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BIONICLE: The New Frontier

Kryst BIONICLE aftermath

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Posted May 21 2013 - 09:22 AM

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[font="'lucida sans unicode', 'lucida grande', sans-serif;"]BIONICLE: The New Frontier[/font]


[font="'lucida sans unicode', 'lucida grande', sans-serif;"]Chapter 1: Freedom's Uprising (Part 1)[/font]


100,000 years ago...

"All journey's must come to an end, but this time, there is a new beginning as well. There will be challenges to face and enemies to fight, but I know you will overcome. All that has gone before, my friends, has only served to give birth to this new day. Let unity, duty and destiny be your guides. Be well, be strong, care for this world and for each other. Farewell."


These were the last words of the Great Spirit Mata Nui as his spirit retreated into the Kanohi Ignika or known by all as the legendary Mask of Life. 


70,000 years ago...

"Hurry up, Bernas. We need to hunt down all Toa as ordered by the Turaga," said a Glatorian general.


"And the Toa used to be our allies," replied the Glatorian known as Bernas.


"Well, the Turaga said they are our enemies now and they stole the Ignika. So hurry up, you Sloth Rat."


"Yes, sir."


As the two Glatorians were too busy talking, they failed to notice a figure snuck up to them and clanked their heads together, knocking them out. As he dust his hands and adjusted his Kanohi Hau, the figure checked on the cloak covering his Golden Armour.


"isn't that a bit harsh, Tahu?" asked a blue armoured Toa as she emerged from her hiding spot.


"At least it's better than killing them. Guess Ackar's lessons paid off," replied a grinning Tahu.


"Yeah, that was his last lesson too before his..." then the Toa of Water went silent.


"I know that Ackar's death must be hard for you but until now we may be the only Toa left. With the remaining Glatorians either dead or also hunting us down, I guess we are the only ones left in hope to furfil Mata Nui's wish and reteaching the Matorans about the three virtues."


"How will we teach them with all these carnage? Even our cheerful brother Lewa is gone with the wind. I...just wish that the Ignika or Mata Nui himself could give us an answer."


"Maybe...Maybe it's no longer our duty to teach the Matoran. Perhaps it's time for a new generation of Toa to arise in the midst of chaos. With his power, he'll unite allies to defeat this threat in order to perform his duty as a Toa and at last, fulfilling his destiny to rekindle the three virtues to the Matoran."


Gali could not help but smile. "I'm surprise that my hot-headed brother could be as wise as Onua."


"He may be dead, but as long as we remember him, he'll be still alive in our heart-light."


"I can't believe I'm saying this, but I..."


Before Gali could finish, a Thornax launcher was fired as the projectile hit the Toa of Water. As the Thornax fruit was genetically engineered, as it penetrated the armour, it released a virus capable to disintegrate its target from within.


As she fell, Tahu wanted to catch her but she stopped him, fearing that the virus may infect him of he does so. Resisting the pain, she smiled at him one last time. With the final flash from her heart-light, the Toa of Water closed her eyes as her body was disintegrated, leaving her Kanohi behind. 


Kneeling, the Toa of Fire shed a tear. As the droplet hit the Kanohi once wore by a great Toa, Tahu clanked his fist at it. 

"Rest in peace, sister."


As he stood up, Tahu found himself surrounded by dozens of Glatorians, lead by Wlehu. 


"Give up the Mask of Life, Toa, and I may make your death as painless as possible and..."


Tahu interrupted the Glatorian, "and what? Get promoted for killing the last remaining Toa and retrieved the Ignika? Let me tell you something, tubby, that's not going to happen. I already handed the Ignika to an old friend and I'll make sure I'll make this party interesting," said Tahu as he revealed the Golden Armour.


With his last thoughts, Tahu rushed towards the squadron of Glatorians as he was charged up with the powers of the Golden Armour.


Present time...

The Matoran opened his eyes and found himself floating in a dark space. Then, in a blinding flash of light, he found himself in the battlefield. Two factions were fighting against each other. The Matoran found himself in the crossfire but both factions just phased through him as if he was a ghost. 


Is this a war? Who are these beings? I know one of them is a Glatorian but who are they fighting against?


Then, in another flash of light, the Matoran found himself facing a symbol. Two crescent shapes surrounding a circle Between them were two smaller circles. However, as the Matoran held out his hands to touch it, the symbol shattered into pieces, followed by the Noble Kiril that Turaga Krasto were wearing. Then, he found himself falling into an endless abyss.


With a sharp pain on the head, the Matoran woke up from another nightmare and the fact that he had fell down from his bed...again. With a sigh, he stood up and put on his Kanohi. After checking that his equipments were properly packed up and his heart-light was flashing properly, the Matoran was ready to depart. Opening the door, the Matoran was greeted by a Ta-Matoran in an unidentified Kanohi. 


