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Very Unfortunate



Dear Readers,

What could be more unfortunate than Aanchir submitting an ASOUE-related artwork for AC13? I'll tell you... Aanchir not submitting an ASOUE-related artwork for AC13. Yes, I realize that I turned down the chance to celebrate everyone's favorite unlucky number, but Lyichir and I have just been unable to pull ourselves together and finish our entry. With any luck , which does not come frequently in the life of a volunteer, I will be able to complete an artwork with this contest's concept sometime, so that you may all see the devious entry we had planned. Soon I'll try to get an entry in where I rant about something interesting, say, Tubular Bells, but until then, I have the best wishes for all of you readers, particularly those readers who did get entries in before the deadline. (Here's looking at you, Lady K!)


With all due respect,

:vahi: Aanchir: Rachira of Time


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