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  1. I only learned of this just now. RIP.
  2. I start singing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" in an attempt to soothe it.
  3. It was a good run, guys. Thanks for the hosting.
  4. I use the Kanohi Komau. Maybe it can be controlled.
  5. I've been playing through Terraria again after forgetting to back up my previous (endgame) character and world. It was a good run with my old character and world though. Also, my Jungle is literally right next to a Crimson. It's going to take some time to weed out all of the crimstone that's hidden in the mud while digging deep/big enough pits for the Jungle. Hardmode preparations take the most time.
  6. I lure a Rahkshi into the den. While the Muaka is distracted with chasing it, I sneak in to snatch the mask. My mask.
  7. Makuta always did take his construction work very seriously.
  8. Kopaka: Rolling around at the speed of sound! Izotor: Got places to go. Gotta follow my rainbow!
  9. Gali: Wait a minute! This is cheap plastic replica of a Golden Mask! Kivoda: Hehehe. She'll never think that I was the one who put it there!
  10. Nuparu: I love you, baby. Vezok: I love you too.
  11. Mata Nui: My, what big horns you have! Click: All the better to poke you with, my dear!
  12. It's like a coat of arms or crest. Needs more extravagant details and logos.
  13. Out comes a very shiny, colorful rock statue of a Skopio. It's light still shines brightly. It was eventually pushed back in alongside a bunch of black paint and some dead batteries.
  14. I steal the sock drawer when no one's looking. My mask and sock drawer.
  15. So that's what's causing all of Bara Magna's sandstorms!
  16. Ackar: We're not lost! We just happened to take a long route around! That's all!
  17. Raanu: Hello, folks! Raanu here back with another vlog! In this video, we are here now at Tesara's arena where a match between Vastus and Tarix will soon begin. If you haven't already, smash that like button and subscribe to my channel!
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