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Alright. After months of mulling the idea around in my head, getting opinions, and trying to find out ways to go about doing things, I've decided to go ahead and make a discussion topic for Rise of the Rockets. While I'm not sure how much this will actually be used for OOC discussion, my hope is that it will give us a way to bring all of our profiles into one place so that we don't have to check my blog, Blade's blog, Nara's blog, the Wiki, and a ton of other places when we want to look up or update something.


So yeah. Mission statement and whatnot.


Having said that, if you are a player in Rise of the Rockets, or if you plan to join, please post your profiles in this topic--preferably in one post. Spoiler tags for character development and condensation purposes would be nice, but I'm not sure we can actually use them. I'll be maintaining a directory in this post to all profile posts, as well as linking to the Sprite Teasers that I made a couple of weeks back.


Finally, do note that while this is the discussion topic for the RPG, OOC comments/questions/etc. can still be posted in the RPG topic itself. I'm not going to be super picky about where those are placed. Extensive OOC discussions, however, should only occur in here.



Rise of the Rockets Link Directory

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Player - Characters

Mr. Peanuts -Jennifer Lorne, Cero, Cassius Faust, Samuel Freeman

KNI - Hex Yutry, Devin DeLong

Konuju - Ryan Sanders, Dack Majors, Ellen Burks, Luke, Madison, Hannah Wright, Shannon Willows

Parugi - Sonja Baron, Kyle Eston, Ethan Worth, Gavin Braner

--NPC Post #1 - TL Leaders (Goldhawk, Blackskull, Bluefalcon, Silvermind), TR Leaders (Sleight, Joker, Bounty, Ace, Buzz, Viper)

--NPC Post #2 - Hojohsin League (John Ford, James Pierce, Madison Hayes, Quincy Adams, Tyler McKinley), Nine

--NPC Post #3 - Decaia Holts/Sloth, Vidinia LeJauso/Envy, Raimundo Rojo/Wrath, Melanie Garven/Lust, Melissa Garven/Greed, Albero DeLargo/Gluttony, Gelar Stolz/Pride

--NPC Post #4 - Meghan Vert, Esen Windred, Skye Hall, Eileen Alaric, Levi Alaric, Jackson Sang

Minun4 - James Arthur, Jamie Arthur, Richard Apollo, Claus Von Diamond.

Nara - Justin Iredsi, Zac Flash, Eric Spiros, Pierce Aderia

JiMing - Aspen Seaton, Olivia Seaton, Dahlia Seaton, Lachina Adaon

Flipz - Adam Zynthic, Amanda Zarth, Ameilia Zann, Alex Zyther

Canis Lupis - Blake Grimpen

BZP Blade - Zach Hikari, Ray Hakuda, Ryan HikariJenny Hakuda, Lucia Zyther, Colette LlyanGerald Hikari

Hades - Evan Tierra, Lafoyae Belrose, Klim Prizak, Feral Tierra

The Snark Knight - Abraham Stein

Detranix - Adam/Van Harrison

Constructman - Ralet/Jacob Stark, Vincent Zai, Geoffrey Lannister

The X - Arius "Jacob" Jacobson

Geardirector - Ratchet Gordon

Mega Man: The Blue Bomber - Zac Blazer

Sonyaxe - Jake Harris

Ricardo Mason - Maxilus 'Dandy' Sarukai




This section lists the current achievements of each group. Players may use a max of up to two trainers or Legendary Pokémon or a mix with them on a mission; the exception is that for certain missions that require the use of more Legendary Pokémon (such as the Regigigas mission) players may bring more than two, though only as needed.

Team Liberty
Team Rocket
Team Plasma
John Ford/Hojohsin League
The Ancient Darkrai

Kanto Gym Leaders Recruited
-Forrest (Neutral; rotates the operation of Pewter Gym with his and Brock's other siblings.)

-Lt. Surge
-Erika (Neutral)
-Giovanni (Deceased)


Johto Gym Leaders Recruited

Hoenn Gym Leaders Recruited
-Tate (Deceased)
-Liza (Deceased)


Sinnoh Gym Leaders Recruited

Orange Crew Members Recruited

Frontier Brains Recruited
-Brandon (Not recruited, but friendly to Team Liberty.)


Elite Four Members Recruited

-Flint (Searchers; Deceased)

Other Famous Trainers Recruited
-Red (Team Liberty Executive)
-Leaf Green (Deceased)
-Ethan Gold
-Brendan Ruby (MIA)
-Silver (Double-agent for TL within TR)
-Richie Eston (Team Liberty Executive)

-Ash Ketchum (Deceased)

Legendary Pokémon Recruited
-Articuno (1) (1)
-Zapdos (1) (1)
-Mewtwo (1) (1)
-Mew (1) (2 Neutral, 1 formerly Searchers)
-Thousands of Unown (Not Legendary, but still extremely powerful in large numbers; thousands were formerly controlled by Team Rocket, but have been resealed)
-Raikou (3, 1 Extra-dimensional) (1 Neutral; formerly Searchers)
-Entei (2, 1 Extra-dimensional)
-Suicune (2, 1 Extra-dimensional)
-Lugia (1) (1 Neutral; formerly Searchers)

-Registeel (1) (1 Neutral; formerly Searchers)
-Latias (1) (3)
-Latios (3)
-Deoxys (2) (4; 1 the Alpha-Deoxys, other 3 weaker, single-form individuals)


-Heatran (1) (1)
-Cresselia (1) (1 Neutral; formerly Searchers)
-Manaphy (1)
-Darkrai (1) (1) (1 Neutral; formerly Searchers) (1) (9)
-Genesect (1; Shadow Genesect)



Multiples of Legendary Pokémon

Despite (or because of, as some cases may be) how we are mostly going off of the games and manga, quite a few Legendary Pokémon are going to be treated as multi-member species throughout the game. This system is primarily based off of their Pokédex entries, many of which imply the existence of more than one of the Pokémon in question. These Pokémon are:
-Four of the five Kanto/Johto birds -- Lugia, Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres.
-The thr
ee Johto beasts -- Entei, Suicune and Raikou.
-Mewtwo (3)**

-The four Regis.
-Latios & Latias



-Manaphy & Phione
-Victini--NOTE: Victini does not bring instant victory to whoever recruits it. That would break the game.

-Meloetta (9)
-Genesect (5)


All others will be treated as one of a kind Pokémon, due to evidence in their Pokédex entries.

*Celebi's nature as a time traveling Pokémon leaves its status relatively ambiguous. Some people may argue that there have to be multiple ones from different moments in time, while others could simply see it as one that has made its mark at many different times to many different people.


**Due to its nature as a clone, additional Mewtwo could be created separate from these three, but would need a very sturdy case to get approved. As a note--two of the current three come from the anime/official sources; the third was created over the course of RotR.

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Username: Mr. Peanuts

Name: Jennifer Lorn; goes by 'Jenny' informallyFaction: Team LibertyHometown: Fight AreaAge: 16Appearance: Jennifer is a pretty-though not terribly so-female teenager. Her skin is lightly tanned and hair a wavy golden blond, and she has sea-green eyes. Jennifer typically wears a continental three-piece black suit with matching loafers.Personality: Jennifer is a kind and thoughtful young woman who has something of a feminine streak. But at the first sign of danger, she'll snap to readiness and reveal herself to be just as alert and fierce as she can be gentle. She fights and thinks conservatively and with caution, yet not without an ability to adapt and grow more bold if the situation calls for it.Background: 'Jenny' was born into the Lorn family after her brother Josiah. She lived with pokemon from an early age and has constantly taken them in-a Ralts at 3, a Lapras at 10, and a Nidoran. Jennifer slowly became closer to her brother, these pokemon, and a boy who she most often played with and started to become romantically interested in-Hex Yutry. The trainer left to walk the path of her brother and join Team Liberty at 15. During a recent mission in Hoenn, she was captured by Team Aqua and traumatized by Feral Tierra's abuse of her life energy. Only now is she reuniting with the boy she had crushed on.Pokemon: Juliet (Gardevoir), Helen (Lapras), Olenka (Nidoqueen), Saber (Escavalier)Species: GardevoirNickname: JulietTrainer: Jennifer LornAppearance: Juliet looks to be the average Gardevoir, save for a red feather threaded into her 'hair' to complement it.Personality: The Gardevoir is fairly reserved, though consistently polite and serious through telepathic conversation. She does her best to guide and protect those she is loyal to; even to the point of death, this holds. Juliet is one of the more intelligent 'mon.Ability: SynchronizeSpecialty: Juliet's special attack and defense are both superb.Known Moves: Disable, Magical Leaf, Heal Pulse, Calm Mind, Stored Power, Double TeamSpecies: LaprasNickname: HelenTrainer: Jennifer LornAppearance: Helen looks like the average Lapras except for a jagged scar running diagonally across her shell.Personality: The Lapras is quite the bubbly 'mon. She is friendly and altruistic at heart.Ability: Water AbsorbSpecialty: Helen has a lot of vigor. Due to this (as opposed to great defenses like Eduard) she is good at taking hits.Known Moves: Ice Beam, Surf, Rest, Sleep Talk (egg move), Confuse Ray, Body SlamSpecies: NidoqueenNickname: OlenkaTrainer: Jennifer LornAppearance: Olenka is the average Nidoqueen with a great deal of bulk.Personality: Olenka is quiet and thoughtful. Despite her youth, the 'mon is highly mature and has a developed sense of right and wrong; she is also quite smart.Ability: RivalrySpecialty: Olenka is excellent at physical attacks.Known Moves: Toxic Spikes, Crunch, Superpower, Dig , Poison Jab (egg move), Roar


Species: EscavalierNickname: SaberTrainer: Jennifer LornAppearance: Saber is the average female Escavalier in shape and size, but has purposely painted her armor gold as opposed to the standard silver.Personality: Saber is driven by a sense of moral obligation to those around her and promotes honor above all. However, she is also rather thick-headed at timesAbility: SwarmSpecialty: Saber is quite tough and powerful, traits that give her an edge in close combat.Known Moves: Pursuit (egg move), Swords Dance, X-Scissor, Twinneedle, Iron Head, Reversal

Species: Dusknoir

Nickname: Lenore
Trainer: Jennifer Lorn
Appearance: Lenore wears a tattered black suit of the continental style that covers her roughly-spheroid trunk and arms. She conspicuously lacks the tail of normal Dusknoir and is built solidly. A long cut scar wreathes her neck. Otherwise, she is like the average Dusknoir.
Personality: Lenore is a pragmatic 'mon, always seeking to accomplish her own goals. By extension, this includes her trainer's.
Ability: Pressure
Specialty: Lenore is very strong defensively against special and physical attacks.
Known Moves: Pain Split (egg move), Dark Pulse (egg move), Shadow Sneak, Will-O-Wisp, Confuse Ray, ThunderPunch
EXP: 1 (sparring with Hex)
Additional Information-Point Count: 1
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Revised profiles! Major, major creds to Mangs for the movesets of pretty much all of them. I used my points to evolve Hydreigon and Empoleon, leaving me with two points, if I'm not wrong.
Username: KNI
Name: Hex Yutry
Faction: Team Liberty
Hometown: Sinnoh
Age: 17
Appearance: He is a tall, black-haired trainer with a black fedora. He wears black jeans and a black coat over an orange t-shirt.
Personality: Hex, underneath the rest of his persona, has quite the mean streak. He came at the world like any other trainer, a young hopeful looking for adventure. However, he has a malicious streak that becomes evident when he's left to his own devices, especially under pressure.
Background: Hex had a rough childhood. A rogue member Team Rocket, when they were a petty crime group rising power, killed both of his parents. This he never forgot, but managed to form a killer instinct around. He built walls around himself to keep people away from his true persona- he built up walls of laziness and silliness, often acting as a happy-go-lucky Pokemon Trainer who joined TL for the heck of it- but if he ever got ahold of one of the Shadow Admins, he would tear them apart. Piece by piece.
Pokémon: Empoleon, Hydreigon, Growlithe, and Electavire
Species: Growlithe
Nickname: None
Trainer: Hex
Appearance: He is identical to all others of his kind
Personality: Growlithe is a bubbling, energetic Pokemon, and very loyal. He practically always stays by Hex's side. It is difficult to make the persistent canine angry, and he can never hold contempt. Usually, he will just turn his back on you until he -thinks- you are making a gesture of apology.
Ability: Flash Fire
Specialty: Direct fights are often his best, as stealth is not really his peak of ability.
Known Moves: Close Combat (egg move), Iron Tail (egg move), Outrage, Flare Blitz, Heat Wave, Crunch
Species: Empoleon
Nickname: None
Trainer: Hex
Appearance: Regular Empoleon, unless you count scratches, bruises, dents, fractures, infections, scars, gashes, and all the other marks of combat you get during battle.
Personality: He is excessively prideful, to the point of attacking others for insults. When he is taken out of battle early on, he behaves poorly and may disobey Hex later subsequently.
Ability: Defiant
Specialty: Speedy combat, quick takedowns; doesn’t do well in long, drawn-out matches.
Known Moves: Icy Wind (egg move), Agility (egg move), Aqua Jet, Drill Peck, Metal Claw, Hydro Pump
Species: Hydreigon
Nickname: None
Trainer: Hex
Appearance: Regular, not that much different than others of his kind. Most of his dissimilarities are through body language. He is sluggish when not in combat or in action, and often his legs are somewhat bent.
Personality: Rather lazy, he is powerful, large, and...hungry. His three heads contest over who can eat the fastest for amusement.
Ability: Levitate
Speciality: Using speed and its three heads to undermine opposing strategies.
Moves: Head Smash (egg move), Dark Pulse (egg move), Fire Fang (egg move), Tri Attack, Dragon Rush, Dragon Pulse
Species: Electavire
Nickname: Raun
Trainer: Hex Yutry
Appearance: Raun looks like any other Electavire- nothing special here
Personality: A bit of a party 'Mon, Raun is somewhat hard to control. Despite this, he's often just enthusiastic and energetic in combat
Ability: Static
Specialty: Great in close combat- when he gets you up close, he can usually close the deal in a few blows
Known Moves: Thunder, Thunderpunch, Ice Punch (egg move), Cross Chop (egg move), Giga Impact, Fire Punch
Username: KNIName: Devin DeLongFaction: Team RocketHometown: KantoAge: 28Appearance: Devin's chest-length silver hair may make him stand out in some cases, but in most, it just lets him fade in with the background. Donning the regular black Team Rocket garb, it isn't uncommon for him to throw on a button-up shirt and an overcoat to disguise his allegiances in situations where they wouldn't help his situation. With blue-ish green eyes and sharp features, he isn't ugly, but he isn't outstandingly attractive. Broad-shouldered and built, Devin is the picture of a healthy young man.As a side note, he often wears sunglasses to further disguise his appearance.Personality: Not very talkative, Devin is the kind of person who'd be more comfortable in the rain than in the sun. Neither is he antisocial, however, as he will usually at least make an attempt to connect with people before writing them off. While he's close to his 'Mon, he recognizes them as less than human and treats them accordingly. This is not to say at all that he's abusive to them, he just acknowledges their inferiority to man.His views on his allegiance are common. He joined Team Rocket for power and convenience, and as such doesn't hold them in incredibly high regard or admire them and such. He's more than willing to let others' actions slide past his radar as long as they aren't very important.Background: Growing up in Kanto was easy and simple. Speak when you're spoken to, act only when acted towards. Devin's dyslexia, diagnosed early on, made it easy for him to stay silent, watch, and listen. As he grew up, however, this lifestyle wasn't as appealing. And so, he joined Team Rocket, becoming much more aggressive in personality. He became much different from the innocent child most everyone in his town. He let his hair hang down. He carried a gun. He chose Pokemon based on what he could do with their skills, rather than how they "connected" with him. He became a different person.Pokémon: Accelgor, Toxicroak, and PoliwagSpecies: AccelgorNickname: NoneTrainer: Devin DeLongAppearance: Identical to all others of its kind.Personality: Similar to his trainer, he stays quiet normally and never acts out. His goals are those that Devin has, no more, and no less.Ability: HydrationSpecialty: Accelgor is a speedy Pokemon, not actually striking many times, but using the strikes it does get very well, hitting hard.Known Moves: Baton Pass (egg move), Double Team, Power Swap, Guard Swap (egg move), U-turn, Quick AttackSpecies: ToxicroakNickname: NoneTrainer: Devin DeLongAppearance: Exceedingly normal-looking Toxicroak.Personality: Abrasive and acidic in personality, if Toxicroak was a person, he'd be rude and sarcastic.Ability: Dry SkinSpecialty: Does well in the rain, for obvious reasons. Quite physical in combat.Known Moves: Mud-Slap, Poison Jab, Sucker Punch, Cross Chop (egg move), Bullet Punch (egg move), PursuitSpecies: PoliwagNickname: NoneTrainer: Devin DeLongAppearance: Looks like DARTH VADUR. Jk, he's the same as all other Poliwags.Personality: Surprisingly cheerful in comparison to the rest of Devin's team, he's been with the trainer for the longest, and therefore they understand one another the best. However, with this comes a little bit of remorse at his trainer's harsh transformation from boyhood to a man, which he displays at times.Ability: Swift SwimSpeciality: An ace in the water and in rain.Known Moves: Moves: Ice Ball (egg move), Mud Shot, Hydro Pump, Water Pulse (egg move), Hypnosis, Mist (egg move)
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BZPRPG Profiles


"It comes with the job," Halfimus explained, "I'm not paid enough to give anything outside quick flavour descriptions."

So pay me more AuRon.

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*yawn* Sorry for the delayed response guys--had prom and stuf.. xp


Anyway, welcome back! Somehow I knew you'd take me up on my offer... :P

OOC: Mangs and I are considering a return. Whatever happened to the Lugia?

I don't recall off the top of my head, but I'm not sure it was ever actually dealt with. My assumption would be that Lark, Jenny, and etc. managed to retrieve it from Team Aqua's base when they were freed during TR's mass-dismantling of TA, and subsequently brought it to TL. Otherwise, it was probably released back into the wild.



As for what's going on right now--the only things, really, are that the Ancient Darkrai plot is finally being resolved, with a (essentially isolated) battle at Sinjoh Ruins between the revived Sombra and allied TL/TR/other trainers, and connected to that a battle in both Lilycove and Hearthome where allied Team Liberty/Magma/TR Separatist forces are attempting to destroy the Ancient's Void Towers, the source of Sombra's power. Obviously, these battles are huge--basically armies of Pokémon against each other. In Lilycove, Rayquaza, Kyogre, and Groudon are setting up a plan to destroy the Hoenn Void Tower, while trainers Dack, Palmer, Zac, and Luke are fighting a manifestation of the Sinnoh Tower's core within the tower itself.


The other main thing is that two assassins for TR--Jackson Sang and Lafoyae Belrose--are fighting against heavily-mutilated and brainwashed Tate, Liza, and Ash far beneath Chapel, the Kanto TR base. Since it has been determined that none of them can be healed of their conditions, Jackson and Lafoyae are aiming to mercy kill them, with Jackson succeeding in doing so to Tate.



So yeah. I can give more information tomorrow when I'm not so tired. =)



EDIT: Oh, it would also be useful to you two to know that once these battles are all wrapped up, we'll be engaging in a timeskip to bring the RPG up to the real-time date--essentially skipping a few months so that the various damaged cities and regions can recover, as well as give our characters a break from running around and fighting so many huge threats. From there I'll be initiating the next big plot--teasers for which can be found in the first post or my signature.

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~ Rise of the Rockets (I II)/Discussion Topic/Side Stories ~


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Good think I keep all my profiles on a handy flash drive! ^_^ That said, I may have had a more updated version of my characters' backgrounds, personalities, etc. on your blog. Would you mind checking?
Oh, and despite this being the primary spot for character profiles, I still plan to continue updating the Wiki.

Name: Ryan Sanders
Faction: Team Liberty
Hometown: Fortree, Hoenn
Age: 18 (17 at the start of the RPG)
Appearance: Dark brown hair, brown eyes, about 5' 8"; wears a loose-fitting gray T-shirt and blue jeans. Coming from Fortree, is agile and skilled at climbing trees.
Personality: Happy and energetic, tries to see the best in things, but because of this, can also be a bit stubborn. Has developed a close bond with his Pokémon.
Background: Grew up in Fortree, where he developed a love for nature. Since Team Rocket invaded his home, he has been on the run. He has vowed revenge on the Rockets and is considering joining a rebel group called Team Liberty.
Pokémon: Typhlosion (Quil), Togekiss (Togie), Garchomp, Dewott, Mismagius (Miss/Missy), Aggron, Mareep (Ampere), and Entei

Species: Typhlosion (male)
Nickname: Quil
Trainer: Ryan Sanders
Appearance: Like as a Cyndaquil and Quilava, the flames on its body tend to be smaller than normal, although they grow much larger when Quil uses flame attacks.
Personality: He is no longer the timid Cyndaquil he once was. Now, Quil has gained a new confidence in his abilities and has become a very bold Pokémon. He remains very loyal to Ryan, sticking with him through thick and thin.
Ability: Blaze
Specialty: Fairly fast, and has an exceptional control over fire attacks.
Known Moves: Swift, Flamethrower, SmokeScreen, Flame Wheel, Quick Attack, Rollout
Number of Battles: 29 (Rattata, Machoke, Sandshrew, Muk, Pidgeot, Mismagius, Entei (x2), Bellsprout, Magneton (x2), Genesect, Hojohsin League (x2), Swellow, Mightyena, Swoobat, Hayes (x3), Black, Bisharp, Zekrom, Seven (x2), Ray, Gluttony (x3))

Species: Togekiss (male)
Nickname: Togie
Trainer: Ryan Sanders
Appearance: Same as a normal Togekiss.
Personality: As a Togekiss, Togie is practically overflowing with joy and bubbling with energy. He also loves the newfound strength he gained with his evolution.
Ability: Serene Grace
Specialty: Good at special attacks
Known Moves: Aerial Ace, Steel Wing, Sky Attack, ExtremeSpeed, Aura Sphere, Extrasensory (Egg Move)
Number of Battles: 26 (Machoke, Mismagius, Banette, Entei (x2), Pidgeot, Diglett, Leafeon (x2), Genesect, Misdreavus, Hojohsin League (x2), Hayes  (x3), Black, Seven (x2), Blaziken, Ray, Gluttony (x3), Water Pokémon (x2))

Species: Garchomp (male)
Nickname: none
Trainer: Ryan Sanders
Appearance: The cut on his dorsal fin is still larger/deeper than normal, due to the injuries he received as an egg. He is also slightly taller than the average (63) Garchomp.
Personality: Because of the damage done to his egg, Garchomp has always been somewhat weak, and as such he has always tried to prove his strength. Now that he has reached his final evolution, he has found that strength and as such is very adamant about battling.
Ability: Sand Veil
Specialty: Exceptionally good at Physical Attacks, although his Defense is somewhat lacking
Known Moves: Dragon Rush, Dig, Dragon Claw, Iron Head (egg move), Outrage (egg move), Slash
Number of Battles: 21 (Entei (x2), Pidgeot, Jynx, Oshawott, Sableye (x2), Genesect, Hojohsin League (x2), Luxio, Shieldon, Hayes (x3), Seven (x2), Ray, Gluttony (x3))

Species: Samurott (female)
Nickname: Samurott
Trainer: Ryan Sanders
Appearance: Her facial hair is less prominent than with most Samurott
Personality: Samurott loves to fight. She will often act rash, but the power that comes with her evolution allows her to back up her claims. She is a little more wise about knowing when she’s in a situation she can’t handle, but when she’s caught up in the heat of battle she’ll often refuse to back down even if the odds are stacked against her.
Ability: Shell Armor
Specialty: Very fast and strong with Physical Attacks
Known Moves: Revenge, Aqua Tail, Razor Shell, Swords Dance, Megahorn, Night Slash (egg move)
Number of Battles: 20 (Gible, Ninetails (x2), Luvdisc, Hojohsin League (x2), Gligar, Hayes (x3), Black, Rotom, Seven (x2), Behemoth, Blaziken, Ray, Gluttony (x3))

Species: Mismagius (female)
Nickname: Miss/Missy
Trainer: Ryan Sanders
Appearance: Its body is a darker purple than normal
Personality: Mismagius retains her mischievous and impish nature from her previous evolution. She is less likely to play pranks on her allies, but wont hesitate to yank anyones hair from behind when shes bored. If the situation calls for it, she is also willing to fight dirty.
Ability: Levitate
Specialty: Very agile and strong in Speed, but slightly lacking in Special Defense
Known Moves: Shadow Ball, Magical Leaf, Power Gem, Psybeam, Perish Song, Shadow Sneak (egg move)
Number of Battles: 13 (Togetic, Shieldon, Swoobat, Hayes (x3), Zekrom, Seven (x2), Ray, Gluttony (x3))

Species: Aggron (male)
Nickname: Aggron
Trainer: Ryan Sanders (OT Jake Soren)
Appearance: Aggron looks just like any other Aggron
Personality: After journeying with Jake, Dragonite, and Inferno, Aggron had become a close friend with his allies. With Jakes death, he has been left in the hands of Ryan. Aggron is already somewhat familiar with Ryan, and is willing to protect him as they both grieve the loss of Jake.
Ability: Rock Head
Specialty: Has a high defense, and because of this, is slower than usual Aggron
Known Moves: Headbutt, Metal Claw, Tackle, Mud Slap, Harden, Iron Tail
Number of Battles: 5 (Hayes (x3), Seven (x2))

Species: Flaafy (female)
Nickname: Ampere
Trainer: Ryan Sanders
Appearance: The orb on her tail maintains its yellow coloration from when she was a Mareep. When she uses Cotton Guard, her wool extends to cover her entire body like it did in her prior evolution.
Personality: As a Mareep, Ampere had never been able to live up to the fighting abilities of her teammates. Now that she has evolved, she is much more capable in battle, and is eager to prove herself to the team. Despite this, she remains a calm and docile sheep at heart.
Ability: Static
Specialty: She has a strong special attack
Known Moves: Thunderbolt, Power Gem, Cotton Guard, Confuse Ray, Signal Beam, Iron Tail (egg move)
Number of Battles: 8 (Vlad, Myriam, Ray, Gluttony (x3), Water Pokémon (x2))

