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  1. I can find one on November 19, 2002. The link in the news article is the same one on the sidebar to https://www.bzpower.info/index.php?go=bzpowercast
  2. Are the series 1 episodes archived anywhere? I need to hear Dimensioneer call the Bohrok spiders.
  3. I'm not sure how high of praise exactly Top 10 DS First Person Shooters, is but ok. I've never played the game myself though, and I'm not exactly and FPS fan, so I doubt I'll ever get around to it.
  4. I guess depends how you define it. Probably a couple dozen at least, although most aren't really active here any more. It was definitely scary for me the first couple times too, but if I hadn't met a few people in person, I don't know if I'd have even stuck around so long.
  5. Yeah Brickfair VA is both the biggest Lego con in general and Bionicle specifically. Bionicle section is huge and still seems to be growing. These days, there's quite a few people who got Bionicle without coming through BZP, but there's still probably more BZPers there than there are on the site these days.
  6. Yeah I think that's how it was.
  7. It's always been something that happens occasionally. Probably used to happen even more often when the forum was more popular.
  8. The avian bonsai was definitely one of my favorites at Brickfair too.
  9. Valendale


    Oh no! But oh yeah! to the cat!
  10. I still think of you every time I see a teal piece.

  11. I guess the Dawg Days are over.

    1. Mushy the Mushroom

      Mushy the Mushroom

      *Plants a Dawgwood tree in their honor*

      🌳Always liked the ring of Valendale, it makes me want to believe you're a Narnian because of "Queen Lucy the Valiant" sounding similar to me.

    2. Valendale


      I definitely like the name too, considering I've stuck with it so long. I feel like I'd definitely fit into an alternate fantasy world, but maybe not Narnia.

  12. I think it turned out really good this year. The website really added to things.
  13. Congrats on 10k, and I think the island works better as its own build anyway.
  14. All the winners are great; I especially like the castle one.
  15. Hey man, don't feel too beat up about it if you don't get made. You did a great job just making it this far. I'm proud to be one of the supporters and I for one would buy the set if it gets produced.
  16. I don't feel incredibly hopeful that this will be approved, but it's still awesome to see another Bionicle project make it this far.
  17. Great stuff here. It was really cool to see the Bloodsmith in person at Brickfair.
  18. Lately I've been playing Dragon Quest VII, Pokemon Picross, and Legends of Runeterra. Gaming!
  19. All look great! Cool to find out more about the person I've been seeing in person at the cons the last several years.
  20. Here's a funny meme picture someone took at Brickfair this weekend.
  21. Valendale

    Cover Arts

    We were talking about all the great art you've had commissioned for your games at Brickfair last night. It's great stuff. I might be interested in finally joining in the next time you have one starting up.
  22. Man, how could I forget MLN, the game masquerading as a social network. I had some fun with it back in 2008-9. I think I made it up to the rank where the next masterpiece was the house, which I think was where a lot of people got stuck.
  23. Always cool to see a recognizable name as the raffle winner.
  24. Waiting for it to load on that 2007 internet... The serious answer would be checking for new Exo-Force comics. Sometimes I would even do it before going to school in the morning.
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