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The War of Spherus Magna

Tahus Mission

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Posted Mar 13 2013 - 10:23 PM

Its finally here. Remember this is a sequel to Tahu's mission so i recomend reading that first.Part one: The Start of the War."We have to move! Come on!" said a red agori. His name was Ranak, and he was a commander of the agori republic army. Ever since the war started he had been evacuating agori and matoran from villages being attacked by skrall. They had come into villages and taken all of the glatorian and toa captive. Right now he was protecting some jungle agori from the skrall. If the toa and glatorian didn't surrender they would attack. They killed everyone. The rahkshi came too. They were even more vicious. They would torture them with poison. Rip them apart. As far as he knew the only major city remaining was new Atero. And he knew that it would not remain standing for long. Anyway his job was to save the inhabitants of the villages under attack. He would go and find as many survivors as possible. He was using secret tunnels under the village to evacuate the agori. But the tunnels were almost at its end."Alright we're going to be out in the open soon. Stay close. Don't wonder off. And watch each others backs. It only takes one to wipe us all out." said Ranak to the group.He grabbed his sword. The same sword all fire agori had. And a shield. He looked like Raanu (which was the way all fire agori looked) but he was a lot younger."Get ready." said Ranak.He and the group ran outside. It was dark and there was smoke rising into the air. There were burning buildings and he could hear the screams of agori until they were silenced by a skrall or rahkshi. It was horrific. One of the skrall ran towards Ranak."Look out!" yelled Ranak. He put his sword up and stabbed the skrall right through. It died instantly. Ranak had to be good at fighting for his job. He had killed countless skrall in his time. It was easy for him. He grabbed his thornax launcher from his back and put his shield away. He found a skrall and shot at it. The skrall fell down but wasn't dead. Ranak shot it again and this time it died. He saw two more and got a headshot on both."Its safe! Lets move!"But Ranak was wrong. He led the group past an alleyway. But unknown to him there was a skrall hiding in the ally. It jumped lit as he passed."No!" said Ranak. The skrall attacked the group. It killed all of the civilians and left the other two of Ranak's team fighting. The skrall hit one of them on the head.Ranak came up and shoved his sword through the skrall. He ran over to his fallen comanion."Hes dead." said RanakHe looked up to his remaining companion"its Tarna right?" said Ranak"Yeah lets get out of here. There is nothing we can do" said Tarna"Yeah. Lets go" said RanakHe and Tarna slowly walked out of the burning village. Ranak looked back at the fallen buildings. So many lives lost. This war had taken a toll on everyone. He wondered if it was even worth fighting. The skrall would kill more if they fought. But the. He thought to himself, if Teridax wins he will control everything. He will be a vicious dictator. We will loose all freedom. That is worth fighting for. That is worth dying for.Mata-nui looked out over the great wall of new Atero "See anything Ackar?" he yelled down."No! Not yet!" he replyed.Acker and Mata-nui were some of the only toa not captured. Along with them was Takanuva, Jaller, Lewa, Gresh, and Hahli. And of course Tahu. But he had been on a mission since the start of the war. He had been gone for a month. His mission was apparently important. And he had a tool that could help them. The golden armor. If they could use it again they might have a chance.In the distance they could see a green figure flying towards them."That must be Lewa." said Takanuva.He flew closer until he landed right by the toa."Did you see anything?" asked Jaller"Yes... An army... Skrall and Rahkshi... Not far from here. We only have about a day." said Lewa.He was out of breath from flying. "We have to get ready. Tomorrow i will need to leave. I will try and defeat Teridax on my own. Its our last resort. If New Atero falls then I will be the only way to stop Teridax." said Mata-nui"If they come tomorrow then we will not fight. Too many agori. Cant let them die." said Ackar. The other toa agreed."You have all been good friends. I wish you all good luck." said Mata-nui.The next day came. Mata-nui gathered his things and got Click. He packed a bag with a little bit of supplies and walked off. The others awoke later on in the day. But they did not prepare to fight. Instead they all gathered at the arena to mourn for the toa. The toa who had already been captured or had died fighting for freedom. The remaining toa and glatorian were in the center of