Species: Entei (male)
Nickname: none
Trainer: Ryan Sanders
Appearance: Same as a normal Entei
Personality: As a Legendary Beast, Entei is calm and confident in his powers. He is very wise and tends to look at the bigger picture instead of getting caught up in the details. However, he is also protective of his fellow Beasts and will not hesitate to leap into battle with a righteous fury should one of them be in danger. Overall, Entei is very serious about his role in the world.
Ability: Pressure
Specialty: Like any Legendary Beast, Entei is very fast. He also wields expert control over special attacks
Known Moves: Protect, Flamethrower, Fire Fang, Lava Plume, Extrasensory, Calm Mind
Number of Battles: ?+2 (Seven (x2))

Name: Dack Majors
Faction: Team Rocket
Hometown: Snowpoint City, Sinnoh
Age: 19
Appearance: Black messy hair, brown eyes, somewhat muscular, roughly 6 feet tall; when not wearing the standard Rocket uniform, he prefers a dark red T-shirt covered by a large black jacket, and blue jeans. Under his jacket he has a protective pad on his shoulders so his Swellow can carry him with its talons.
Personality: Strong-willed and strategic, he has great confidence in his abilities as a trainer. However, this confidence has given him an arrogant attitude. He has developed a close bond with each of his Pokémon and has a bitter hatred toward Team Liberty.
Background: Growing up in Snowpoint, he quickly developed a liking for cold weather. His parents had hoped that, living in such a remote location, they could avoid most of the war. At the age of 16, Dack joined Team Rocket, much to his parents' distress. For the next three years he lived at Purgatory, Team Rocket's Sinnoh base, slowly making his way up the ranks. When he heard of the avalanche that wiped out Snowpoint, he was devastated. Dropping his current mission, he returned to his hometown for the first time in three years. He tried to unearth his home, but it was covered in too much snow. His parents were not among the survivors. What he did find though, was a new hatred toward Team Liberty. When he learned of the Soil Colossus mission, he eagerly signed up for a chance to get revenge on Team Liberty...
Pokémon: Swellow (male), Luxray (male), Bastiodon (female), Servine (female), and Teddiursa (male)

Species: Swellow (male)
Nickname: none
Trainer: Dack Majors
Appearance: Slightly larger than the average Swellow. His wings are also a darker blue, almost black.
Personality: Swellow was Dack's first Pokémon, which he received as a Tailow for his tenth birthday. It is very protective of Dack, and also very brave, willing to do anything for Dack's safety. It is strong enough to carry Dack with its talons.
Ability: Guts
Specialty: Exceptionally good at Physical Attacks
Known Moves: Aerial Ace, Wing Attack, Quick Attack, Agility, Double Team, Brave Bird (egg move)
Number of Battles: 12 (Genesect, Quil, Karen (x2), Volcarona, Porygon, Void Tower Army, Feral, Noivern, Celadon/Pride (x3))

Species: Luxray (male)
Nickname: none
Trainer: Dack Majors
Appearance: Slightly larger than the average Luxray. Its coat is also a slightly darker blue than normal.
Personality: Luxray is very trusting of Dack and will follow his commands even if he doesnt fully understand Dacks strategy. However, it retains its hasty nature and if Dack doesnt give it a command it will charge into battle on its own.
Ability: Intimidate
Specialty: Luxray is extremely fast and is also a good physical attacker
Known Moves: Tackle, Charge, Thunder Fang, Crunch, Discharge, Wild Charge
Number of Battles: 12 (Manaphy (x2), Genesect, Gabite, Karen (x2), Gyarados, Sharpedo, Feral, Celadon/Pride (x3))

Species: Bastiodon (female)
Nickname: none
Trainer: Dack Majors
Appearance: Slightly taller than the average Bastiodon
Personality: Since her evolution, Bastiodon is less childlike, and has instead become more relaxed and calm. She is still a very happy Pokemon, but is less energetic about it.
Ability: Sturdy
Specialty: As a Shieldon her Defense was already above average. Now that she has evolved, her Defense has skyrocketed.
Known Moves: Iron Head, Protect, Heavy Slam, Take Down, Ancient Power, Metal Sound
Number of Battles: 13 (Genesect, Gabite, Misdreavus, Karen (x2), Volcarona, Void Tower Army, Feral, "Groudon" (x2), Celadon/Pride (x3))

Species: Servine (female)
Nickname: none
Trainer: Dack Majors, (OT Jason Alco)
Appearance: Same as an average Servine, except she will occasionally choose to abandon use of her arms and legs and instead slither on the ground.
Personality: Over the past several months Servine has grown more used to being with Dack. She has gone from being a timid little Snivy to a sassy Servine. Occasionally she will become too overconfident and decide that her own strategy in battle is better than Dacks.
Ability: Contrary
Specialty: This Pokemon has a high HP, but this is canceled out by lower Defense and Special Defense abilities. In other words, she is a good all-rounder.
Known Moves: Slam, Leaf Tornado, Wrap, Leaf Blade, Aqua Tail (move tutor), Leech Seed
Number of Battles: 9 (Karen (x2), Porygon, Feral, Reward Evolution (+3 EXP), "Groudon (x2))
Species: Teddiursa (male)
Nickname: Teddy
Trainer: Dack Majors
Appearance: His eyes are a light blue instead of black
Personality: Still a young cub, Teddy is a very jolly Pokemon. He will not hesitate to run up and hug anyone he comes across, which often results in the unfortunate victim getting covered in the slobber and honey that coats his paws.
Ability: Quick Feet
Specialty: He is fast and energetic and with his high physical attack he can also pack a punch when hes not busy licking honey from his paws.
Known Moves: Lick, Fury Swipes, Charm, Rest, Snore, Night Slash (egg move)
Number of Battles: 4 (Celadon (x2), Ethan and Gavin (x2))

Species: Heatran (male)
Nickname: none
Trainer: Dack Majors
Appearance: His face seem to be permanently fixed in a furious expression. But don't be fooled: on the rare occasion his mouth curves into a smile, he's even more dangerous. The magma on his back glows red when he gets exceptionally angry or whenever he is about to use a fire attack, although it's very rare for one to happen without the other.
Personality: Heatran is a very temperamental Pokémon. He agreed to help Dack take revenge on Hannah for stealing his Magma Stone, but no one really knows if he and Dack have formed a loose bond or if he's merely staying with the Snowpoint trainer because Dack holds his Magma Stone. To say that Heatran follows Dack's orders is a lucky coincidence at best, and a deadly mistake at worst. Dack considers him to be a loose cannon and a weapon of last resort.
Ability: Flash Fire
Specialty: Heatran specializes in destruction. Whether it's through all-consuming flames, jagged rocks, or the weight of his 900-pound body, Heatran makes sure his targets never come out looking the same as they did before -- if they come out looking like anything at all.
Known Moves: Magma Storm, Lava Plume, Iron Head, Heat Wave, Stone Edge, Fire Spin
Number of Battles: 2 (Snowpoint Trainers, Pseudo-Groudon)

Name: Ellen Burks
Faction: Neutral
Hometown: Village Bridge, Unova
Age: 10 (9 at the start of the RPG)
Appearance: Light auburn hair, brown eyes, somewhat small for her age; she wears a light-pink shirt and Capri pants.
Personality: Kindhearted and lighthearted, she is the epitome of a childlike innocence. However, because of this she is very naïve, although she is also curious. Having grown up with her Pokemon, she is extremely close to them. Although she cannot exactly speak to Pokemon, it is not hard for her to understand them, even when she has had very little bonding with them.
Background: Having lived in Village Bridge for all her life, she has seen very little of the world outside it. She recently went on a vacation to visit her aunt and uncle in Accumula Town, though her parents had to stay behind in Village Bridge because of their work. Being outside of her hometown for the first time (with the exception of a few trips to Lacunosa Town), she became highly curious of the world outside of Village Bridge. As her vacation drew to a close, she tried to convince her parents to let her walk home, so that she could see more of the world. Her parents eventually agreed, on the condition that Terry, their family pet Herdier, accompany her to protect her on her journey.
Pokémon: Duosion (Duo), Mienshao (Artemis), Purrloin (Chrono), Grotle (Maturin), Oddish (Isabella)

Species: Duosion (male)
Nickname: Duo
Trainer: Ellen Burks
Appearance: Slightly smaller than the average (20) Duosion.
Personality: As a Solosis, he often used his telepathy to communicate with Ellen, trying to be a voice of reason. With his evolution, Duos brain has now split in two. Consequently, he is a lot more indecisive about things. Often he can see both sides of a situation, which is both a blessing and a curse. Whereas before he had a modest nature, now he is more quirky.
Ability: Magic Guard
Specialty: Although it is strong with Special Attacks, it tends not to use them often; it also has strong Special Defense
Known Moves: Wonder Room, Signal Beam (move tutor), Recover, Rollout, Psyshock, Telekinesis (TM egg move)
Number of Battles: 12 (Sawsbuck, Swoobat, Bisharp, Seven (x2), Reward Evolution (+2 EXP), Mt. Pyre Ghosts, “Groudon” (x2), Kimber, Bisharp)

Species: Mienshao (female)
Nickname: Artemis
Trainer: Ellen Burks
Appearance: The yellow on the tips of her whiskers are the same shade of yellow that they were when she was a Mienfoo. Also, her eyebrows are a bit less prominent than usual for a Mienshao.
Personality: Artemis retains her serious nature. Although she is a bit quicker to fight than she was as a Mienfoo, she still prefers to do so with grace and elegance, turning her battles into more of a dance.
Ability: Inner Focus
Specialty: Quick footed and agile, she has great Speed, but is a little lacking in Defense
Known Moves: Jump Kick, Meditate, Drain Punch, Swift, Calm Mind, Aura Sphere
Number of Battles: 12 (Swinub, Swoobat, Bisharp, Swinub, Seven (x2), Reward Evolution (+1 EXP), Seviper, Mt. Pyre Ghosts, “Groudon” (x2), Scar)

Species: Purrloin (male)
Nickname: Chrono
Trainer: Ellen Burks
Appearance: The white patches of fur on his body are slightly darker than normal
Personality: Not much is known about Chronos past, except that he grew up on the streets of Accumula Town, where he quickly learned to forage for food. In addition to stealing food, he will also play pranks on people for fun. He is very bitter toward and distrusting of all humans, although the fact that he doesnt try to run away from Ellen suggests that he trusts her more than usual. Despite his capture, Chrono continues to have a naughty nature. However, Ellen is convinced that there is some good in him. Ellens other Pokemon, Terry in particular, are still wary of the Purrloin.
Ability: Limber
Specialty: He has great speed, which comes from all the getaways hes made after his thefts
Known Moves: Scratch, Pursuit, Fake Out, Hone Claws, Slash, Charm (egg move)
Number of Battles: 7 (“Black,” Seven (x2), Seviper, Mt. Pyre Ghosts, “Groudon” (x2))

Species: Grotle (male)
Nickname: Maturin
Trainer: Ellen Burks (OT Evan Tierra)
Appearance: The leaves of the bushes on his back look a little more ragged.
Personality: At one time a newcomer, Maturin has easily been accepted into Ellen's team. He remains careful and unyielding, although he is not quite as playful as he was as a Turtwig. Instead he spends time deep in thought, pondering over the tough questions that have recently plagued Ellen. True to the song Ellen once sang, "his thought is slow but always kind."
Ability: Overgrow
Specialty: Counterattacking
Known Moves: Seed Bomb (Egg Move), Leaf Blade (GM Approved), Crunch, Withdraw, Curse, Tackle
Number of Battles: 7 (Seven (x2), Mt. Pyre Ghosts, “Groudon” (x2), Scar, Bisharp)

Species: Oddish (female)
Nickname: Isabella
Trainer: Ellen Burks (originally held by Paul Burks)
Appearance: Same as a normal Oddish
Personality: Deep down, Isabella is truly eager to help, but she tends to be clumsy and can often finds herself doing more harm than good. She is self-conscious of this trait, and has thus developed a bashful nature.
Ability: Chlorophyll
Specialty: She can be very fast, especially when her ability Chlorophyll kicks in. Perhaps she is almost too fast, which may be the cause of her clumsiness. Her speed can also be a problem when she uses Ingrain, as the move roots her to the ground.
Known Moves: Absorb, Sweet Scent, PoisonPowder, Sleep Powder, Lucky Chant, Ingrain (egg move)
Number of Battles: 0


Name: Paul Burks
Faction: Déoza
Hometown: Born in Accumula Town, Unova; now lives in Village Bridge
Age: 35
Appearance: A burly man with brown hair, black eyes and a stubble beard; his hands are rough and often dirty from his work as a blacksmith. He wears a dark green shirt and cargo pants, and usually has a serious expression on his face.
Personality: The first impression many people have of Paul is that he is a very stern, unyielding man. And that is true for the most part. However, underneath his serious demeanor lays a husband and father who truly cares for his family. He has always despised the Rocket/Liberty war for the potential threat it posed to his family should the war ever spread to Unova; now, he hates the war even more because it has caused his daughter Ellen to run away from home in her stubborn belief that she can help bring about a lasting peace.
Background: Born in Accumula Town, Paul was a teenager when Ghetsis tried to take over the region through Team Plasma. He refused to let the villainous team liberate his Pawniard, and ever since Paul has held a bitter resentment toward Team Plasma. When Plasma later became Unovas governing body, Paul decided to move to Village Bridge, as the Sages presence was less prominent in the small village. Paul started up work as a blacksmith and was eventually hired by the weapons company Déoza. This was where he first heard of the war going on overseas, which only served to increase his hatred of Team Plasma for keeping the war a secret.
When his daughter Ellen was born, Paul vowed that she should never have to experience the pain and confusion that he had felt when Team Plasma had tried to liberate his Pokemon. However, in his concern Paul became overprotective of his daughter, rarely allowing her to stray outside of Village Bridge. As a result, Ellen became highly curious of the world outside her hometown. After Ellen had traveled with a group of Liberty and Rocket members she learned of the war and became determined to stop it peacefully. She ran away from home, leaving Paul and his wife Anna grief-stricken. Now Paul has travelled to Hoenn on business with Déoza. But his primary objective is to find Ellen and bring her home before the temporary ceasefire in the war ends.
Pokémon: Bisharp, Torkoal (Kimber), Skarmory (Scar), Herdier (Terry)
Species: Bisharp (male)
Nickname: none
Trainer: Paul Burks
Appearance: Same as a normal Bisharp
Personality: Bisharp has been Pauls Pokemon since childhood. When Team Plasma first tried to take power they tried to liberate him (he was a Pawniard at the time). He refused to be separated from Paul and over the years they have developed a very close bond. Bisharp has a very brave nature and will readily fight to protect Paul and his family.
Ability: Inner Focus
Specialty: He always keeps his blades sharp so he can attack quickly and powerfully
Known Moves: Fury Cutter, Metal Claw, Night Slash, Swords Dance, Iron Defense, Stone Edge (TM move)
Number of Battles: 5 (Duo, Maturin, Landorus, Water Pokémon (x2))
Species: Torkoal (female)
Nickname: Kimber
Trainer: Paul Burks
Appearance: Its shell is darker than normal
Personality: Kimber is extremely relaxed. She often helps Paul in his blacksmith work and is not very accustomed to battling. She tends to be lazy when it comes to battling.
Ability: White Smoke
Specialty: She specializes in Defense
Known Moves: Withdraw, SmokeScreen, Protect, Lava Plume, Clear Smog (egg move), Bulldoze (TM move)
Number of Battles: 2 (Maturin, Duo)
Species: Skarmory (male)
Nickname: Scar
Trainer: Paul Burks
Appearance: A little taller than most Skarmory and has a small scar across his left eye
Personality: Scar is Pauls main method of transportation. He is very hardy and trustworthy; Paul would often let him fly around Village Bridge on his own while he was working in his shop all day. Once Scar sets his mind on a goal, he wont stop until that goal is reached.
Ability: Keen Eye
Specialty: In addition to great Defense, Scar specializes in endurance; he could fly around or even battle for several hours before getting tired.
Known Moves: Agility, Steel Wing, Air Slash, Night Slash, Sky Drop (TM move), Stealth Rock (egg move)
Number of Battles: 4 (Artemis, Maturin, Water Pokémon (x2))

Species: Herdier (male)
Nickname: Terry
Trainer: Paul Burks (originally introduced as Ellen's Pokémon)
Appearance: Same as a normal Herdier
Personality: Terry was a family pet before Ellen was even born. As such, he is very protective of Ellen and almost acts like a parent or an older brother toward her. Despite his protective nature, he is truly gentle at heart.
Ability: Intimidate
Specialty: Rather strong with physical attacks
Known Moves: Tackle, Take Down, Work Up, Crunch, Retaliate, Fire Fang (egg move)
Number of Battles: 9 (Swoobat, Krookodile, Seven (x2), Mt. Pyre Ghosts, “Groudon” (x2), Water Pokémon (x2))
Zoe's profile is located here.
Shannon and Hannah's profiles are located here.

While I'm at it, I might as well throw in Karen and Palmer's Pokemon. Note that Karen's profile is still "incomplete," meaning that I haven't listed all of her Pokemon's moves, just the ones that they've used.

Umbreon: Payback, Confuse Ray, Assurance, Quick Attack, Toxic, ??
Houndoom: Flamethrower, Swagger, Foul Play, ??, ??, ??
Absol: Taunt, Detect, Night Slash, Swords Dance, Slash, Thunderbolt
Zoroark: Dig, Night Daze, ??, ??, ??, ??

Cresselia (Levitate): Lunar Dance, Psycho Cut, Psychic, Aurora Beam, Moonlight, Safeguard
Milotic (Marvel Scale): Hydro Pump, Twister, Water Pulse, Ice Beam, Rain Dance, Aqua Ring
Dragonite (Inner Focus): Dragon Claw, Dragon Dance, Aerial Ace, Thunderbolt, Iron Tail, Hyper Beam
Rhyperior (Solid Rock): Stone Edge, Earthquake, Hammer Arm, Sandstorm, Flash Cannon, Rock Wrecker
I'm also throwing in Madison and Luke, Dack's friends from Snowpoint. I may give them a full-fledged profile at some point, but for now I'm just focusing on their Pokemon's moves and abilities.
UPDATE: The wait is over, and I've finally given them NPC profiles!
Name: Madison
Faction: neutral
Hometown: Snowpoint City, Sinnoh
Age: 20
Appearance: As a skier, Madison often wears a light blue ski suit. She has long blond hair and deep blue eyes.
Personality: Although she is kindhearted, Madison will not hesitate to criticize someone for not doing the right thing. She is very careful about her decisions and tends to think before she acts.
Background: Madison grew up in Snowpoint City with her best friends Dack, Luke, and Matthew. As they grew older, Dack left their hometown to join Team Rocket. After the Snowpoint avalanche, which killed Matthew, Madison put all her effort into helping rebuild the city and provide relief to the victims. She was cast into a perpetual nightmare when the Ancient Darkrai attacked Sinnoh, but was saved when Dack and Luke took down the Void Tower in Hearthome.
Pokémon: Anzu (Froslass)

Anzu (Snow Cloak): Hail, Ominous Wind, Wake-Up Slap, Confuse Ray, Ice Shard, Destiny Bond

Name: Luke
Faction: neutral
Hometown: Snowpoint City, Sinnoh
Age: 20
Appearance: Luke wears the typical martial artist garb with a black belt and sandals. He wears a long blue headband around his brown hair.
Personality: Although he is very serious about his martial arts training, for both himself and his Machoke, Luke tends to have more brawn than brain. He is likely to rush into battle without thinking, with an attitude of hit-first-ask-questions-later.
Background: Luke grew up in Snowpoint City with his best friends Dack, Madison, and Matthew. As they grew older, Dack left their hometown to join Team Rocket. During the Snowpoint avalanche, which killed Matthew, Luke was off training and in the mountains and became trapped. Madison and Dack ended up saving him. He was the only person in Snowpoint who managed to avoid getting cast into a perpetual nightmare when the Ancient Darkrai attacked Sinnoh. He later traveled with Dack and Palmer to take down the Void Tower in Hearthome.
Pokémon: Machoke

Machoke (Guts): Karate Chop, Low Sweep, Cross Chop, DynamicPunch, Smack Down (TM move), Fire Punch (egg move)

Edited by Konuju

Konuju: Kopaka and Nuju meet the Spear of Fusion


Quotes from throughout the years:


2001: "Your past is forgotten, and your future is an empty book. You must find your own destiny, my brave adventurer." --Nokama

2002: "Mata Nui faces perhaps its greatest challenge -- one that will test our courage, our strength, and our belief in each other." --Tahu

2003: "So... it has begun, my brother. But soon, it will also end..." --Makuta

2004: "Your journey must end." "By the will of the Great Spirit, it has just begun!" --Makuta and Vakama

2005: "Our destinies are not written in stone, set in place. They are something we have to find for ourselves." --Vakama

2006: "Don't you realize you're fighting for a lost cause?" "Maybe. But don't you realize those are the only ones worth fighting for?" --Axonn and Brutaka

2007: "Sometimes a hero has to do something else besides beat the villains and come home covered in glory." --Hahli

2008: "Dive into the darkness, Ignite the flame within. Now, there is no turning back. Make the future... begin." --Narrator, The Final Battle Animation

2009: "It is said that all endings are merely beginnings waiting to be born." --Mata Nui

2010: "All journeys must come to an end, but this time, there is a new beginning as well. ... All that has gone before, my friends, has only served to give birth to this new day. Let unity, duty and destiny be your guides." --Mata Nui

2011: "Not dead. Just frozen. They’ll thaw out … eventually. I’m tired of villains spouting gibberish." --Kopaka

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Wiki: Fair enough. :P


--Kyle Eston

Username: Parugi.

Name: Kyle Eston.

Faction: Team Liberty.

Hometown: Fuchsia City, Kanto.

Age: 18.

Appearance: Here. A young trainer, Kyle has shortish, wavy, dark brown hair and slightly oval-like, blue-gray eyes. He has a mid-sized nose, which his friends jokingly describe as beak-like, and a rounded jaw. Kyle has a small scar on his upper right lip, from a cut he received as a child. He is very slightly tanned, not quite enough for people to notice, still a tan. He is of rather average build, not too muscle-bound, though not extremely lean, either. His outfit is fairly simple, consisting of blue jeans, a black belt and shoes, and a gray shirt covered by a black, hoodless jacket. He uses a black bag to carry around his supplies while on missions, and his Pokéballs always line his belt.

Personality: To put it simply, Kyle Eston has developed a very roller-coaster personality and sense of life. Various events over the course of the last year and a half have served to shatter his self-confidence and former bookish idealism, only to force him to rebuild that sense of self-worth in a way entirely different from what it originally was. While he maintains a deep-rooted faith in his allies, Kyle constantly battles with his own failures and mishaps in battle, often resulting in more mistakes that would otherwise have been made. Thanks to the lapse in action, however, he has had time to consider himself, and has begun to reinforce his own self-belief, maintaining his generally friendly, though rather blunt, and intelligent attitude in the process. However, in the back of his mind, he continues to fear the possible consequences of future failures, and as a result, continues to plan ahead for whatever obstacles may be thrown his way.

Background: Kyle was born in Fuchsia City to Kimi and Richard "Richie" Eston, right after Team Rocket's takeover. From an early age, his father taught him the workings of Pokémon training and battling, while his mother dealt with the standard school subjects, like math and history. He excelled at both regular school and Pokémon training, managing to catch a Spearow at the age of six, which was later released. As he continued to train, his father was contacted by a group of refugees, who planned to start an organized rebellion against Team Rocket. Despite having doubts about it, Richie accepted, and his family prepared to leave Fuchsia within the week. Word of their plans leaked to the Rockets, and the Estons soon found themselves under attack. They managed to escape, though not without serious injury to Kimberly, who went into a coma shortly after the three were picked up by Team Liberty. Now branded as traitors, Richie became an official Agent of Team Liberty, and Kyle was put into training, where he received his Sandshrew and, later, his Magnemite, eventually becoming a field Agent for Team Liberty.


More recently, Kyle has been involved in many of the war's larger battles, such as the Battle of Four Island, the various incidents in Unova, and the battle against the Ancient Darkrai. For a while, he was trapped in a deep depression as a result of several handicapping injuries that he sustained in his missions, as well as the deaths of both his mother and an Alternate Dimension Suicune that he had befriended, though managed to (mostly) cure this upon being confronted by a shadowy manifestation of said depression--a boy by the name of Keston Ail. Since then, he has assisted in repairs of the various regions, and has worked on bettering his mental health.


  • Electric-Type Power Suit: Obtained from Team Liberty's Science Department; returned.
  • Icicle Badge: A Gym Badge received from Brycen in Unova.
  • Legend Badge: A Gym Badge received from Hugh in Unova.

Pokémon: Magnezone (Kitheus; 21), Sandslash (Daiga; 15), Charizard (Jaeda; 26), Gliscor (Ruj; 13), Fraxure (Lyxek; 13), Dewott (Kovian; 13), Mienshao (Sanshou; 9), Aron (Rodax; 3), Spritzee (Taia; 2), Houndour (Torith; 0).

--Legendary: Suicune.

Current Team Configuration


Species: Magnezone.

Nickname: Kitheus.

Trainer: Kyle Eston.

Appearance: Kitheus is more or less a standard Magnezone. However, his 'shoulder' eyes are green and blue for the left and right shoulders, respectively.

Personality: As a result of achieving his final form, Kitheus has regained full control of his instincts and mind, creating a being of absolute calm. Extremely intelligent, analytic, and certain of his own self, Kitheus nevertheless remains a loyal and selfless companion, always seeking to do what he can to help others in need. His capacity to integrate and connect with machinery has improved immensely with his new body.

Ability: Analytic.

