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Epic Supernatural Creepy

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#1 Offline The Root

The Root
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Posted Jan 29 2013 - 06:49 PM

Last summer, I made a comic series just like this epic, but abandoned it after two comics. But over a week ago, I posted a question on my profile feed asking if I should write an epic based off the comics. Some of my friends excitedly said I should and asked to become co-authors. Lucky for them, Hahli Husky allowed them to post their chapters here in the topic. If I ever decide to focus on Superiornatural (the comics), this would make a great story template.


Now, this epic is about a cryptid-hunting organization called Superiornatural Inc. (big surprise there) that has bases all around the world with operatives working 24/7 to eliminate the supernatural and paranormal from the planet (which may be Earth-like, but not exactly Earth. It's more like an alternate Earth) completely. However, the CEO running the joint may be supernatural himself. This is the story of his organization. You may call it-





Axilus Prime


Flaredrick: Forgotten One


Now, we authors have a little routine. First, I write a chapter, then JiMing, then Axilus, then Flaredrick, and the process repeats.


Unfortunately, the price to entertain you all is to read hair-raising stories and descriptions about the creatures in this epic. And reading that costs me most of my sleep. But I won't make this incredibly scary, so I do encourage you to enjoy this epic as my team is putting a lot of time and hard work into this. If the scariness isn't your thing, then why not read it for the occasional humor?


Review Topic




Deep in the heart of a forest, a strange-looking monkey climbed up into a tall tree to feast on a meal it had foraged. But fruit wasn't on the menu today. This monkey was snacking on the flesh of a Rahi that it killed. Upon closer inspection, the killer primate was no ordinary monkey. Sure, it resembled one, but this specimen was demonic-looking with blood-red eyes. This creature is defined by cryptid experts as "Devil Monkey". Little did the Devil Monkey know was that it wasn't alone and is being watched. Suddenly, the sound of gunfire rang up above the trees. When the echo died down, the monkey fell to the forest floor, dead. The mysterious watcher then began to leap from tree to tree toward a clearing where his helicopter awaited. As he jumped into plain sight, you could see that the being was a Matoran of the Green (Agori-sized). His green Hau housed tired-looking but secretive eyes. His torso, feet, and hands were also green. The rest of his limbs were blue, but had grey joints. He wielded a customized pistol only used by one organization. That organization is Superiornatural Inc., and the uniform the Matoran wore is enough proof. The Matoran's unique uniform would tell anyone that he is Sybre, CEO of S.N. Inc. Sybre got into his helicopter and flew away to his base miles away.


Soon, nighttime came hours after the death of the Devil Monkey specimen. In a suburban home, Jaller and Hahli were watching TV when a commercial break began. The first commercial was one for Superiornatural Inc. and showed Sybre in his office.

"Ugggh," Hahli sighed, "It's that weird wannabe Ghostbuster guy again! I'm sick of seeing his commercials that claim he will rid the world of carpets or whatever! That's as big of a long-shot as a new DragonBall series, which I also hate!"

"Hey, come on, honey," Jaller calmly protested, "He says he's gonna save the world! Allow him to say it again."

The commercial Sybre began to speak.

"Hello, world," he said, "You may know me as Sybre, CEO of Superiornatural Inc., which is what I want to introduce you to."

Hahli was about to say something, but Jaller pulled out some rope, a blindfold, and a roll of tape, so she kept quiet.

"Superiornatural Inc. is no pansy bug-extermination company. We slay monsters," Sybre continued, "But our specialty is cryptids, supernatural,  paranormal, and the occasional Sasquatch. But that's not all I have to say."

He walked through a door into a giant laboratory.

"We also capture cryptids and even ghosts and perform harmful experiments that no average Matoran would be able to survive." the CEO explained, "That way, we can learn more about these creatures that live among Rahi or even your trash cans."

Hahli worriedly looked outside at the trash cans as they slightly shook.

"We have locations literally all over the world." Sybre added, now back in his office, "Just call this number and the nearest Superiornatural base will answer your call. Our investigators will have a look at your situation and we will send a squad of trained operatives to eliminate your paranormal problem."

Hahli saw an unidentifiable creature crawl out of one of the trash cans.

"But what happens if we don't make it in time?" Sybre asked, "No problem! Our bases provide refuge if you are to be forced out of your dwelling due to cryptids! We'll give you entertainment and serve you 3 meals a day along with snacks for the vigorous eaters."

Jaller looked at Hahli with a grin.

"So, are you having a supernatural or paranormal problem? Or is it just Bigfoot? I encourage you to contact my organization and we'll take care of it for you!" Sybre finished as Superiornatural's contact information appeared on the screen.

Hahli looked out the window and saw something ugly looking back at her.

"Jaller!" Hahli almost screamed, "Call them! Hurry!"

"I knew you'd warm up to them eventually," Jaller responded as he reached for his phone.

Then, a short, hunched, gaunt creature handed Jaller the phone, which he thanked it for.

"Wait a second..." Jaller said as he looked over at what handed him the phone.

It was the same creature that crawled out of the trash can and Hahli saw in the window. The couple screamed so loud the neighbors called the cops.


They called the wrong number, didn't they?


