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Hitman: Rebooted

Makuta of Time

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A pod opens out as liquid protodermis seeps out. A being from a long time ago has reawakened. His body and face are all scarred from battles from long ago even though his body was preserved and reconstructed. A deep and dark computer voice speaks, "Welcome Flaredrick. It has been a while." The battered Toa regains his vision and consciousness. "Where am I? How long have I been out?"

"We are in your secret underground bunker where you have been confined to your healing chamber. Roughly a whole year has past since you last stepped foot into this world." The Toa walks up to a console where many screens are showing activity of the outside world. "What happened while I was gone?" "The Mafia is still going on strong, but a new contender has risen. One known as Game of Thrones." "Isn't that a show where different clans brutally manipulate each other and gruesomely kill each other for odd reasons while your favorite character dies?" "Indeed."

The Toa scratches his mask in bewilderment. "Who would've known that would be a thing." "They are in their second season as we speak." "Wow! Two whole seasons while I was gone. Time really does fly." "The Bionifight Contest is still going on strong, but mostly they keep calling it Bionifight One." "Why? Couldn't they come up with a catcher name than that?" "Analysis unknown." "What about Hitman? Are they still going?" "Unfortunately, the series did keep going until it dropped from the face of this world. It has not been held since then." "What?!" The Toa's anger flared up as the temperature began to rocket around him.

"How dare they not continue such an honored tradition! This is unacceptable!" He slammed his fist onto the console and made a dent into the machine's systems. Then, an idea popped into the Toa's head as he began to calm down. "Computer...launch the initiative." "Re_engaging systems...searching combatants..." "I think it's high time we show the world what a true battle royal is like. Gather the best fighters that this world has to offer...cause in this game...there is no room for the weak to survive."


How to Play:

In Hitman, the objective is to kill all you opponents until only one is left standing. At each round, all players must PM me their intended target for the round. You must tell me by which means of killing you are wanting to dispatch your target, as well as which Gambler's Shard you would like to use, should you want to use it.

Each player will PM me a stat sheet of themselves with resistances ranging from 1-6. No two stats can be the same number. ​Ex:

Sharp Object: 1
Blunt Object: 2
Elemental: 3
Poison: 4
Explosives: 5
Ranged: 6

In order for your kill to be successful, a die will be rolled and if the number rolled is equal or higher than the resistance of the target, then you are awarded a kill. For instance: Hapori Tohu uses heat vision on Black Six. Black Six's resistance to elemental damage is 3, but the die rolled onto a 5. Black Six is vaporized into ashes.

Be creative with your arsenal so long as a weapon type is included.

When players PM their target for the round, they have the option to use a Gambler's Shard. Rules and regulations for the shards are as follows:

Possibility Shard: Die is rolled. If even, likelihood of survival is increased, but if odd, survival is diminished.

Iden Shard: Choose a coin outcome. Pick a second target. Upon death (if ever), if your choice was correct, you are awarded the second kill (However, success is not guaranteed), otherwise, no kills are made.

Sanok Shard: Choose number between 1-6. Die is rolled. If die lands on your number, then you are 100% guaranteed the kill for the round.

Pakari Stone: Choose a resistance. Die is rolled. If even, add the outcome to the number rolled for the kill. If odd, subtract.

Hau Shard: Die is rolled. If even, add number to a specific resistance. If odd, subtract.

When using a Gambler's Shard, just say in your PM, "I'd like to use Iden Shard," and follow the instructions. Disclaimer: You only have one of each shard. Use them wisely.

1) All BZPower rules apply
2) Please only use one PM throughout the duration of the game.
3) Do NOT switch up targets mid-round. If I am given a second target (unless by shard), I will ignore your second target and go with your first choice.
4) Please do not complain about the outcomes. I only roll once with a six-sided die (unless it is the final round and the supposed outcome rolled would be everyone dying).
5) Have fun

1: Toa TimeLord
2: Valendale
10: Toa Smoke Monster
13: Blessed Blade
14: xccj
17: Fluorescent Flowers
24: Makuta Luroka
27: Shadow Vezon

Admission is now closed

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Round 1: Desolated Battlefield


Back in the underground bunker of Flaredrick, nine portals opened up in a separate chamber of the facility. Nine beings from across the world arrived without a clue what was going on. xccj, the master journalist and reporter was perplexed as so was Blade. ShadowVezon and Luroka were looking around the walls to see if there might be a way out. "Hey Valendale, who do you think could've brought us to such a place like this?" asked Toa Smoke Monster. "To be honest, there are several people I know who could've done this, but ShadowVezon and Luroka are out of the question since they are here too." "Whatever the case, we have to get out of here as soon as possible," proclaimed JAG18. Just then, two monitors lit up and showed a shadowy being displayed to them.