Specialty: Kitheus's main specialties lie in special attacks and in inflicting status conditions, although his defenses have also greatly increased as a result of his second evolution.

Known Moves: Flash Cannon, Supersonic, Zap Cannon, Lock-On, Tri-Attack, Magnet Rise.



Species: Fraxure.

Nickname: Lyxek.

Trainer: Kyle Eston.

Appearance: The tip of Lyxek's tail is green as opposed to red.

Personality: Lyxek has matured into a very brave Pokémon since he was born. He is no longer as big of a pest as he was before, though continues to be fascinated by new discoveries. As he has gotten older, however, he has also developed a growing taste for battle, resulting in his increasing attempts to hone his skills and abilities.

Ability: Mold Breaker.

Specialty: Though hindered in speed somewhat by his new body, Lyxek retains his skills with physical attacks and defense, at the cost of his effectiveness with special abilities.

Known Moves: Dragon Claw, Slash, Scary Face, Reversal (Egg Move,) Endure (Egg Move,) Dragon Dance.



Species: Dewott.

Nickname: Kovian.

Trainer: Kyle Eston.

Appearance: Exactly the same as any other Dewott, though his scalchops are white.

Personality: In true samurai form, Kovian is very adamant. He is fiercely devoted to his morals--and, more recently, to his new trainer; as such he refuses to act against either one, and will defend either if called into question. Kovian can often be seen--in and out of his Pokéball--practicing his shellsmanship. Since his evolution, Kovian has become more stoic than ever, though he is not particularly unfriendly--merely quiet and reserved.

Ability: Torrent.

Specialty: Kovian is an incredibly fast Dewott, as well as a particularly strong physical attacker. While his special attacks and defenses are not as developed as they could be, making his ability to dodge far more critical to his success in battle than usual, Kovian more than makes up for it with his speed and strength--abilities that have only been compounded by his evolution.

Known Moves: Razor Shell, Focus Energy, Aqua Jet, Fury Cutter, Water Pulse, Swords Dance.



Species: Mienshao.

Nickname: Sanshou.

Trainer: Kyle Eston.

Appearance: Sanshou looks like a regular Mienshao.

Personality: An incredibly serious Pokemon. Sanshou spends much of her time meditating and observing, silently focusing on whatever it is that she is focusing on. She is a quiet, thoughtful, and loyal Mienfoo who will do whatever it takes to get her job done. As of her evolution, she has become extremely resolute and stoic, only showing her softer side to her trainer and long-time teammates.

Ability: Regenerator.

Specialty: Sanshou is extremely quick, specializing in speed, dodging and physical attacks, all of which have become significantly more pronounced skills as of her evolution. Her ability to take hits has increased, though she continues to prefer a minimum of direct damage in combat.

Known Moves: Detect, Swift, Drain Punch, U-Turn, Meditate, Bounce.



Species: Charizard.

Nickname: Jaeda.

Trainer: Kyle Eston.

Appearance: Unlike a regular Charizard, Jaeda has two dark rings around each of her wrists; she is able to create fire around her wrists through these, similar to a Blaziken.

Personality: An incredibly brave Pokémon, Jaeda refuses to back down from almost any challenge since her evolution, though she has learned what her limits are as a fighter. A loyal and intelligent member of Kyle's team, she will not abandon an ally in a fight, and knows how to come up with n-the-spot tactics during battle.

Ability: Blaze.

Specialty: Jaeda has mastered both physical and special attacks at this point, as well as learned how to better use her body for faster attacks. As a result, she has become less skilled with and abandoned many of her diversion tactics, considering herself powerful enough to deal with most problems head-on.

Known Moves: Dragon Claw, Flamethrower, Smokescreen, Fire Fang, Metal Claw (Egg Move,) Inferno.



Species: Sandslash.

Nickname: Daiga.

Trainer: Kyle Eston.

Appearance: Daiga is essentially the same as any other Sandslash. However, his eyes are brown as opposed to black, and his spines are a darker shade of brown than those of the average Sandslash.

Personality: Little has changed sine his evolution; Daiga is still a very jolly Pokémon, never letting his spirits drop. Though he now possesses more power than he did as a Sandshrew, Daiga still is not terribly fond of battling, though he will still do whatever he is ordered if he is needed. His appetite has grown exponentially since he evolved, which is saying something considering how much he ate as a Sandshrew. Daiga tends to act as a mediator on Kyle's team, breaking up fights between his other Pokémon. He gets on well with Ruji, due to the Gligar's Ground-Typing, as well as the fact that it was through a battle with him that Daiga finally managed to evolve.

Ability: Sand Throw.

Specialty: Daiga's specialty still lies in hit and run attacks, striking at his opponent before burrowing underground and catching them off guard before repeating the cycle. This has been made all the easier since his evolution, as he has gained an increase in speed. Daiga is also very good at improvising attacks, something he was good at even as a Sandshrew.

Known Moves: Scratch, Defense Curl, Sandstorm, Rapid Spin, Swift, Dig.



Species: Suicune.

Nickname: N/A.

Trainer: Kyle Eston.

Appearance: As a result of her extradimensional origins, Suicune was, at one point, "Shiny"; however, her time in the main dimension--as well as her rebirth--has caused her to become the same color as a regular Suicune.

Personality: Suicune is an extremely kind, gentle, and motherly Pokémon, even in spite of her rebirth following the events in Castelia--she has retained much of her original personality, though she no longer bears the memories of her past life. She easily develops close bonds with those around her, and has proven adept at helping people get through their emotional problems. Threaten those she adopts as her own, however, and she quickly becomes horrifically protective and dangerous.

Ability: Water Absorb.

Specialty: Special attacks and special defense.

Known Moves: Calm Mind, Rain Dance, Ice Beam (TM,) Hydro Pump, Extrasensory, Protect (TM.)


--Sonja Baron/"Lynda Grant"/"The Sixth Child"

Username: Parugi.

Name: Sonja Baron.

Faction: Team Liberty.

Hometown: Accumula Town, Unova.

Age: 18.

Appearance: Here. Sonja stands at 5'8". She has slightly tanned skin, standard for those from Unova, long brown hair, purple eyes and a beautiful, heart-shaped face. She usually wears loose, blue jeans, a green hoodie and a black shirt underneath that, as well as white sneakers. She uses a white bag to carry her supplies.

Personality: At first glance, it might seem odd that someone like Sonja is a member of Team Liberty, or taking part in the war at all, for that matter. Kind, intelligent and friendly, she doesn't seem like the kind of person who would want to battle against anyone. However, she has a strong sense of justice and freedom, making her perfect for the team. Due to her relative aversion to battle, she does not get assigned to a large number of missions; however, she is more than willing to travel with other Team Liberty agents to Unova so as to show them around, as well as provide pointers to keep them out of trouble with the Unovan government--something that, unfortunately, she has had to do far more recently than she used to. Overall, Sonja's a very happy and kind individual, and is more intelligent than she appears.

Background: Sonja was born in Unova, and lived there until the age of fifteen. While there, news about the war in the other regions was scarce, as was any general information about the world in which the war was taking place. She spent most of her time exploring with her partner Pokémon Loki and Gaia; in doing so, she managed to learn whatever she could about the war from those individuals who had not been hushed. Eventually, she stowed away on a boat headed for Kanto, and joined Team Liberty as a Unovan guide. She was assigned to the Soil Colossus mission following Silvermind's second kidnapping, acting as a guide to the Unova region, a job she was more than happy to accept; she was also given an extra Pokémon for protection, in the form of Ares.[/color]


After the Soil Colossus mission, which culminated in the appearance of Team Magma, Sonja joined Kyle Eston and Zach Hikari on a mission to both investigate a series of dimensional disturbances and apprehend a criminal called Black. Their trip took them to Ectruteak City, where they encountered a monstrous, extradimensional man who proceeded to destroy the city, as well as a trio of Legendary Beasts that had appeared from another side dimension. Finally arriving in Unova, Sonja was involved in the battle against Maddison Hayes, who revealed herself as Sonja's lost sister, Sophia, and later fought against Black--in truth, Zach's brother, Ryan--at the Dragonspiral Tower. The resulting damage to Unova at the hands of Kyurem and Palkia caused severe trauma to Sonja, which she has only recently begun to truly recover from.


  • Water Gem: Obtained from Ellen Burks as a Christmas present.
  • Sitrus Berry: Obtained from Evan Tierra as a Christmas present.
  • Another Christmas present from Ray Hakuda that has yet to be decided.

Pokémon: Druddigon (Ares; 5), Gurdurr (Loki; 19), Lilligant (Gaia; 8), Lanturn (Poseidon; 7), Pidove (Athena; 5), Totodile (Neptune; 8), Rhyhorn (Atum; 3).

--Legendary: Raikou (Sheik.)

Current Team Configuration


Species: Conkeldurr

Nickname: Loki.

Trainer: Sonja Baron.

Appearance: Loki is still fairly youthful, and thus looks a lot less grumpy than a number of other Conkeldurr.

Personality: True to his nickname, Loki is quite impish, always ready to pull a prank at a moment's notice. He is also a bit of a show-off, striking dynamic poses for no particular reason and always attempting to add an extra flair to his attacks in battle, a trait he mimicked from Evan Tierra. Past experiences have allowed Loki to get past his own vanity and accept his new appearance with relatively open-arms, recognizing the need for his new form's increased power if he intends to continue protecting his trainer and teammates. 

Ability: Guts.

Specialty: Loki is most skilled when it comes to physical attacks. Evolving into a Conkeldurr has also increased his durability by a large amount, allowing him to defend better against attacks. He is still rather slow all around, however, and because of this does not fare well against fast opponents.

Known Moves: Stone Edge, Bulk Up, Endure (EM), Reversal (EM), Focus Energy, Dynamic Punch.



Species: Lilligant.

Nickname: Gaia.

Trainer: Sonja Baron.

Appearance: Gaia looks like a regular Lilligant.

Personality: Gaia is a very gentle Pokémon, finding ways to be friendly towards almost anyone she comes across, whether they be friends or foes. Though she does not like to battle, nor does get she angered easily, she is willing to go to great lengths against those who push her far enough, and does not condemn pragmatic tactics against those who would harm her trainer.

Ability: Own Tempo.

Specialty: Gaia is mainly a support Pokémon in battle, inflicting status problems on her opponents so that others can take them out. Though she prefers not to fight, she will if she has to, particularly since her evolution has greatly increased her power.

Known Moves: Synthesis, Stun Spore, Sunny Day, Quiver Dance, Petal Dance, Sleep Powder.



Species: Lanturn

Nickname: Poseidon.

Trainer: Sonja Baron.

Appearance: Poseidon's lamps can shift between different colors.

Personality: Poseidon is quiet. So quiet that, much to her embarrassment, Sonja often forgets that Poseidon is a member of her team. Upon realizing her mistakes and negligence towards him, she has vowed to help him reach his full potential as a battling Pokémon. For his part, Poseidon doesn't seem to mind--his evolution has brought him quite a bit of happiness, and he is content to simply entertain others using his lights.

Ability: Volt Absorb.

Specialty: Poseidon is best when it comes to nonphysical attacks, as well as Special Defense. In water he is incredibly fast and strong, which has only been amplified by his evolution. Paradoxically, the same evolution has allowed him to last longer and move somewhat better on land, though not nearly to the extent that he would be able to in the water.

Known Moves: Signal Beam, Hydro Pump, Thunder Wave, Discharge, Confuse Ray, Charge



Species: Pidove.

Nickname: Athena.

Trainer: Sonja Baron.

Appearance: Almost exactly like any other Pidove, although Athena has a few scars on her body.

Personality: A very careful Pokémon, Athena has lived almost exclusively as a defensive fighter; since she was born into an area known for its Pidove-family wars, she, like others, was essentially forced into either an offensive or defensive role. She tends to be fairly cautious in battle, knowing her own limits, and doesn't take kindly to newcomers due to trust issues. However, once you gain Athena's loyalty, she will fight to her last breath in your name.

Ability: Super Luck.

Specialty: Athena's primary specialty is in support and tactical moves. Her main use is in dodging and tiring out an opponent; Athena developed this tactic due to her lackluster defense capabilities and less-than-impressive attack power. However, she makes up for it by being too quick to hit... usually.

Known Moves: Roost, Detect, Featherdance, Quick Attack, Air Cutter.



Species: Totodile.

Nickname: Neptune.

Trainer: Sonja Baron.

Appearance: Same as a typical Totodile.

Personality: Though it may come as a surprise to some, Neptune is a very gentle and loving Pokémon--he loves being around people, jumping up and hugging them as soon as he sees them and very rarely being intentionally harmful. Even so, he is a strong battler, capable of holding his own in most situations, and is willing to do whatever it takes to win a battle--save for dirty tactics, of course.

Ability: Torrent.

Specialty: Neptune specializes in physical attacks, and has more endurance than most other Totodile, allowing him to better handle physical defense.

Known Moves: Water Gun, Ice Fang, Scratch, Dragon Dance (Egg Move,) Headbutt.



Species: Rhyhorn.

Nickname: Atum.

Trainer: Sonja Baron.

Appearance: Blue eyes as opposed to red.

Personality: Atum has always been rather different from other Rhyhorn, resulting in a fairly lonely personality. As opposed to living up to the unintelligent bruiser standards of the Rhyhorn race, Atum was born with an above-average intelligence, resulting in an entirely different specialty in combat and in life. As a result, he was shunned until Sonja came along and befriended him, resulting in a deep, unbreakable bond of loyalty between Pokémon and Trainer.

Ability: Rock Head.

Specialty: Atum specializes in, surprisingly, special attacks and speed, which help him make up for his lackluster special defenses and attack.

Known Moves: Horn Attack, Rock Blast, Scary Face, Ancientpower (MT,) Fury Attack.



Species: Raikou.

Nickname: Sheik.

Partner: Sonja Baron.

Appearance: Same as a usual Raikou, except female.

Personality: Relatively feisty, though nevertheless an extremely just and friendly Pokémon. Sheik will not hesitate to tell people how it is if she disagrees with something, though her intentions are always for the betterment of whoever she is speaking with. She is bold to the point of berating even Ho-Oh for what she perceives as an ill-made decision.

Ability: Volt Absorb.

Specialty: Speed and special attacks.

Known Moves: Rain Dance, Magnet Rise, Signal Beam, Thunderbolt, Iron Tail, Calm Mind.

Edited by Parugi

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~ Rise of the Rockets (I II)/Discussion Topic/Side Stories ~


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As for what's going on right now--the only things, really, are that the Ancient Darkrai plot is finally being resolved, with a (essentially isolated) battle at Sinjoh Ruins between the revived Sombra and allied TL/TR/other trainers, and connected to that a battle in both Lilycove and Hearthome where allied Team Liberty/Magma/TR Separatist forces are attempting to destroy the Ancient's Void Towers, the source of Sombra's power. Obviously, these battles are huge--basically armies of Pokémon against each other. In Lilycove, Rayquaza, Kyogre, and Groudon are setting up a plan to destroy the Hoenn Void Tower, while trainers Dack, Palmer, Zac, and Luke are fighting a manifestation of the Sinnoh Tower's core within the tower itself.


The other main thing is that two assassins for TR--Jackson Sang and Lafoyae Belrose--are fighting against heavily-mutilated and brainwashed Tate, Liza, and Ash far beneath Chapel, the Kanto TR base. Since it has been determined that none of them can be healed of their conditions, Jackson and Lafoyae are aiming to mercy kill them, with Jackson succeeding in doing so to Tate.


EDIT: Oh, it would also be useful to you two to know that once these battles are all wrapped up, we'll be engaging in a timeskip to bring the RPG up to the real-time date--essentially skipping a few months so that the various damaged cities and regions can recover, as well as give our characters a break from running around and fighting so many huge threats. From there I'll be initiating the next big plot--teasers for which can be found in the first post or my signature.

A query: just how soon might one reasonably expect these battles to be wrapped up? I feel it might be a bit easier to get back into the flow of things following the timeskip, but depending on how long they take I may well change my mind. Additionally, it doesn't hurt that Jenny has zero battles and has therefore made zero progress towards Olenka's evolution...



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I'd have to check with Detranix and Alku. My guess would be somewhere from May 31st to June 7th, although the Chapel business will end sooner than that since it mainly relates to Jackson. it really depends on how soon other people post, though. X3



Team Liberty

--Markus Aleivy/"Goldhawk"

Username: Parugi.

Name: Markus Aleivy.

Faction: Team Liberty; Leader.

Hometown: Goldenrod City, Johto.

Age: 36.

Appearance: Here.

Personality: Goldhawk's methods tend to be described as rather callous. He prefers to take a logical approach to determine what course of action he will take in a given situation, something that tends to land him in hot water situations. Regardless, he places high value on the lives of both people and Pokémon, and as such generally attempts to avoid putting either in serious danger. Following the incident with Soil Colossus, Inc., he has become distrusting of outside groups, particularly those that offer direct assistance to Team Liberty.


Pokémon: Jolteon, Electivire, Magnezone, Manetric, ???, ???


-Jolteon--Volt Absorb: Thunderbolt, Hidden Power (Ice,) Double Team, Flash, Shadow Ball, Signal Beam.

-Electivire--Motor Drive: Giga Impact, Wild Charge, Cross Chop, Thunder Wave, Ice Punch, Thunderbolt.

-Magnezone--Sturdy: Protect, Lock-On, Zap Cannon, Hidden Power (Water,) Light Screen, Reflect.

-Manetric--Lightningrod: Charge, Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Hidden Power (Grass,) Oder Sleuth, Protect.


--Shannon Ramirez/"Bluefalcon" (Deceased)

Username: Parugi.

Name: Shannon Ramirez.

Faction: Team Liberty; Leader.

Hometown: Cerulean City, Kanto.

Age: 36.

Appearance: Here.



Pokémon: Tentacruel, Blastoise, Empoleon, Vaporeon, Swampert, ???


-Tentacruel--Rain Dish: Toxic Spikes, Scald, Supersonic, Blizzard, Protect, Acid Spray.

-Blastoise--Torrent: Hydro Pump, Protect, Iron Defense, Skull Bash, Rapid Spin, Flash Cannon.

-Empoleon--Defiant: Drill Peck, Protect, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Supersonic, Iron Defense.

-Vaporeon--Hydration: Rest, Scald, Toxic, Ice Beam, Hidden Power (Electric,) Rain Dance.

-Swampert--Torrent: Earthquake, Counter, Double Edge, Aqua Tail, Ice Punch, Protect.


--Kane Umbra/"Blackskull"

Username: Parugi.

Name: Kane Umbra.

Faction: Team Liberty; Leader.

Hometown: Mossdeep City, Hoenn.

Age: 40.

Appearance: Here.



Pokémon: Aerodactyl, Weavile, Houndoom, Drapion, Tyranitar, ???


-Aerodactyl--Rock Head: Giga Impact, Agility, Thunder Fang, Wing Attack, Supersonic, Stone Edge.

-Weavile--Pickpocket: Faint Attack, Fling, Embargo, Snatch, Punishment, Hail.

-Houndoom--Flash Fire: Overheat, Fire Fang, Flamethrower, Thunder Fang, Nasty Plot, Howl.

-Drapion--Sniper: Acupressure, Toxic Spikes, Cross Poison, Venoshock, Fire Fang, Pursuit.

-Tyranitar--Sand Stream: Giga Impact, Stone Edge, Thunder Fang, Ice Fang, Earthquake, Hone Claws.


--Selene Ashera/"Silvermind"

Username: Parugi (Original Player: Neya.)

Name: Selene Ashera.

Faction: Team Liberty; Leader.

Hometown: Fight Area, Battle Frontier, Sinnoh.

Age: 24.

Appearance: She is a physically fit young adult with red hair, a height of about 5'7," a physically attractive but relatively flat-chested body, and modest clothing. She usually prefers tan.

Personality: Growing up at the battle frontier of Sinnoh, she learned much about strategy, and as such she tends to be a bit chessmaster-ly. She also tends to be down to earth when discussing strengths and weaknesses: Both her Pokemon have valuable niches strategically, and she will use their strengths to her team's advantage.

Background: She grew up in the Battle Frontier. She learned of strategy at a young age, and kept that knowledge even when Team Rocket came. She was one of the first members of Team Liberty, and as such she's secured a tight Executive of Strategy position. She received her starter, a Chimchar, as a child.

Pokémon: Infernape (Sun,) Porygon2 (Tzu,) Tyranitar (Hannibal,) Scizor (Scipio,) Staryu (Patton.)


-Sun--Blaze: Stealth Rock, Fire Blast, Fake Out (egg move,) Close Combat, Grass Knot, U-turn

-Tzu--Trace: Toxic, Signal Beam, Discharge, Tri Attack, Recover, Ice Beam

-Hannibal--Sand Stream: Stone Edge, Crunch, Pursuit (egg move,) Earthquake, Flamethrower, Ice Beam

-Scipio--Technician: Bullet Punch, U-turn, Superpower, Bug Bite, Swords Dance, Pursuit

-Patton--Natural Cure: Surf, Ice Beam, Power Gem, Light Screen.


TR Separatists


Username: Parugi.

Name: Devon Coleman.

Faction: Team Rocket Separatists; Shadow Admin of Sinnoh.

Hometown: Oreburgh City, Sinnoh.

Age: 50.

Appearance: Here.



Pokémon: Metagross, Aggron, Skarmory, Escavalier, Bastiodon.


-Metagross--Clear Body:

-Aggron--Sturdy: Protect, Water Pulse, Hyper Beam, Iron Defense, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam

-Skarmory--Weak Armor:

-Escavalier--Shell Armor:



Team Rocket


Username: Parugi.

Name: Elijah Alaric.

Faction: Team Rocket; Shadow Admin of Kanto.

Hometown: Pallet Town, Kanto.

Age: 40.

Appearance: Here. Sleight is a tall individual, standing at 6'2". Despite his age, he is actually quite handsome -- time does not seem to have affected him as much as it would have others; he has high cheekbones, oval, gray, piercing eyes, and overall, just handsome features. His black hair is short, and neatly cut and groomed, complementing his clean-shaven face. He tends to wear a black suit, with shirts varying in color. Sleight has a very grim look about him.

Personality: Sleight is a very intelligent, very cold, and extremely precise individual. He shows little emotion to the public, only showing true anger and irritation to select individuals. This lack of feeling is part of what instills fear into the hearts of so many when he is mentioned, because no one is ever sure of what he is really thinking. Sleight was the mastermind behind the Shadow Admins' takeover, staging everything perfectly and showing a knack for accurate predictions. Sleight has been shown to be fairly optimistic, as he did not let the fall of Hoenn bring him down -- instead, he merely promoted a replacement leader for the region from his executives. This along with other incidents has shown him to be quite flexible and able to roll with what is thrown at him. Despite all of this and the fact the he hungers -- or hungered, as the case may be -- for as much power as he could get, Sleight seems to disagree with the notion that Team Rocket should spread to the region of Isshu, though his reasons have never been made completely clear.

Background: Little is known of Sleight's background. What is known is that he originated from Pallet Town years and years ago, eventually becoming a Team Rocket member. Leading the other Shadow Admins in a revolt against Giovanni, Sleight eventually managed to take over the organization, and then the Kanto regions, recreating the world in ways that the former Rocket Leader could only dream of. At some point, Sleight married a woman named Eileen, and the two had a son, named Levi.

Pokémon: Charizard, Magmortar, Volcarona, ???, ???, ???.


-Charizard--Blaze: Roost, Flamethrower, Hidden Power (Electric,) Air Slash, Dragon Pulse, Tailwind.

-Magmortar--Flame Body: Fire Blast, Hidden Power (Grass,) Thunderbolt, Cross Chop, Lava Plume, Confuse Ray.

-Volcarona--Flame Body: Rage Powder, Hurricane, Fiery Dance, Quiver Dance, Bug Buzz, Roost.




Username: Parugi.

Name: Vivian Moreno.

Faction: Team Rocket; Shadow Admin of Johto.

Hometown: Lavender Town, Kanto.

Age: 42.

Appearance: Here. Joker is a tall, beautiful woman, with pink hair and a heartshaped face. Her hair is curled at the tips, and she has slightly curved, green eyes. She wears a white, formal shirt, and a long white skirt, as well as a mechanical gauntlet capable of utilizing telekinesis and other psychic powers; a second gauntlet has been made since the attack on the Alamo, with similar abilities to the first.

Personality: Joker is not someone to be trifled with. Exceedingly cunning, extremely volatile, and monstrously caustic towards those she views as being below her, she will not hesitate to kill if it benefits her. Her skill and effectiveness in virtually everything she sets her mind to has earned her a reputation among the members of Team Rocket, solidifying her place as the second greatest trainer within the organization--and possibly the entirety of the Kanto regions.



  • Psychic Gauntlets: A pair of gauntlets created by Team Rocket to enhance and focus the wearer's own psychic abilities.

Pokémon: Dusknoir (Cyclops), Alakazam (Seer), Gengar (Phantom), Claydol (Guardian), Hypno (Watcher), Aegislash (Gladiator), Golurk (Leviathan).


-Cyclops--Pressure: Focus Punch (MT), Destiny Bond (EM), Shadow Punch, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, Double Team.

-Seer--Magic Guard: Teleport, Psychic, Disable, Miracle Eye, Recover, Protect.

-Phantom--Levitate: Double Team, Dark Pulse, Dream Eater, Hypnosis, Shadow Ball, Nightmare.

-Guardian--Levitate: Teleport, Cosmic Power, Power Trick, Sandstorm, Giga Impact (TM,) Drill Run (MT).

-Watcher--Insomnia: Hypnosis, Nasty Plot, Disable, Nightmare, Dream Eater (TM,) Switcheroo.

-Gladiator--Stance Change: King's Shield, Swords Dance, Sacred Sword, Iron Defense, Iron Head, Block (MT).

-Leviathan--Iron Fist: Shadow Punch, Hammer Arm, Ice Punch, Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Iron Defense.


--Heather Windred/"Ace" (Deceased)

Username: Parugi.

Name: Heather Windred.

Faction: Team Rocket; former Shadow Admin of Hoenn.