Up next: Chupacabra

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#2 Offline The Root

The Root
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Posted Feb 27 2013 - 12:18 PM

Posted Image

The art is horrible. I know.

Imagine you're a lost, abandoned goat in the Mexican desert. It's night, and you haven't seen another living thing in hours. Suddenly, you see another goat sleeping on the sand. Upon further inspection, the other goat is dead and drained of blood. As you try and piece the situation together, a sharp set of fangs plunges into your back. As all of your blood is being drained from one spot, you grow dizzy. As you fall dead on the hot sand, the creature leaves. Don't worry, though. The scavengers will come for you and the other goat in the morning. But mostly you.


Cahlsi, Sybre's secretary, burst into her boss's office. Her Kaukau and arms are yellow and had beautiful blue eyes. Her legs are also blue and her snow-white torso wore a work suit and she wore a Superiornatural Inc. name badge. However, her most interesting feature was her long, blue hair that grows out of the back of her head.

"Sir! Sir!" she exclaimed, waving a piece of paper, "What are you doing?"

Sybre, sitting behind his desk, was wearing a boot on his head like a hat and was looking into a mirror. He suddenly swung his head toward Cahlsi with a surprised expression.

"Procrastinating," Sybre quickly replied as he removed the boot from his head and placed it on the floor, "Is something wrong?"

Cahlsi showed Sybre the piece of paper, which had notes written on it.

"The Mexican Superiornatural base's phones are down, so a call was forwarded here." Cahlsi explained as she pointed at the chicken scratch, "A cattle rancher said his cattle were disappearing and every cattle corpse he found was drained of blood. We need a squad down in Mexico immediately."

"Alright," Sybre responded, "Just send the Delta Squad down there."

"They can't," Cahlsi said, "They forgot to come to work today."

"Crimson Squad?"

"Fighting a Sasquatch."

"Power Squad?"

"Pretending to pilot a giant robot in order to kill a fly."

Sybre sighed.

"Stop the Power Squad immediately and tell the client that we'll send our best squad over there."

"What's our best squad again?" Cahlsi asked.

"The Impaler Squad, you pitiful mongrel! It's the only squad currently available!" Sybre answered with a face palm, "I outta fire your sorry self!"

"I'm sorry, sir, I was just-"

"I don't care, fool!" Sybre barked, "GET BACK TO WORK OR YOU'RE FIRED!!!"

Cahlsi didn't respond, but walked out the door with tears in her eyes.

"Sheesh," Sybre muttered, "Pansy."

He was ready to walk out the door, but remembered something. He walked back to his desk and picked up his boot, placing it on his head again.

"I do wanna look presentable!" he said aloud and strolled out the door feeling like a million bucks.


Sybre, strangely without the boot on his head, and his squad walked up to a cattle ranch, calling out to the owner. Three Matoran ran out to greet them. One was carrying fresh tortillas for the Impaler Squad. Each one was tanner than the average Po-Matoran and wore worn-out, dirty clothing.

"Hola, Americans!" the first Matoran said with a smile as he shook Sybre's hand, "Welcome to Mexico."

"Technically, my ancestry came from many different parts of Europe, but I was born in America," Sybre corrected, "Guten Tag."

"Well, my name is Pablo," said the Mexican, "And these are my brothers Miguel and Juan."

Pablo wore a Kakama, Miguel had a Noble Mahiki, and Juan sported a Great Komau.

Juan handed a tortilla to each of the Impaler Squad members.

"I want you to eat these," Juan urged, "These are the last tortillas our wives made. They agreed that you should have them as payment since we're poor. It will be a while before they make another batch."

"Then don't give these to us," Sybre insisted, handing his back, "If these are your last tortillas, then I don't want mine."

The squad handed back all of their tortillas, thus denying the payment.

"But we have to pay you something." Pablo protested, "Rules are rules."

"How about some beans?" Miguel asked, "We have a big supply of those. And with the tortillas we keep, we can make burritos for us."

"I love beans!" Sybre exclaimed, "You can pay us when the job is done. Just give us enough for dinner and we'll cook the beans ourselves."

"That's great!" Pablo said with a nod, "Do you mind introducing us to your team?"

"Yeah," Sybre replied.

Each member of the squad was a Matoran. First, he introduced Pablo to a strong-looking red and blue Matoran with a Pakari named Rituk. He is a former Marine, the team's tough guy, and a weapons expert. Next was a teal and white guy wearing a Miru Nuva named Niran, the medic, techie, and soft guy. Then there was Hemar, a sand-colored and orange coward who had a Kakama and trembling knees that were only a mere feature in his skinny build. Last was JiMing, the private investigator. He always had a fedora on his head and a lollipop in his mouth. The lollipop never seemed to run out.

“It’s nice to meet all of you,” Pablo responded, “So, when do you start?”

“Right now!” Niran answered as he whipped out a radar from his backpack and JiMing pulled out a magnifying glass and notebook.

Within seconds, the two were walking around the ranch, searching for clues and any signs of extraordinary events.

“AYE CARUMBA!” Niran suddenly piped, “EL CHUPACABRA!”

Everyone rushed over to where Niran and JiMing were standing.

“Woah,” Rituk uttered, “One of those scamps could have easily done this.”

