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I Think I Need A Hug



I feel horrible for ruining the April Fool's Day prank. I feel like I have ruined the fun for everyone on BZP. For that I sincerely apologise. :crying:


Now I feel hated by my peers for what I've done, and could really use some comfort.


Normally I'd go into my room and hug my plush Machop, but I'm at TAFE atm so i can't.


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You do realize that this reaction is more than likely the point of the prank in the first place, right?


Don't overthink it.

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Some day, MoOz, I may look back on these moments and laugh. There will be forgiveness to spare and fill these hollow memories of betrayal.


Some day.



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Why is there no BZP April fool's prank!? WHY!? It's all your fault! :P


EDIT: Oh, we DO have a prank. Barbies? C'mon, guys, can't you do better than that?

Barbie > HF. That is all.


And no I'm not... oh wait, LewaLew said to stop with that topic... sorry...

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