"Good morning, Philleus," greeted the Ta-Matoran.


"Oh, good morning to you too, Rexum," replied Philleus.


As the two Matoran talked to each other, they got into a chute leading to the Glatorian Arena. As the chute went on, the two witnessed the news in the telescreen. In the screen, a Kiril-wearing Turaga was holding his cane, smiling towards the citizens of Matoro. 


"Greetings, citizens of Matoro. It is me, your favourite Turaga Krasto. It's been long since our saviour, Toa Matoro, had saved our world from destruction and the Great Spirit Mata Nui recreated Spherus Magna. However, the 'heroes' we once worshipped, the Toa, turned out to be traitors by first breaking their Toa Code, killing Karzahni along with Tren Krom. Then, they engaged a war with us, hoping to rule us all. But luckily, your smart and handsome Turaga here assembled the Glatorian Forces and stopped the thousand-years war, ending the existence of the Toa. Still, despite being a Toa, Matoro saved us and thus, we must honour him by making this world a better place. So, why not join in the Glatorian Forces today and avoid another Nui Wars?"


"Seriously, brother. That broadcast is getting way old," said an annoyed Rexum.


"If so, why are we signing up for the Glatorian Forces?" asked Philleus. 


"Well, the last thing I remembered, you begged me to join in..."


"As I LAST REMEMBERED, you are hitting on that Ga-Matoran, Lympha, so you think joining the Glatorian Forces will impress her. Then, not wanting to be alone, you begged me to join in for around...6 months."


"Well, that's preposterous, Mr.Silver. And WHEN I REALLY LAST REMEMBERED, I do hit on Lympha and wanted to join in the Glatorian Forces to impress her but I did not beg you to join in. Instead, you were visited by Colonel Gresh himself, although you're a Fe-Matoran, you do not show any sign of Iron Element so he intended you to join in the Glatorian Forces so he could study more about you."




With the conversation over, the duo reached the Glatorian Arena, unaware that someone was watching him.


"That fire-spitter is right. That Fe-Matoran could be the one," said the figure as he vanished into the air.


Inside the Glatorian Arena, the two Matorans found themselves standing among many other Matorans. Then, with a salute, they were greeted by Colonel Gresh himself. The Glatorian General's eyes were blank as if his soul was no longer with him. 


"Welcome to the Arena, cadets. For the next few years, you'll be tested beyond your limits to see of you're qualified to be part of the Glatorian Forces. Do well, and you'll be able to serve us in honour of Matoro and Mata Nui. You fail, and it's back to civil duty you go. Now, any questions?" said the colonel.


"Yes, sir. How come, there are only Matorans here. Isn't there any Agori?" asked Rexum.


"Well, cadet. Since the Nui Wars, the Agori had been weakened so badly that they were no longer able to combat even a Sand Bat. So, with your stronger build, you Matorans are more capable of offence as the Agoris are now working in civil duties with an exception of a few who managed to be promoted recently. Now, shall we begin?"




The Matorans' training was beyond brutal. Sessions after sessions, they were pushed beyond their limits. Soon, Philleus and Rexum were the only Matoran standing as the others were sent back into the city.


"Well, I'm impressed, Matorans. Even I could not hold out this long," said Gresh with a weak smile. Suddenly, he held his head in pain. Then, his arms dropped as he stood up. His smile turned into a frown as his gaze was sinister. 


"Philleus, isn't it? Let me ask you one thing. If you're a Fe-Matoran, how come you fell so easy during that dodgeball session?" asked Gresh.


"The truth is that I'm wondering about that myself as well," replied Philleus.


"Fe-Matorans weren't supposed to be like that, instead, you swam like a Ga-Matoran, leap like a Le-Matoran, able to carve like a Po-Matoran, know so much like a Ko-Matoran, navigate your way like an Onu-Matoran and resist fire like a Ta-Matoran. You're abnormal to be a Fe-Matoran, Philleus. Possessing traits from the 6 Main Elements, that sounds like in the Phropercy ..."


Before Gresh could finish, the Arena was surrounded by gust of wind. Rexum and Gresh were quickly blown away but Philleus was steady at his feet. Suddenly, he was greeted by a being.


"Come with me, Philleus, if you want to know who you really are." said the being.


"Who are you? That build...You are a Toa, aren't you?" asked Philleus.


"You could say that. Toa Kryst at your service. Let's just say that I'm not from around here."


To Be Continued...

Edited by Kryst Cyclone, May 30 2013 - 08:44 AM.

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