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A Warrior's Tale

Planachar Warrior Tale BIONICLE Epic

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#1 Offline The Malicious Phantom

The Malicious Phantom
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Posted Apr 20 2013 - 08:59 PM

Hi guys, welcome to my Epic A Warrior's Tale. The main character of the story is Planachar, my Toa of Fire. Be sure to drop a comment or two!



Review Topic: LINK

Chapter One, Stranded



He was lying on a beach. That much he knew. What had happened? How had he gotten here? Questions filled his mind. Then he remembered. The mission from the Turaga, the horrible storm, and the massacre on the beach. Anger and hatred filled his heart. He was helpless to watch as he watched his friends get butchered right in front him. He didn’t know what those things were. But they would pay dearly for robbing him of his friend’s lives. He got up and found his sword and shield. They were battered and dented from numerous battles. The Ta-Matoran insisted that they fix them. But Planachar refused. They reminded him of past mistakes. Mistakes that he would not make again. He set out on a mission. To hunt those things down. On his way through the jungle, he spotted countless masks that were scarred and pitted from weathering and those creatures no-doubt. He decided to set a trap for them. Gathering up as many sticks and leaves as he could, he strode out to the clearing up ahead. Soon. He thought My friends will not have died in vain. And with that, he built a fire.

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#2 Offline The Malicious Phantom

The Malicious Phantom
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Posted Apr 25 2013 - 06:33 PM

Chapter Two, The Hunter Becomes the Hunted


Planachar waited patiently in the foliage close to the beach. The pillar for the fire was set up; now he just needed to light it. He shot a fireball out of his sword and the pillar caught ablaze. Planachar was already starting to see some of the creatures appearing in the sky. “Like moths to a flame.” He said. “Literally.” He felt a heavy hand on his back which yanked him to the ground before he could react. “Who’re you calling moths?” A deep, raspy voice said. Planachar couldn’t reach his sword in time and all he saw was black. When he woke up, he found himself in a prison chamber. He had vague memories of seeing what looked like a Rahkshi dragging him here. But it couldn’t have been a Rahkshi. These things had wings. “Planachar.” A familiar voice said. It was the Ice Matoran that had come with him on the voyage. “They killed everyone else. I got away, but not for long.” “Come on, time to meet the boss.” One of the creatures said. “Planachar, whatever you do, remember. It isn’t your fault.” The Ice Matoran said. “Shut up.” The creature said. Planachar would’ve helped, but he couldn’t. His sword and shield were on the wall across from his cell, and he was already hearing screams of torment coming from down the hall. He had an idea, but he wasn’t sure that it would work. If he shielded himself with his Hau, he would be protected by an impenetrable bubble. He didn’t have much to lose right now, so why not give it go. He activated his Hau and walked toward the cage bars. They slowly bent, and, eventually snapped. Planachar barreled down the hallway, but was stopped by two of the creatures. “Thought you could make a break for it, eh?” One said. “Time to meet the boss.” Planachar was led down the hall and into a throne room. The figure sitting on the ornate chair was clad in a black robe. “Planachar.” He said. “It’s been awhile.” “Who are you?” Planachar asked. “You don’t remember?” The figure said. “You don’t remember how you left me to rot on that island so long ago?” “Koran. You’re alive!” Planachar said. “Half alive, actually. I have only retained half of my original being. I am now half Rahksheeva and half Toa.” “Rahksheeva?” Planachar asked. “Prisoners from another world, stranded here forever. They say that they’re the prototypes for the Rahkshi exoskeletons.” Koran replied. “Our rulers imprisoned us. They said that we were too powerful. A quarter of our species escaped and crashed on this God-forsaken rock that you call home.” One of the Rahksheeva said. “Hey, Koran. Could you let me go? I could take you back to Metru Nui with me.” Planachar said. “Metru Nui is not where I belong. I am an abomination! The battle of Xia. You abandoned the rest of the team. I survived because I was strong. The Rahksheeva found me and brought me here. I was then repaired and challenged their leader over dominance of the island. I won. I have made a new life for myself Planachar. Now, I give you a choice. Join us or die.” Koran said. “I would rather die than side with evil. The Koran I knew is no longer in there, is he.” Planachar said. “I’m afraid not, but, if it’s death you want, it’s death you’ll get. Your death will be at dawn. Don’t be late.” Koran said. “I’m sorry.” Planachar said. “He says he’s sorry. Isn’t that cute.” Koran said. “I’m afraid that it’s too late for ‘sorry’ Planachar.” Planachar was led back to the prison and had his mask and weapons taken away. While the Rahksheeva were walking away, he heard them talking. “I can’t believe that that chump thinks that he’s our leader.” One said. “Yeah. As soon as we get this job done, the real boss will be most grateful.” Despite the fact that Koran had changed, he had to warn him. If he could spark just one iota of their former friendship, things might turn out alright. Planachar started to pick the lock of his cell door. He didn’t have much time. Dawn was just a few hours away…

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