Hometown: Fortree City, Hoenn.

Age: 39.

Appearance: Here.

Personality: Ace was known in Team Rocket as one of the morally darkest of the four Shadow Admins. She was more than willing to seek less-than-acceptable ways of obtaining victory over Team Liberty, such as the recreation of the Shadow Pokémon project and the investigation into mind control as a viable method of ensuring obedience. Even so, she was deeply loyal to Team Rocket, and truly wished to see the war won in their favor.

Background: Little is known about Ace's past. Originally a trainer from Fortree City, she became a member of Team Rocket at an unknown point in time and eventually rose high enough in the ranks to be trusted by Sleight to help in his revolt against Giovanni. Following their takeover, she became the Shadow Admin of Hoenn, eventually marrying and bearing a daughter, Esen. She was later ousted from Team Rocket after a successful Team Liberty-led rebellion within the region, and was executed by her replacement, Max Bussle.

Pokémon: Unknown.


--Max Bussle/"Buzz" (Deceased)

Username: Parugi (Original Player: GLaDOS)

Name: Max Bussle.

Faction: Team Rocket; Shadow Admin of Hoenn.

Hometown: Azalea Town, Johto.

Age: 20.

Appearance: Buzz is bald and sometimes wears goggles which are similar in appearance to a Yanma's eyes. He wears dark green trousers and a dark green open jacket with a light red T-shirt. Here and here.

Personality: He does not act kindly to other people, and tends not to talk to anyone much when he isn't giving orders. On the outside he seems mean and cold, but he has a secret, loving side that only his Pokemon can see. For most, these traits make him very hard to like, but they helped him get to high places in Team Rocket.

Background: Buzz was raised by his parents in Azalea Town, he never got on well with the other children and instead managed to make friends with a whole swarm of Yanma. At the age of 10, Buzz watched as both his parents were killed by a kid who was trying to earn the respect of Team Liberty. It turns out that Buzz's parents had both been undercover members of Team Rocket. Buzz gathered his three favourite Yanma and set off to gain revenge, eventually defeating the kid. A long the way one of his Yanma evolved. Although he had got his revenge, Buzz was not satisfied, so he joined Team Rocket, and has elevated in the ranks quickly.

Pokémon: Yanmega, Yanma (Ma,) Yanma (Yan; deceased,) Scizor (Crimson,) Tyranitar.


-Yanmega--Speed Boost: AnceintPower, U-Turn, Bug Buzz, Air Slash, Quick Attack

-Ma--Compoundeyes: SonicBoom, Hypnosis, Toxic, Giga Drain

-Yan--Speed Boost: Quick Attack, Tackle, Wing Attack, Pursuit

-Crimson--Technician: X-Scissor, Metal Claw, Roost, Bullet Punch, Pursuit, Agility.

-Tyranitar--Sand Stream: Ice Fang, Fire Fang, ThunderFang, Pursuit, Dragon Dance



Username: Parugi (Original Player: Kumata Nuva)

Name: Claude Ulrich

Faction: Team Rocket; High-Admin of the Orange Islands

Hometown: Mahagony Town, Johto

Age: 32

Appearance: A tall man with pale skin and a gaunt face. He has slick black hair that has been gelled into a spike at the back. He wears a sleeveless crimson jacket over a modified version of the standard Team Rocket uniform.

Personality: On the surface, Viper is a calm, collected trainer. But he possesses a short temper and a wealth of rage that will bubble to the surface if you rub him the wrong way. He doesn’t hesitate to assert his dominance over others.

Background: As a young boy, Viper was obsessed with a dream to one day become the Pokemon League Champion. As time went on and Viper matured that obsession turned into a more reasonable goal to become a Gym Leader. At one point Viper visited Blackthorn City, wishing to be permitted entry into Dragon’s Den in order to train his Pokémon and possibly catch some elusive Dragon-types. He was refused entry by Clair, an event which embittered him to all Gym Leaders, believing them to be arrogant and unfair and vowing to prove his strength to the world. He eventually crossed paths with Team Rocket, impressing them with his skill and joining their ranks. He easily rose to the position he holds today. He still possesses the goal of becoming the most powerful Pokémon trainer, and often visits Dragon’s Den to hone his skills.

Pokémon: Arbok (Cobra,) Seviper (Asp,) Gyarados (Adder,) Milotic (Diamondback,) Steelix (Sidewinder,) Serperior (Python.)


-Cobra--Intimidate: Gastro Acid, Acid Spray, Glare, Disable (EM,) Coil, Gunk Shot.

-Asp--Infiltrator: Poison Jab, Night Slash, Coil, Wring Out, Crunch, Final Gambit (EM.)

-Adder--Moxie: Dragon Dance, Aqua Tail, Thrash, Earthquake (TM,) Giga Impact (TM,) Iron Tail (MT.)

-Diamondback--Competitive: Recover, Rain Dance, Hydro Pump, Mirror Move (EM,) Confuse Ray (EM,) Ice Beam (TM.) 

-Sidewinder--Sheer Force: Iron Tail, Thunder Fang, Ice Fang, Double-Edge, Stone Edge, Sandstorm.

-Python--Contrary: Leaf Storm, Gastro Acid, Leaf Blade, Synthesis, Sunny Day, Hidden Power (Ground.)

Edited by Parugi

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~ Rise of the Rockets (I II)/Discussion Topic/Side Stories ~


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Finally gotten a discussion topic.


I've been having trouble keeping up with the arcs of all of the RPGs and I'm sort of losing interest, so I'm pretty sure that you won't see too much of me for a bit. I'll probably jump back in when the new plot starts.


Now to find my profiles...

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I'd have to check with Detranix and Alku. My guess would be somewhere from May 31st to June 7th, although the Chapel business will end sooner than that since it mainly relates to Jackson. it really depends on how soon other people post, though. X3

Ah, what the heck. I suppose I'll join the fight with a degree of haste. Which Void Tower battle could use more TL assistance?



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A new topic, a new place to store my profiles. To Mr. Peanuts I'd suggest Lilycove, I think there is only one PC there at the moment (one whom I really need to post for).
Username: Minun4
Name: James Arthur
Faction: Formerly Team Rocket, Now Team Liberty
Hometown: Celadon City
Age: 23
Appearance: James is 5'11 tall Caucasian man with dark brown hair combed very neatly towards the right. He wears a black suit, black paints, white shirt and a red tie. He is thin and has green eyes. He brings with him a black briefcase with him at all times where he keeps almost everything of importance in, including but not limited to his pokeballs, his laptop and various forms of data storage devices.
Personality: James personality can be summed in three words: Gentlemanly, disloyal, and self-serving. The most important of these qualities is his self-serving nature. As a general rule he acts calm and polite except when he is in danger in which case he does what is needed to ensure his own survival. While he is disloyal he can follow orders quite well, and will to a point when they interfere with his own plans in which case he will disobey often discreetly or whenever he is out of sight. Mild fear of heights.
Background: James grew up in deep rocket controlled territory and grew up well off, after the age of 15 that is. The years before that were not good for him, living in an orphanage. However that changed when he developed an aptitude in technology, especially hacking, skills which he kept hidden from the other members of Team Rocket. He used those skills to gain information which he used for blackmail and under the table deals. As a member of team rocket he made sure to hack into the system and change some information to put these individuals in bad light with team rocket who then saw that they were permanently erased. Guinevere he caught while in the orphanage but Lancelot he caught on a mission.
After a hasty split-second decision James became a member of Team Liberty. He was promoted to the rank of Executive for various reasons.
Pokemon: Gardevoir (Guinevere), Scizor (Lancelot), Togekiss (Galahad), Weavile (Mordred), Swampert (Gawain), Chandelure (Percival)
Species: Gardevoir
Nickname: Guinevere
Trainer: James Arthur
Appearance: Guinevere's 'hair' is a different style than most Gardevoir, having her 'hair' back instead of in pig tails
Personality: Guinevere became quite Timid due to shock upon Evolution
Ability: Trace
Specialty: Attacks from a distance using special attacks. Enhanced Psychic ability, with greater focus on Teleportation.
Known Moves: Double Team, Teleport, Calm Mind, Psychic, Ice Beam (TM move), Shadow Ball.
Species: Scizor
Nickname: Lancelot
Trainer: James Arthur
Appearance: Generally normal except for a what was a scar on his left arm. The area healed but left a stripe where the wound once was.
Personality: Lancelot is a very Adamant but loyal to James due to long association. Is still antsy but will follow his orders to the letter. Can be very sadistic when fighting.
Ability: Technician
Specialty: A strong and quick physical attacker. Sadism: each time he inflicts damage, Lancelot receives a rush of power.
Known Moves: Superpower, Lunge (Special move approved by GM), Bullet-Punch, Roost, Swords Dance, Aerial Ace, Counter
Species: Togekiss
Nickname: Galahad
Trainer: James Arthur
Appearance: The Two triangles which looked like a Lance and shield now look even more so with a clear separation of the point and the shaft and the triangle is curved at the bottom looking more like a shield.
Personality: Galahad is calm and collected. He tries to think things through.
Ability: Serene Grace
Specialty: Excels in defenisve moves and in special attacks. Has good degree of Aura Control due to excessive use of Aura Sphere.
Known Moves: Flamethrower, Metronome, Thunder Wave, Yawn, Aura Sphere, Wish
Species: Weavile
Nickname: Mordred
Trainer: James Arthur
Appearance: The 'hair' is green instead of dark red, other than that is normal.
Personality: Mordred is stubborn yet keeps a Jolly mood most of the time.
Ability: Pickpocket
Specialty: Fast and Strong Physical attacks, also smart enough to bluff.
Known Moves: Night Slash, Quick Attack, Faint Attack, Swords Dance, Agility, Ice Punch (egg move)
Species: Swampert
Nickname: Gawain
Trainer: James Arthur
Appearance: Head fins has a red stripe on it.
Personality: Gawain doesn't like to do hard work, but will fight strong if he must. Generally has a Relaxed nature. Didn't like his time with his former trainer, likes James a lot more.
Ability: Torrent
Specialty: Does well with both Physical and Special Attacks, but his main strength is in his Physical Defense. Lacks in speed however.
Known Moves: Tackle, Earthquake, Muddy Water, Bide, Take Down, Mud Bomb (egg move)
Species: Chandelure
Nickname: Percival
Trainer: James Arthur
Appearance: His flame glows a more greenish color than most Chandelure.
Personality: Hitomoshi is a modest pokemon. He doesn't take credit for victories, and is never prideful, albiet he has reason to.
Ability: Infiltrator+
Specialty: Percival excells in special attacks. His fire attacks are slightly weaker than the average Chandelure but his ghost attacks are stronger. Skilled in disappearing. Infiltrator empowered to bypass Protect.
Known Moves: Overheat, Smog, Fire Spin, Shadow Ball, Flame Burst, Hex

Species: Karrablast
Nickname: Agravain
Trainer: James Arthur
Appearance: Agravain has some bruises all over him from failed theft attempts. Bit shorter than average
Personality: Aspires to be a thief. Not especially skilled. Very suspicious looking and makes Rash decisions that make it hard for him to approach. Tends towards hero worship.
Ability: No Guard
Specialty: Good at giving and taking hits.
Known Moves: Megahorn (Egg Move, Unaffected by No Guard), Peck, Endure, False Swipe, Thief (special move), Bug Buzz

Name: Jamie Arthur
Faction: Team Rocket
Hometown: The Abyss
Age: 5 (has the body of a 23 year old.)
Appearance: Jamie is five-foot nine and wears a black dress with a white sashe, and black dress shoes. She has long dark brown hair, Caucasian skin tone, and has green eyes.
Personality: Jamie has a ladylike personality to compare to James' gentlemanly personality. She is more loyal than James as she was raised by rocket scientists and partly James (who didn't tell her about her plans for betrayal). She follows orders well and has James' trait of that she is willing to do what is necessary to survive if pushed to the limit (she hasn't yet though.) She looks up to James as an older brother although the two appear to be twins.
Background: Jamie was the first survivor of a cloning program that Joker started. James volunteered and she was born. Although the process only got 99.99...% of his DNA, one gene, his Y chromosome was changed into a X chromosome and she was born. She has little history to tell as she is only technically four years old. Rocket scientists kept her for a year as her body aged to 19 years old ending on coincidentally James' 19th birthday making their bodies approximately the same as possible as a male and female can be. The next three years she served under James knowing there relationship but neither were allowed to speak of it. James also caught Pelleas and Tristan for her.
Pokémon: Heracross (Pelleas), Metagross (Tristan), Vanilluxe (Lucan), Grummore (Slowpoke), Palomides (Ghastly)
Species: Heracross
Nickname: Pelleas
Trainer: Jamie Arthur
Appearance: The 'spikes' of Pelleas' arms and legs are longer than most Heracross, other than that, is a normal heracross.
Personality: Heracross is Adamant and promised James to protect and serve Jamie and has Guts to spare.
Ability: Guts
Specialty: Excels in strong physical attacks. Guts enhanced to resist status effects.
Known Moves: Night slash, Megahorn, Endure, Aerial Ace, Close Combat, Counter
Species: Metagross
Nickname: Tristan
Trainer: Jamie Arthur
Appearance: The spikes on his legs are a deep dark blue
Personality: Has a similar Adamant personality as Pelleas, but less brave. Also with his evolution and enhanced intellect he is able to speak through Telepathy. Also a bit influenced by James' and Jamie's personalities as he tries to act gentlemanly. But also extremely macho.
Ability: Clear Body
Specialty: Strong physical attacks with mainly his powerful fists.
Known Moves: Take down, Zen headbutt, Iron head, Hammer Arm, Bullet Punch, Meteor Mash
Species: Vanilluxe
Nickname: Lucan
Trainer: Jamie Arthur
Appearance: Has sky blue on it's top swirl
Personality: Has a Timid nature, not just in battle, but all the time shy of new things. Though is capable of bravery when the time calls for it.
Ability: Ice Body
Specialty: Lucan focuses on fast special attacks. Prefers to stay far away from harm. Can split focus between each of his two heads to track and attack two separate targets. However each attack is weaker than if both heads focused on one target.
Known Moves: Icicle Spear, Mirror Coat, Uproar, Ice Beam, Mirror Shot, Acid Armor
Moves Forgotten: Astonish
Species: Slowking
Nickname: Grummore (and Pellinore)
Trainer: Jamie Arthur
Appearance: He has a green ring around his tail and his crown his a blue gem, and is a darker shade of grey than others.
Personality: Grummore is both bold and intelligent and hates bullying. He used to have a problem with registering events long after they had passed. Now he has the exact opposite problem. He calculates things so fast, that in the heat of battle he is a hundred moves ahead and somewhat shuts-down out of surprise if his opponent does something unexpected. Pellinore is self-aggrandizing piece of headwear that adorns Grummore's head. The two consciousness are in flux over who controls the mind, but Grummore has the far stronger will.
Ability: Regenerator
Specialty: Now much more able to react to events, Grummore can take to the offensive better with special attacks, particularly Psychic, and can use it to calculate probable positioning. Still capable at absorbing hits and Healing. Still physically slow, if not mentally, though arguments with Pellinore can distract him. Also if his health gets too low, he runs the chance of Pellinore taking the dominant place in the mind. If this happens, offensive capabilities (especially Water moves) gain greater potency, but loses the ability to heal.
Known Moves: Heal Pulse, Psychic, Water Pulse, Yawn, Disable, Future Sight
Battle Count: 7

Species: Haunter
Nickname: Palomides
Trainer: Jamie Arthur
Appearance: The Haunter looks a bit more solid than other Haunter, though this a mere trick of the eyes. Also has a faint scent that smells like gasoline.
Personality: A cocky facade hides a former life a quiet Timidity, most likely to run if things go unexpectedly sour.
Ability: Levitate
Specialty: Prefers to use hexes to fight his opponets but when that fails, special attacks are very effective.
Known Moves: Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Shadow Ball, Curse, Mean Look, Disable.
Species: Shellder
Nickname: Bedevere
Trainer: Jamie Arthur
Appearance: Bedevere is a lighter shade of blue than other Shellder,
Personality: Bedevere is a Naughty Pokémon who loves to fight, loves to mess around, and loves to listen or partake in anything involving black magic.
Ability: Skill Link
Specialty: Bedevere prefers to take to the offense and hit hard but is found of field manipulation at times.
Known Moves: Shell Smash, Icicle Spear, Razor Shell, Whirlpool, Withdraw, Rock Blast (Egg Move, lacks adequate control over it)
Name: Richard Apollo
Faction: None (Liberty Maybe?)
Hometown: Castelia City
Age: 19
Appearance: Richard stands about 6' 0" tall and has a thin build due to his need to conserve food. He has brown eyes and brown straight hair, and wears jeans, and generally a cheap button down brown shirt.
Personality: Richard fits the archetype of the spoony bard very well. He is generally jovial and care free to those he meets. He generally figures that he always found a way to keep him and his Pokemon fed, and that he can solve any given problem. He isn’t quick to a fight, but loves a competition and enjoys Pokemon battles. He is proficient with a violin and makes a living as a street performer. Apollo is not his real last name, but a name he took so that people could identify him.
Background: Richard’s parents were too poor to raise a child so they abandoned Richard on the steps of an orphanage. The orphanage he was raised wasn’t much better off, but he was able to live with food in his stomach. Eventually when Richard was ten the orphanage was shut down due to the inability to pay bills anymore. Richard being turned out on the street turned to shoplifting to survive. One day when he was about to shoplifting when a wild Sableye was caught trying to do so as well. The shopkeeper was enraged by this, but was calmed when Richard apologized pretending to be the Sableye’s trainer. One stolen Pokeball later the Sableye was his. After a few weeks of the two living a meager existence, they came upon a store where a violin caught his eye, and after a month of saving he bought the violin and became a street performer. With a way to afford food, clothing and some basic equipment, Richard and Hades wandered the Unova Region where he caught both Dionysus and Erebus.
Pokémon: Sableye (Hades), Dionysus (Snorlax), Erebus (Tentacruel), Oceanus (Gyarados), Ponos (Diglett), Nyx (Eevee), Orpheus (Whismur)
Species: Sableye
Nickname: Hades
Trainer: Richard Apollo
Appearance: Hades’ chest gemstone is a blue sapphire instead of the usual red gemstone.
Personality: Hades is the type who prefers to avoid confrontation if possible, only will fight if he is told by Richard or is forced into a corner.
Ability: Prankster
Specialty: Being used to not fighting directly, Hades tends to use Status Ailments as well as his Ghost-nature to fight opponents indirectly.
Known Moves: Night Shade, Recover (Egg Move), Fake Out, Confuse Ray, Fury Swipes, Detect
Species: Snorlax
Nickname: Dionysus
Trainer: Richard Apollo
Appearance: Like a Standard Snorlax through and through.
Personality: Like any Snorlax, Dionysus likes to eat and sleep. He is rather indifferent to much else but keeps an ear open for his name.
Ability: Thick Fat
Specialty: He will try to absorb most of his opponent’s blows to try get them to wear themselves down. If this does not work he will uses his weight as a weapon or resort to physical blows.
Known Moves: Rest, Snore, Curse (Egg Move), Body Slam, Crunch, Yawn
Species: Tentacreul
Nickname: Erebus
Trainer: Richard Apollo
Appearance: Has bit deeper shade of blue than a standard Tentacool
Personality: On land he is a bit sluggish however in either underwater or in good moisture he is active and readyfor battle.
Ability: Rain Dish
Specialty: Richard’s only Pokemon that likes a direct fight, however he will set up the field he is in to hisadvantage.
Known Moves: Toxic Spikes, Rain Dance, Scald, Protect, Wrap, Rapid Spin (Egg Move)
Battle Count: 7
Species: Gyarados
Nickname: Oceanus
Trainer: Richard Apollo
Appearance: Slightly more indigo than most Gyarados but not by a lot.
Personality: A pretty Jolly guy most of the time and likes to have fun (and flop around). The only times he is not happy is whenever he sees a guitar. Thing is, Oceanus has an intense desire to learn the guitar, but is stonewalled by the fact he is doesn't have anybody to teach him, or any money to buy one, or arms.
Ability: Intimidate
Specialty: Swift speed and powerful attacks. He prefers to zig-zag to throw off opponents.
Known Moves: Tackle, Flail, Ice Fang, Aqua Tail, Dragon Dance , Hyper Beam
Moves forgotten: Splash

Species: Eevee
Nickname: Nyx
Trainer: Richard Apollo
Appearance: Her fur is a lot messier than most Eevee, of a darker shade than most as well.
Perosnality: A scardey Timid little Eevee, care less for personal grooming and far more for personal survival.
Ability: Run Away
Speciality: Running away, decent healer too.
Known Moves:Wish (Egg Move), Quick Attack, Bite, Growl, Take Down, Baton Bass 
Species: Diglett
Nickname: Ponos
Trainer: Richard Apollo
Appearance: Has a really big nose, and is bigger than 2/3 of all Digletts.
Personality: A Jolly fun guy who works and plays with the same fierce diligence.

Ability: Arena Trap
Speciality: Uses tunnels to the best of his abilities. Perfers sneak and suprise attacks to direct fighting.
Known Moves: Earthquake (Requires charging period), Magnitude, Dig, Slash, Earth Power (Requires charging period), Reversal (Egg Move)

Species: Whismur
Nickname: Orpheus
Trainer: Richard Apollo
Appearance: Looks like a standard Whismur through and through.
Personality: Oprheus is a modest Pokémon with a large case of stage fright. Problem since he'd also love nothing else than to sing before crowds. Has a voice reminiscent of human tenors. Loves to imitate human speech, but has little capability to speak the language.
Ability: Rattled
Specialty: Sensitive hearing which gives Orpheus better control of sound based moves, but in exchange cause him using his full force to deal damage to himself.
Known Moves: Uproar (Causes recoil), Supersonic, Roar, Pound, Hyper Voice (Causes recoil), Sing

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Mangs: Hesitantly, I'll agree with Minun about this. For the most part, both towers are essentially covered--Lilycove's by the Weather Trio, Hearthome's by Dack's group--but it wouldn't hurt to engage the Dark Pokémon forces if you're simply looking for EXP, and in that department Lilycove could certainly use more PC assistance than Hearthome.


Hojohsin League

--Lane Garnet/"John Ford"/"The Shadowed Man"

Username: Parugi.

Name: Lane Garnet/John Ford

Faction: Hojohsin League.

Hometown: Unknown.

Age: 43

Appearance: Here. Though initially seen only in silhouette, Ford's appearance was finally revealed when he attacked the Alamo during Team Liberty's invasion of Paradise. He wore a long black coat and fedora, as well as a pair of black sunglasses and a black scarf around the lower half of his face. He stood at six feet tall and had dark hair, the exact color of which was hidden by Ilios.

Personality: Ford has shown himself to be a skilled chess master, manipulating events and people around him to meet his needs. He appears to harbor both great pride in his skills, those of his apprentices, and in the influence that he has managed to attain over the warring groups, boasting of his own brilliance on occasion. In private, this overconfident persona has been shown to be a ruse, giving way to a colder, more solemn mindset that has allowed him to set up events far greater than has yet been seen...

Background: Little is known about Ford's past. He appeared shortly after the start of the Liberty-Rocket War as a (limited) Rocket-sympathizing terrorist, and only truly came to the forefront of the war within the past year and a half. He has taken to more secretive missions as of late, with the help of his apprentices. No one thus far has been able to guess at his true goals...

Pokémon: Persian, Umbreon, Haxorus, Arbok, Rapidash, Gogoat, Primeape, Arcanine, Grumpig, Raichu, Tauros, Nine


-Persian--Limber: Assist (EM), Power Gem, Nasty Plot, Water Pulse (MT), Thunderbolt , Shadow Ball

-Umbreon--Synchronize: Confuse Ray, Toxic , Double Team , Psychic , Helping Hand, Last Resort

-Haxorus--Rivalry: Razor Wind (EM), Draco Meteor (EM), Scary Face, Hidden Power-Water , Shock Wave (MT), Double Team

-Arbok--Shed Skin: Ice Fang, Crunch, Stockpile, Gastro Acid, Gunk Shot, Coil

-Rapidash--Flame Body: Flare Blitz, Agility, Poison Jab, Megahorn, Bounce, Endure (MT)

-Gogoat--Sap Sipper: Earthquake, Leaf Blade, Bulk Up, Superpower (MT), Synthesis, Take Down

-Primeape--Anger Point: Final Gambit, Focus Energy, Punishment, Ice Punch (MT), Mega Mick (MT), Psych Up (MT)

-Arcanine--Flash Fire: Extremespeed, Flare Blitz, Helping Hand, Thunder Fang, Odor Sleuth, Howl (EM)

-Grumpig--Own Tempo: Confuse Ray, Psychic, Calm Mind , Simple Beam (EM), Mirror Coat (EM), Telekinesis

-Raichu--Lightningrod: Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Volt Tackle, Double Team, Nasty Plot, Charge (EM)

-Tauros--Anger Point: Giga Impact, Zen Headbutt, Iron Tail, Endure (MT), Stone Edge , Work Up



--Paris Ebner/"James Pierce"/"The First Child"

Username: Parugi.

Name: Paris Ebner/James Pierce

Faction: Hojohsin League

Hometown: Unknown

Age: 32 (31 at start of RPG)

Appearance: Here.

Personality: James is a very pleasant individual, as shown when he met with Team Energon. He is very careful with his choice of words and tends to use respect as a tool in his conversations, referring to people as "Mr." and "Mrs." or "Miss," generally referring to Ford as "My employer" or "Mr. Ford." Despite this, he is also very confident in his abilities and those of Ford; skeptism on Team Energon's part towards the Hojohsin League's abilitiy to end the war was met with a simple smile and a short assurance that everything would play out in their favor in the end.


James is also implied to have a knack for politics and persuasion. When Ford realized that Team Liberty and Team Rocket had neglected to fill in the position of power left by Ace upon her removal, James was Ford's first choice to take that position. After successfully orchestrating his ascent to power in the region, James managed to convince the Hoenn Police -- many of whom had spent the last few years helping Team Liberty -- to begin hunting down and imprisoning members of both Team Rocket and Team Liberty. While he has been met with skepticism by some, up to now he has been fairly successful at running the region.

