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  1. Voting Tyler. can we please get a double hang this time
  2. What makes you so certain that these two are town, pray tell? what made you guys so certain they aren't I'm not saying I'm mafia But you never see me and the mafia in the same scene (I don't think anyway)
  3. Excellent. Thanks for the double hang, people.
  4. Ok now no one vote. Let's get a double hang, which is arguably the best way to die.
  5. I'm switching vote from (gibberish) to Hina Kagiyama.
  6. habrafadtuegwtdlml? has my vote. He's been quiet, and he should die. (completely serious, btw)
  7. Voting Shadow Vezon. Crossing fingers for a doublehang.
  8. Quid? I switched my vote, on the advice of others, and you find that suspicious? I find that moughty peculiar. Almost like a member of the Cota Nostra getting nervous, hmmm...? Pulse intimidated me, so I changed my vote. I changed my vote to you for because.
  9. Holy GabeN that's a lot of spots. I'll take one of them.
  10. Bethesda and Valve have recalled their "Paid Mods". The PCMASTERRACE rejoices.
  11. Has there been any discussion on the "paid mods" for Skyrim yet? I think that the 25%/75% split is way too high. The whole thing screams "moneygrab" at me.
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