There, lying on the dirt was a dead dog. Its short blood-stained fur was brown and its ears were floppy. It had puncture marks on his back and scratches all over its body. Upon seeing this, Juan fell to his knees.

“My beloved dog…” he choked, reaching out to stroke its blood-caked fur, but Sybre quickly grabbed his hand.

“We don’t know how long that’s been there and what infection it may carry,” the Matoran of the Green warned, “We can’t risk you getting sick all the way out here.”

With that said, Niran put on some gloves and buried the carcass. Juan couldn’t control his tears, so Miguel took him inside.

“Juan loved that dog,” Pablo remembered, “Now this is personal for him. Promise me that you will kill that Chupacabra.”

The Impaler Squad nodded before continuing the investigation, which included many interrogations.


The investigation took all day, so by night, the squad had enough information to finish with. The Chupacabra lived deep in the Mexican desert in a cave that many people disappeared into.

“Keep your night-vision goggles handy, men,” Sybre ordered before the team began their trek, “And make us proud, Hemar.”

But Hemar simply nodded with a shiver. The squad walked for a while before Niran quickly confirmed that a nearby cave was in fact their destination. Sybre ordered for the team to proceed with caution. They haven’t even walked ten steps into the dark, scary cave when JiMing accidentally dropped his lollipop on a rock, resulting in a clicking noise that echoed down the cave. A sulfuric stench filled the air, and two sickening red eyes pierced the darkness, along with a shrill screech. Shortly after seeing the eyes and hearing the screech, Sybre quickly regurgitated behind a rock and stood up again afterword. The owner of the eyes had then decided it had had enough of its guests and leapt straight toward Sybre’s face. The creature looked reptilian and had scaly greenish-gray skin with spines running down its back. It had big beady eyes with a panther-like nose and a forked tongue with sharp bloody fangs. This three-foot tall killing machine was practically flying straight toward poor Sybre’s mask. The guy could see every tooth in its mouth and could even see down its throat. Sybre would have been killed if he hadn’t used his incredible reflexes to drop his gun and grab the Chupacabra by the hips. Once the creature was in Sybre’s grasp, he swung to the left, slamming Chuppy’s head into the hard cave wall. As the cryptid fell to the ground, Sybre picked up his gun and fired at the sprawling monster. But it managed to throw itself off the ground to dodge the bullets at the last second. It ran around the cave like a madman and jumped toward Niran, but he swiftly dodged, turned around, and fired a few shots at the Chupacabra, but missed each time. With that, the operatives quickly spread out into the desert to confuse it. Whenever it charged at an Impaler, he would shoot at the Chupacabra, scaring it and causing it to flee in another direction, where the process would repeat until it got sick of the game and retreated to its cave. Sybre charged after it, but another screech followed by some screams and gunshots, the Chupacabra dashed out of the cave where the game resumed. Niran got out the first aid kit and ran into the cave, finding Sybre bitten and wounded. Niran squatted to bandaged Sybre, but he protested.

“Forget about me, fool!” Sybre countered, “You’re here on a mission!”

“You assigned me to be medic,” Niran stated, “So I’m doing my job.”

He bandaged the reluctant Sybre and helped him up. They ran outside to find that the Chupacabra was getting tired. It charged toward Hemar, who was standing in front of a deep ravine, and pounced on him, sending them both down the ravine. As the rookie dropped his gun, he struggled to keep the mass of claws of teeth away from his mask, which was getting a little loose. They fell to the bottom of the ravine, both battered and bruised. The Chupacabra picked itself up and was ready to attack Hemar again, but the Matoran quickly picked up his gun and shot the creature’s forehead, killing it once and for all. With the Chupacabra's last breath, he spat out some blood on the sand and died. The others had seen the whole thing when they rushed down the ravine to help. They congratulated Hemar and Niran even took a picture of Hemar holding the carcass. Meanwhile, the spot of blood on the sand solidified into the shape of a rune. JiMing picked it up and decided he would study it back at the base. After Niran texted the picture to Cahlsi, everyone got out of the trench and walked back to Pablo’s ranch. The three clients were overjoyed and handed the beans over. Niran told everyone he was gonna do something awesome and he took the cryptid body and stuffed a Tahu’s Fire bomb into its mouth and he ran about a hundred feet away, placed the body on the sand, ran back, and activated the bomb. The result was a huge fiery explosion. With the fire left behind, the Impaler Squad was able to cook their beans over it. It was a night no Impaler would ever forget.


Sybre walked back into his office after getting back to base and sat down at his desk. As he looked over squad activity logs, Cahlsi came in.

“Sir,” she said, “You’re covered in bandages. Shouldn’t you take the weekend off?”

“While there are still cryptids running amok?” Sybre asked, “No. Now you aren’t getting the weekend off! You can work 48 hours this weekend for all I care!”

Cahlsi tried to say something, but Sybre interrupted.

“AND NO BREAKS!”After Cahlsi left the office crying, Sybre pulled out his phone and saw that Niran texted the Hemar photo to him. Sybre smiled.

“You did good, kid.”


Up next: A chapter from JiMing.

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#3 Offline Axilus Prime

Axilus Prime
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Posted May 01 2013 - 07:11 AM

JiMing needs more time, so my chapter comes early! (Or late, considering how long it took me to post this.)