"Welcome combatants to my bunker! You have selected to play a little game." "This room definitely doesn't feel like a Saw movie," protested Blade. "I wasn't talking about that kind of game! I'm talking about a more dangerous, unethical, unadulterated game that you all thought was forgotten long ago. You have been chosen because some of you are veterans, while others are rookies trying to make a name for yourself. Only the smart and strong will survive in this battle." "By the great beings, is he talking about what I think he is?!" said Flux in a startled tone. "Wait, I think I know that voice!" shouted Toa Time Lord. "Um...no you don't." argued the figure. "Yeah I do! There's no mistaking that voice. The only other person with that voice is non other than Flaredrick!" The room went silent as a light shined down on the Toa. "Looks like you found me out quickly. Congratulations Time Lord. Now, while I did expect more of combatants to attend, it seems you nine will do." "So the markings with that biohazard symbol was your doing then." proclaimed xccj. "Why yes, it was. Now then, shall we get our things under way."  


In a blink of an eye, the combatants were again teleported, but this time to the war torn island of Odina. Each one was scattered throughout the island. Ash filled the air as the landscape of the once former headquarters of the mercenary group now laid in waste. The Fortress lay in ruins as well as the other buildings on the island. Vegetation began to take back the land and various Rahi began to settle on the island. The remnants of the once vast shadowy organization are now nothing but a mere memory. As the fighters began to gather up their strength and walk about the island, loud speakers across the island turned on. The shrieking sound was so unbearable that even the nearby Cliff Screechers flew away from the sound. "Welcome combatants to Hitman. In this game, each one of you will fight each other off until only one of you stands. You can use any means of dispatching your target. Be creative, let your brutal imagination run wild. Now let the games...begin."




As Luroka cautiously patrolled the southern beach of Odina for Blade, he felt a set of hands touch his shoulder. He then felt himself being thrown into the sand face first. Sand minerals got caught into his eye sockets blinding him. "Who's there?!" shouted Luroka as he flailed his knife around. He could barely open his eyes and see the blur of a shadowy figure in front of him. The figure then let out his hand and blasted Luroka with an endless stream of shadow. Shadows surrounded his entire body, slowly collapsing him with an immense pressure around his head. Luroka tried to breath but he could only feel the air drain way. In just a few seconds, Luroka collapsed from the suffocation of the darkness. "Hahaha! You never stood a chance Makuta!" ShadowVezon exclaimed as he kept laughing while walking away.


Flux spied above the tattered rooftops for his target. He loaded his crossbow as he aimed his sights down the streets. Dust and ash blew by making the area seem haunted. Blade peered around the corner to see if her target was within her disc launcher's range. She saw no signs of her target. Flux noticed Blade cautiously walking about. He steadied his aim as he lined his sights onto her head. With a pull of the trigger, the arrow launched out to Blade. With a clean hit, the arrow pierced through her mask and ended up sticking half of the arrow out of her face. She fell to the floor not knowing that she was hunted.


Valendale turned in the opposite direction from where Blade was. He didn't want the shooter to be hitting him as well. As he continued walking, he noticed JAG18 rummaging an abandoned building. JAG hadn't noticed him, so he stealthy made his way to him with a brick in hand. It was odd brick with a shade of yellow with six studs protruding from the top. Once he got closer to him, he chucked the brick as hard as he could to his head. He ran before he could see the results. What Valendale failed to see was that JAG was locked in a position where a Toa Smoke Monster was in front of him holding a cloth soaked in poison. Both beings fell to the ground as one had a studded brick lodged into te back of his head, and the other a Hagah spear in the chest.


Toa TimeLord wandered the beach in search of his target with his Warhammer in hand. Just as he was about to give up, he saw a shadowy Skakdi running in his direction. "That must be Shadow Vezon." he muttered to himself. He held his Warhammer in position and began to charge at the mad Joker. ShadowVezon noticed the Kurahk charging at him and slid under him as soon as he got close enough to him. ShadowVezon kept on running away as Toa TimeLord struggled to get his hammer out of the sand. "Hahahaha! Sucker!" Meanwhile in the city, xccj waited in a restaurant for Luroka. He had an elaborate setup for the kill. A delicious poisoned cake along with a bowl of ice cream and party balloons for his victim to enjoy. Sadly though, Luroka never showed up. He couldn't just let the ice cream go to waste so he ate it as the day ended.




