly evaporating like water on Tatooine. “And can you please get that sword out of my face? If you can tell when I’m lying, you should know if I’m telling the truth.” Rex took a deep breath, trying again to center himself and focus on more important matters. “And while we’re on the subject, how the ###### did you choke me from across the alley?”
  14. IC: Rex Toliman Rex quickly grew tired of following the Arkanian, and was preparing to head into the arcade at the end of the street when the guy ducked into an alley. 'Of all the times!' Rex thought, and gave one last, longing glance at the corner arcade. After quickly glancing around to make sure no one's attention was on him, he casually walked into the alleyway. The human furrowed his brow. He still felt that strange urge to follow this random person, but now there was a sense of... Danger? Warning? Rex couldn't tell. He surveyed the alleyway from just the entrance, noticing most of it was heavily shadowed. He prepared to reach for his knife if he was attacked, and after a few deep breaths traveled farther in. Within a few steps, the shadows swallowed him up.
  15. IC: Rex Toliman When the Arkanian shot a look over at Rex, the human flinched backwards. A foreign emotion had been slammed his mind, one of irritation, and he immediately looked away, taking deep breaths to control his rising confusion and panic. That emotion wasn't his, and as Rex had no idea what had just happened, he slipped into the calming breathing he used to get to sleep after a particularly frustrating day. Unknown to him, this external bombardment of force presence, the surprise of feeling someone else's emotions, and the panic it brought with it caused a momentary lapse in the subconscious mental barriers blocking his latent force potential. They were left in place from years of being told to "never stand out and never be different" in some form or another, instilled during his time in the orphanage. The lapse caused his force presence to flare ever so slightly before settling down again. A few moments later, sufficiently calmed and blissfully unaware of his slightly more noticeable presence in the force, he glanced up again and saw the Arkanian - who at this point he was sure was the source of the weird feeling - quickly walking towards the Mid City exit of the spaceport. Rex's mind told him go home and sleep. However, something was pulling him along, telling him to follow this one person for absolutely no discernible reason. Bemoaning his lack of sleep in the near future, Rex peeled himself of the wall and began following the Arkanian. Luckily for him, the best piloting simulators were in the general vicinity of the gate to Mid City. Rex shrugged. If nothing happened by the time he happened upon a suitable arcade, he would stop, play a round on the simulator, then go home and sleep. Yep. Nothing could possibly go wrong with this plan.
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