Chapter 2 - Darkness Rising



A loud, deep slamming sound resounded in the room, and the sight of two corpses flying a few feet reflected in the glowing blue eyes of a titan. 
Kaio grunted, but stayed focused. The Toa of Plasma's eye twitched as he frantically moved, attempting to reach his goal. So far away...but so close. He nearly jumped in surprise as he heard the sound of whooshing fire. Finally...
Invictum, on the other hand, could hardly contain his joy. Now was his chance to get his revenge. He reached the goal once desired by Kaio. "Come over here! I dare you!"
"Gladly." Booming noises echoed in the small metal room. "ARGH!"
"WHAT?!" Invictum facepalmed.
"Game Over."
Kaio laughed and put down his controller. "Ridiculous. You killed us both with a Mantis stomp, and it was a free-for-all. How did we even get into that position?
"We?" Invictum jeered. "You just suck." His voice was mocking, yet casual, the type of insult endlessly exchanged between good friends. "Who gets right next to his enemy while a third enemy is in a giant killer robot?!"
Axilus had a smile on his face, but beneath his faceplate it could not be seen. "Who gets right next to a giant killer robot, with a second enemy or not, in the first place?"
Kaio shook his head. "Heh. Well, I actually ran for the second Mantis robot, but then Invictum decided he would just camp and snipe me!"
"Like I said, you just suck!" Invictum laughed.
"But that was nowhere near as crazy as when we both shot each other and died with our
Mantises." Axilus said to Invictum.
"Bah, I'd beat you in a fair fight."
"That has to be a joke. I already had damage from before that and we tied!"
Kaio picked up his controller again. "Ready for round 2?"
"Absolutely. But perhaps we should try a different gametype." Axilus prepared to set up the match.
While Superiornatural, Inc. had deadly missions, a great service to perform, and the most skilled operatives on the planet, the members of Crimson Squad did use their spare time for recreation. Their base was simple. A call receiver, a main room, and a game room with an Xbox were all present. Halo was their almost constant choice for which game to play--on account of the fact it was the only one they had enough spare cash to buy. They had, after all, used most of their funding for a garage and hangar, loaded with vehicles nearly copied from Halo. They took great pride in that, though it did leave them with a more humble supply of money.
"Flood." The voice of the announcer sounded from their 10 year old Sony TV. Again, due to the small box screen, Axilus was bewildered as to just how much spare ammo he had for his shotgun. He hunted around the map for Invictum, who had been chosen by chance to become the first victim of the Flood, a parasite that kills and then takes over its victims, using its body to kill and infect others.
"Urgh. I'm Flood again. Glad nothing like this could happen to me for real. Disgusting..." The Toa of Earth began to run around the map at shocking speed, brandishing his blade arm.
No sooner had Axilus first pulled his trigger than the sound of a phone rang next to the couch. 
"GAAAH!" The distraction had caused his infection, but they all had to stop there. "Cryptids."
"Another one already?! Well, the last few went down pretty easy. A few clips emptied out, and one swing of a heated sword, and that rabid Waheela fell so hard I heard the thud." Kaio went to get his weapons. "Come on, Invictum."
Axilus picked up the phone. "This is Axilus Prime. What is it?"
The voice of a secretary answered him, "We got a garbled message. All the operator could make out was 'evil, bleeding, help.'" She sighed. "Then the phone line made a weird sound, static and a high-pitched scream, but not feedback. The phone the operator used blew up, he's been shipped off to the emergency room."
That type of story was odd to the red and blue titan. "Were you able to track the call?"
"As always." She sounded slightly proud, yet offended. "I'll upload the coordinates to your central computer, you provide the flash drive and stick it into your...what did you call it?"
"Pelican," he replied, getting his flash drive. "Send them. Axilus out." He got the coordinates from his computer, which he feared would be damaged. It seemed fine, and he walked toward the armory.
"No need, bro." Kaio walked out before he could reach the armory, handing Axilus his sword, axe, Assault Rifle, and Magnum. "There you go." He loaded his DMR and rocket launcher, while he sheathed a small combat knife.
Invictum inspected his sniper rifle. "Kaio, stop borrowing it while..." He noticed the look in Axilus' eyes, and seemed to catch the feeling. "No french fries..on the scope." He nervously wiped it. 
On the way to the Pelican, the trio felt the same strange, nervous fear. The pre-flight diagnostics all seemed fine, but the dashboard flickered for a second. The roar of the engines was loud as it flew off, but nothing was louder to them than the odd silence.
They arrived at dawn, though the sun was hardly up. Clouds would block it anyway. An eerie glow reflected on a thin fog, distracting Axilus from the old wooden house coming into view.
Kaio kept on fiddling with his DMR. "Always wanted to see Britain. Not necessarily this part of it."
Invictum wanted to make another crack about Kaio being afraid, like he had on every mission before, regardless of whether or not he was, but now he knew he would be mocking himself equally if he did.
The Pelican landed with a loud thud, startling the trio in the eerie silence. "Move out." Axilus cocked his gun, opened the cockpit, and stepped out.
Kaio looked around. "I know I usually handle evac...but is there anyone to evac?"
"Of...course there is." Invictum glared, irritated. Partially at whatever was here for making him afraid, partially at himself for being so. But why, he wondered, did any of them feel any fear? They had easily handled countless situations. Something here was not right.
