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Series 4 Minifigures



Series 4 started hitting the shelves last week. I managed to get my hands on a few already. I have been quite shocked at their massive availability, especially after the rush to get Series 3, and the first two series didn't even show up in the store I frequent. But this time there were boxes upon boxes on the shelves. Okay, so I've seen two boxes each at two different stores, but they've hardly been picked through, so I'm guessing the massive collectors must've carried off a few other boxes. Regardless, there seem to be plenty of figs for everybody, but I still managed to grab the ones I wanted via feeling the bags. It was a little tricky on some, but I'm 8/8 so far. ;)


Anyway, individual reviews! :D




Surfer Girl: I needed her for an ocean scene I bult. Her surfboard is way cool; I prefer its design (pink flames) over the one with the other surfer. The torso is a nice wetsuit decal, and I do like the sly female grin. This head may quickly be moved to a custom fig. Also, the cool new hair piece in a new color (I half expected it to be the same color that came with the tennis player last time... but luckily it's a lighter brown instead of orange)


Frankenstein: I have a monster lab idea that I might be building, and I couldn't do it without this monster. Overall, nice detail, and the band aids do make it more humorous and less scary for the little kids, I suppose. The sand green head is nice, and if my monster lab idea falls through, I might use it for an orc in my LotR model (since I don't have any actual orc figs, and I'm too lame to dish out $5 to get one online). Oh, and I'm guessing that the head piece will also be used at the puffy hair for the British Guard in Series 5, just without the band aids painted on. :sly:


Kimono Girl: The hair bun piece is a nice addition due to the flowers painted in it. As for the fig in general, I think it works out nicely, although I don't quite know if I'd use the parts for custom figs. The fan is nice tho; new weapon methinks. :P


Musketeers: Best fig in the batch, easily. New sword; I love this rapier design. Great hat (is it new? I'm not sure) and white puff. Led, torso, and head designs are also great. Since I was a big fan of Dumas's D'artagnan books, I will be needing four of these figs. (Yes, there were four musketeers in The Three Musketeers, although I guess technically D'artagnan wasn't a musketeer until the end of the book...) And once I have four of these, I will swap out some of the heads and recreate a scene from one of the novels... although not sure which yet.


Hazmat Suit Guy: He's a pretty nice fig, in all Keetong orange. The suit actually has the trans clear faceplate built in, and it has a connector on the back for the rubbery hose (the back is actually similiar to the Aquanaut suits). The expression on his face is also great. He is certainly the poster child for Series 4 figs.


Mad Scientist: Again, I needed him for the monster lab idea. Man, this was a hard guy to find. Not only is he supposedly rare (only two come in a box) but his main features (spikey hair and beaker) are hard to feel out in the bag. I almost mistook a sailor for a scientist cause I thought the telescope was the beaker. But I did manage to find him, and he looks mad enough. The trans green / clear beaker is easily the best part here, but the fig certainly matches the accessory.


Ice Skater: This is quite an unusual fig. She's got lots of printed detail on her legs, torso (front and back) and head (extra sparkles!). It also comes with a skirt, but it's a different material than the kind that capes are made from (which didn't work as well for the hula girl of series 3). However, despite the better feel, it still makes it awkward for her to move her legs... which is probably a bad thing for an ice skater like her. The ice skates themselves are a weird piece; they fit onto the legs alright, and two of them offer adequate balance, but then it's hard to attach a fig back to a plate with them on. Furthermore, the hairpiece is new; it also ends in a bun, but it has this large and unnatural swirl at the front, and I'm not sure that I like it. In the end, I was much less impressed with this fig than I thought I'd be. But hey, her parts will still make for good customized figs.


That's all I have for now. I'm still planning to pick up some more. The skater is appealing for his head, which would make a good self-fig. The werewolf, despite not looking good at all IMO, comes with a bone and brown elf hair, so I'm interested. The soccer and hockey players also look appealing. Oh, and I need two more musketeers. So I hope to get some more eventually. :)





Recommended Comments

You didn't get the Artist.


I'm not getting one either; I don't need it.



Nice find and selection on the figs. As for a custom fig from the kimino girl, I need the legs to finish my Inara Sera minifig. ;)



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You didn't get the Artist.


While the artist is indeed a cool fig, it's not one that I personally want very much. Thus, I left it behind for the next fan to purchase.



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