Background: James Pierce's background is not known. At some point, he came under the tutelage of John Ford, becoming his first apprentice and gaining the title of "The First Child." He was also given the codename James Pierce, which has served as his primary identity ever since. After negotiating Team Energon's allegiance with Ford, Pierce was sent to assume power in Hoenn, filling in the void left by Ace's defeat by the Team Liberty revolt several months earlier.

Pokémon: Chandelure, Porygon-Z, Cofagrigus, Golurk, Klefki, Aegislash


-Chandelure--Flame Body: Telekinesis, Confuse Ray, Inferno, Pain Split, Shadow Ball, Imprison

-Porygon-Z--Adaptability: Trick Room, Tri-Attack, Recover, Zap Cannon, Conversion, Lock-On

-Cofagrigus--Mummy: Will-o-Wisp, Shadow Ball, Protect, Disable, Dark Pulse, Curse

-Golurk--No Guard: Dynamic Punch, Heavy Slam, Phantom Force, Earthquake, Ice Punch, Fire Punch

-Klefki--Prankster: Protect, Heal Block, Crafty Shield, Toxic, Double Team, Last Resort

-Aegislash--Stance Change: King's Shield, Sacred Sword, Autotomize, Swords Dance, Head Smash, Iron Defense


--Sophia Baron/"Madison Hayes"/"The Second Child"

Username: Parugi.

Name: Sophia Baron/Madison Hayes.

Faction: Hojohsin League.

Hometown: Accumula Town, Unova.

Age: 31 (30 at start of RPG)

Appearance: Here.

Personality: Hayes has shown herself to be an extremely proud and arrogant individual, seeing her own powers as above those that she meets and talks with--something that ended up causing her downfall. Originally a polite and friendly child, Hayes has harbored an ambition for greater power for a long, long time, which fueled her original Pokémon journey. She is known to be a firm believer in Ford's ideals, to the extent that she was willing to bomb and cause massive damage to Castelia City on his orders. Her only notable redeeming quality is that she seems to genuinely care for her sister and others that she sees "potential" in, such as Ellen Burks.

Background: Hayes was the second of Ford's apprentices to be recruited. The older sister of Sonja Baron, Sophia disappeared a year after starting her journey, having been contacted by Ford and convinced of his cause, unbeknownst to her family. She was given the name Madison Hayes, the title of Second Child, and with her psychic abilities, served as a powerful and effective agent to Ford until her plot to damage Castelia City resulted in her falling into a coma, due to overexerting her psychic power.

Pokémon: Exploud, Chimecho, Wigglytuff, Jynx, Kricketune, Bronzong.


-Exploud--Feisty: Ice Fang, Hyper Voice, Take Down, Howl, Supersonic, Screech.

-Chimecho--Levitate: Protect, Heal Pulse, Hypnosis, Thunder Wave, Heal Bell, Trick Room.

-Wigglytuff--Cute Charm: Sing, Disable, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Flamethrower, Protect.

-Jynx--Forewarn: Ice Beam, Protect, Perish Song, Hidden Power (Ground,) Shadow Ball, Nasty Plot.

-Kricketune--Swarm: Night Slash, Brick Break, Fury Cutter, Perish Song, Screech, Hone Claws.

-Bronzong--Heatproof: Block, Protect, Hypnosis, Psychic, Payback, Heavy Slam.


--Tiana Soldati/"Quincy Adams"/"The Third Child"

Username: Parugi.

Name: Tiana Soldati/Quincy Adams

Faction: Hojohsin League.

Hometown: Unknown.

Age: 30 (29 at start of RPG)

Appearance: Here.

Personality: Rash, brash, and blunt, Adams is a powerful trainer and knows it. She is not afraid to physically and psychologically bully those around her into doing her bidding, threatening and even killing those that have opposed her. Adams' personality has mainly confined her to more direct jobs, unlike those of Pierce and Hayes, due to her inability to manipulate others as subtly as they. As evidenced by the events with Pryce, Adams does not take failure well, as she feels it lessens her worth in the eyes of Ford--her surrogate father, of sorts. She has yet to show a similar familial bond with anyone else, aside from her Pokémon.

Background: Nothing is known of Adams' background. At some point after she began her Pokémon journey, she was approached and recruited by Ford, becoming his third apprentice and taking on the title of "Third Child." Since that time, she has done numerous hands-on missions for Ford, most involving extra-dimensional manipulation--overseeing the second Mewtwo, sealing away the Unown again, and even leading a Déoza expedition into a side-dimension to track down Pryce and the strange entity that was controlling him--a mission that caused her to severely question her own abilities, due to how big of a failure it ended up being.

Pokémon: Beheeyem (Wizard,) Mismagius (Witch,) Banette (Voodoo,) Gothitelle (Doll,) Abomasnow (Ent,) Sudowoodo (Chan.)


-Wizard--Analytic: Miracle Eye, Psychic, Protect (TM,) Synchronoise, Thunderbolt (TM,) Teleport. 

-Witch--Levitate: Lucky Chant, Destiny Bond, Screech, Confuse Ray, Double Team (TM,) Shadow Ball.

-Voodoo--Cursed Body: Will-o-Wisp, Shadow Claw, Phantom Force, Curse, Disable (EM,) Destiny Bond (EM.)

-Doll--Shadow Tag: Protect, Mirror Coat, Heal Block, Mean Look, Signal Beam, Helping Hand (MT.)

-Ent--Snow Warning: Wood Hammer, Ice Beam, Focus Punch, Ice Punch, Growth, Energy Ball (TM,)

-Chan--Rock Head: Wood Hammer, Mimic, Stone Edge, Hammer Arm, Block, Sucker Punch.


--"Tyler McKinley"/"The Fourth Child"

Username: Parugi.

Name: Tyler McKinley?

Faction: Hojohsin League.

Hometown: Unknown.

Age: 22 (21 at start of RPG)

Appearance: Here.

Personality: McKinley is, first and foremost, a smug and enigmatic individual. No one ever truly knows just what is going on in his head, though his constant smirk implies that he knows things that others--even his fellow apprentices--do not. Those with special abilities, such as Ilios and Hayes, have even gone as far as suggesting that McKinley--whoever he really is--is simply unnatural, so great and off-putting is his presence.

Background: Nothing is known about McKinley's past. At some point, for whatever reason, he agreed to join Ford's group of apprentices, taking on the mantle of Fourth Child. Since then, he has remained out of the public eye, only carrying out Ford's most secretive missions. His behavior would suggest that he has some sort of extra agenda beneath his work for Ford.

Pokémon: Wobbufett, Xatu, Hypno, Girafarig, Claydol, Sigilyph


-Wobbufett--Shadow Tag: Counter, Mirror Coat, Safeguard, Destiny Bond, Encore, Charm.

-Xatu--Magic Bounce: Teleport, Lucky Chant, Miracle Eye, Confuse Ray, Psycho Shift, Future Sight.

-Hypno--Inner Focus: Hypnosis, Nightmare, Disable, Future Sight, Nasty Plot, Psych Up.

-Girafarig--Inner Focus: Odor Sleuth, Agility, Nasty Plot, Psychic, Crunch, Guard Swap.

-Claydol--Levitate: Teleport, Cosmic Power, Power Trick, Heal Block, Psychic, Earth Power.

-Sigilyph--Wonder Skin: Miracle Eye, Hypnosis, Mirror Move, Gravity, Cosmic Power, Psychic.



Username: Parugi.

Name: Ilios.

Faction: Hojohsin League.

Species: Darkrai.

Ability: Bad Dreams.

Moves: Dark Void, Roar of Time, Spacial Rend, Shadow Ball, Flamethrower, Ice Beam.

Appearance: Nine is virtually identical to any other Darkrai; however, his eyes are a bright green as opposed to icy blue. Sprite.

Personality: A constantly brooding individual, Ilios is haunted by the past crimes of himself and his fellow Ancients, and as such, is driven to do whatever he can to atone. He is not inherently malicious, despite his alliance with Ford, and indeed, only works with the man out of apparent necessity--it is a way to have a voice without having to directly cause destruction. Underneath his mysterious surface, Ilios maintains a surprisingly caring attitude towards the living, and has been known to help others out of dangerous situations.

Background: Long ago, Ilios was a part of the Ancient Darkrais' conspiracy to wrest control over the world away from Arceus, using the powers over time and space granted to them by the Creator Pokémon. However, Ilios soon took issue with Sombra's ideals, and abandoned the group in time to avoid Arceus's resulting punishment--namely, indefinite imprisonment. From then on, Ilios wandered, doing what he could to make up for his crimes. When humanity eventually plunged itself into a seemingly endless war, Ilios found himself allied with John Ford, who promised to find a way to end the war.


Ilios has steadily found himself doubting Ford's intentions, though has remained at his side despite these suspicions. Following Ford's voluntary disappearance, Ilios assisted in Sombra's defeat, though later disappeared himself when he went to investigate a spacial reverberation.

Edited by Parugi

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I never realized how long these profiles were until now. =P

Username: Nara

Name: Justin "Icewater" Iredsi

Faction: Team Liberty

Hometown: Lilycove City, Hoenn

Age: 17

Appearance: Here

Personality: Justin is remarkably intelligent, easily coming up with ways to get out of tough situations. He has loosened up completely, in fact, a bit too much. Justin has really slowed down and marvels at the beauty of the world around him. Particularly, the Dream World. He is unfailingly kind and, when with his close friends, a bit of a jokester

Background: Justin has been interested in pokemon since he was born. The first pokemon he befriended was an Electrike, when he was 3. His parents were veteran Pokemon Trainers (mother specialized in Ice type pokemon, Father specialized in Water type pokemon), so he was surrounded by many pokemon as well.When he was five, Justins brother left home, and was never seen again. Four years later, his parents refused to shut down their unofficial gym set up in Lilycove. As a result, both were taken by Team Rocket, as it is assumed that they are dead. Devastated, Justin left home to train in the forest for a year, before officially applying to become a Pokemon trainer. While in the forest, he found a befriended a Seedot, who eventually became his first catch.Four years later, Justin caught wind of the most popular rebel group, Team Liberty. While it was difficult convincing a pilot to fly him to Kanto, it was eventually done and he boarded a boat to the head of operations, the Alamo.

Pokémon: Sparks, Sunny, Clay, Drifter, Plush, Darkon, Regice


Species: Manectric

Nickname: Sparks

Trainer: Justin Iredsi

Appearance: The usual yellow color is darker, almost orange.

Personality: Finally having evolved, Sparks is a major powerhouse in Justin's team, and he knows it. He's much more confident in battle, capable of executing moves on his own if need be. Despite his new perspective on battling, Sparks is still quite playful, and finds a strange amusement in creating static from his mane, then touching people, lightly shocking them.

Ability: Static

Specialty: Excels in Speed.

Known Moves: Thunder Fang, Bite, Wild Charge, Quick Attack, Discharge, Thunder


Species: Munna

Nickname: Plush

Trainer: Justin Icewater

Appearance: Flowers are a deeper shade of Purple.

Personality: Careful, quiet, shy. She is timid, and prefers not to battle, but when she does, Plush does incredibly well, and can hold her ground. Very affectionate to her trainer, Justin.

Ability: Telepathy.

Specialty: High Special Attack, low Special Defense.

Known Moves: Yawn, Dream Eater, Psychic, Trick Room, Hypnosis, Nightmare

Battle Count: 0


Species: Pawnard

Nickname: Darkon

Trainer: Justin Icewater

Appearance: Blades are rusted.Personality: Rough, straightforward. Acts like a trainer, and does not like to dawdle in anything.Ability: Inner FocusSpecialty: Physical and Special attacks.Known Moves: Iron Head, Slash, Night Slash, Scratch, Metal Claw, AssuranceBattle Count: 1Species: ShiftryNickname: SunnyTrainer: Justin IredsiAppearance: Shorter, spiked hair and larger fans.Personality: With an even more agile body, Sunny enjoys the rush of battles and he has taken a more serious personality.Ability: Early BirdSpecialty: Speed and ranged attacksKnown Moves: Explosion, Synthesis, Extrasensory, Razor Leaf, Faint Attack, Leaf StormSpecies: SwampertNickname: ClayTrainer: Justin IredsiAppearance: Noticeably shorter fins on his head, and a wider tail fin.Personality: Clay isn't fully used to the size of his new body, so he will often try to hug Justin and other Pokemon, unintentionally crushing them. He is carefree and much more confident with his tougher body.Ability: TorrentSpecialty: Defense and combination attacksKnown Moves: Muddy Water, Endeavor, Blizzard, Water Gun, Earthquake (replaces Mud Bomb), ProtectSpecies: DrifloonNickname: DrifterTrainer: Justin IcewaterAppearance: The 'X' in the middle is smaller.Personality: Drifter is laid back, and likes to float in the wind. She dislikes work and battles, and would rather float in the breeze.Ability: AftermathSpecialty: Very fast.Known Moves: Stockpile, Swallow, Spit Up, Payback, Baton Pass, MinimizeBattle Count: 1 Species: RegiceNickname: NoneTrainer: Justin IredsiAppearance: No noticeable changePersonality: Quite blank, similar to a machineAbility: Clear BodySpecialty: SpeedKnown Moves: Ice Beam, Superpower, Charge Beam, Hyper Beam, AmnesiaUsername: NaraName: Zac FlashFaction: --Hometown: Fortree CityAge: 20Appearance: Zac is of average height, with green eyes and dark brown hair. He keeps it short, enough that it spikes up without any help. He often wears a green sweatshirt with a Pokeball pattern on it. The sleeves are cut off completely, revealing a scar on his left arm. Zac likes to wear camouflage pants with hiker boots, and carries a messenger bag with him.Personality: Zac is a jokester, and thrives off of excitement. Because of this, he takes huge risks, and loves battling. Anyone asking what Zac is like will probably get an answer of witty. Hes undeniably sarcastic and headstrong. As a result, he tends to work alone, with his Pokemon as his only companions. Similarly, he has a very strong connection with Pokemon.Background: Zac was born and raised in Fortree City, living there for sixteen years. When he was ten and offered to train Pokemon, he refused; none of the starter Pokemon shown appealed to Zac. The same thing happened the next year. When he was thirteen, officials simply stopped offering and gave Zac a supply of Pokeballs, so he could catch his own. Being the naturally defiant teenager, he sat at home for a year, not even touching them.However, one day he went out to the mart to fetch some supplies for his younger brother, who was going off on his own journey, Zac ran into a very interesting situation; while leaving the mart at sunset, Zac noticed two shadows following him. Now, anyone living in Fortree knew what this meant; a Kecleon had found and attached itself to him.Zac played ignorant for a few days, hoping it would go away, but the Kecleon wouldnt leave. It also wouldnt show itself, remaining invisible (minus the stripe, of course). One afternoon, while Zac was eating some fruit for lunch, the Kecleon revealed itself, proving its skin to be more yellow than usual. It reached out with its tongue and grabbed a melon slice. Zac, who had never really been this close to a Pokemon before, was startled and taken aback. His father encouraged him to give the Pokemon a chance, and the two bonded over a week, becoming close friends. After giving the Kecleon the name "Melon," Zac asked if it would join him and travel the world. At his fifteenth birthday, Melon accepted and the two left Fortree, traveling across Hoenn and rising in rank at the Battle Tower.Pokémon: Melon, Jaws, Duskull, Kongo, MeloettaSpecies: KecleonNickname: MelonTrainer: Zac FlashAppearance: The tail is noticeably shorter.Personality: Outgoing. Energetic. Very Hyper. Can't sit still for too long.Ability: Color ChangeSpecialty: Has high stamina.Known Moves: Ancientpower, Substitute, Slash, Shadow Claw, Sucker Punch, PsybeamBattle Counts Unnecessary for evolutionSpecies: MawileNickname: JawsTrainer: Zac FlashAppearance: Jaw is slightly smaller. The "teeth" are somewhat darker.Personality: Jaws is very relaxed. She is quick to make up her mind, and she sticks to what she wants.Ability: IntimidateSpecialty: Has nice Defense, and strong Attack.Known Moves: Fire Fang, Ice Fang, Thunder Fang, Crunch, Iron Defense, AstonishSpecies: DuskullNickname: N/aTrainer: Zac Flash, was a Rocket Grunt'sAppearance: No difference.Personality: Duskull, being a pokemon of a Grunt early on (before Team Rocket takeover), has a relatively optimistic personality. He's carefree, and likes to laugh. It doesn't like to scare other beings, unless it's enraged.Ability: LevitateSpecialty: Long ranged attacks, hit-and-run attacks.Known Moves: Future Sight, Confuse Ray, Disable, Shadow Ball, PaybackBattle Count: 1Species: DarmanitanNickname: KongoTrainer: Zac FlashAppearance: No difference.Personality: Still fairly fickle. Kongo likes to finish what he starts, but has more knowledge to what power he has.Ability: Zen ModeSpecialty: Balanced throughout the six stats. Speed is the highest.Known Moves: Fire Fang, Hammer Arm, Incinerate, Fire Punch, Rollout, PsychicSpecies: MeloettaNickname: NoneTrainer: Zac FlashAppearance: No noticeable changePersonality: Extremely Sassy. She doesn't have much thought for the emotions of others. She's arrogant and knows that she has power, and doesn't hesitate to use it.Ability: Serene GraceSpecialty: High evasivenessKnown Moves: Relic Song, Hyper Voice, Psychic, Teeter Dance, Close Combat, Wake-Up Slap Username: NaraName: Eric SpirosFaction: Team RocketHometown: Pacifidlog TownAge: 21Appearance: Eric is a bit shorter than average, wearing light gear composed of a thin jacket and swim trunks. He wears a fingerless glove on his right hand. He has dark hair, of reasonable length. Hes got thick eyebrows and orange eyes. Hes a little on the skinny side, however, and tan.Personality: Eric is babbly; it is hard to get him to shut up. He has a high tolerance level to people he has just met. He doesnt like to sit still, and would much rather take a walk through a forest or next to the water than sit in a room, waiting. Eric is athletic, and his favorite sport is swimming. He dedicates most of his time towards the goals of Team Rocket, joining to fill a void in his life.Background: Eric was born in Dewford, and when he was three, his family moved to Pacifidlog. Both of them did not have much any experience with Pokemon before, and they disapproved of him getting a Pokemon; eventually, they caved and bought him a Pokeball when he was eight. He caught his first Pokemon, Slush, off the coast of his floating home.Like most other trainers, Eric left home at the age of ten, but not without catching another Pokemon: a Horsea, Aqua. He traveled to Deford and challenged Brawly; while unconventional, he won, and went out to Rustboro and Lavaridge, earning two more badges in the process.He did not, however, finish challenging the league and left Hoenn, going to Unova. Here, Eric spent most of his teenage life, challenging the gyms there over the course of six years. Again, he did not finish the league after evolving Aqua and left Unova to go to Kanto and Johto. Surprisingly, he did not apply to challenge the league and wandered around, moving without a purpose for two years, before deciding to join Team Rocket.Pokémon: Slush, Aqua, Melody,Species: CorphishNickname: SlushTrainer: Eric SpirosAppearance: One of his horns are cracked.Personality: Much like Ash's Corphish, very energetic, likes to make friends, loud, somewhat annoying.Ability: AdaptabilitySpecialty: Speedy, but with it, low Attack strength.Known Moves: Crabhammer, Crunch, Bubblebeam, GuillotineBattle Count: 2Species: KingdraNickname: AquaTrainer: Eric SpirosAppearance: Blotches of tan throughout her body.Personality: Now that Eric found a Dragon Scale to evolve her, Aqua is a bit more obedient. She's sassy and ill-tempered, eager to win every battle but unable to do so.Ability: Swift SwimSpecialty: Nothing in particular.Known Moves: Bubblebeam, Smokescreen, Twister, Water Gun, BrineSpecies: FeebasNickname: MelodyTrainer: Eric SpirosAppearance: N/aPersonality: Melody dreams of becoming a Milotic, so she works hard and will battle whenever she can. When she is not battling, she likes to chat with other things, usually under the waters.Ability: Swift SwimSpecialty: Speed.Known Moves: Tackle, BrineBattle Count: 2Username: NaraName: Pierce AderiaFaction: RocketHometown: Pyrite TownAge: 28Appearance: Well built but run-down from stress, Pierce stands at 5'7" with brown hair and green eyes. He is usually in a long black jacket, with a white shirt underneath and darker jeans to fit. Hair is usually styled into a short fauxhawk. Chiseled face with a sharp jawline.Personality: Pierce is a tired man, not seeing too much of the war but given his hometown, scrimmages weren't uncommon. He has a devil-may-care attitude, but copes with his level head and advanced experience with logic. Pierce also sports a short temper, though, he doesn't always make it known.Background: Pierce grew up in Pyrite Town, Orre. His father was a security guard in Pyrite while his mother worked in the jail. While he stilled lived in Pyrite, Pierce was involved in a gang that was shut down by security when he was 15, after a prank that went too far; his father was assigned to the case and most of the gang members, including Pierce, were given jail time.When he turned 17 two years later, he moved out of Pyrite to Phenac City, a drastically different environment. Outside of the walls, he found and caught a Duskull and trained at the Colosseum, quickly becoming well known and eventually coming out on top, defeating all of the Entry Levels. Dissatisfied, he went back to Pyrite to challenge their Colosseum as well, heavily winning due to the lack of training. Still wanting more, he accomplished the same feat three times more, in the Tower, Under, and Deep Colosseums. Afterwards, he rested in Agate Village. He spends a lot of time in Unova, particularly Undella and Lacunosa.Pokémon: Dusknoir, FroslassSpecies: DusknoirNickname: N/aTrainer: Pierce AderiaAppearance: Slimmer and more buff.Personality: Years of time spent together molded their personalities, but Dusknoir tends to stay more to himself. He is often unimpressed with battles due to the Colosseums in Orre, and feels there is nothing left to see.Ability: PressureSpecialty: Completely tanking everything. High defense and special defense, with some buffed HP.Known Moves: Will-o-wisp, Hex, Shadow Punch, Ice Punch, Mean LookSpecies: FroslassNickname: N/aTrainer: Pierce AderiaAppearance: There is a second band of red on her body.Personality: Now as a Froslass, she has a newfound grace in movement. She likes to dance and pair up with Dusknoir, who is mostly her opposite. She's mischevious and will usually start a hailstorm as she gets sent out.Ability: Snow CloakSpecialty: High HP and a notch faster than norm.Known Moves: Ice Shard, Bite, Double Team, Hail, Ominous Wind, Protect[/font]

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--Ethan Worth

Username: Parugi.

Name: Ethan Worth.

Faction: Team Rocket.

Hometown: Azalea Town, Johto.

Age: 32.

Appearance: Here. Ethan stands at exactly 6' tall, with slightly tanned skin and a fairly muscular build. He has medium, auburn hair, and dark green eyes. He wears black pants and shoes, a black shirt, and a dark green jacket. He usually has his sleeves rolled up, and carries his Pokéballs on his belt. His hair is usually spiked up in the front, and a pair of sunglasses is a constant sight on top of his head, though he rarely uses them for their intended purpose. He has a noticeable, though not thick Australian accent.

Personality: For a Rocket, Ethan is actually pretty mellow, if a bit deceptive at times. He is very kind to his Pokémon and tries to be friendly to everyone, including Team Liberty Agents, as he figures that Team Rocket could operate so much more efficiently if its members just treated everyone like human beings. He has no qualms with either side, only choosing to side with Team Rocket because his mother took that path. He doesn't resort to dirty tactics in battle, but he will manipulate and deceive individuals if the need arises and if it would benefit his mission. He is incredibly loyal both to his team and his Pokémon, and would put his life on the line to protect either one. He enjoys trekking through forests, hence his affection for Bug-type and Grass-type Pokémon. All in all, Easton has the whole "cool-guy" thing going for him, something that not even the destruction of his home town has been able to break--yet.

Background: Ethan's life was always a simple one: A repeated cycle of fun and being completely carefree. He was born in Azalea Town to Mariah Worth and an unknown father, living a life of relative poverty despite his mother's best efforts. Ethan never noticed; he was too busy playing with Pokémon and his friends. Eventually, their situation grew to the point where his mother, now desperate, was forced to turn to a life of crime, becoming a member of Team Rocket. With their help, she managed to provide a better home for her son, participating in the stealing of several Pokémon, though never telling Ethan just what her job entailed. Ethan became isolated from his friends when the Rockets took over, as the Rockets tried to weed out anyone who would try to rebel; needless to say, quite a few were killed, though Ethan was never actually told this. Instead, he took to himself, managing to catch a Scyther and a Weedle, before being inducted into and trained by the Rockets on behalf of his mother, who had risen the ranks. Since then, Ethan has become a full-time Agent, and has volunteered to go on Team Rocket's search for possible allies of Team Liberty.


In the past year and a half, Ethan has been subject to several curious events. After the release of the Unown hordes in Johto, Ethan discovered that his mother had been killed by the Alphabet Pokémon, along with the rest of his hometown, and was subsequently coerced into helping Quincy Adams seal the Unown back in their dimension. Later, he inadvertently helped set off the chain of events with Team Aqua, and then bore witness to and participated in a large-scale battle between various Team Rocket and Déoza agents against a strange group of creatures in a pocket dimension. This last "adventure" culminated in the deaths of Pryce, numerous Pokémon, and a promise of silence between all who escaped, and later motivated Ethan to spearhead a peace-rally between Team Rocket and Team Liberty.

Equipment: N/A.

Pokémon: Beedrill (Tox; 23,) Scizor (Céris; 27,) Torterra (Kada; 22,) Victreebel (Suya; 14,) Sawsbuck (Serena; 9,) Crustle (Paruk; 11,) Combee (Baya; 4,) Joltik (Julia; 3).

Current Team Configuration


Species: Beedrill.

Nickname: Tox.

Trainer: Ethan Worth.