Axilus heard a noise, swinging around to look behind him. In the process he smashed part of the old, damaged fence. "Argh!"
Invictum stepped forward. "The fence wasn't rotting. Something damaged it...recently. Let's just find it and kill it, another day's work!"
Kaio slowly stepped toward the house, kicking the door upon discovering it was locked. "I can't get in."
Axilus walked up to him, followed by the shorter Invictum, and grabbed the knob. "Hang on..." He pulled hard and fast, shattering the knob, doorstop, and lock. Empty black eyes peered at him for a split second and fell on him. "Hnngh!" He punched the face aside reflexively, then quickly turned around and pointed his gun. Turning back to the house, he motioned for Kaio to examine the fallen Vortixx. "It was a corpse...and whatever did this is here. Be ready."
Kaio picked up the body, holding it up as something of a shield, with his combat knife drawn, as it was the only weapon he could use one-handed. He advanced first, trying to see what had done this. The inside of the house was dark in the cloudy, foggy moor, and it did not help.
Axilus followed, Assault Rifle at the ready, while Invictum kept his Battle Rifle out. The dark-colored sniper quickly took a spot in the corner to stay hidden and defend his friends with gunfire. He looked to the side, where the door was. He noted how small the opening really was, compared to most doors.
Axilus silently looked around. He knew Kaio had his back, so he turned around to look the other way. No sooner had he done that than a kick slammed into his back and a soft but audible thud came from behind. He whirled around and fired his gun, but no one was where he pointed. Bullets slammed into the Vortixx corpse, and he looked to find Kaio being dragged into another room by his feet. He couldn't make out what was dragging him, and a knife scratch trailed from where he was standing to where he was now. "Invictum! Quickscope and fire!"
Invictum attempted to do so, but now Kaio was out of the room. His bullets struck nothing. "Hang on. There seem to be two passages to the room!"
"There is only one." Axilus proceeded to go inside, switching his gun for his sword and axe. Their blazing light helped him see, but it was a small pocket of light, not a spreading blanket of it. It helped very little.
Invictum smashed through a wall by repeatedly whacking it with the back of his gun. "No, there are two."
No words were exchanged between them, but the knife trail, before it stopped, was pointing to a cabinet beneath the sink. They both decided to flank the position. 
Axilus whirled around to the sound of smashing all around the house. Wooden supports broke, corners shattered, and holes were punched in the ceiling, which was also the floor of the second story in the house. He quickly turned around again and smashed open the cabinet with his sword. "Kaio!" The wood had caught on fire, and Invictum rushed to pull Kaio out. He was tied up, arms to his body, feet together, and knees to his shoulder area, with a rope around his neck. "Axilus, he's choking! See the other corpse in there?"
The burning corpse of a tied-up Toa of Water was in the cabinet, and Axilus reacted by cutting the rope around Kaio's neck.
"Invisible," he gasped, "it's invisible!"
Axilus looked around, worried. The smashing sounds, an invisible foe...rubble falling around them as the house burned. "Run! It's bringing the house down!" He sliced the ropes binding Kaio, but he was still tangled. He sheathed his weapons and picked up the Toa, running out.
Pillars of earth rose up to block falling wood, also catching on fire. The whole house was ablaze and collapsing inward, and Invictum had to defend everyone as he ran next to Axilus. "There's the door!"
They sprinted towards it, but in the smoke, they could make out a disruption in the vague shape of a Skakdi. "No!" Axilus yelled. "I can see him, the smoke makes him visible because it isn't colorless like the air!" He ran to a weakened wall, as the fires raced after them. "Smash together, I'm not strong enough to break it myself in one go!" He kicked as Invictum shoulder slammed the wall, escaping as the house fell apart. 
Kaio got out of the ropes and stood. "I think...it's a revenant. A ghost of extreme power, existing only to torment the living. Usually certain people, but...anyone who comes close enough is a target."
"I heard those have negative effects on digital technology." Invictum took out his Sniper Rifle.
"That explains everything..." Axilus stepped into the smoke created by the burning house. "Stay in the smoke! It's hard to breathe, but it's our only way to see it!"
A dizzy feeling came over all of them. Perhaps it was the revenant, perhaps the smoke. The unspoken idea that it was both plagued them all, as that would mean they had a serious disadvantage. They stood in a triangle, with their backs on the inside so they could see the revenant. No sign of attack came from any direction.
Invictum wanted to speak, but he could not in all of the smoke, where breathing was nearly impossible. Where did it go?!
Axilus looked up. "HAI!" He stabbed upward, leaping, just before the revenant could attack, but he felt his sword strike nothing. His face was slammed so hard he fell on both his companions, throwing their gaze off course and allowing the revenant to disappear yet again. "Aaargh..."
Kaio stood up. "It...can't be hit....that's....crazy!" He stood up, only to find a lump of air displacement flying at his face. He ducked. "AAAH!" He fired his DMR at the distorted figure, hitting nothing.
Invictum dove beneath the revenant, took out his knife, and attempted to get it from behind. "It's intangible...period!"
The revenant whirled around and kicked him down. Axilus charged at it, dodged a kick, then ran to help Invictum up. "It's no use! Out of the smoke...we can't...stay here! Back to the Pelican...gasmasks!" 
They ran away, each one being hit sporadically. "Should we fight it with the Pelican?" Kaio asked frantically.