the arena. They knew that they would have to surrender and be held captive by the skrall. They held a ceremony for all that they had done. The toa ate and drank their last meal before they would go to their prisons. "I am going to miss this" said Ackar."Yeah... Wait a second. Where is Takanuva?" said Jaller. He was right. But little did the group know that Takanuva had slipped away before even Mata-nui left."Where did he go? Did he run away! Mybie he was afraid!" said Gresh."No. Takanuva wouldn't leave us on our own for the good of himself. He would never do that. If he left he did it for a good reason. Maybie he has a plan." said Jaller"And what would that plan be? How could one toa make a difference? How could he come up with some plan on his own?" said Hahli."Trust me, I know Takanuva. He is good at that stuff even as a matoran. He has a plan of some sort." said Jaller.The group looked at each other. They were all scarred for themselves and the fate of the world. With no one protecting it what would happen? Would Makuta just walk in and take control of everything? It didn't matter to them. Even know everyone still had hope of freedom they knew it was just a dream. Not a reality. They knew that all of those agori and matoran out there who still believed they had a chance were helpless. There truly was no hope.  They looked out to the sky and saw Lewa approaching."Its time." he said. The toa looked at each-other. All with fear in their eyes. They slowly walked next to each other. Vakama came to them and looked at them. He was saddened to see his friends go. "Do not fear them. Just be strong. You may not have much in there but you will have each other."with that Vakama just walked away. No promise of getting them free. Just be brave. The toa slowly walked out of the arena. They saw the army of skrall. One of them had chains that they all knew were meant for them. The toa came and gave their weapons to the skrall. They put their hands out and were binded by the wrists, and neck. The skrall held the chains attached to the toa so they could never escape."At last! New Atero is ours!" yelled one of the skrall."pick up your feet and move!" said another. The toa were blindfolded and forced to march into the distance. Knowing that the war was as good as over."Watch out!" yelled Gelu.He was fighting against the skrall who were raiding the village he was hiding in."Go! Go!" he yelled to the ice agori.He decided he would not surrender to the skrall scum. He would try and escape. The war was not over while he was still standing and he knew it. Even if he was the only one he would continue to fight. He ran at two skrall ready to fight him. He stabbed the first with his ice slicer and froze the other one. He saw one of them on the roof of a hut and shot it down with his thornax launcher."Stupid grunt." he said and took the skrall's shield.He turned and saw a skrall running at him with its sword extended above its head. Gelu put the shield up and blocked the skrall's blow. He took his ice clicer and jabbed it into the skrall's side. It screamed in agony and fell to the ground. It wasn't dead yet. Gelu thought for a second to put it out of its misery. He looked at where he had stabbed the skrall. There was a huge gash in its armor. He walked over to where it lay. It looked at Gelu. He could see in its eyes that it wanted to be put out of his misery. He took his ice slicer and shoved one end into its head. The screeching skrall stopped moving and screaming and lay silent. Gelu ran to a group of square huts that were partially in the ground. It was much easier to just dig out homes than to build them. He ran on the connected rooftops of them, pushing skrall off of the edge as he ran. He came to a hut made out of clay and as soon as he lay his foot on it, the ceiling collapsed underneath him. He was dazed for a second. He looked up and saw two skrall above him. He acted fast and grabbed his ice slicer and threw it at the first skrall. He grabbed the second one by the arm and punched it in the face. He took its sword and stabbed it into both the skrall's chests. He picked up his ice slicer and ran outside. He looked around a little until he found the exit to the village."Gotta act fast!" he said.He ran as fast as he could, dodging any projectiles launched at him and blocking the skrall's melee attacks. He ran to the exit of the villange and went right through the gate. He could see over the wall that surrounded the village. It was burnt to the ground. He knew he had to hurry. The skrall would be looking for him. He would have to find shelter before dark.Ranak opened his eyes. It was early morning and the sun had just risen. He looked over at Tarna, who was still sleeping. They had found a small cave only ten feet in which they had taken shelter in. They had started a fire and fell to sleep fast. Ranak