Appearance: Tox is similar in appearance to most other Beedrill, though he has a largish, red dot on each of his wings.

Personality: Tox is incredibly confident about his abilities following his evolution, and extremely brave now due to his new found abilities -- which probably isn't such a great thing, given the fact that he just evolved and isn't entirely used to his new body. Regardless, any confidence problems that Tox may have had in the past are no more, and he has found a new joy in battling that he had never felt before. As such, he is quick and eager to jump into any conflict that gets thrown at him.

Ability: Sniper.

Specialty: Tox has gained a great increase in speed and agility following his evolution, and appears to be enjoying the freedom of not being confined to a shell anymore. He tends to primarily dart about and then hit his opponent with a physical attack, or deter them and then hit them. In short, his main specialties are speed, physical and deterrent attacks.

Known Moves: Poison Jab, String Shot, Fury Cutter, Bug Bite, Harden, Agility.



Species: Scizor.

Nickname: Céris.

Trainer: Ethan Worth.

Appearance: Céris looks almost exactly like a normal Scizor; however, his left pincer has a notch in it, a scar carried over from when he was a Scyther.

Personality: Céris continues to be a battle-obsessed Pokémon -- he is always itching to fight , and is always on edge. He doesn't trust other trainers or Pokémon very easily, especially ones that tend to cause trouble, such as Suya. Céris is slightly more arrogant now than he was as a Scyther, due to the power boost following his evolution, though it is not a terribly noticeable difference. He is still very bold as well, standing up to any challenge that is asked of him.

Ability: Swarm.

Specialty: Due to his evolution, Céris has become quite a bit slower than he was as a Scyther, due to the extra weight from his armor. However, he is not daunted by this, as he enjoys the increased defenses and attack strength. As such, Céris is still exceptionally good when it comes to physical attacks, and has become a wall behind which his partners can hide behind when they need to.

Known Moves: Double Hit, Agility, Swords Dance, X-Scissor, Roost, Night Slash.



Species: Crustle.

Nickname: Paruk.

Trainer: Ethan Worth.

Appearance: Paruk looks like a normal Crustle, although his shell tends to have sharper edges.

Personality: Paruk is rather impish in nature, as he tends to play small pranks on those around him--especially his enemies. He has adapted quickly to life in Ethan's team, not particularly questioning his new position, though he has enjoyed the new opportunities to mess with people--especially his new trainer. Paruk is a bit cruel in battle; while not as overboard as Suya tends to be, he has become something of a bulldozer, doing everything in his power to end things as quickly as possible in an attempt to outshine his opponents. Results tend to vary.

Ability: Shell Armor.

Specialty: Paruk is primarily defense based, using his shell as a shield -- naturally. He also tends to try and catch his opponents off-guard, by digging underground and disguising himself as a rock; this strategy tends to work better in rocky areas, where he can splash sand into his opponent's face and then do the above. His evolution has also provided a significant boost to his offensive abilities.

Known Moves: Sand-Attack, Smack Down, Rock Wrecker, X-Scissor, Slash, Stealth Rock.





Species: Sawsbuck.

Nickname: Serena.

Trainer: Ethan Worth.

Appearance: Serena looks like a normal Sawsbuck in all of her forms.

Personality: Serena is very careful, much like a normal deer would be. She takes her time studying others before getting near them, so as to be better prepared in case they try to do anything to her. Generally, Serena is kind and gentle, though a little icy around strangers. She has taken quite a liking to Ethan since joining his team, and feels fully at home amongst her fellow Grass-Types; as such she is extremely loyal to him and would lay down her life if his became threatened.

Ability: Serene Grace.

Specialty: With her evolution, Serena's speed and attack power have increased tremendously. Her defenses are no longer as fragile as they once were, though she still finds it difficult to take too many hits without fainting. Her support attacks are more developed, allowing her to utilize them more effectively than she could before.

Known Moves: Nature Power, Aromatherapy, Jump Kick, Horn Leech, Grass Whistle (Egg Move), Megahorn.



Species: Torterra.

Nickname: Kada.

Trainer: Ethan Worth.

Appearance: The tree on Kada's back has small, blue flowers sprouting from it and his eyes are dark green.

Personality: Kada has become an incredibly devoted member of Ethan's team, extremely determined to carry out tasks and ensure that his trainer defeats whatever is thrown his way. Though his body has slowed down, his mind has not, and Kada thus possesses a sharp mind in battle and out. Incredibly friendly and generally jolly, Kada finds it easy to make friends, and further acts as the core parental unit among Ethan's team.

Ability: Overgrow.

Specialty: Kada's evolution has provided him with immense strength that he can take advantage of through physical attacks. The strengthening of his shell has also provided him with incredibly sturdy defenses, such that he can survive most attacks directed at him. However, his large size takes a large toll on his speed, and fire attacks are still capable of inflicting a great deal on damage on him--particularly when aimed at the foliage on his shell.

Known Moves: Leaf Storm, Earthquake, Wood Hammer, Body Slam (Egg Move,) Synthesis, Mega Drain.



Species: Victreebel.

Nickname: Suya.

Trainer: Ethan Worth.

Appearance: Suya looks like a typical Victreebel, albeit with much larger arm-leaves.

Personality: Suya's most defining trait is his ferocity and meanness. The closest in-game word to describe his personality would likely be sassy. Suya has an incredibly difficult time respecting authority, routinely ignoring commands from Ethan and even attacking his trainer on occasion, as well as his own teammates. His evolution into a Victreebel has only added a degree of control to the vicious berserker, in some ways lessening the danger he poses, and in other ways heightening it.

Ability: Chlorophyll.

Specialty: Suya's main focus is on attacking, both in the physical and the special sense. His high power along with his near-perpetual rage create an incredibly dangerous foe in combat, mitigated somewhat by his relative lack of speed. Due in part to his two evolutions, as well as his sheer dislike of Ethan, Suya also bears respectable defenses, allowing him to somewhat shrug off certain Fire attacks.

Known Moves: Power Whip, Frustration, Stun Spore, Poison Powder, Gastro Acid, Venoshock.


--Gavin Braner

Username: Parugi

Name: Gavin Braner.

Faction: Team Rocket.

Hometown: Lavender Town.

Age: 23.

Appearance: Here. A Rocket Agent with long, auburn colored hair, spiked up and to his left side, as well as bright green eyes. Gavin is 5'9", and has fairly soft features--surprising, considering his personality. He tends to wear a red jacket over a black shirt, dark blue jeans, and black shoes.

Personality: Gavin is, quite frankly, a rather rude and brash individual. He is quick to make his opinion known to others, regardless of whether it will be well received, and in turn, brushes off insults and retorts aimed at himself. Behind his rough exterior, however, are hints of a friendlier person, which are most obvious when one observes his attitude towards his Pokémon. All in all, if he considers you a friend, he will go out of his way to help you, even if he throws an insult or two at you in the process.

Background: Gavin lived a gloomy life growing up--inevitable, considering where he came from. He spent most of his time skipping school, and instead chose to battle and vandalize. His actions eventually got him into big legal trouble, when he helped to ravage a small cemetery; because of that, he was sent to assist Team Rocket in their war against Team Liberty. As such, he does not harbor an intense loyalty to them, and on many occasions has chosen to ignore orders and go off on his own. He caught his Duskull during a training mission to Lavender Town, and acquired his Staryu prior to joining Team Rocket.


Gavin was involved in the Battle of Four Island, though only played a small part there. His biggest missions have occurred more recently, beginning primarily with his travels across Kanto with Zach Hikari and Kyle Eston, where they encountered Black. Later, Gavin returned home to confront his father, revealing his younger sister's death years earlier as the cause of many of his behavior and attitude problems. Eventually, he set out to fight other sources of injustice, leading him to a virtual horror scene in Saffron: two deranged Hypno that had taken to kidnapping, killing, and eating children, which Gavin was forced to kill. Finally, he participated in an extradimensional struggle with several other Rocket agents against a strange group of creatures controlled by Pryce--who was, in turn, being controlled by a silvery pool of some sort. Gavin promised silence toward the incident, and later agreed to help Ethan Worth begin seeking a peace between Teams Liberty and Rocket.

Equipment: N/A.

Pokémon: Starmie (Ithes; 25,) Dusknoir (Dothe; 23,) Drapion (Irest; 21,) Jellicent (Sivik; 9,) Alakazam (Talsim; 17,) Claydol (Evris; 8,) Mightyena (Kora; 7,) Seedot (Cain; 6,) Mandibuzz (Vel; 10), Pancham (Paris; 1).

Current Team Configuration


Species: Drapion.

Nickname: Irest.

Trainer: Gavin Braner.

Appearance: Irest has slightly larger pincers on his hands.

Personality: Ever since Gavin received Irest, he has been trying to prove himself to Dothe, Ithes and his trainer. Since his evolution, Irest has become much more confident in his abilities, and is proud of the circumstances surrounding his evolution. Still, he remains somewhat lonely, as he is still the only Pokémon on Gavin's team that was not actually caught by Gavin. Irest has kept some of his lazy worker tendencies, such as sleeping much of the time, though since his evolution he has become more active and more willing to battle.

Ability: Sniper.

Specialty: Irest's main specialty is still in physical attacks; however, his evolution into a larger Pokémon has slightly decreased his speed. Still, his size gives him an edge over smaller, weaker-minded opponents, intimidating many of them with ease.

Known Moves: Bite, Poison Fang, Pin Missile, Claw Sharpen, Acupressure, Cross Poison.



Species: Starmie.

Nickname: Ithes.

Trainer: Gavin Braner.

Appearance: Ithes looks exactly like a regular Starmie, though the gold area around his gem is silver and his gem tends to shift color to depict his mood.

Personality: Ithes is extremely loyal to Gavin, much like he was as a Staryu, though he is much smarter now than he was before. His raised intelligence has allowed him to begin acting of his own accord, giving Gavin the freedom to direct his other Pokemon in battle instead of ordering Ithes around. However, he is still impossible to read, aside from guessing his mood via his core.

Ability: Natural Cure.

Specialty: Physical strikes. Because of his evolution, he has also become sufficiently intelligent so as to act of his own accord in battle, if Gavin so wishes, allowing Gavin to focus on other opponents. He tends to combine this with his past experiences in battle, allowing him to form his own strategies without the need to be ordered around.

Known Moves: Hydro Pump, Rapid Spin, Recover, Camouflage, Bubble Beam, Power Gem.



Species: Claydol.

Nickname: Evris.

Trainer: Gavin Braner.

Appearance: Evris looks like virtually any other Claydol.

Personality: Evris is possibly Gavin's most alien Pokémon. Extremely mild-mannered, Evris displays virtually zero personality, never socializing with others, never speaking to other Pokémon, never interacting much with the environment. It seems as if it is simply there, with its only defining feature being its swiftness if listening to commands from Gavin. Not even its evolution appeared to change much in terms of Evris's temperament.

Ability: Levitate.

Specialty: Evris is, like other Claydol, particularly skilled with Special Attack and Defense. Using its psychic abilities, it is also capable of becoming extremely fast and difficult to hit, though this requires careful planning and time. With his evolution, Evris has grown more power with its Special Attacks and much sturdier in terms of defenses, if a bit slower overall.

Known Moves: Earth Power, Rapid Spin, Ancient Power, Psychic, Teleport, Power Trick. 



Species: Dusknoir.

Nickname: Dothe.

Trainer: Gavin Braner.

Appearance: Same as a typical Dusknoir, though his eye is blue.

Personality: Dothe's final evolution has brought forth a far braver side of his personality than has been seen in the past. He will not stand down against a foe, and will fight loyaly and honorably to the end no matter what condition he is in. With greater power on his side, he has taken more initiative in fighting face to face, though still possesses a number of tricks that he will resort to if he needs to. Whle he still enjoys a good prank, he has toned down his joking nature considerably.

Ability: Pressure.

Specialty: Physical attacks and defenses, with a respectable prowess in mind attacks. Specializing primarily in punching, Dothe still uses a number of surprise attacks in battle, depending on how things are going.

Known Moves: Night Shade, Thunder Punch, Confuse Ray, Ice Punch, Will-o-Wisp, Shadow Punch.



Species: Mandibuzz.

Nickname: Vel.

Trainer: Gavin Braner.

Appearance: Standard Mandibuzz.

Personality: Vel is, for the most part, a calm Pokémon--unless she is injured or otherwise severely stressed, she is capable of maintaining an impressive cool about herself in the face of troubling circumstances. Noticeably patient and clever, her general personality is one of technician versus performance--she prefers to wait out problems and use situations to her advantage, as opposed to getting directly involved and attempting to speed up the process of whatever is occurring. Perhaps because of the circumstances of her evolution, Vel has become noticeably darker and more willing to utilize force, particularly to protect her teammates.

Ability: Overcoat.

Specialty: Vel's specialties lie in her defensive abilities. Those, coupled with her support capabilities and fairly impressive speed, generally allow her to outlast her opponents, causing them to wear themselves down with minimal effort on Vel's part. When she gets angry, she is also fully capable of putting all of her power behind an attack, to devastating effect.

Known Moves: Flatter, Defog, Tailwind, Foul Play (EM), Air Slash, Mirror Move.



Species: Alakazam.

Nickname: Talsim.

Trainer: Gavin Braner.

Appearance: A normal looking Alakazam, characterized by his scarlet aura.

Personality: Talsim's final evolution has greatly enhanced his mental capabilities, pushing them even further than they were before. Retaining his calm demeanor, Talsim continues to perfect his tactical abilities, acting as an assistant in directing Gavin's other Pokémon and--when needed--demonstrating his own battle prowess. His psychic powers grant Talsim a certain degree of omniscience in regards to what is occurring in a certain range around him.

Ability: Magic Guard.

Specialty: Talsim's greatest strengths lie in Special Attacks, as well as in Speed--two assets that are greatly enhanced, in turn, by his shockingly accurate and well-controlled Teleport attack. Though still lacking in physical attacks and defense, Talsim more than makes up for it in his proficiency with his other skills.

Known Moves: Teleport, Psychic, Thunder Wave, Recover, Disable, Psybeam.

Edited by Parugi

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I'm gonna try and help activity along a little bit, but I'm not quite certain what's wanted of us right now, and I'm also tyring to hold off until I get a chance to track down my profiles for the hundredth time. =P

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Short answer, we're waiting on Det.

(... No rush. :P)



Good luck with those profiles--I noticed you never posted them in my blog, either. xp If you can't find them, though, feel free to rewrite them, moves and all.

Edited by Parugi

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Oh, I'll be able to find bits and pieces of them; it's just that I had always figured we'd keep the Wiki up to date instead... And then stopped updating that as well. =P Hopefully this'll fix that problem. xD

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  • 2 weeks later...

Just popping in here to say that I apologize profusely for the lack of activity, but I shall have you all know that I am currently typing up a MONSTER of a post, with which the fight will draw to a close. As a side issue, my laptop will be heading into the shop for repairs, as a result of a D key that hardly works. But I should be able to have it up fairly soon, depending on how things go. So, don't fret too much ^-^"








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The Sins


--Decaia Holts/Sloth

Username: Parugi.
Name: Decaia Holts/"Sloth."
Faction: N/A.
Hometown: Lavaridge Town, Hoenn.
Age: 18.
Appearance: Here.
Pokémon: Snorlax, Slaking, Slowbro, Hypno, Gogoat, Musharna.

-Snorlax (Thick Fat): Rest, Sleep Talk, Yawn, Belly Drum, Giga Impact, Heavy Slam.

-Slaking (Truant): Slack Off, Yawn, Hammer Arm, Frustration (TM,) Earthquake (TM,) Night Slash (TM,)

-Slowbro (Own Tempo): Yawn, Slack Off, Psychic, Calm Mind (TM,) Trick Room (TM,) Scald (TM.)

-Hypno (Insomnia): Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Nightmare, Future Sight, Drain Punch (MT,) Thunder Wave (TM.)

-Gogoat (Grass Pelt): Synthesis, Leaf Blade, Earthquake, Bulk Up, Take Down, Wild Charge (TM.)

-Musharna (Forewarn): Hypnosis, Psychic, Nightmare, Dream Eater, Imprison, Protect


--Vidinia LeJauso/Envy

Username: Parugi.

Name: Vidinia LeJauso/"Envy."
Faction: N/A.
Hometown: Oreburgh City, Sinnoh.
Age: 19.
Appearance: Here.
Personality: Soft-spoken and (seemingly) friendly, Envy's mannerisms barely conceal her true nature. She is more than willing to use the desires of those around her to manipulate them to their whims, all the while maintaining a presence of kind solemnity. Typically stoic, Envy does her best to hide her true feelings, and seems to resent those who are gifted with traits greater than her own.
Background: A former beggar, cast to the streets when her family lost their home, Vidinia was inadvertently corrupted by the Ancient Darkrai during their conquest of Sinnoh, later found by Nine and brought to a side-dimension in which she could be safely studied. After the Ancients' defeats, however, Vidinia awoke from her trance with the others, taking on the name "Envy," and joining the others in forcing their way out of Nine's prison. She was drawn to Mars' jealousy of Saturn and emerged in Team Galactic's headquarters, where Envy proceeded to manipulate the former for her own purposes.
Pokémon: Hydreigon,Exeggutor, Zoroark, ???, ???, ???

-Hydreigon (Levitate): Focus Energy, Tri Attack, Dragon Pulse, Reflect, Frustration (TM,) Flamethrower (TM.)

-Exeggutor (Chlorophyll): Seed Bomb, Egg Bomb, Wood Hammer, Psyshock, Double Team (TM,) Sunny Day (TM.)

-Zoroark (Illusion): Night Daze, Foul Play, Covet (MT,) Snatch (EM,) Thief (TM,) Frustration (TM.)


--Raimundo Rojo/Wrath


--Melanie Garven/Libena Liron/Lust

Username: Detranix/Parugi

Name: Melanie “Lust” Garven
Faction: Sins
Hometown: Fortree City
Age: 19
Appearance: Here. Lust is a beautiful young woman, standing about 5’6”, her light brown hair reaching far past her shoulders, with her green eyes shining brightly, standing out from her fairly pale skin. Her figure is slender and agile, though with some muscle from exercise to maintain her figure. Her clothing consists of white shorts, along with a light blue T-shirt. Lust also wears white sneakers, and features multiple different wristbands upon her arms.
Personality: Lust is a fairly manipulative woman, using both her words and her appearance to try to goad anyone that she can into giving her what she wants. Lust, is much more reserved than her sister, however, she can be just as dangerous.
Pokémon: Lopunny, Milotic, Zoroark, ???, ???, ???

-Lopunny (Limber): Dizzy Punch, Bounce, Jump Kick, Fire Punch (Egg Move), Ice Punch (Egg Move), Thunder Punch (Egg Move)

-Milotic (Marvel Scale): Dragon Pulse (Egg Move), Iron Tail (Egg Move), Water Pulse, Hydro Pump, Aqua Ring, Rain Dance

-Zoroark (Illusion): Night Daze, Dark Pulse (Egg Move), Detect (Egg Move), Nasty Plot, Night Slash, Foul Play


--Melissa Garven/Alodia Liron/Greed

Username: Detranix/Parugi

Name: Melissa “Greed” Garven
Faction: Sins
Hometown: Fortree City
Age: 19
Appearance: Here. Greed is a fairly attractive young woman, standing about 5’6”, dark brown hair reaching far past her shoulders, her blue eyes emitting a strange dark glow from her light skin. Her figure is slender and agile, though with some muscle from much exercise to maintain her figure. She typically wears dark blue shorts, alongside a black T-shirt with a dark red sweater over top. Rings line nearly all of her fingers, in addition to the two necklaces she wears. Greed finishes off her appearance with a pair of high quality shoes.
Personality: Greed, much like her name implies, is a very greedy person, more than willing to do whatever it takes to get whatever it is that she needs. Seeing everyone else less as allies, and more as tools to get what she wants, Greed would just as easily sell out her sister as she would accept a gift. Still, she stays by her sister, the two of them being able to use each of their skills to get what they both want.
Pokémon: Ninjask, Eelektross, ???, ???, ???, ???

-Ninjask (Speed Boost): X-Scissor, Fury Cutter, Double Team, Swords Dance, Faint Attack (Egg Move), Night Slash (Egg Move)

-Eelektross (Levitate): Crush Claw, Discharge, Gastro Acid, Thrash, Thunder Bolt, Wild Charge


--Albero DeLargo/Gluttony


--Gelar Stolz/Pride

Username: Parugi.

Name: Gelar Princeton/"Pride."

Faction: N/A.
Hometown: Mossdeep City, Hoenn.

Age: 17.
Appearance: Here.


Pokémon: Rapidash, ???

-Rapidash (Flame Body): Megahorn, Flare Blitz, Agility, Tail Whip, Hypnosis (EM,) Charm (EM.)

Edited by Parugi

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Dumping my profiles here....


Username: JiMing

Name: Aspen Seaton

Faction: Team Liberty

Hometown: Olivine City, Johto

Age: 14

Appearance: Aspen has black messy hair that tends to stand up at the front most of the time. He has hazel brown eyes that represents his desire to help out, and stands at approximately 5'8. He wears a white baseball cap most of the time, has a silvery-gray jacket that he typically wears over an alternating red and blue striped t-shirt, has dark navy blue jeans, and wears a striped red and white pair of sports running shoes. Despite this, he is not that athletic at all. Sprite.

Personality: When you first see Aspen, he will be wary around strangers and new situations, hanging back to observe, unless he's forced to react. When he gets comfortable, however, he becomes a calm, polite person who is sensitive to the issues of others. At times, he may try the occasional sarcastic joke, to either lighten the mood or point out a certain situation. He especially loves Pokemon. When excited, Aspen will become reduced to giggling like a 5-year old and hopping up and down. In battle, Aspen becomes serious and completely focused on the battle, with almost nothing being able to divert his attention. He also has the tendency to freak out and overreact in highly stressful situations, which is why he tries to keep his emotions as level as possible.

Background: His mother owns a flower shop, and his father is a sailor who works in the ports. He has two older siblings, a 16-year old sister named Dahlia, and an 18-year old sister named Olivia. As he grew up, two things became apparent to him; that he loved Pokemon and despised Team Rocket. This put him at odds with his sister who admired Team Rocket, with their powerful grip over the regions. They frequently butted heads over the matter, the turning point being when his sister left to join Team Rocket. After that, Aspen became moody and refused to talk to anyone for a while, worrying his family a lot. After a while though, he decided that enough was enough, and joined Team Liberty in order to make his stance clear. Though he still stays at his mother's flower shop, he wants the chance to prove himself, especially to his sister Olivia.


Species: Quilava

Nickname: Flare

Trainer: Aspen Seaton

Appearance: Ears are slightly larger than that of a normal Quilava.

Personality: Loyal and brave, Flare will always obey Aspen and stick with him no matter what. He is also a caring Pokemon, and like his trainer, will help both Pokemon and people alike. In battle, Flare is determined and will not stop fighting until he truly cant.

Ability: Blaze

Specialty: Flare is better at physical attakcs than at special attacks. He also likes to use SmokeScreen in battle to disorient his opponents

Known Moves: SmokeScreen, Flame Wheel, Flame Charge, Flamethrower, Quick Attack, Defense Curl


Nickname: Meadow

Species: Roselia:

Trainer: Aspen Seaton

Appearance: The flowers on her arms are a slightly darker shade of red and blue respectively.

Personality: Meadow is an extremely vain Pokemon, very proud of her appearance and grace. However, she never means harm to any other being. She seems to stick to Aspen most of the time. Even in battle, Meadow will never pass up on the opportunity to flaunt her beauty and gracefulness.

Ability: Poison Point

Specialty: Meadow is excellent at Special Moves. She also uses Stun Spore and Leech Seed to her advantage.

Known Moves: Stun Spore, Leech Seed, Magical Leaf, GrassWhistle, Giga Drain, Toxic Spikes


Nickname: Torrent

Species: Buizel

Trainer: Aspen Seaton

Appearance: Torrent has slightly smaller fins than that of other Buizels.

Personality: Torrent is highly arrogant and proud of his power, though he still remains 100% loyal to Aspen. He loves to battle, and does so with ferocity. He never forgets any of his losses, and will do everything in his power to win the next time.

Ability: Swift Swim

Specialty: Torrent has a very high Speed.

Known Moves: SonicBoom, Water Gun, Aqua Jet, Aqua Tail, Aqua Ring (EGG), Swift


Species: Braviary

Nickname: Jet

Trainer: Aspen Seaton

Appearance: No different from a normal Braviary.

Personality: Brash and always itching for a fight, Jet is very arrogant. However, he holds deep respect for Aspen and will follow his commands no matter what.

Ability: Defiant

Specialty: Has extremely strong attack, but rather low defenses.

Known Moves: Aerial Ace, Tailwind, Crush Claw, Superpower, Sky Drop, U-Turn (TM move)

Species: Lucario
Nickname: Aria
Trainer: Aspen Seaton (formerly Alistair Hakuda)
Appearance: Same as normal Lucario.
Personality: Aria is quite like the standard warrior, brave and relentless in battles. However, outside of battles, she is rather antisocial, wary of others, particularly Aspen. However, Aria trusts Alistair's intentions, and remains loyal to Aspen nonetheless.
Ability: Steadfast
Specialty: Is equally proficient at both physical and special attacks, at the expense of being slightly less bulky than other Pokemon.
Known Moves: ExtremeSpeed, Aura Sphere, Psychic (TM move), Close Combat, Swords Dance, Dragon Pulse



Username: JiMing

Name: Olivia Seaton

Faction: Team Rocket

Hometown: Olivine City, Johto

Age: 18

Appearance: Olivia has red hair that she keeps back in a ponytail. Her eyes are fiery green, and appear to be burning with intensity. She wears a red long sleeved shirt, and also wears white knee length shorts. She also wears a pair of black hiking boots. Sprite.