"No! Its systems will be damaged beyond repair if we turn it on while the revenant is here!" Axilus grabbed gas masks for all of them, putting them on each member himself for the sake of speed. "Into the smoke!" 
They all ran, but Kaio was grabbed from behind. Axilus ran back to help him, but was punched 50 feet away into a tree...by Kaio himself.
Invictum formed earthen binds around Kaio's limbs to anchor him to the ground. "Kaio...isn't that strong...HE'S POSSESSED!" He took aim at Kaio's face, but couldn't fire. What if it killed him? 
Axilus fired several rounds at Kaio's legs, and a horrible, echoing scream came from the Toa of Plasma's mouth. Kaio melted through the binds and charged at Axilus, knocking Invictum out of the way.
Axilus put his Assault Rifle on his back and drew his melee weapons, slashing at Kaio's punch. He was kicked in the gut, and saw Kaio jump. He couldn't look up to see that his old friend had leaped into the sky, and was coming down on him.
Invictum could see Kaio had increased resistance, and repeatedly pulled the trigger of his sniper rifle. Kaio was knocked out of the way, but the shockwave from his landing knocked Axilus over.
Axilus stood, hitting Kaio in the face as hard as he could with his axe. "Get out of his body!"
Kaio twitched and crumpled into a fetal position, coughing until he laid flat on his back again. This time, it was Axilus who whirled around and hurled his axe at Invictum.
"Impossible!" Invictum ducked as the axe tore through several trees. With Axilus possessed and his strength multiplied like Kaio's was...
Kaio jumped on Axilus' back and pulled on his head, attempting to knock him out with a small crack in the neck. He couldn't find the balance between simple pain and death, however, and so was grabbed, then slammed down. Axilus stomped on him, but Invictum weakened the earth beneath Kaio so it would cause as little injury as possible.
Pain coursed through Kaio's body, and he couldn't muster the strength for a plasma blast, or even a word. Invictum gave up, but not in the coward's manner of doing so. "Enough!"
He charged at the possessed titan, firing burst after burst of Battle Rifle fire at him. The bullets caused pain to the solid form of the revenant using a living body, but it leaped over the final few bursts and grabbed Invictum's face, lifting him up. Feral growls erupted from Axilus' mouth, but his grip twitched. "No...no...KILL ME! IT...KILL HIM...BOTH...NOW!"
Invictum was shocked by the revenant's power, but shocked more so by Axilus' resistance to it. "If I kill you...he dies..." He took out his combat knife and stabbed Axilus' arm about a centimeter in, to make him release his grip, then got behind him and stuck the barrel of his sniper rifle to the back of Axilus' head. "Kaio...start a fire. Now listen closely, revenant. I will do it. He's willing to die for us, and if you force him to...I will allow it. At the slightest movement...I will pull this trigger...and you will both die!"
Kaio managed to shoot a plasma bolt at a tree, setting it on fire. The smoke gave Invictum the insurance he needed, just when Axilus began to cough. Perfect.
"DUCK!" Kaio yelled desperately. Axilus fell to the ground as Invictum ducked under a distortion.
Axilus stood. "Thank you...both of you..." He was slightly humiliated, but now the revenant could strike or possess any of them. "We need a corpse for it to possess! Any corpse!"
Invictum sniped a passing Mahi goat. "There! It's all we can use, the revenant's victims were incinerated!"
At this, the revenant roared, an echoing, savage, haunting sound. Axilus put away his weapons, knowing he would not need them. "Run to it! Kaio, keep a fire going! Burn the grass! Invictum, guard the rear! I need to keep a grip on the body for this to work!"
Smoke filled the air, with Invictum giving the signal to duck, strafe, jump, and weave around the revenant. Trees were hefted out of the ground to swing at them.
Kaio took out his rocket launcher, blowing up two trees swinging at them. "I need to reload, cover me!" 
Axilus picked up a rock, blocking a punch from the revenant. The rock shattered, but saved Kaio.
Invictum seized the corpse. "Axilus, catch!" He threw it, sending it soaring through the air. The revenant, being intelligent and devious, rushed to bat it aside. 
Axilus fired on the corpse, just barely sending it out of the way. "Catapult me, Invictum!" A pillar of earth rose up at an angle, hurling Axilus at the dead Mahi and letting him grab it out of the air. The revenant flew back at him, knocking him to the ground. The Mahi rolled out of his grip and onto the burning grass.
Kaio stood as the revenant lunged at Axilus. "No! Take me!" He looked into Axilus' eyes, the expression begging him to just kill him and end the battle. Sensing a willing victim and an easier victory, the revenant rushed at Kaio. Axilus grabbed the Mahi and stood, trying to defend Kaio, but he was too slow...
"NO!" Invictum kicked Kaio aside, but the revenant began to chase after him. He ducked, but was bashed through a tree, then landed unable to stand again. Axilus could still see the revenant in the abundant smoke...
He ran at it from behind, through debris, smoke, and fire. Ignoring his melting combat armor, he pulled out his sword. It had become too much to run with the fiery armor, and so he bashed off parts of it with his arm. No..no...come on...die!
He swung the Mahi by its leg, slamming it down on the revenant as it got into position to possess Invictum, forcing it inside the dead goat by physical contact. "This is FINISHED!" He slammed his sword through the Mahi's head, giving a loud shout of desperation and fury. The blade sunk into the animal, into the dirt, setting both on fire and immolating the body. Howls of pain erupted from the revenant. It had been too slow to escape. Weakly, a demonic, echoing voice sounded from the open mouth of the Mahi.
"And so the orb moves and spins, around the inferno still. The King is yet unmoved."
And it was silenced.