sat up. All h had was his weapons, a fire staff (used as a torch and to start fires) and a sleeping bag. He walked out of the small cave and looked out at the large land mass. He was on the side of a mountain. Good hiding place. "Whats goin on?" said Tarna."Just woke up. We need to discuss what we are going to do now. There is no military bases within a days walk of here that are still standing. And all of the villages have been conquered as well." said Ranak."What about Atero? Think they are still holding out?" said Tarna"I doubt it. The skrall probably took that place already." said Ranak"I think it may be our best bet. What else will we do. We've seen what they do after taking over a village. They don't kill everyone. They occupy it and take all of the toa and glatorian out. Even if it is in the skrall's hands we could still get in and out without getting killed. What else are we going to do? Just hide out in the woods and become assassins. Try and survive while the skrall look for us?." said Tarna"Mybie. Its not a risk. But it is a long walk. Its at least three days on foot." said Ranak"Okay, i also heard a rumor about these air ships. In Atero. They got them out of the matoran universe. They are going to evacuate as many agori as possible to a safe zone to mybie even start a rebellion. If they haven't been taken yet we could try and get on one of them." said Tarna"That sweetens the deal. We could try and find some vehicles and drive there." said Ranak"Now we're talking!" said Tarna "Lets get moving!"They walked down the small mountain and towards Atero. They had little hope of it still standing but there was always a chance. The skrall had taken everything from them both. And Ranak wanted revenge. He wanted every skrall to Suffer in pain for eternity. They deserved it for what they had done. So many innocent lives taken for power. He would have his revenge one way or another. He was usually a nice good agori. But he wanted to brutally destroy all of the skrall.       After traveling for about an hour Ranak and Tarna came across a small hill. At the bottom there was a small camp of skrall with a few vehicles."do we risk it?" Asked Tarna"I think we can handle it. Only a few skrall" Said Ranak"then lets go get em!" said Tarna"No! We attack at night. They will be less prepaired." Said RanakHe took out his blade and looked at it."Tonight we make them pay!"Tahu was in the middle of two giant hills. His mission seemed like a waste of time to him since he had missed out on the main defense against the skrall and Makuta. All he did on his mission was fight some "Heroes" that were trying to conquer Spherus Magna for their own race. No big problem for Tahu. But he had no idea how fast the skrall had spread. He thought that the war was still just starting. He didn't know that it was already over.       He was excited to see his friends. It had been a while since he had spoken to them. About five weeks it seemed. He couldn't wait to get back into the action. But as well as not knowing about the war ending, he had no idea what happened to his friends.           Tahu continued his journey through the hills. At one point he came across a few skrall and Rahkshi but they where dealt with quickly. And at another time he was on a hill so high that he could see Atero. He was within a days walk. "Soon i will be reunited with my friends. We are much more powerful together." he thought to himself as he walked down the last hill.          He reached the bottom of the hill onto a large, grassy plane. Far in the distance he could see Atero. Only there was something different about it. There was a black flag with a red symbol he couldn't quite make out. This he knew was not the symbol for the army they had made for Mata-nui. That symbol was the mask of life with two blades crossing behind it. And of course there was the three virtues symbol. But this new symbol was new to Tahu.       As Tahu got closer, he could make out more of it. A red circle with lines in it."That looks a little bit like the shield of a... Oh no." he said to himself. He began to run as fast as he could towards the city. He hoped that what he thought was not true. But the closer he got the more it confirmed that dark and scary thought. The skrall had invaded Atero and taken control. Tahu ran until he was at the wall surrounding the city. He fell to his knees."No no no no no!" he yelled. He got up and ran to the gate. He was filled with rage. He broke open the gate and looked around. He knew he would have to keep a low profile in order to get to Raanu. He walked passed the villagers and skrall guards. He was glad there were no rahkshi around or they would surely be alerted. The skrall didn't notice him. He walked through the city to the center where it rose on a great hill. He climbed the stairs to the building where he knew Raanu was. He opened the door and sure enough he was right.        "Tahu! Good to see you!" said Raanu.The six turaga where there as well."What is going on here?" Tahu said furiosly."Shhhh we cant let them know your here" said Nokama. "The skrall came to attack. Instead your friends surrendered to avoid innocent deaths. They took them." "Well where are they!" said Tahu."In Teridax's new city." said Vakama"What city?" said Tahu"Taridax made a city. Filled with great beasts and terrible danger. It is always dark there.""Then thats where I'm going!" said Tahu"No! You cant. You'll be torn to pieces as soon as you open the gate. Your the last toa we have. Everyone was captured except for Mata-nui who is on his way to the city to make a final stand. If he even makes it that far. And Takanuva ran off in the middle of the night. We have no idea where he went." said Nokama.At that moment two agori entered the room."Tarna! Ranak! Your okay!" said Raanu. "We came here to see if you guys were still holding out. Looks like we where too late" said Ranak."We got lucky. They took the toa and didn't kill anyone." said Raanu."Is there any way on to those airships?" said Tarna"Im sorry we launched those about two weeks ago." said Vakama."Well we need some way of fighting back. We need some way of staying alive. Were not gunna just live under the rule of Teridax." said Ranak."Mybie we could meet the ones in the airships! Where did they land?" asked Tarna."On the other side of the planet. As far away from the army of Teridax as possible. It would be impossible for you to get there." said Vakama."Not impossible. It would just take a long time. And i think a long time is worth it. We need help. We cant free our friends alone." said Tahu."That is true. But cant risk you going all the way to those ships." said Vakama"Then I'm going to find Teridax and kill him once and for all." said Tahu. "We've been over this! You wont stand a chance!" said Raanu."He's right." said Vakama. "Teridax is our enemy and he needs to be defeated. But we cant just do it right now. We need time Tahu. We need an army." said Vakama"Then what can i do? I wont just stand here while my friends are tortured in a cell. I need to somehow speed up the process." said Tahu.Vakama turned away. He put his hand to his chin, showing that he was thinking."There is something Tahu." said Vakama"What? I must know! Whatever it is ill do it." said Tahu"It is very dangerous. But i think you can do it. I need you to take these two agori with you. They may not be toa but they are good fighters. And you know that even the smallest of beings can make a huge difference." said Vakama.Tahu looked at the two agori. The agori looked confused. They stared at Tahu wondering what was going to happen. Then Tahu nodded."They will do" he said."Excellent! But we must hurry. If the skrall see you they will kill you on sight. Here take this cloak." Vakama said as he handed a long brown cloak to Tahu. "You sure this is a good idea?" Tahu asked."Aha Tahu. You have no idea how much i think its a bad idea. But its all we have. Now listen. You are to get as far away from here as possible. Try and get as many agori and matoran as possible. Your going to need an army. Its our only hope. We need the skrall to fear you." said Vakama"Okay. If its the only way." said Tahu."Come on." he said to the agori. "its time to leave."Mata-nui had walked for days. He could see the darkened sky above Teridax's city."Somewhere in there is my long lost brother. And my greatest enemy." he said.Mata-nui looked at click. The little beetle was on its normal resting place upon Mata-nui's shoulder."almost there old friend." he saidThe beetle chirped back at him. In front of him there was a large boulder about 5 feet high. Mata-nui climbed on top to get a better view of the dark city. There was a giant tower right in the center of the city. He had no doubt that was where Teridax was. There was a wall surrounding the city. On that wall was a gate guarded by hundreds or rahkshi. The circular dark cloud over the city appeared to be coming from the top of the tower. He wondered why it was so dark. And he shuddered at the terrible creatures that where probably inside of the city. Terrible creatures that could rip you limb from limb in seconds. He looked back down at click."Don't worry friend. I will protect you." he said and smiled at the blue bettle."Well well well look what we have here boys!"Mata-nui turned around startled by the strangely familiar and sinister voice. It was Tuma and he had about a dozen skrall with him."No" Mata-nui said under his breath."A great leader on a suicide mission to make a pathetic attempt to fight his way through the endless army to Teridax." said Tuma."I have defeated you once before and i will do it again."  