Personality: Olivia is a highly callous person, believing herself to be superior than many people. She can send almost anyone away with an intimidating glare. The only way to gain her respect is too be extremely powerful, though once she gets an impression, it's hard to her to change her opinion. In battle, Olivia is confident that she can crush any opponent before her, and so does not usually take most battles seriously. Olivia does not handle losses well, due to her very inflated ego. Like her brother, Olivia posses a sarcastic sense of humor. However, hers is cruel and specifically directed at others. Despite all this though, she may still have a heart...

Background: She, along with her two other siblings; Aspen and Dahlia, grew up with their mother, who owned a flower shop, and their father, a sailor. She was an odd child, as she wasn't interested in almost anything around her, and brushed off most people who tried to talk to her. Olivia spent most of her time thinking about Team Rocket, whose grip over the regions made her want to be a part of it. She also looked down on Team Liberty, whom she saw as pathetic ruffians. In contrast, her younger brother Aspen despised Team Rocket, and appreciated the fact Team Liberty was there to stand up to Team Rocket. This led to frequent quarreling between the two. One day, she felt sick of being around Aspen and the rest of her family, so she decided to join Team Rocket and leaft behind everyone she grew up with.


Species: Sneasel

Nickname: Shade

Trainer: Olivia Seaton

Appearance: The feathers on it's head and back are slightly larger than that of a normal Sneasel.Personality: Shade is vicious and cunning, like most members of his species. He will not hesitate to strike at any opponent. In battle, he is just as sneaky and cruel as he normally is.

Ability: Keen Eye

Specialty: Shade takes advantage of his high Speed to dart around the battlefield to strike quickly with Physical moves.

Known Moves: Agility, Metal Claw, Hone Claws, Icy Wind, Beat Up, Ice Punch(EGG)


Species: Gardevoir

Nickname: Amethyst

Appearance: The spike on her chest is slightly smaller than other Gardevoir.

Personality: Amethyst is completely loyal to Olivia. She will never hesitate to keep her owner safe, no matter what the cost. She will also alert Olivia of her opponent's emotions during battle, so that she can see if they're bluffing.

Ability: Synchronize

Specialty: Like most members of her species, Kirlia excels at Special Attacks. She will also use Calm Mind to further her power in battle.

Known Moves: Psychic, Teleport, Magical Leaf, Will-O-Wisp (TM move), Hypnosis, Dream Eater


Species: Croagunk

Nickname: Toxin

Appearance: Like that of a normal Croagunk.

Personality: Toxin doesn't display much emotion, most of the time, he just obeys Olivia's orders or defends himself from attack.

Ability: Anticipation

Specialty: Toxin has better Defense than most of his species.

Known Moves: Revenge, Mud Bomb, Venoshock, Sucker Punch, Poison Jab, Drain Punch(EGG Move)


Species: Vibrava

Nickname: Dune

Trainer: Olivia Seaton

Appearance: Tail wings are slightly larger than normal.

Personality: Entergetic and excitable, Dune is always itching for a fight. Though he obeys Olivia's commands, he is actually quite friendly and sociable.

Ability: Levitate

Specialty: Dune's speed is his strength, like other Vibrava.

Known Moves: SonicBoom, Sand Tomb, Bulldoze, Faint Attack, DragonBreath, Rock Slide



Username: JiMing



Name: Dahlia Seaton

Faction: Neutral

Hometown: Olivine City, JohtoAge: 16

Appearance: Dahlia has brown hair and sky blue eyes. She wears a white longsleeved shirt and blue jeans. She also wears a pair of brown boat shoes. Sprite.

Personality: Dahlia is an extremely sweet person, always kind and looking out for others. She especially caring towards her brother Aspen. At times, she may act a bit ditzy. Though she seems like a relatively simple person, she sometimes display an intellect one would not attach to someone her age. Though she is reluctant to engage in Pokemon battles most of the time, she will if the situation calls for it.

Background: Her mother owns a flower shop and her father is a sailor who works in the port. She is the middle sibling among Aspen; who is the youngest, and Dahlia; who is the oldest. She grew up among flowers, and as such, she adores them. She plans to continue running her mother's flower shop in the future. Whenever Aspen and Olivia would fight, Dahlia would try to to be a mediator, though with mostly middling success. When Olivia left the family, she attempted to reach out to Aspen, though she had little to no success as well. After Aspen joined Team Liberty, Dahlia felt worried about what could happen if he ran into Olivia again, though she felt happy for him finally being happy again. She doesn't want to take any side in the war, unlike her two siblings, because she thinks however the war plays out, she shouldn't be a part of it.


Species: Bellossom

Nickname: Laurel

Appearance: The flowers on the top of her head are a brighter color than most members of her species.

Personality: Laurel is a happy and jolly being. She loves to make people around her happy, as well as dancing. Dahlia is her best friend in the world, and Laurel trusts her completely. Like her trainer, she tries not to be involved in battles, but when the situation calls for it, she will do so.

Ability: Chlorophyll

Specialty: Despite her frail appearance, she has excellent Defense. She also uses Sunny Day in battle so she can use Synthesis in battle to restore her health, and to increase her Speed, due to her Ability.

Known Moves: Leaf Blade, Stun Spore, Sunny Day, Magical Leaf, Leaf Storm, Synthesis(EGG Move)


Species: Surskit

Nickname: Gerri

Appearance: Like that of a normal Surskit.

Personality: Gerri is very shy, and doesn't usually want to be seen. The only person she truly with is Dahlia. When she fights, she becomes a completely different Pokemon, and will fight ferociously.

Ability: Swift Swim

Specialty: Gerri has amazing Speed, only enhanced further with in rain with her Ability.

Known Moves: Quick Attack, Bubblebeam, Haze, Hydro Pump(EGG Move), Mud Shot(EGG Move), Signal Beam(EGG Move)


Species: Buneary

Nickname: Coco

Appearance: The fluff on top of her ears are puffier than other Buneary.

Personality: Coco is a happy-go-lucky Pokemon who only wants to have fun. She loves to play with people or other Pokemon. Battles for her a simply another game to play. If something serious happens though, she knows to hold back her bubbly personality.

Ability: Klutz

Specialty: She is a very agile Pokemon, and is rather adept at Physical Moves as well.

Known Moves: Quick Attack, Jump Kick, Agility, Bounce, Ice Punch(EGG Move), Thunder Puch(EGG Move)


Species: Dragonair

Nickname: Dracos
Trainer: Dahlia Seaton

Appearance: No different from other Dragonair.

Personality: Despite once being Alistair's Pokemon, Dracos is at peace with being left with Dahlia. This is due to them bonding over their time while she was kidnapped, and they hold no animosity towards each other. With other people or Pokemon, Dracos is quiet and observant, judging their character. In battle, he can either be graceful and quick, or brutally savage.

Ability: Shed Skin

Specialty: Quicker than most members of it's species.

Known Moves: ExtremeSpeed, Dragon Rush, Thunderbolt (TM move), Outrage, Safeguard, Dragon Dance


Username: JiMing
Name: Ruth Fishers
Faction: N/A
Hometown: Originally Couriway Town, now Sandgem Town.
Age: 15
Appearance: Has amber hair and blue eyes. Ruth's standard wear consists of a black tank top, white shorts, and white sneakers with red highlights, all of which fit her lean, athletic frame. She usually keeps her hair back in a ponytail, and wears a baseball cap with a blue Pokeball symbol on it.
Personality: Ruth is highly outgoing, able to throw herself into any situation if need be. She is also quite friendly and can pick up friends fairly easily. Despite this, she does not go looking for new friends constantly and can be analytical if she wants to, especially in a Pokemon battle. In contrast with her friendly personality, Ruth also possesses a sarcastic sense of humor that may or not be friendly depending on the circumstances, as well as an explosive temper which shows in situations like when getting teased enough. Ruth is also a decent strategist in Pokemon battles.
Background: During her childhood, Ruth grew up in Couriway Town with two loving parents that provided a quiet life. However, when she started hearing stories about Pokemon trainers roaming the region on great adventures, Ruth was hooked, and begged her parents to be allowed to venture out on her own. Believing this to be just a phase, her parents complied and provided her with Pokeballs and other items to set out. During that time, she set up a strong team of an Aegislash, Hawlucha, and Klefki, though she was called back by her parents to come back, as they were moving to Sinnoh. Undaunted, she immediately asked to explore the region when she arrived. Her parents, surprised at her affinity for Pokemon training and battles, allowed her to do so.

Species: Aegislash
Nickname: Caliburn
Trainer: Ruth Fishers
Appearance: Like that of a normal Aegislash.
Personality: Caliburn is fiercely loyal to Ruth, and will do anything to protect her and those she cares about. He is about as chivalrous as an animate sword can get.
Ability: Stance Change
Speacialty: Can either be a strong attacker or wall, depending on stance forme.
Known Moves: Swords Dance, Night Slash, Aerial Ace, Sacred Sword, Iron Defense, King's Shield

Species: Hawlucha
Nickname: Fuerte
Trainer: Ruth Fishers

Appearance: Feathers on head are larger than others of his species.
Personality: Brash and arrogant, Fuerte never passes up an opportunity to show off. However, this masks an inferiority complex due to it's diminutive stature. Fuerte also holds a great amount of respect for Ruth.
Ability: Mold Breaker
Specialty: Is very nimble during battle.
Known Moves: Roost, Flying Press, Detect, Aerial Ace, Hi Jump Kick, Hone Claws

Species: Klefki
Nickname: Locke
Trainer: Ruth Fishers
Appearance: No different than other of her species.
Personality: Mischevious and taunting, Locke takes pleasure in messing with others. However, a stern warning from Ruth is enough to bring her back, and she is still good natured.
Ability: Prankster
Specialty: Has great defense for it's stature.
Known Moves: Draining Kiss, Play Rough, Crafty Shield, Mirror Shot, Iron Defense (EGG), Spikes

Edited by JiMing

Haven't seen one of these in a long time...



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First post updated. ^_^


Also, just to reiterate what I said in the RPG topic moments ago: The time skip will occur on Monday, June 17th. Feel free to use the time between now and then to do as you wish--wind down, train a bit more, etc. I would prefer it if most characters were in a fairly inactive state by the 17th, though, so that we don't have to do a bunch of Past ICs to finish up whatever they were doing.


(On another note--for those wondering about those mysterious sprites, recent Pokémon news should tip you off to something if you take another look at the teaser links...)

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~ Rise of the Rockets (I II)/Discussion Topic/Side Stories ~


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So, with the end of an arc coming, I figure it is a good time to join this RPG. Just two questions:


  1. Can someone summarize the past two arcs for a new player?
  2. So, I can start with one base stage Pokemon and one middle stage. Would Weavile count as middle or final stage?

I used to have a banner here.

But that RPG is dead.

What now?

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'ello, Canis. Glad to see you're interested in joining--especially as this new arc will prove to be very interesting.


1. This is a bit difficult to provide, as we've had a lot of smaller arcs that have all woven together to create the main story, without ever actually having a year-to-year system like, say, the BZPRPG. Some of the arcs that would be relevant for a a new player to know, however, would be:


--The Ancient Darkrai Arc: Ten Darkrai--nine of whom were imprisoned up until the events of the RPG--were granted power over Time and Space in the way, way distant past. Upon their release they ended up covering Sinnoh and Hoenn in darkness, putting anyone caught in the act into an endless slumber to be used as a power source. They were mainly opposed by Seth Vicens, Evan Tierra, and Kilm Prizak, the chosen avatars of the Sinnoh Dragon Trio, and just two days ago were finally defeated by the combined might of the heroes, various TL and TR agents and Legendary Pokémon, and two of the Darkrai themselves--Nine, who had left the group before their original imprisonment, and Five, who was convinced by Nine to follow in his steps. This is, obviously, the arc that just ended, and much of the time skip will involved rebuilding after the destruction caused by them.


--John Ford/The Hojohsin League: John Ford originally started out as a, frankly, random antagonist that I decided to throw in, but at this point has transformed into one of the bigger threats in the RPG. Essentially a terrorist, he claims to seek the end of the TR/TL war, and in doing so has performed a number of horrible acts--most notably destroying much of Castelia City, commissioning the creation of a second Mewtwo, and establishing a new puppet government in Hoenn after TL drove out TR's presence there. Ford has four apprentices at his disposal: James Pierce, president of the aforementioned puppet government; Maddison Hayes, who performed the bombing in Castelia, and is currently comatose; Quincy Adams, who has more or less become the new Mewtwo's handler; and Tyler McKinley, who appears to have an otherworldly presence. The Darkrai Nine also works with Ford.


As part of his plans, Ford has also brought together the other, smaller antagonistic groups to create a unified faction, which he calls the Hojohsin League. Despite his promises of power to them, Ford truly intends to cut down the individual factions' leaders and absorb their assets for himself, supposedly to combat a greater threat beyond what has been seen so far. His most recent plans can be viewed in this post.


--Unova: In RotR, Unova's government is headed by none other than the reformed Team Plasma. Due to their views regarding Pokémon equality, Team Plasma has taken no side in the TR/TL war, instead opting to let them deal with their own problems. They are not particularly welcoming toward foreigners, due to the both Castelia attack and other, massive damage that was done to the region's south-eastern area by Zach Hikari, Seth Vicens, and Evan Tierra, which itself was caused via a plot driven by Zach's father, though the region is still accessible.


--Extradimensional Stuff: There has been a recurring theme throughout RotR where major events have something to do with extra-dimensional disturbance, such as the Ancient Darkrais' actions distorting Sinnoh and a group of Rocket agents plus civilians ending up in a pocket dimension where they were attacked by a mysterious blob-like creature. While I cannot give any specific pointers or story info here, it'd be best to keep it in mind.


--Developments in the TR/TL War itself: Obviously, the most important information, as this is the main plot of the RPG. At this point, we've had a number of changers occur on the war front:

  • TL's leader Bluefalcon was killed during the first attack on Four Island; she was replaced by Silvermind.
  • TR's Shadow Admins Ace and Buzz have both been killed--the former after being ousted from Hoenn; the latter during an attack on an enemy faction called Soil Colossus, Inc.
  • TR's Shadow Admin Bounty has seceded from TR's main force, allying himself with TL along with the rest of the TR Separatists. Sleight and Joker remain the only Shadow Admins left.
  • TR controls Kanto, Johto, and the Orange Islands, as well as parts of Sinnoh; Hoenn has been lost and taken over by the Hojohsin League; Sinnoh was lost when Bounty seceded and is basically under TL control now that the Darkrai are gone.

So yeah. That's all the pertinent information I can think of off the top of my head. Other players may think of things to add on to this, so keep an eye on this topic. =)


2. Personally, I would count Weavile as a final-stage, though I wouldn't be terribly upset if you were to ask for another mid-stage and a base-stage Pokémon.



Hopefully that helps!

Edited by Parugi

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Parugi, could you make a Ho-Oh IC? That's all I really need to wind down Dack's group.


Also, one semi-major plot point you forgot to mention in your summary was the whole Silvermind/Manaphy arc, which ultimately resulted in Team Magma allying with Team Liberty. From what I can remember, shortly after Silvermind replaced Bluefalcon, she led a group of TL agents to TR's Hoenn base. After the Gym Leaders Koga, Sabrina and Lt. Surge turned on TL, revealing themselves to be double agents, Silvermind was captured and the rest of the TL strikeforce had to retreat. With the help of Soil Colossus, Inc. the strikeforce launched a second attack on the TR base, this time aiming to rescue Silvermind. But as soon as Soil Colossus got ahold of the Liberty leader, they vanished. This sent both Team Liberty and Team Rocket on a joint mission to Unova to capture a Manaphy. Whichever side got the Manaphy would then give it to Soil Colossus in exchange for Silvermind. But then Team Magma showed up and captured the Manaphy instead, redeeming it for Silvermind, then giving Silvermind back to Team Liberty and as they formed their alliance.


Anyway, I seriously meant to look at those sprites several weeks ago to try and find a pattern. Must have slipped my mind. The new one is 008, right? It looks like a very upright, possibly humanoid bird. It reminds me of Aquilamon, but I also think I see Braviary in there. Of course, there's no question what type it's supposed to represent. :)

Konuju: Kopaka and Nuju meet the Spear of Fusion


Quotes from throughout the years:


2001: "Your past is forgotten, and your future is an empty book. You must find your own destiny, my brave adventurer." --Nokama

2002: "Mata Nui faces perhaps its greatest challenge -- one that will test our courage, our strength, and our belief in each other." --Tahu

2003: "So... it has begun, my brother. But soon, it will also end..." --Makuta

2004: "Your journey must end." "By the will of the Great Spirit, it has just begun!" --Makuta and Vakama

2005: "Our destinies are not written in stone, set in place. They are something we have to find for ourselves." --Vakama

2006: "Don't you realize you're fighting for a lost cause?" "Maybe. But don't you realize those are the only ones worth fighting for?" --Axonn and Brutaka

2007: "Sometimes a hero has to do something else besides beat the villains and come home covered in glory." --Hahli

2008: "Dive into the darkness, Ignite the flame within. Now, there is no turning back. Make the future... begin." --Narrator, The Final Battle Animation

2009: "It is said that all endings are merely beginnings waiting to be born." --Mata Nui

2010: "All journeys must come to an end, but this time, there is a new beginning as well. ... All that has gone before, my friends, has only served to give birth to this new day. Let unity, duty and destiny be your guides." --Mata Nui

2011: "Not dead. Just frozen. They’ll thaw out … eventually. I’m tired of villains spouting gibberish." --Kopaka

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I shall edit one in immediately. =)


Ah, yes, the Manaphy arc. Somehow that slipped my mind. Might been the fact that I couldn't remember what all important points came out of it... XD Thanks, Konuju!


008 is the new one, yes; I ended up reassigning what I had originally had for that type to another one, as you could probably tell. :P And again, I wish you luck in your analysis of them as a whole.

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Alright then. Really, the purpose of the Weavile question was to find out if Pokemon who only have two form's final form count as final or middle.

Username: CanisName: Blake GrimpenFaction: Team MagmaHometown: Sunyshore, moved to MossdeepAge: 14Appearance: Blake is of medium height for a fourteen year old. He has spiky dirty blond hair, with one streak of pure brown near the front. His eyes are hazel colored. He typically wears jeans, a light blue tee shirt and a simple black jacket. He carries his Pokeballs on a belt.Personality: Very intelligent and smart, he is very curious and always wants to learn more. He is rather helpful, and looks out for people and always tries to help people. He is a kind, caring person.Background: Blake was born in Sunyshore during the rule of Team Rocket, but before Team Liberty started their rebellion. He grew up in Sunyshore for about five years, but then his parents decided to move him to Hoenn. He took with his his Pokemon.

While growing up in Mossdeep, he heard about the efforts of Team Magma to turn the region into a place of eternal drought. Later, he found out of their reforming and becoming a force of good, and, respecting this, joined them.Pokémon: Weavile, Turtwig and Arcanine

Species: WeavileNickname: AugustusTrainer: Blake GrimpenAppearance: A normal Weavile. As he is a male, he has longer ear feathers than the females.Personality: He is a trickster, and is somewhat mischievous.Ability: Pressure

Specialty: Augustus is a physical attacker, and goes in close.Known Moves: Ice Punch, Night Slash, Metal Claw, Brick Break, Ice Shard, Dark Pulse

Species: Grotle

Nickname: Brutus

Trainer: Blake Grimpen

Appearance: Brutus is a normal Grotle. His only distinguishing feature is that one of the bushes on his back is not whole.

Personality: Steady. He always stands his ground, and rarely gives up.

Ability: Overgrow

Specialty: Brutus normally stays in one place, and absorbs attacks.

Known Moves: Tackle, Mega Drain, Crunch, Withdraw, Razor Leaf

Species: Arcanine

Nickname: Julius

Trainer: Blake Grimpen

Appearance: Julius looks normal for an Arcanine, but he has many more black markings.

Personality: Extremely loyal to Blake. Julius cares a lot about his Trainer.

Ability: Flash Fire

Specialty: Julius is fast, and runs around, attacking with ranged attacks.

Known Moves: Fire Fang, Flame Burst, Thunder Fang, Extremespeed, Flamethrower

Species: Riolu

Nickname: Marcus

Trainer: Blake Grimpen

Appearance: A normal Riolu. There is nothing different about him

Personality: Quiet, silent, somewhat aloof. Very good tracker.

Ability: Inner Focus

Specialty: Close ranged attacks. He fights hard up close

Known Moves: Force Palm, Quick Attack, Foresight, Counter

Species: Shinx

Nickname: Antonius

Trainer: Blake Grimpen

Appearance: He is slightly bigger than a normal Shinx.

Personality: Happy, optimistic. Very nice.

Ability: Intimidate

Specialty: Long ranged attacks, doesn't get up close often

Known Moves: Charge, Spark, Leer, Bite

Now, I won't make any IC posts until after Monday.

Edited by Canis Lupus

I used to have a banner here.

But that RPG is dead.

What now?

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It really depends on what that second/final stage is, tbh. :P


As for your profile questions--Pressure would essentially just make the enemy Pokémon tire out more quickly or make more mistakes than usual. Hidden abilities are also allowed, as are six moves per Pokémon, since I see you only have four each. :)


Anyway, Blake Grimpen is approved, the front post is updated, and I have right here what should be the last teaser before the time skip--but don't quote me on that.


~6/15/13 Final(?) Teaser~

Edited by Parugi

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~ Rise of the Rockets (I II)/Discussion Topic/Side Stories ~


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Man, I wish I could've participated in the fight more, but I'm out of the country. =P However, it's good to see that the timeskip is happening soon, my two Rocket characters are just sitting at some base whoknowswhere.


That being said, I probably won't be super active again until about a week and a half, since I don't get home until then.

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Teaser: Three humans, two guys and a girl? This reminds me of those three villains in Digimon Season 5 that showed up in the second half and could turn into Digimon through some Bio-Hybrid Fusion something-or-other. Are the green, blue, and purple outlines significant?

Konuju: Kopaka and Nuju meet the Spear of Fusion


Quotes from throughout the years:


2001: "Your past is forgotten, and your future is an empty book. You must find your own destiny, my brave adventurer." --Nokama

2002: "Mata Nui faces perhaps its greatest challenge -- one that will test our courage, our strength, and our belief in each other." --Tahu

2003: "So... it has begun, my brother. But soon, it will also end..." --Makuta

2004: "Your journey must end." "By the will of the Great Spirit, it has just begun!" --Makuta and Vakama

2005: "Our destinies are not written in stone, set in place. They are something we have to find for ourselves." --Vakama

2006: "Don't you realize you're fighting for a lost cause?" "Maybe. But don't you realize those are the only ones worth fighting for?" --Axonn and Brutaka

2007: "Sometimes a hero has to do something else besides beat the villains and come home covered in glory." --Hahli

2008: "Dive into the darkness, Ignite the flame within. Now, there is no turning back. Make the future... begin." --Narrator, The Final Battle Animation

2009: "It is said that all endings are merely beginnings waiting to be born." --Mata Nui

2010: "All journeys must come to an end, but this time, there is a new beginning as well. ... All that has gone before, my friends, has only served to give birth to this new day. Let unity, duty and destiny be your guides." --Mata Nui

2011: "Not dead. Just frozen. They’ll thaw out … eventually. I’m tired of villains spouting gibberish." --Kopaka

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I'm gonna be honest--I never watched past the fourth season. But I do know what you're talking about... kind of. XP


As for the outlines--the answer is yes.



Anyway, here you guys go:

~Time Skip~

So yeah. If you've got any questions, throw 'em at me. Otherwise, the field is pretty much clear for plots now, so feel free to do stuff. :)

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~ Rise of the Rockets (I II)/Discussion Topic/Side Stories ~


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Old Profile
Username: Blade
Name: Zach "Grey" Hikari
Faction: Team Liberty
Hometown: Goldenrod City, Johto.
Age: 18 at start, now 19
Appearance: Zach has messy brown hair, sometimes obscured by a black and green cap he usually wears forward. He has grey eyes that has a hint of green in them. He usually wears a black t-shirt with a green stripe across his chest, and blue jeans. He has black and grey shoes. He is also approximately 5 11 or so. He also carries a blackish-grey backpack.

Recently, he has added a green jacket to his outfit, along with green fingerless gloves, and a void cube he wears around his neck, apparently something to keep safe. He's also swapped his shoes for a green and grey pair.
Personality: Zach is usually a more cheerful trainer; preferring the time he has to train. However, he is also somewhat wary of the fights, the fact that people have been killed during the conflicts, and just the fact that this war is still going on. When he thinks about that; he could suddenly stop fighting, but if he's in critical danger, he will remain thinking logical, and continue to fight; just with a little more hesitation. He's gotten better at that recently; partly because he hasn't been idle enough to actually see what any consequences of the war has brought in recent times, though he also seems to have channeled some sort of seriousness and 'will' into critical moments, like when the lives of friends or comrades are on the line.

Due to the incident in Unova, Zach has grown to be more serious in recent times. He is very hesitant to use his psychic powers, even when it means the difference in a fight; simply due to him being used as a puppet thanks to them back during the Black Tower fight. He's also grown more protective of his friends, partly because he feels guilty about putting everyone in danger before, and because of the recent disappearances...

Background: Zach was once just a normal trainer from Goldenrod City. However, the apparent death of his parents, brother, and his brother's girlfriend affected him rather heavily. He took up training more, and joined Team Liberty a few years later, in an attempt to stop the war. However, in the process of his training, he discovered that his brother, Ryan Hikari, was in fact still alive; and was working for the Rockets at that time, pitting them constantly against each other.

Later on, during Zach's missions, he both discovered that not all Rockets were truly evil, and that Ryan, now going by the codename 'Black', was still after him, but had joined up with another group instead, which was responsible for Cerulean's partial destruction, and some deaths. Intent on stopping him, Zach completed his mission and got back to the Alamo with his Team Liberty friends; only to find out that Black had traveled to Unova in the time between their meeting and Zach's return, and Black was now taunting him. Zach and a few others traveled to Unova in order to stop him before he could cause any more destruction.