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The Sasquatch, otherwise known as “Bigfoot”, is a legendary creature, one with many rumors surrounding it and its existence. Many people have seen it and tried to prove it, with only few believing it. It is classified as a cryptid, so many people try to kill one before Superiornatural gets to it first. The organization will surely put up a great fight, but who wins in the end, the organization, the challenger, or the Sasquatch?

Sybre sat behind his desk in fetal position and sucking his thumb. It’s been weeks since the Impaler Squad went out on the field, as the squad is often used for difficult missions or a last resort. He felt relieved when Cahlsi strolled into his office.

“Have you received a call from someone who needs the Impaler Squad on the field immediately?” he asked.

“I do have a mission,” Cahlsi answered, “But it was just my parents. They saw a Bigfoot passing by their house the other day, but this morning, they saw a hunter trying to find it. They’re hoping we can capture the Sasquatch for its own safety.”

“Don’t worry!” Sybre happily exclaimed, “The Impaler Squad will get right on it-”

“Actually,” Cahlsi interrupted, “I told them I’ll take care of the situation myself.”
“You’re going to catch a ten –foot-tall ape by yourself!?” Sybre laughed, “You might get your tutu and ‘Daddy’s Girl’ shirt dirty!”

“I’m not going to capture it,” Cahlsi returned, “I’m gonna save it from the hunter by convincing him to give up.”

“And what about weapons?” Sybre asked, “I’ll bet you can’t even use a knife!”

“I keep a rifle with ammo in my desk,” Cahlsi confided, “I just never use it.”

“You’re probably a lousy shot.” Sybre contended.

“My dad taught me how to shoot a rifle,” Cahlsi boasted, “I can shoot a snipe bird from over ten feet away in pitch blackness without any attachments and just one bullet in less than five seconds.”

Sybre was amazed. He and Rituk were the best shots on the team and even Rituk took a little time to shoot something. Sybre began to stammer.

“Don’t worry, sir, I’ll be fine.” Cahlsi assured, “I joined Superiornatural only to get revenge on a specific cryptid and I didn’t even shoot so much as a bug yet. And besides, I’ll be close to my parents the whole time.”

Sybre moaned as Cahlsi walked out of the office, grabbed her rifle, and checked out. She drove to her apartment and began to pack.

“Can’t forget my tutu and ‘Daddy’s Girl’ shirt!” she said as she put the two items in her suitcase.


Cahlsi’s parents waved as she drove up to their house. There were only parents there; because both of Cahlsi’s siblings are dead (this will be explained in a later chapter).

“There’s my girl!” Cahlsi’s father, named Cahe, who had the same coloring as his daughter, but had a Noble Ruru, greeted as the family had a group hug.

“So you didn’t bring your friends from work?” C’s mother, named Calli, who looked just like Cahlsi but with a Noble Huna, asked, “I’ve heard a lot about them and I’d like to see them.”

“Well, they had another mission to do,” Cahlsi lied, “But they’ll come here another time.”

Her parents understood and they told Cahlsi the entire situation, even giving her permission to use the cabin near the lake, where Cahlsi’s father and/or big brother used to stay in on overnight hunting or fishing trips.

“Now are you sure you’ll be alright?” Calli pleaded, “I can’t stand the thought of my last child being killed by a horrible cryptid like her brother and sister!”

“I’ll be fine, mom,” Cahlsi assured, “Besides, I have this with me.”

She took the rifle out of her car, causing Cahe to smile big.

“I see you kept your first rifle that I gave you!” he remarked, “That was your brother’s first rifle, too.”

“Are you going to kill Bigfoot with that?” Calli wondered, “Weren’t you going to catch him?”

“That’s not for Bigfoot,” Cahlsi replied darkly as she got the rest of the supplies out of the car, took the key to the cabin and walked into the forest without saying another word.

She unlocked the cabin and couldn’t help but gasp at the amazing interior. She’s seen the outside many times, but the inside was a whole other world. She sat down at the desk, set up her laptop, and began recording a video diary for the Impaler Squad to see.

“Hey, guys,” Cahlsi began, “I’m already at my cabin, getting ready to save Bigfoot. Later on, I’m gonna hook up some cameras in the forest so you can catch everything! You can also see me in action and maybe then you’ll accept me as a regular member like I should have been!”