said Mata-nui."Oh we will see about that. Bring him to me alive!" said Tuma. The skrall advanced to Mata-nui. Click jumped to Mata-nui,s hand and turned into the shield. In the other hand he had his thornax launcher. The first skrall came at him and tried to strike him on the head with his sword. Mata-nui deflected him and shot a thornax right into its chest. The skrall flew back and hit the skrall behind it. They where unconscious. Tuma looked outraged and jumped in with the skrall."You will not escape us this time!" he screamed.All the skrall and Tuma ran at Mata-nui at the same time. He was able to fight  off the first one but as he was fighting it, a second skrall snuck behind him and stabbed him in the back."Argaaaa!" Mata-nui yelled. He turned to face the skrall. It swung at him but Mata-nui was able to block it for a little while. But Tuma ran right into him and knocked him to the ground. Mata-nui turned Click back into his original form."Go" he said "Run. Find someone! Just get out of here." with that click ran off.Mata-nui was wounded badly. He watched his little friend crawl away, wondering if he would ever see him again. He got up and took the sword off of his back."After all that you still try and fight. HA! Finish him now." Tuma said.The skrall came towards Mata-nui and forced him to the ground. They tied his arms behind his back and took his weapons."Teridax will love what i have found him." Tuma said.Tahu rode on a small vehicle that looked like a motorcycle. There were two extra small carts on the right and the left of the bike. That was where Tarna and Ranak sat. They had been traveling for only ten minutes and already Ranak was homesick. He wished that he could stay in his city with his friends. Instead he was with a soldier he had only known for about a week, and a toa of fire who he had heard of but only met twenty minutes ago. But to him, Tahu seemed like a good person to be with in this situation. From what he had heard, Tahu was a great fighter and could hold off dozens of skrall and rahkshi. And he seemed reasonably nice. Or at least he wasn't angry at him and Tarna. He thought they could become friends. And he thought that Tahu wanted to be friends with him as well. He looked up at Tahu. The cloak that Vakama had given to him was flying in the wind against body. There was a look of determination and anger on his face. The bike was traveling fast and as a result, was also very loud. He looked over at Tarna who was looking out to the wide open space. They had left the grassy area and where now traveling on a dry, desert like environment. Only it was flat and the ground was made of brown dirt. Not sand. Tahu began to slow the bike down until it came to a complete stop. "What is it?" Tarna asked.Tahu looked out to the dry land."theres something up there." said Tahu "And its coming towards us."Ranak looked out and could see a little black spot rising above the dirty ground."Lets get closer" said Tahu.He started the bike up again and it started moving again. The little black spot got closer as they moved. Ranak once again looked up at Tahu who was focused on the spot. Suddenly his eyes widened."Prepare yourselves!" he yelled.Ranak could now see what he was talking about. There where now three spots and they could see what they where. Skrall on top of similar vehicles as they where riding in. Tahu went full speed to the skrall. The skrall sped up as well. Tahu's eyes narrowed qnd focused on the skrall. They were only about fifty feet away from each other and getting closer. Suddenly, once they where close enough, Tahu jumped off of the bike and did a flip over the skrall on the bikes. The skrall made sharp turns toward Tahu. He prepared himself and readied his blade. It began to sprout small flames. Tahu ran to the first bike and made a quick slice at it. The bike was burned right in half. The skrall went flying through the air and landed on the ground far behind Tahu. Ranak and Tarna watched in suspense as the next skrall aproached."Graaaaaaaaa!" Tahu yelled out.He hit the next one with a more powerful and swifter strike. The skrall and the upper part of the bike went flying. The skrall hit the ground first followed by the half of the bike, which landed right on top of him.Tahu readied himself for the final skrall. This time he had a different plan. He ran to the skrall and jumped right as the bike was about to hit him. He landed on the bike and knocked the skrall off of it. Tahu then turned to the skrall that was on the bike who was now standing up. He went full speed toward the skrall. It charged at him with its blade extended. Tahu's face was full with rage. Small flames erupted from his eyes. Then in a split second he jumped off the bike right before it rammed right into the last skrall and exploded. Tahu breathed heavily. He looked at the three skrall, all sprawled out on the ground. He was pretty sure the