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Queen of Dawn


At night she sleeps in her castle high above the lowland. Two watchtowers overlook upon the village in the lowland. Guards in shining armor with red cloth guard the castle and protect her at all time. They stand outside by the doors, only letting in her mistresses in to attend to her.


When the dawn arrives, the beauty of her majesty can be seen. Her face is filled with the beauty uncompared to a jewel. Her skin is soft as silk and hair long and soft as fleece. Her skin is as light as the dove, and hair dark as the soft braches of trees in the kingdom’s garden. Her royal gown is as light as the ocean to the north, and her shoes are like a mirror that can see into the hearts of everyone.


When she heads to the town, the peasants give her gifts of kindness, and the nobles bow to her while offering the best they have. Every day is something new from the town’s people. One day its food of kindness or a handmade offering made of whatever they can find of high value. While sometimes it can be a show of thanks to the queen.

Unlike the other royalties before her or in other lands, she never punishes them. Instead she forgives them for what they have done, and tells them not to do it once more. Crime in her land is zero, since everyone loves her, and cherishes her like a mother, even though she is only in her early 20’s. Many of the noble men try to sway her with their offerings, but all she gives them is a “Thank you,” or an “I’m delighted.”


One summer day in the garden, there was a noble sitting on the bench. Sun gleaming bright white by the color of the tree leaves surrounding the garden, and a gentle breeze flowing in pushing some leaves off. He was a handsome man in a red garb and black pants with sword on his left. The glint of gold on his garb, made the light brighter in the garden. He even wore a long black cape that fell to his boots of fine leather. His hair was of a dark brown color, and long to the color of his garb.


When her majesty came in her night gown and saw the man she asked, “May I ask why you are here my fine noble?”


“I was just admiring your beautiful garden my lady,” He replied. “But now that you are here, the garden is more majestic than it is now.”


He walked up to her and kneeled before her, then getting her hand and kissing it gently.


She asked, “May I ask your name my sweet noble?”


“My name is Richard Thamson. I am at your service my lady,” He responded, rising up and looking into her eyes.


“I came to offer you my condolences my lady, for I have been searching for a fine woman like you. I come far from this land that you

reign, and I do not come here for an offering of peace, but an offering of marriage.”


“Why is it that you out of my entire nobles think that you can marry me? None of them are as intriguing as you who have come from such a land, which does not have what you desire.”


She gets close to him and takes his hand. “Why don’t we have a discussion over a meal?”


“I’d be delighted my lady.”


The next day the noble and the queen meet again at the garden. The night shines a dim bright light into the garden. Moon and stars illuminate the trees and shine gracefully over the queen. She looks everywhere for the noble, but just as she is about to leave, he arrives.


“Your beauty is even brighter at night than in the sun,” He says slowly walking to her.


“I see you finally came, and your words never cease to amaze me.”


“The only thing that will make it more wonderful,” he kneels down and gets her hand, and places a ring on her ring finger. “Will you take my hand in marriage?”


She looks at the ring that has been placed on her. The craftsmanship on it is flawless, and the diamond in it gleams bright as the light around them. Then she looks at him and says, “Why yes, I would be delighted.”


The next day, a wedding is held on the town square. The masses of people arrive to watch as the royal knot is tied after 13 years of looking for a suitable husband. The poor and the rich cheer as they walk down the aisle, and the couple waves at them with a smile. A king is born, and the queen is now even happier than she has ever been in her life.


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