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UnSung hero

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Van Hohenheim
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Posted Apr 17 2013 - 12:04 PM

"alas, it always seems that the one who makes the most difference is the one most forgotten in history"


so this is a story i made to explain Strack. his life, and his story. read on and enjoy.

review topic http://www.bzpower.c...?showtopic=9470 < there



Chapter One: Runner
Strack ran through the streets of Metru Nui. behind him, Vahki, ten to one. he had no idea why they were chasing him. he had always done his job, and well, he had always payed his fees, never done anything illegal. yet here he was, being pursued by vahki. he had been in Le-Metru at the time, selling his Masks that he had made, and then all of the sudden, a vahki had crept up behind him and said "Strack, you are charged with-" that had been all he had gotten in before Strack had started running. now here he was, still running. he decided to make for a small hole in the ground he saw, about 100 feet away. angling so that he would take them by surprise, he bursted in a run even faster and sped away. but the Vahki were not to be out done. his lungs burning, he lunged for the hole. he managed to land inside of the hole. the vahki swarmed above, but they could not reach him. they were getting deadly close though. pushing himself as far down as he could, he discovered that there was a small passage, no bigger than his shoulders. a tight fit, but he couldn't help thinking a little too perfect of a fit. still, it was a way out from his current situation and anything was good. wiggling in the small space, he tried to put his feet to point upwards, but as he was about to escape, one of the vahki got a lucky hit and struck him with his blade. his memory blanked out.
Chapter Two: a glow of light.
when he woke up, he was in a prison cell. it was dark, dank, and dismal. other prisoners, he could hear, moaned for freedom. others had been driven to the point of madness. laughing manically, they paced up and down in their cells, turning fire-lit eyes on everything they saw. there was a fire in the corner of his room, and he huddled next to it, trying to soak up the warmth. a loud sound was heard at the door to the cells, a bolt unlocking. then a figure stepped in, guarded by two armed matoran. she stopped at six of the cells, whispered something in their ear, then left them. She stopped at Strack's cell. leaning in, with him pushing his ear against the bars, she whispered: "Under the fire". after that, she left him to himself. after the party was gone, he scrambled to the fire, carefully pushing away the embers. inside was a stone, glowing slightly in the darkness of the prison. he had never seen anything like it before. clinging to it, he realized that this was it. a Toa Stone. he had only heard legends of it, and now here he was, holding one. he now knew that he had to become a Toa to stop the nonsense that was going on. and he was to do it with five teammates he probably never heard of. but he was going to be a toa, and that was good.

Edited by Strack, Apr 17 2013 - 12:06 PM.

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