last two where dead and the first was unconscious. He turned to Ranak and Tarna, who were amazed at the toa's skill and speed."That was amazing!" said Tarna.Ranak just stayed quiet. He did agree with Tarna that what Tahu had did was the most amazing thing he had ever seen."all in a days work." said Tahu. "and I've got a feeling that my work isn't over for the day." He walked back to the bike and started it up once again. The three where off on there own. They did not know where they where to go. But they trusted that they would find some place safe. They trusted that they could build an army and free their friends. They trusted that they could defeat Makuta and restore peace once and for all. They relied on the little bit of hips they had left. And they relied on each other.Agnus ran through the forrest. He was chasing his greatest enemy. Marendar. The giant metal monster was literally tearing down the forest. Or he was tearing down what wasn't already on fire.  He had lost sight of the beast but he was searching desperately to find it. He looked around at the burning trees. Marendar was nowhere to be found. "No! I will destroy you this time!" Agnus yelled out.He heard a loud boom behind him. Agnus turned around to see a large explosion. He ran as fast as his legs could carry him. At this point, he could see the mechanical beast. It turned to him and growled. Agnus didn't waste any time. He raised his spear and charged at the beast. He hit Marendar right between its two bottom arms."Graaaaaaaa!" the beast yelled. It retreated a few steps. Agnus split his spear into two blades. He ran at Marendar and jumped up, trying to make a blow to its head. Marendar swung his blade at Agnus and hit him right across his chest. He went flying."No... You will never get away from me!" he said.Agnus put his spear back together and used it to help him walk. He limped his way to the monster. Marendar prepared to charge at Agnus."Come on!" yelled Agnus.Marendar Screeched. The beast ran as fast as he could at Agnus. He steadied his spear and braced for the attack. Agnus breathed heavily. The beast approached. Agnus gripped his spear and raised it to the monster. It went right into Marendar's belly."Argaaaaaaaaaa!" it screamed.Agnus walked back and ran up to the monster. He swiped his spear across its face. The beast fell backward   "Yes!" he saidHe walked up slowly to the beast to make the final blow. He went to its head and looked into its eyes. The beast was still. Agnus raised his spear above his head. Suddenly the beast screamed. It knocked Agnus back. He looked at the beast and rays of energy started to come down from the sky. Marendar was gone."Would you look at this." said Tahu.He was looking down to a canyon. It was about two hundred feet wide and five hundred feet deep. It looked about a mile or two long. There was a slope leading down to the middle."Lets go check it out." said Tahu.Him and the agori had traveled for a week straight. Now it looked like they had finally found a safe place to stay."This is perfect." said Ranak. "We could fit an army in here!""Exactly." said Tahu. "But for now we will rest. Ill bring the bike down."Tahu went back up to the bike, leaving the two agori at the bottom of the canyon."This is great isn't it" said Ranak."Yes. I just don't know how we could get an army here." said Tarna."Tahu will think of that. It will take a while, but we can get soldiers slowly." said Ranak.By now Tahu was bringing the bike down. Once he had got to the bottom, he unpacked the gear and gave it to the agori."You two set up. Im going to make sure that this area is secure." said Tahu."Alright." said Ranak as he took a tent from Tahu."Tomorrow we will begin our army. We will find agori and weapons tomorrow. Once you are done setting up you should go hunting. We can make weapons from the skeletons of the animals. Plus we need the food." said Tahu. He then turned and walked out of the canyon. Ranak turned to Tarna."Come on. Lets finish this up so we can go hunting."Tahu was in the woods surrounding the canyon. He looked around for anything living. Anything that could cause harm. "So far so good." said Tahu to himself.He looked around once again for skrall or rahkshi. This time he did see something. There was some movement behind some trees. Tahu took out his sword."Show yourself!" said Tahu.The movement stopped. Tahu prepared for the worst. Which as it turns out, was the right move. A huge  beast that Tahu had never seen before jumped out from behind some bushes. The metal exo-skeleton was black and purple. It had four arms and legs and its fingers and toes where like blades. It had a long tail with a sharp stinger on its end. It was about twice the size of Tahu. But he had handled worse."Give me all you got!" he said.He charged at the monster with his flaming blade. But as he was about