She closed the laptop, grabbed the rifle and box of cameras, and set out into the forest to place them. She set a few cameras and went to the lake to catch a view of it for the first time in years. Little did she know that after setting a camera, it caught a glimpse of a 10-foot-tall ape-like creature walking through a clearing. Another camera saw a Matoran with a brown body and red Akaku approaching it. He kneeled down in front of the camera to examine it. He then spat on it and kicked it until it broke. Eventually, Cahlsi walked back to the cabin, where she found a note on the door. All it had was one word, “STOP”. She was weirded out by the note, so she took it and sent pictures of it to the Impaler Squad, saying she can handle the situation herself.


The next day, she looked over the video footage from the cameras and was excited to see a Sasquatch in full view of the camera, compelling her to send the footage to the Squad. But she saw on camera picked up a live Matoran who broke a camera. Cahlsi quickly ran out to retrieve it. Little did she know, Bigfoot and the hunter were both watching her from afar. Later, the hunter took a working camera over to Cahlsi’s cabin, only to find her in ready position, aiming her rifle at him. The hunter wasn’t intimidated a single bit.

“What do you know about this?” he asked, pointing at the camera, which was recording the whole thing.

“I know that it’s mine,” Cahlsi replied, doing the classic hand taunt encouraging her opponent to fight, “What’s your business here?”

“Killing that worthless monkey that Superiornaturally Useless Inc. wants,” the poacher answered, “They want it for research, but I want it for money. Money is everything in this world.”

“I happen to be the secretary of the CEO of Superiornatural,” Cahlsi revealed, “And we get paid to catch/kill cryptids. And there’s more to this world than money.”

“Like skipping college for a low-budget job at S.N. Inc.?” the poacher cackled, “You’d be better off at McDosne’s flipping burgers. And that Sybre character should be cleaning the bathrooms there. Because that’s where he belongs.”

Cahlsi angrily charged at the poacher, who easily grabbed the rifle from her hands, slapped her across the face, clubbed the top of her head with the back end of the rifle, and then gave a hard kick to her stomach, thus knocking her unconscious. He then threw the camera on the ground, took the rifle, and left. The camera showed poor Cahlsi laying there on the ground.

“She seems to be handling herself well,” Sybre remarked, trying not to laugh at the video footage from that same camera, “I told her this was man’s work.”

“But that’s barbaric!” Niran protested, also watching the footage with the rest of the squad, “She may be seriously hurt!”

“Hey, she needs to prove herself just like Hemar did,” Sybre said in return, “Hemar lost some blood to that Chupacabra before blowing its brain out. Success like that has pain as a price.”

Niran and the others, excluding Sybre, felt bad for Cahlsi, laying helplessly, bleeding from where the rifle hit her head. But they kept watching because the bushes were rustling. The Impalers were surprised to see Bigfoot walk out. He was coming straight toward Cahlsi. When he got close enough, Sybre let out a shrill, girlish scream and turned off the computer.

“Are you kidding me!?” Rituk blurted, “Now I want to know what happened!”

JiMing then removed his lollipop from his mouth.

“But that was a nice scream, Sybre,” he remarked, “But save it for when you find an engagement ring in your date’s drink. If you can even get a date! And by the way, I don't see you getting out there and getting your own head beaten.”

Everyone else began to laugh and walk out of the office. Sybre was mad, but he turned the computer back on to see the rest of the footage. But Cahlsi and Bigfoot were gone.


Cahlsi woke up back in her cabin, her head still in excruciating pain. She bandaged her wound and looked outside. She slept until night, so she might end up sleeping in the morning. Cahlsi decided to check the camera footage again and let her squad know she was okay. Meanwhile, the hunter knew she wasn’t dead since she was moved into her cabin. He decided to end her and Bigfoot once and for all. He set up some traps for her and the Sasquatch. He heard something, so he looked over to the right side of the cabin front and saw an ape-like figure rushing straight toward him. The poacher tried to get away, but it was already too late. Cahlsi was busy recording another segment of her video diary when she heard ghoulish screaming, cries for help, and the sounds of traps being set off. Still recording herself, Cahlsi grabbed a tree branch she picked up while setting up cameras and rushed out the door. She saw the hunter, bloody and hanging from a tree, maskless and killed by his own traps and Bigfoot. A rune necklace hung from his hand. Cahlsi took the rune and examined it. She looked from where the ape creature came and saw it watching her. It said nothing, but turned around and left.

“He wanted to know if I was okay.” Cahlsi said aloud with a smile.

She felt glad she wanted to save it. By morning, she walked back to her parents’ house to say her goodbyes. After doing so, she drove back to her apartment. As she unpacked before going back to work, she saw something out the window. The same Sasquatch followed her back to the city and was hiding in the backyard of the apartment complex.

Should I take it to work with me? She asked herself.

She decided it would be safer there and snuck Bigfoot to Superiornatural Inc.

“You caught it!?” Sybre nearly choked, “By yourself!?”

“It followed me home,” Cahlsi replied, standing next to the Sasquatch in Sybre’s office, “I thought he’d be safer here.”

Sybre ordered someone to take it to the lab and Cahlsi placed the rune she found on Sybre’s desk. He looked at it with a puzzled expression.

“Send this to JiMing,” he said, “That’s the second rune we’ve found so far.”

Cahlsi nodded and obeyed her command.

What’s the deal with these runes? She thought to herself.

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