ShadowVezon drowns Luroka in shadow

Fluorescent Flowers headshot Blade with a crossbow

Valendale kills JAG18 with a LEGO brick

Toa Smoke Monster impaled by JAG18 with Hagah Spear


Only xccj, ShadowVezon, Toa TimeLord, FF, and Valendale remain. Please send in your kills by at least tomorrow.

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Not really. This actually might be the most shortest game ever :P


Anywho, I have a question for all. Should the winner at the end of the game continue the series (should they want to), or if not then anyone who pleases, can start the next one when finished? Or, when the first game ends, we continue like a series for thrdd total games in one topic like how the original one was?


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Well, that has definitely got to be the worst injury I've ever received from a LEGO piece.  :P


On the subject of future games, I'd vote for the former option just because it's kind of a "tried-and-true" method, but honestly I don't really have a preference one way or the other. 

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@Time Lord: To be honest, I've been meaning to host a Mafia game for as long as I played them. But ever since I went on a hiatus, I couldn't do it. The offer does sound nice.


@JAG: I think I'll keep it like the old school one. That way it be a true reboot of the franchise.


Also just waiting on ShadowVezon's kill.

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Round 2: Final Five


Back in the bunker, the host of the new Hitman games looks at a screen that isn't looking at the fighting. It is instead looking at a world far from theirs. This world was the world of the dead. The Red Star regeneration substation, where everyone who dies in the MU is reborn.  The only problem is that the system that sends back the dead to the living world is broken. At the moment, Kestora agents of the Toa are working around the clock to get the systems running. "How much longer till that system comes back online?" Asked the Toa. "By our estimations, it should be done by around the end of the week." replied the Kestora chief. "Speed up the process. I want it done in three days time. No excuses." With that the screen looking at the Red Star world turned off, and the Toa looked away to the screens at the rest of the fighters.




xccj stood in the room opposite of FF. Flux had a pack of C4 ready to go off that he packed into the wall where xccj stood behind. With the trigger still in hand, Flux moved towards a shiny golden mask that stood on a pedestal. It was a mask he had never seen before. A rare exclusive mask that only a select few will ever have in their possession. As soon as Flux took the mask off its pedestal to further inspect it, a 5 ton anvil broke off the rope it hung on and hurled towards his head. Quickly he pulled out his Hau shard, but the light was dim and was not wanting to activate. Acting on fear, he pushed the button to activate the C4. FF became  crushed under the anvil while xccj suffered burns and white hot shrapnel piercing into his body.


Valendale, TimeLord, and ShadowVezon found themselves in a tight spot. All three of them are exhausted and are on their last rounds of ammunition that they have. Only one of them could possibly make it out alive. Seizing the opportunity, Toa TimeLord jumped out of his hiding spot and rushed at ShadowVezon. "For Gallifrey!" shouted TimeLord as he threw his Sonic Screwdriver at ShadowVezon's eye. Activating his Sanok shard just as he threw it, the Sonic Screwdriver pierced ShadowVezon's skull as it went right between his eyes instead. Both ShadowVezon and Valendale jumped out of their corners at the exact same time, but ShadowVezon couldn't pull the trigger just in time  for the bullet to shoot out of his gun. "Hraugh!" Valendale extended out his arm as a bolt of ice shot out of his hand. The bolt of ice hit Toa TimeLord square in the chest. Before he could react to counter Valendale's attack, the Toa from Gallifrey began to feel cold as he looked at his body become frozen in ice. He couldn't break out and the ice creeped more closer to his head. Just before the ice fully froze him to death, he saw Valendale move towards him. Once the ice covered up his entire body, Valendale pushed the frozen statue of Toa TimeLord to the ground where it shattered into pieces. "This was too easy."


Valendale walked out of the building where rays of the sun began to pierce the sky. The dark clouds that surrounded the desolated island of Odina began to subside. With his head up high Valendale raised his fist high into the air.




Fluorescent Flowers explodes xccj with C4

xccj crushes Fluorescent Flowers with a 5 ton anvil

Toa TimeLord impales ShadowVezon with a Sonic Screwdriver

Valendale freezes Toa TimeLord then shatters his frozen corpse


Valendale is the win of Hitman: Rebooted!


A huge thanks to all those who participated in this first game.


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Good job Valendale and GG everyone else.


And I know a few were discussing it earlier, but I'm unfamiliar with the series. Am I supposed to host the next game?

Usually the winner of one hitman got first dibs on hosting the next game, but if you don't want to for whatever reason that's fine.  Otherwise, we'll just wait and see who is interested in hosting and then go from there. 

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