to strike the beast, it fell backward with a scream. Tahu was confused. He hadn't even touched the beast and  it had fallen over defeated. "Brother! Its been such a long time!" said a familiar voice. "Thank the great beings your alive!" Tahu saidTakanuva came from behind the beast."I thought i would never see you again!" said Tahu"Why did you run away?" "Well your involved." said Takanuva. "I heard the voice of Agnus. And that voice told me to leave. It told me to find you. It may have been just a dream but it felt like the right thing to do. Besides i wasn't gunna get stuck with those filthy skrall!""Good plan. Haha." said Tahu. "Now i have another question. What is this thing."He pointed to the monster."Thats one of Makuta's newest creations. And its not dead. Only paralyzed." said Takanuva."Why is it out here?" said Tahu."Its a scout. This is the only one I've seen around here so we should be safe." said Takanuva. "oh. I have one more thing to show you! Follow me." Tahu followed Tahu to a small cave. Takanuva led him far into the back of the cave."I think this will help you." said Takanuva.There where about two dozen agori and matoran in the cave."So this is how the next big war starts." said Tahu"Everybody move!" yelled Tahu.He got into the front of a big vehicle. Why? Because the back was filled with weapons. It had been about ten days since they had found Takanuva and the other agori and matoran. Since then they had recruited a little more than forty agori to their small army. And today was the first attack on the army of Makuta. They had attacked a small armory that the skrall controlled. They had been low on weapons for a while so they needed something.Tahu began to move the vehicle. It was slow and big but it would pay off in the end. About thirty feet away he could see Takanuva and the agori firing on skrall reinforcements. They had already taken down the skrall in the armory. But reinforcements where already on their way. Some agori had thornax launchers like Ranak and Tarna. But most of them had bows and arrows made from the metal exo skeleton of animals they had hunted. Each agori was also armed with blades that they already had or had been forged like the bows and arrows by Tahu.Takanuva called the commands. The agori where to fire into the air and the arrows and thornax would come crashing down on the skrall. The arrows where sharp enough to pierce the armor of the skrall. They had already tested that."Ready!" yelled Takanuva as the agori raised their bows.Takanuve extended one of his blades above his head then brought it down swiftly"Fire!" he yelled as the agori let the arrows and thornax go flying through the air. Tahu was surprised at the amount of skrall affected by the arrows. Most of the work was done by exploding thornax's but they had taken out at least fifty skrall. But that didn't stop all of them. The surviving skrall began to fire on the agori and on Tahu. He began to go as fast as he could. The armory was on a small hill which was why the agori had a good advantage. They could attack the skrall from above. Tahu began to drive the vehicle down the hill. Unaware that another small group of agori was on its way to attack the same armory. Gelu had recently been captured by the skrall. But he wouldn't let that stop him. The skrall didn't even get him to the prison before he shoved his shoulder blades into them and released the agori that had been captured along with him. There where only twenty, but he knew they could take this armory. Him and his small group ran to the hill only to find that the armory was already under attack."This just makes it easier! Come on! Lets take this place!" he said raising his blade above his head. He and the agori charged at the hill, killing any skrall that got in their way. Gelu saw the vehicle filled with weapons was moving."You guys keep up the attack! Im taking those weapons." he saidGelu ran to the big vehicle and grabbed ahold of the side of it. He climbed sideways to the front where the driver sat. "These are my weapons!" he yelled.Gelu took the ice slicer off of his back and prepared to jump into the front seat. He looked over into the front and was surprised to see a Toa of fire driving instead of a skrall. And this was no ordinary toa of fire. It was Tahu!"What are you doing here?" Gelu asked.Tahu turned his head to see Gelu."I should ask the same of you!" said Tahu. To Gelu it was obvious that Tahu was also trying to take the weapons with him. He thought of his options.Either kill Tahu and run with the weapons or help him and merge with his group to become even stronger. To him this was easy."Need any help?" Gelu yelled over the loud sound of explosions and the vehicle moving.He was still holding on to the side and talking to Tahu."Why not!" Tahu replied.With that, Gelu began to shoot ice and thornax at the