When they got to Unova, the group tried to blend in, which didn't exactly work as well as they'd planned, since Professor Juniper noticed Zach's Pokedex, and invited him to challenge the Pokemon League. The Gym Leaders then told him that he was a 'chosen trainer', and that he had powers he was not aware he had; specifically psychic powers. They also told him he was the one to save or destroy Unova. Heading forward, Zach was attacked by a Hyper Beam from Ryan's Tyranitar and seemingly killed, however, he was saved by quick thinking by Burgh, and laid low for a while to try and train, and get the jump on Black the next possible time. Of course, the training wasn't for long, as Castelia was destroyed soon after, however, the element of surprise worked, as Black was shocked by Zach's return with a new look.

After Black ran away, and the group temporarily split up, Zach continued forth, gathering the badges from the remaining gyms, and even partaking in a tournament that involved some of the gym leaders, also gaining a mysterious object from Elesa. As Zach was approaching where Dragonspiral Tower was, though, the group reunited. Zach had suspicions about the identity of one of the group's members by that point, but had no time to think of it, as they chased Black up the tower.

After a brief fight at the top that resulted in the fatal wounding of one of the group's members, the scene changed to Black City's tower, and the resulting fight ended with Zach summoning Kyurem to help curbstomp Black into submission. However, Ryan and Zach's father, Gerald Hikari, showed up and revealed that not only was he dead, but that the events of years prior were all his doing, and that 'Summer Shirayuki' was actually the sister of one of the group's members(Confirming Zach's suspicions) and also Ryan's supposedly dead girlfriend. Of course, Gerald proceeded to take over Zach's mind with help of Kyurem, and used the cube that Elesa had given Zach to transform Kyurem into Black Kyurem.

The fight that followed ended in massive destruction to the region, and had the consequence of a temporary death for the group member, Evan, who was wounded earlier. However, thanks to Dialga, Evan was brought back, and proceeded to utterly thrash Kyurem, ending the threat of the fight, and knocking Zach back to his normal state. However, thanks to being manipulated like that, Zach felt rather guilty, and spent a good hour or so moping around in his room at the Alamo when they got back; not even joining the fight against the Darkrai. However, he was snapped out of that state when he learned that an old friend was in trouble; however, he was too late to stop her from being kidnapped. Now, he is looking for clues on where she could be, and attempting to atone for what he inadvertently did in Unova by helping out where he can.

Pokémon: Cyndy(Typhlosion), Ren(Luxray), Blade(Gallade), Heather(Pikachu), Katie(Zoroark), Smugleaf(Servine), Alt Raikou(Borrowed), Luke(Lucario), Elsa(Weavile)




Username: Blade
Name: Chloe Hikari
Faction: Team Liberty
Hometown: Goldenrod City, Johto.
Age: 19
Appearance: Chloe has auburn hair, which she wears in the fluffy bob style. Her eyes are an emerald green now, due to changes caused by her improperly trained psychic abilities. Her preferred outfit depends on the season, but her favourite outfit for summer consists of a green t-shirt under a pink zip-up short sleeved hoodie, and a ruffled black skater skirt. Her shoes are green and black, with pink outlines and soles.


Chloe wears a pink bead bracelet that spells out her name on her left arm, and an old pink and green friendship bracelet from her youth a little higher up the same arm. The second bracelet has been slightly adjusted to fit her now, however. She also wears green headphones around her neck, which are connected, typically, to her Pokegear. Chloe carries a green purse, but also still has her old black and grey backpack. The backpack, however, is rather roughed up and frayed after all the frantic situations.


She is roughly 5'9, and has a green aura.


Personality: After having come to terms with herself, Chloe has become more calm about things. She has forgiven herself mostly for what happened in Unova, but still wishes to give help to everyone, to try and make up for it. She wishes for peace still, but acknowledges that in this case, to get peace, is to try and fight to stop the fighting. She tries to be kind, even amidst the doubts she gets from time to time.

Background: Chloe has access to various psychic powers, including good proficiency in telepathy, telekinesis, and synchronization with her Pokemon. She also has minor experience with using hypnosis and empathy. She has used teleportation before, but is hesitant because of how things went kinda badly for her in the process. She has not managed to use healing or barriers properly currently.


Chloe's life has been a rollercoaster for a few years now; from having a quiet life where the only issue was when she could try and let others in on her secrets, to being in the middle of heart-wrenching events, and then having to train up for various missions. Finally, at her biggest moment as a hero in Unova, she got her mind taken over by her father and the legendary Pokemon Kyurem, which resulted in her shutting herself away from most people for six months.


However, after meeting up with her friends again, and slowly working through what happened in her mind, she managed to come to terms with what happened. She also stopped holding herself back mentally, physically, and in terms of her identity. She began to work toward a new goal for herself, while also trying to hone her psychic powers to the point where she can use them effectively to fight the threats that keep popping up.


Equipment: Green Pokegear, Pokedex

Pokémon: Cyndy(Typhlosion), Ren(Luxray), Blade(Gallade), Heather(Pikachu)(On loan to Olivia), Katie(Zoroark), Kamina(Serperior), Alt Raikou(Legendary Partner), Luke(Lucario), Elsa(Weavile)(Received from Alistair)

Nickname: Cyndy
Species: Typhlosion
Trainer: Chloe
Gender: Female
Appearance: Cyndy is relatively normal looking; except she has three bluish spots that is the same colour as her back fur on her belly. As a Typhlosion, the spots seem to have grown in size, and the lines from the Quilava evolution have connected to form a triangle.
Personality: Cyndy's evolution slightly affected her personality. She's not as shy; though she does keep to herself mostly still, and still acts modestly, as that just seems to be her nature. She doesn't hesitate as much, which could be due to her new power.
Ability: Flash Fire
Specialty: Special Attacks.
Known Moves: Eruption, Quick Attack, Covet, Swift, and Rollout.

Nickname: Ren
Species: Luxray
Trainer: Chloe
Gender: Male
Appearance: Luxray has a special lightning bolt-like patch of yellow fur on his back right leg; sticking out because of the black. There have been no changes to his appearance upon evolution.
Personality: Luxray usually follows along with orders given by Chloe, but if he thinks something may be more important, he's adamant if following up on it; unless he's in a battle or so. His Adamant nature has increased since his final evolution, but he's also learned to keep focus on the task at hand more.
Ability: Guts
Specialty: Physical Attacks
Known Moves: Quick Attack, Ice Fang, Fire Fang, Tackle, Crunch, and Wild Charge.

Nickname: Blade
Species: Gallade
Trainer: Chloe
Gender: Male
Appearance: Blade has a greenish stripe across his chest or so, surrounded by a red 'border' of sorts. The mohawk that most Gallade has is focused more as a raised strip along the top of it's head, across to the forehead area. Blade's eyes are limegreen instead of the normal red as well.
Personality: Like Ren, Blade can be pretty adamant about things, but is also adamant about staying in a fight. The only time it'll willingly give up a fight, is if it's badly hurt, or otherwise can't fight. With it's evolution, and it's time spent with Chloe lately, it has learned that it can trust the trainer. It's gotten even more confident with it's recent evolution into it's final stage, and has quickly gotten accustomed to fighting with it's arm-blades instead of mentally.
Ability: Justified
Specialty: Physical moves are it's specialty.
Known Moves: Magical Leaf, Teleport, Shadow Sneak, Swords Dance, Psycho Cut, Close Combat.

Nickname: Heather
Species: Pikachu
Trainer: Chloe?
Gender: Female
Appearance: Heart shape tail to show it's a female Pikachu; heart shaped cheek; right side.
Personality: Heather is rash at times, and likes to rush into things. However, she can also be pretty mischievous at times, and play tricks on, or taunt other Pokemon.
Ability: Lightningrod
Specialty: Special Attacks and some speed.
Known Moves: Volt Tackle(Doesn't use this all the time for obvious reasons), Quick Attack, Thunderbolt, Electro Ball, Agility.

Nickname: Katie
Species: Zoroark
Trainer: Chloe
Appearance: Katie's appearance has dratically changed. She looks more like a typical Zoroark, though the hair on her head almost appears like it's slightly dark brown than it's typical black. This fits with the illusion form she now takes as a human, which is slightly based on her initial appearance. In this illusion form, she has brown hair and green eyes, and typically wears a white shirt under a green vest, and blue jeans, with black and white shoes.
Gender: Female
Personality: She is a little Rash, and often does stuff without thinking it through first, but she can usually be calmed down enough to see the reasoning behind stuff, if there's a reason for why something's happened. This has since not been as obvious, however, her mischievous traits have also been increased since her evolution, and she has more of a tendency to play tricks on people.
Ability: Illusion
Specialty: She specializes in Special Attacks, however, she also has an affinity for Physical Attacks somewhat, able to use them when she can't use ranged attacks.
Known Moves: Extrasensory, Night Daze, Night Slash, Faint Attack, Nasty Plot, Flamethrower.

Nickname: Kamina
Species: Serperior
Trainer: Zach
Gender: Male
Appearance: The 'monocle' from being a Snivy is now in the shape of triangle-shaped glasses.
Personality: This Serperior acts like what you'd expect a Serperior to typically be from it's looks... This Serperior is smug. However, even with his smugness, he's still relatively Mild, and doesn't boast that all the time. However, that was the first thing that Chloe noticed about Snivy, which is why he initially got the nickname "Smugleaf".
With the Serperior's first evolution, however, he's definitely gotten more confident; and while still mild, is totally willing to be overconfident at times. As of his final evolution, however, he's gotten so overconfident and smug that he searches for times to fight - and proves his strength more now.
Ability: Contrary
Specialty: +Speed, +Special Attack, +Attack
Known Moves: Leaf Blade, Leer, Natural Gift(EGG), Leaf Storm, Wring Out, Slam

Nickname: Luke
Species: Lucario
Trainer: Zach
Gender: Male
Appearance: Overall the same as a typical Lucario, Luke now has a 'star' pattern across his face, made of the same hair type as across his muzzle. He tends to keep his dreadlocks tied up in a ponytail style as well.
Personality: Luke is driven by a sense of justice; which makes Chloe's recent worrying all the more disappointing to Luke, since her personality had been observed before he had been hatched. That said, Luke tries to make up for Chloe's shortcomings by helping out as much as possible.

Loyal to the end, Luke has approved of Chloe starting to take initiative to change herself again. Finally having the strength to evolve, Luke is ready to help defend the peace with Chloe as best as he can.
Ability: Justified
Specialty: Attack+, Special Attack+
Known Moves: Aura Sphere, Bullet Punch(Egg Move), Force Palm, Final Gambit, Dragon Pulse, ExtremeSpeed

Nickname: Elsa
Species: Weavile
Trainer: Chloe(Original Trainer: Alistair Hakuda)
Gender: Female
Appearance: The 'hair' on the Weavile is down, instead of straight up in the air.
Personality: Elsa has a mischievous side to her, however, she is very Rash, and tends to worry about little things she does.
Ability: Pressure
Specialty: Elsa has a focus on physical attacks.
Known Moves: Quick Attack, Metal Claw, Night Slash, Ice Shard(EGG), Ice Punch (EGG), Blizzard (TM Move)


Species: Raikou
Partnered Trainer: Chloe
Gender: Male
Appearance: Due to utilizing Dimensional Shifts, this Raikou has had its body fur turned an orange-y colour, and its mane has turned golden. Raikou's muzzle and tail are also a silvery colour.
Personality: Raikou is helpful at times, and acts a lot like a mentor; however, it also remembers its home dimension, and will over-act to try and prevent something similar from happening to this one.
Ability: Volt Absorb
Specialty: Special Attack++
Known Moves: Zap Cannon, Aura Sphere, Extremespeed, Weather Ball, Extrasensory, Reflect

Edited by Destined Blade
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Front post updated. Although, Blade, your Zoroark's profile is missing the first two information fields. Just so you know. :P


On a related note--if anyone has characters that they haven't rewritten/found/posted profiles for yet, I request you do so as soon as possible--preferably (though not required) before you continue playing as them--so that there is concrete information available to anyone who may end up running into those characters in the future. Villainous characters like Gerald Hikari and Feral Tierra also apply, though certain future-plot characters may be posted later (particularly if they haven't appeared in-depth yet.)


IMPORTANT!: I've also updated a few sections in the RPG topic's front post, specifically clarifying/adding:

  • Several rules, such as the page limit between captures and the amount of Pokémon allowed per character.
  • Information on the whole "Owning a Legendary" business--essentially copy-pasting what I said back in January into the first post.
  • Certain recent events into the Faction section.
  • A new profile section--"Equipment." This is not a mandatory part of a character's profile; however, as many characters have, for instance, TMs, Elemental Gems, Power Suits, PokéDexes, berries, those unspecified Christmas presents from Ray that we never actually opened, and other similarly important objects, it would be wise to add this on to your profile so as to help keep track of those items.

So yeah. It might be a good idea to quickly review a few bits in there. :)



OOC: Oh you, combining one of my favorite stories with the newest plot. :3


OOC: Oh man, this'll be interesting... I'm seeing a couple things this could be from, but unless everyone has the power Decaia has, he'll be my favourite of these, simply because Data Drain-like ability.

*not actually sure which stories are being referred to* XP


I can confirm that I took influences from a couple of different series, but for the most part, what is to come is original content created from behind-the-scenes brainstorming as far back as the long downtime. So...


OOC: Wow, I can't wait to see where this new plot takes us.

... it should be interesting, to say the least. ^_^



Speaking of the time skip--since it has been six months in-game, I've decided to give everyone up to five (5) points to spend on either Pokémon captures or evolutions. You're welcome! :P

Edited by Parugi

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~ Rise of the Rockets (I II)/Discussion Topic/Side Stories ~


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Bluh; I thought I caught that. xD Was copy/pasting from the Wiki, where I edited up the order of those precise two fields. =P Fixed it now. =)I'll edit in my profiles for Ryan and Ray, and get to creating a profile(finally) for Gerald. It'll be a little while before he appears anyway, so I might wait on Gerald and do one for the other evil guy I've got going for a subsubplot with JiMing.Also, I'm thinking that it may or may not be related to FMA and MAYBE .hack(Though I doubt that. =P), but only as inspiration, obviously. =P Can't wait to see what happens next. =)

Username: Blade
Name: Ray Hakuda
Faction: Team Rocket Separatists
Hometown: Accumula Town, Unova
Age: 17
Appearance: Orange, as his name implies, has both orange hair and orange eyes. Contrary to his name, however, he tends to wear pure black clothes, with black and red shoes. His eyes usually have a look that shows that he is never going to give anyone up, and will never let anyone down either.

Now, Ray tends to wear slightly different clothes. He keeps the black theme around still slightly, however, only in the horizontal stripe on his otherwise grey button-down shirt. He also wears greyish blue jeans; but he keeps his black shoes. His hair is slightly messier than it is spiky, unlike how he wore it before, but not quite as bad as Zach's hair is.
Personality: Orange usually has an annoyed air to him; even if it's not true. He has a kind of laid back attitude, but will snap at people who get him annoyed or so. He has shown that he has a kind side to him at times, however, and has the potential to joke around.

This has changed since the Unova mission, however. Now that he's found out the truth about his family, he's more into finding justice for others, and has even started to joke around a lot more. He has also adopted the dynamic poses that Evan uses, kinda seeing him as a role model of sorts, thanks to his selflessness.
Background: Ray had had life rather well. He was kinda like one of those 'Rich Boy' people, up until his sister was killed. Thinking that it was the region that got her killed, his parents moved to Undella Town with him, staying at their sometimes-summer home. However, while Ray was out one day, his home was burned down by Gerald Hikari, with his parents still inside. Ray never found out until much later who actually did it, of course.

His life ruined, he moved back to Kanto and joined with the Rockets in order to try and find out who was responsible for what happened. It took him around a year, but things were kickstarted when he was picked for the mission to Unova to try and regain a Manaphy. He didn't actually get to do anything but capture an Oshawott while he was there, but it was there that he met some Liberty agents, which reminded him that not all of them were bad.

On his way back, however, a mishap with teleportation sent him to Sinnoh right as it was being voided; however, thanks to an Abra who wanted to get out as well, he got sent to Sootopolis, where he met up with Sonja Baron and Scott Stone once more. The two swapped stories about what was going on, and Sonja agreed to look into the Darkrai, while Ray went to investigate the 'Hojohsin League'. During his excursion, he found a few things seemingly of note, but eventually met up with the Abra again, caught it, and fought his way out of the base.

He met up with the Unova group shortly after that, as the Abra teleported him there rather awkwardly, everyone being wary of him, right up until the group fought together in Ecruteak, where he announced that he was on Bounty's side, having gotten Pokegear messages the entire time about what happened. The group met up with the Alternate Legendary Beasts shortly after that, and began to finally make their way to Unova. When they got there, they ran into a few more allies, some who stayed, and some who left; Alt Entei eventually grudgingly being left with Ray.

During the second trip to Unova, Ray began to get to know the group better, and also began to warm up to them a little more. He did get reminded of the past though, as he was certain he knew one of the members, but wasn't sure who. The past eventually caught up to him, however, as he realized the person they were chasing, 'Black', was actually Zach's brother, and that he knew both of them. Zach, however, was seemingly killed before anyone could do anything, as he had sped ahead to try and take on Black himself. He fought against both Black and a member of John Ford's group, who turned out to be Sonja's sister, to save Sonja and Ellen from danger. All through the fight, he attempted to stop the potential destruction of Castelia, but to no avail, which resulted in Alt Suicune being killed, and the city being blown up.

After a bit of moral support for some of the members, the group attempted to continue forward, only to find Black in Nimbasa, just waiting for them after taking down the Heroes of Old; however, unexpected reinforcements showed up in the form of Zach, back and in a new outfit, having been saved by Burgh. After Black got away, Ray took off after him, which eventually resulted in the group splitting up temporarily, as Zach, Summer, and Kyle headed through the west, and the rest headed through the east side.

After arriving in Undella Town once more, Ray wanted to check out his old summer home for any clues, having been allowed to investigate about his parents' deaths, and found a note that apparently labeled Black as the killer. Heading on ahead with Evan, the two attempted to confront Black in the Giant Chasm, however, the criminal denied any involvement with that, and seemingly killed Evan by dropping the ceiling on him. However, when Ray reached Village Bridge and attempted to leave Ellen behind because of the danger shown by that, Evan showed up and proved him wrong. Because of that, and not wanting to put anyone else in danger, Ray headed on ahead alone; but when he reached Opelucid, got ambushed by Gerald, who revealed some of his plans to him.

However, they still reached Dragonspiral Tower too late, partially due to Gerald's interference in the tower, and the group reached the top right as Black summoned Zekrom under his control. The fight seemed to be one sided until Summer summoned Reshiram to stop Zekrom; however, the fight was only truly winnable when Evan was critically injured and shifted the fight to Black Tower, where Palkia was summoned and fought against Zekrom, eventually defeating it. However, that's when Gerald revealed his true plan, and all the manipulation that went with it. Summer was revealed to be Jessica Hakuda, Ray's supposedly dead sister; Gerald revealed himself to be responsible for everything bad that happened so many years ago to them; and Gerald proceeded to take control of Zach to wreak destruction on Unova. His plan succeeded in destroying part of Southern Unova, however, a revived Evan stopped Black Kyurem eventually, at the cost of Zach's attitude toward things.

When they got back home, Ray tried to talk with Summer, but it took the girl having memories shared and awoken courtesy of Evan, for her to realize that what Gerald said was true. After Ray was lent the power of Reverse, he and the rest of the group headed to the Darkrai fought against them for a long while, before eventually falling to Sombra, before they had their powers re-merged back into Seth for the final attack, which destroyed Sombra, and resulted in Seth's sacrifice as well.

Ray got back to find out there was new peace, and enjoyed it for a while... Up until he realized that he missed being with the people he had come to call his friends... However, when he was beginning to look around, he heard rumours about one certain person not being seen for a while, and began to investigate that himself...
Equipment: Ice Power Suit(Unknown status), gifts for the Unova Group(Possibly TMs?), possibly an elemental gem of ice.
Pokémon: Zangoose(Zangetsu), Bisharp(Byakuya), Froslass(Rukia), Samurott(Hozukimaru), Kadabra(Aizen), Togekiss(Orihime), Alt Entei(Borrowed)
Nickname: Zangetsu
Species: Zangoose
Trainer: Ray Hakuda
Appearance: This Zangoose has what looks like 'sunglasses' across it's eyes as part of it's pattern.
Personality: This Pokemon is hasty, and tends to rush into situations without thinking, and at times, attacks what it wants, though usually Orange has an easy time controlling it.
Ability: Toxic Boost
Specialty: Speed ++
Known Moves: Hone Claws, Crush Claw, Night Slash, X-Scissor, Iron Tail, Close Combat
Nickname: Byakuya
Species: Bisharp
Trainer: Ray Hakuda
Appearance: No difference.
Personality: Byakuya is extremely arrogant. He would stay out of most fights he doesn't believe are worth him, unless ordered to fight by Orange. However, if he does fight, he's adamant about making sure he gets the first hit. His arrogance has not died down, though he does participate in more fights than before. His pride, however, is stronger than anything. if you hurt his pride, prepare to be hurt yourself.
Ability: Defiant
Specialty: Speed +, Attack +, Defense -
Known Moves: Sucker Punch, Iron Head, Swords Dance, Night Slash, Slash, Psycho Cut
Nickname: Rukia
Species: Froslass
Trainer: Ray Hakuda
Appearance: No difference.
Personality: This Froslass can make jokes at times, but if put into big situations and failing, and if some of her allies are injured because of her, she doesn't take that too easily. She could be considered Rash at times, though, as she can be angered at times by certain things.
Ability: Cursed Body
Specialty: Special Attack ++
Known Moves: Blizzard, Wake Up Slap, Crunch, Headbutt, Shadow Ball, Disable.
Nickname: Hozukimaru
Species: Samurott
Trainer: Ray Hakuda
Gender: Male
Appearance: The only difference is that the shell has a pointed tip to act better at stabbing than normal. The shell's also become slightly larger, more like a sword now, though still with the spear-like qualities. This has become more obvious with the evolution, though Hozukimaru uses the spear on his head from time to time as well.
Personality: Hozukimaru never gives up. Literally. If he gets into a battle, especially one he likes, he stays in there for the whole fight; he even fights to attempt to get out if he gets out before the fight's suitably over. He's also rather short tempered, and picks fights for little or no reason. His evolution has not helped this at all. His final evolution has cooled the Samurott off a bit, but he still never gives up, and even fights on the wild side from time to time.
Ability: Torrent
Specialty: Attack +++
Known Moves: Razor Shell, Night Slash(Egg Move), Retaliate, Aqua Jet, Air Slash(Egg Move), Swords Dance.
Nickname: Aizen
Species: Alakazam
Trainer: Ray Hakuda
Gender: Male
Appearance: No differences, from what can be seen.
Personality: Different from the personality Aizen showed when Orange first encountered it, Aizen is cool, calm, and seemingly evilly cunning. It could be said that Aizen is Naughty, though no reason can be determined as to why. However, at the same time, it could be said that Aizen is Lonely. Somehow, since his evolution, he's even more secretive, if that's even possible. All of Aizen's personality traits have been enhanced by this evolution, for better or for worse.
Ability: Inner Focus
Specialty: Special Attack ++
Known Moves: Teleport, Barrier, Ice Beam(EGG), Thunderbolt, Psychic, Role Play

Nickname: Orihime
Species: Togekiss
Trainer: Ray Hakuda
Gender: Female
Appearance: No difference.
Personality: Orihime always wishes to prove her strength to Ray, as he always brushes her abilities off just because she's a spiky egg thing. She does seem somewhat Naive however, though whether that's true or not can't be seen due to Orihime not having psychic powers.

Since her evolution, Orihime has become a lot more serene... And a lot ditzier and naive. However, the trust between Togekiss and Trainer has never been stronger, after Ray's realizations.
Ability: Serene Grace
Specialty: Defense +, Special Attack ++, Special Defense +, Attack -
Known Moves: Wish, Ancient Power, Metronome, Safeguard, Extrasensory(EGG), Air Slash

Species: Entei
Partnered Trainer: Ray Hakuda
Gender: Male
Appearance: Due to using the Dimensional Shift to get to this dimension, Entei's body fur is now darker, and his muzzle is now a dark silvery grey, instead of the typical red..
Personality: Entei is hotheaded, and used to clash with Ray all the time; but in recent times, and after acknowledging Ray's skill, he has cooled his temper down a bit.
Ability: Flash Fire
Specialty: Attack +
Known Moves: Flare Blitz, Howl, Extremespeed, Crush Claw, Extrasensory, Iron Head

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Fair enough; wasn't expecting a comment right away anyway. =P


Also, I'd have finished up Ray's profile by now(Just missing the Pokemon profiles for Byakuya, Hozukimaru, and Orihime), but BZP's been acting stupid all day, and I barely had a chance to post as much as I did...

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Hm, I'll have to get a profile for Ellen's father. And depending on how much I use them, I may do profiles for Dack's friends Madison and Luke as well. And the Equipment section sounds like a good idea -- I had nearly forgotten about those berries and I'd completely forgotten about the unspecified Christmas presents from Ray.


Also, in looking at the RPG topic's front post, I noticed that you haven't updated the Team Rocket section with Buzz's death.


And I'm a little confused by these "points"; are the points equivalent to the EXP points needed for evolution, or does each point equal one evolution/capture?

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The points are for evolution, yeah.


I thought the new plot was influenced by the Seven Deadly Sins, though to be fair, I don't actually know if there's a story behind them. There probably is. =P

I'll update my character profiles once I get back home. Gonna take this time to note that Justin's Marshtomp has evolved during the timeskip.


Also, you forgot to add my fourth character to the first post.

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Blade: Fair enough--I understand. ^_^


Konuju: Admittedly, I only remembered Ray's gifts while searching through the topic for other things my characters had collected. xp


Thanks for pointing that out. It's updated now, along with the new status of Paradise.


Basically what Nara said. One point = one evolution or capture, not 1 EXP. =)


Nara: Again, no comment. :P


Not sure how I missed that. Sorry--it's fixed now! :)

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