skrall. He had icicles that could pierce the skrall armor so that is what he used. He shot them out of the spikes on the slicer, hitting the skrall each time. Most of them fell dead and the rest where injured so bad that they couldn't even stand. Tahu drove over to Takanuva."Lets go!" he yelledTakanuva nodded and ordered the agori to retreat. They had got what they had come for. Then Gelu's group appeared running over the hill. They all began to run behind the weapon carrier when Tahu pointed something out."Look" he yelledHe was pointing to about fifty hidden double seated bikes. The agori and Takanuva got the idea and ran for them. Each one got on a bike and those who didn't got on the back of one with another agori. "Well thats what i call a battle" said Gelu. "Yes. And thank the great beings you showed up when you did. How did the skrall miss you?" asked Tahu"It was a close one. I thought for sure that i would be captured. I just went from one village to another gathering agori who still wanted to fight. I also attacked a few skrall prisoner transports and freed the prisoners." said Gelu"That must be difficult. We just stay in this canyon. We go out and find agori and matoran as well. We try and build up an army to go against the forces of Teridax. But it is difficult." said Takanuva."well you know that Teridax himself is very weak. He can barely stand up by himself. He just sits in his dark tower all day giving orders. But he is regaining strength. He can see through the eyes of the rahkshi. Take control of one of their body's. He likes to see the battle. But that is the only way he can move. By possessing the body of one of his servants." said Gelu"If only we had an army now! We could strike while he is weak and destroy him and his army!" said Tahu."If only. He will be strong by the time we have an army large enough to take them on." said Gelu. "What can we do? The skrall will be hunting us down! Word has spread of this resistance. Teridax will want us destroyed as soon as possible.""Then we stay and hide. We spread word secretly to other villages and cities. We will continue to get stronger. And we will not stop until every skrall trembles when they hear of us." said Tahu. Gelu and Takanuva where silent. "Well then" said Takanuva. "What do we call ourselves?" Tahu hadn't had time to think of names. How could he? "We will call ourselves... The army of Mata-nui." said Tahu. It  wasn't the best name but it wold work. "So then where do we begin?" asked Ranak.Mata-nui was weak when they arrived at the makuta controlled arena. He had built it as a prison for his prisoners to fight each other. It would be entertaining for the skrall and rahkshi. He put Metus in charge of the arena. He would match up the fights. He would decide who would live... And who would dieMata-nui could barely walk. Tuma had treated him harshly since he found him. Mata-nui was forced to carry supplies for the skrall. And if he didn't travel fast enough he would be beaten by the skrall. And Tuma would laugh. That terrible laugh, Mata-nui thought to himself. It was so terrifying, that whenever he even heard Tuma breath, he jumped. He wanted to die. Anything to get him away from Tuma. For most of the long, and terrible journey, he had no idea where he was. Tuma had told him that he would gain honor from Teridax, and no longer be considered exiled. But Tuma never mentioned where they would be going too. Now Mata-nui had his answer. He looked up at the fort outside of the arena. There where dozens of rahkshi all aiming at Tuma and the skrall."I have an offering! A gift if you will!" Tuma yelled at the fort. The front gate dropped and the small, white agori emerged."Well look at this! The so called great spirit at the mercy of the one and only Metus! This is a dream come true!" he looked at Tuma"What do you want for this fine fellow?" he asked"I want my honor restored!" Tuma said."And it shall be. You can be in-charge of  equipment. It is a very important job." Metus said "I will not be controlled by a puny agori! I could crush you where you stand!" Tuma said. "I want YOUR position!" Metus looked back and winked at one of the skrall. It meant prepare to fire. The rahkshi aimed right at Tuma's head. "As you can see, i have you outnumbered. So hand over Mata-nui and I will let you leave with your life and Maybe  your dignity." said Metus."Give me my honor or he dies!" Tuma put his blade to Mata-nui's neck. Metus looked back one more time and waved. One of the Rahkshi fired from its staff and stuck Tuma. The former skrall leader was unconscious on the ground. Metus signaled for two skrall to come out to the field."Pick these two up and put them in cells. Tell me immediately when they wake up. Teridax will be very happy with us. We finally have his only weakness."  
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